August 10, 2015, - 12:50 pm

Erick Erickson’s War on Women (Incl Me) ; His & Megyn Kelly’s Selective FOX News Hacktivism

By Debbie Schlussel




Erick Erickson & Megyn Kelly: They Want to Be a Supermodel

I’ve never been a fan of Donald Trump (you can read the many posts I’ve written about him over the years on this site). But the attacks on him by FOX News, the mainstream media, and Conservative Inc. attention whores and frauds like Erick Erickson, are quickly turning me into a Trumpian, despite my better judgment. You see, Erick Erickson’s war on women–on me–is far worse than anything Trump’s ever said. Erickson praised and promoted Muslim anti-Semitic death, rape, and torture threats on my life and those who laughed at me for reporting them to the FBI. And, missing from all the coverage of Erickson’s wimpy disinvitation to Trump, is that Erickson has a clear conflict of interest: he’s a paid FOX News contributor, so he had to disinvite Trump. He knows on which side his bread–and shameless attention-whoring–is buttered. Plus he thinks women have eye periods. Also I’ve got some pointed questions regarding Megyn Kelly, her hair extensions, and her double standards for who is asked tough questions.

On Friday, Donald Trump said that Megyn Kelly had blood coming out of her eyes. So Erick Erickson (whose parents were apparently challenged to come up with an original first name) kicked Trump out of his allegedly “conservative” confab for GOP candidates, claiming the Donald was discussing a menstrual sycle. I feel bad for Erick Erickson’s wife. After all, I can’t imagine–since he believes period blood comes out of the eyes–how many times he’s stuck his penis in hers. Who the hell taught Erick Erickson sex ed?

I’ve been on the receiving end of Erickson’s war on women–his professional jealousy war on conservative women–for years. It started with Erickson defending and gushing over a Jew-hating stalker who praised and promoted Muslim Holocaust-denying death, rape, and torture threats against me and my family members.

Several years ago, I was contacted by an openly anti-Semitic Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim named Lola Elzein, who is a proud supporter of Hezbollah and HAMAS with family ties to Hezbollah. The deranged Elzein, who lives just miles from me in Dearbornistan or Dearbornistan Hieghts, posed as a fan who wanted to meet and have lunch with me. I’m not an idiot, and I didn’t respond to the “invitation,” but I’m told that if I had, I’d probably never be heard from again, and I believe it. Because I didn’t respond, Elzein sent me repeated, escalating e-mails and threats, including Holocaust-denying, anti-Semitic e-mails warning me that if I ever stepped out of my home again, she would rape, torture, and murder me and my Holocaust-survivor grandmother. (She also had a Facebook group dedicated to killing me, which had many members of the Muslim community.) I reported these threats to the FBI, whose agents visited Ms. Elzein and had a “little talk” with her.

At that time, a weird, unhinged creature named Emily Zanotti–then a law student at Ave Maria Law School (the Mo-Tech of law schools–you need only a pulse to get in)–began stalking me. Zanotti, desperate for attention, began reading this site, e-mailing me, lying about me to Ave Maria law school students, and blogging in support of Lola Elzein’s anti-Semitic, Holocaust-denying death, rape, and torture threats. Ms. Zanotti, who can’t seem to keep a job, also wrote that I’m a “special needs kid in need of a helmet” because I reported the jihadist death, rape, and torture threats to the FBI. Yes, that’s really “retarded”–reporting Muslim death threats to the FBI. Ms. Zanotti–incredibly now a member of the Michigan Bar–has repeatedly stalked me over the years, including trying to jeopardize my law license by filing a 100-page rambling, crazy, and false complaint against me with the Michigan Attorney Grievance Commission (which was laughed away and quickly dismissed). The woman is insane, sick in the head. (And the frauds at the American Spectator made this Jew-hating nut a columnist.)

Well, guess who came to Zanotti’s defense and thinks praising Muslim death, rape, and torture threats on my life and my grandmother’s is cool? Erick Erickson. He sent out tweets and made posts in Zanotti’s defense and attacked me. Yes, I’m a jerk and a creep for being the victim of a Hezbollah Muslim’s death, rape, and torture threats and being upset when I’m stalked by a nut who praises those threats, calling me “retarded” for reporting them to authorities. That’s Erick Erickson’s view, and he owes me an apology far more than Donald Trump owes an apology to Megyn Kelly or women in general. Erickson’s praise and defense of Muslim Holocaust-denial and death, rape, and torture threats is vastly more egregious than Donald Trump making a comment about Megyn Kelly’s prissy attitude, compounded with Erickson’s crazy belief that women have their periods out of their eyes. Um, have you ever seen any chicks donning eye tampons? Me, neither.

Then, Erickson attacked me again, when I exposed Sean Hannity’s Freedom Concert scam–where he took hundreds of thousands of dollars his fans gave, in the name of wounded troops and kids of the fallen, and spent them on private jets, fancy cars, and hotel suites for himself and his entourage. Erickson, at the time a nobody CNN contributor, was desperate to become a nobody FOX News contributor and get in Hannity’s good graces. So, he defended this robbery of money meant for wounded troops and fatherless children of the fallen, and he attacked me.

And now Erickson is on FOX News, where he’s never said or done a memorable thing and you can only remember that he has more chins than a Chinese phone book. And that’s the real reason, other than attention-whoring and seeking press coverage, that he kicked Trump out. He was probably told by Roger Ailes and Megyn Kelly that he has to kick Trump out, or his five-to-six-figure FOX News paycheck and screen time would go bye-bye.

For those who’ve been around the “conservative” block, Erick Erickson is known as stale, humorless, and a complete phony who poses as a conservative and a religious Christian, though he’s anything but either of these. Erickson is a slovenly, physically unattractive, uninsightful, bland blob of blah with an effeminate, high-pitched voice which utters obvious fertilizer constantly. But he thinks he’s something else, as most unappealing narcissists usually do. He’s part of that fraternity of money-making, self-appointed rulers of the conservative movement who hates it when women, such as myself, won’t subject ourselves to his rule and be under his control. He hates it when we get more attention that he does. And he’s let me know it repeatedly over the years. He can’t stand that he’s toiled for years on his waste-of-time, watching-paint-dry Red State website that has never broken a story and has never been the source of a single ounce of excitement or interest. He was a CNN contributor for years and somehow whored his way into FOX News. And, yet, still, he can’t get noticed. He’s like a stale, molding meatball at the bottom of the garbage can or an ant pissing on the sidewalk. Nobody notices. And nobody cares. And he can’t stand it.

So, Erickson has tried in a number of ways to get attention–all of those ways have failed until he rode Trump’s back and his coattails, this weekend. And that’s ephemeral. It will quickly dissipate, along with all of the conservative readers and nerdy fans he lost.

You might tell me that Erickson is somebody because he’s weaseled his way into subbing for Rush Limbaugh. But Rush is famous for his paranoiac view that he can never pick any subs who are any good, lest they become his competition. So, he generally picks the most lackluster, mediocre hosts he can find (though there have been one or two exceptions, like Roger Hedgecock). That’s why Erick Erickson and his high-pitched, effeminate, phony conservatism are on Rush’s airwaves. And it’s why I’ve never been given a shot. And I predict that, today on his show, Rush Limbaugh will punt on this because he’s developed a strange mancrush on Erickson (plus he won’t criticize FOX News). Men with cats. You know what I say about ’em.

Then, there are Megyn Kelly’s selective “tough” personal questions. She was “tough” on Trump and only a few others, but gave softballs to those moderates that FOX News and Roger Ailes want to promote. While she asked Trump about things he said about women, she didn’t bother to ask Chris Christie about his appointment of a HAMAS attorney to a judgeship or how he–Christie–blocked Homeland Security’s attempted deportation of that HAMAS attorney’s admitted HAMAS terrorist client, Mohammed Qatanani. Also missing from her questioning was why Chris Christie said nothing when the Palestinian flag was raised over Paterson, New Jersey, and bragged of an endorsement by one of the flag-raisers. And why he’s tried to appoint other extremist Muslims to judgeships. Um, isn’t that a more important inquiry than what Donald Trump said in social media or on entertainment shows? Yes, it is, but it’s no secret that FOX News chief Roger Ailes wants Christie to be President. Ailes twice had Christie to his home, urging him to run in 2008 and 2012.

And why didn’t anyone at FOX News ask Carly Fiorina–who now poses as a warrior against Iran–why she deliberately set up a foreign subsidiary of HP to trade with and sell printers and ink to Iran and get around the U.S. embargo on trade with the country? Why didn’t they ask Fiorina about her long-term palling around with and non-stop praise of racist, Jew-hating Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? (See also here.) Isn’t that far worse than Donald Trump calling Rosie O’Donnell a snob or talking derisively to a Playboy playmate and Baywatch actress on “The Apprentice”? Instead of asking tough questions, the liberal woman (Fiorina) got softballs because FOX News wants her to be on the GOP ticket to engage in cat-fights with Hillary. There’s an agenda by the mainstream media–and, make no mistake, FOX News is part of that mainstream media–to push liberal, phony Fiorina to the top.

And while we’re talking about liberal women, we need to talk about Megyn Kelly. Yes, she’s a liberal and always has been. The lumpenconservatariat fools who digest everything they are served at FOX News think she’s one of them, and they are wrong. As I’ve noted on this site, she’s not a journalist. Like Erick Erickson, she’s a failed former lawyer who wanted to be famous as her ambition in life. She’s already said in press interviews that she wants to be the next Barbara Walters or Diane Sawyer because we apparently need more Caitlyn Jenner two-hour specials and more people answering, “If you were a twee, what twee would you be?” She nearly left FOX News for ABC, but she wanted to be the star and ABC couldn’t guarantee that, but Roger Ailes did. And in true keeping with her fame-whorism, Kelly wanted herself and her hair extensions to be the stars of Thursday’s GOP debate, NOT the candidates themselves. Everything’s all about her and her narcissism. Me, me, me, me. And yes, from the shoulders down, that isn’t her real hair. Those are hair extensions some women in India sacrificed to Krishna and Vishnu. Just sayin’.

If you think she’s conservative, ask her what she’s conservative on (she’s announced she isn’t conservative on any social issues) and why she dumped her first husband and bragged about it on FOX News. The answer: she dumped him so she could marry a Mr. Mom wimp in the form of a novelist I never heard of, named Douglas Brunt–the last name being so appropriate in spades. Megyn Kelly is the man in that family, and at night, she’s on top. Bet on it. She doesn’t particularly like men, and Trump got more than a taste of that.

She’s not a journalist, and it shows. Kelly never checks her facts, which is why she got easily duped into promoting a fake “human shield”–Hezbollah tramp Hanan Kahwaji a/k/a “Brigitte Gabriel”–on her news show. And why she got caught in a laughable flop during her much hyped interview of Bill Ayers. She said she learned about Muslim honor killings, which she didn’t know about, by reading Michelle Fraudkin’s website. Wow, what an ignoramus! She’s not a reporter, not a journalist, and not informed. She’s a celebrity, which is what she always wanted–a supermodel. She’s on FOX News for one reason and one reason only: she looks good. And it’s show biz.

The pretentious names of her children–Yardley, Yates, and Thatcher–are the surest sign of being a low-class attention-seeker. You can always tell the pretenders and the wannabes by the fancy names they give their kids–names destined to be stripper names in less than a decade. Notice me, notice me, notice my kids and their fancy names! Aren’t we exotic!

And that, dear readers, is Megyn Kelly and Erick Erickson–and FOX News–in a nutshell. Nothing worth watching or caring about.

Trump is the only excitement in the GOP right now, and Kelly and Erickson can’t stand it. So, they are gonna trash him to promote themselves like the cheap suits that they are.

I like Ted Cruz the best of the available candidates. But–and I can’t believe I’m saying this–if Trump is still on the ballot by the time Michigan votes, I might actually vote for him.

Just to stick a needle in the eye of the congenital GOP.

*** UPDATE: I forgot to mention that Megyn Kelly said she respects Hillary Clinton “and all that she’s achieved.” Um, what has she achieved exactly? And Kelly said that if she lands an interview with Hillary, she will feed her softball questions. “I think Hillary Clinton could handle me — easily. . . . If you want to get big-name Democrats who are running for president, do you want to annihilate them? Of course not.” Yes, she did say that. Read it here. Oh, and she says that if she interviewed Hillary Clinton, “that would be epic television.” Wow, someone’s an egomaniac.

*** UPDATE #2: Looking at Erick Erickson’s pic, above, he reminds me of an annoying lesbian gym teacher from middle school.

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Works for me. I knew he was bland, by listening to his giggles when he subbed for Rush. Cruz and Trump, in one order or the other, would be a dream ticket for me. Maybe Trump for Pres and Cruz for VP. They’d rip such a road of success we could get Cruz for 8 more years after that. And imagine the level of talent amongst the cabinet heads and the cleaning house in the bureaucracy. Wow.

Tom Johnson on August 19, 2015 at 4:40 am

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