June 14, 2016, - 9:49 am

Mateen Dad Blames Club for Not Stopping Jihadi Son; Asks allah to Punish Gays, Give Cancer to Enemies

By Debbie Schlussel


I was away for the last two days in observance of the Jewish holiday of Shavuot and could not comment about Omar Mateen and his jihad on Orlando gays. I’ll post my longer piece on that later. But in the meantime, you should know what Omar Mateen’s Talibani father is saying. Yes, Mir Seddique a/k/a Seddique Mateen, whom we let in under President Reagan pursuant to jihad Grover Norquist’s pro-Mujahideen immigration push, doesn’t blame his son or Islam for the jihad on Orlando. Nope, he blames the gay club’s security.

Oh, and he asked allah–the Muslim cult moongod–to give cancer to his enemies. He also said allah will punish gays. But, ya know, Islam has noooothing to do with any of this, right?!

It’s not the fault of his son the jihadist who hated gays, Blacks, Jews, and everyone in America. Not the fault of his son who claimed allegiance to ISIS and previously befriended homicide bombers who went on jihad in the Middle East. Nope. It’s the fault of the gay nightclub Pulse’s security for not stopping his son. Yeah, just like it was the fault of the 3,000 9/11 murder victims for not stopping the planes from going into the buildings. And the fault of the Jews for not stopping the Nazis. Riiiight.

The father of Omar Mateen has blamed security staff at Pulse nightclub for not preventing the murder of 49 innocent people. Seddique Mateen said religion had nothing to do with the massacre and that he wished his son was alive so he could ask him why he did it. . . .

Mr Mateen told Sky News: ‘The first thing I want to say is that the club should have had good security. The club (with) 300 or 400 people are coming, they should have had a good security. “My personal feeling (is) he is responsible, the club is responsible for not having good security. If there was a good communication with the security there, they could have protected much better.” . . . .

He added the attack had ‘nothing to do with religion’.

A message posted by Seddique Mateen on Facebook early Monday morning made clear his own views on homosexuality. In the video the elder Mateen says he was saddened by his son’s actions during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

He then added: “God [allah] will punish those involved in homosexuality.”

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Um, yeah, Islam had nooooooothing to do with it. Uh-huh. Keep tellin’ yourself that.

But, wait, there’s more. He called for allah to give cancer to his enemies:

The father of the Orlando shooter called for Allah to punish Afghans involved in his political campaign when they disobeyed him, Daily Mail Online can reveal. Seddique Mir Mateen branded his former colleagues a ‘bunch of parasites’ for trying to put people in charge of two European offices who he disagreed with. Mateen – who claims to be the Afghan President in exile – threatened to report them to the British and Dutch police for fraud and theft and told them that ‘the jealous person goes to hell’.

In bitter emails he also banned some of his former colleagues from the group and accused them of being spies for the Pakistani security services. Mateen gave them the chilling warning: ‘Allah will punish all of you and Allah has his own way. Allah will take care of you sick people’.

The elder Mateen sent an e-mail that said:

Tell me how much money ISI Pakistani give to all of you. That will turn into cancers in your throat Inshallah [allah-willing].

Jihadist dad’s e-mail calling for allah to give cancer to his enemies:


Again, Islam has noooothing to do with it. Right? And water has nothing to do with H2O.

How on earth could such a sane, grounded, peaceful man have a jihadist son? You’d never have guessed it.

Aren’t you glad we let “peaceful” Muslims like this into our country to have mass-murderer jihadist sons who shoot up nightclubs and murder 50?

See, immigrants make America great! The Wall Street Journal and Whoopi Goldberg told me so.

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And we shrug our shoulders and move on.

There are plenty more like Omar Mateen in our Dar Al Harb neck of the woods.

We refuse to do anything about it and the deaths of 50 people in Orlando – as in San Bernardino and countless incidents before – will change nothing – and we’ll face more jihadi massacres in the future.

The last 15 years of Islamic terrorist atrocities on American soil haven’t been enough.

NormanF on June 14, 2016 at 10:03 am

Yeah, and the Apologist-In-Chief said it was because of stuff Omar read on the internet. Right, and Benghazi was because of a video.

Religion de Paz, Religion Of Peace, any way you slice it, we’ll be hearing forever it had nothing to do with Islam. We just need more gun control.

Our brains just keep gettin’ harder to find.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on June 14, 2016 at 10:04 am

Hi Debbie,
An ex coworker said the dude couldn’t express one sentence without hatefully referring to faggots and queers. His ex wife who was beaten by him said he was gay, just as an old school buddy said. My guess is he was a closet gay and he did have a gay sexual encounter and got totally unhinged and scared of his big allah. You just can’t be a good muslim AND be gay. Only one way out in this warped logic: die like a martyr and kill as many gays as possible. That would open allah’s paradise for him…..
Elsie H

Elsie H on June 14, 2016 at 10:15 am

Mateen probably was gay.

So he’s typical in that he does things supposedly haram in Islam, like hanging out in a gay club.

Nothing has surprised me about Islamic terrorists openly flouting sharia restrictions.

Again, Muslims demand we accommodate them, not the other way around.

Being gay was good enough for him but not for the people he wantonly slaughtered in cold blood.

Don’t accuse them of hypocrisy.

NormanF on June 14, 2016 at 10:20 am

We need to start pulling citizenships of these people and shipping them out on the next plane back to where they came from. Maybe President Trump will do that. Where’s the piece on Ali?

Tommy Thomas on June 14, 2016 at 10:27 am

All facilities should hire undercover ARMED guards to help stop violent criminals. I couldn’t believe the club didn’t have undercover armed guards. This has nothing to do with my excusing Muslim psychopaths. I’m strictly speaking about the defensive measures we need because we no longer have border security or law enforcement.

Dinak on June 14, 2016 at 12:05 pm

There are two factors in the Orlando massacre that show how much Obama, with his reckless policies, has been playing with fire, that he really doesn’t care what happens so long as his goal of destroying America’s moral/social fabric is met. One, of course, is his immigration policy of flooding this country with hundreds of thousands of Muslims, many of whom are of Omar Mateen’s ilk and mindset (forgetting for a moment Obama’s precedessors, such as George W. Bush, opening the door to Muslim “refugees”). The other is his radical agenda of rearranging all societal mores, gutting 2,000+ years of Judeo-Christian values in the process, to exclusively suit LGBT extremists’ demands at the expense of others – especially women. But it’s not just the “transgender bathroom” policy, or his edict that women be forced to share locker room dressing facilities with biological males (which in and of itself shows how little women are valued by the Left in today’s America). It is the drive to further increase the LGBT population by conversion and recruitment in our schools; it is his dictate that insurance companies cover sex reassignment surgery (while banning them from covering therapy designed to encourage those who seek to leave that lifestyle, to do so); and the overall drive to eviscerate all differences between male and female in order to create a so-called “genderless” society. I have to conclude that at least part of Obama’s motives for trying to further the spread of homosexuality among the populace, is to set up more people to be slaughtered as happened in Orlando, given Islam’s stance on gays. But this does underscore how the Democrats, in seeking to enable and encourage such dysfunction and acting out, is doing that community absolutely no favors whatsoever, in fact setting them up for even more harm down the road.

It should be noted that Planned Parenthood blamed the Orlando massacre on “toxic masculinity & a global culture of imperialist homophobia,” while completely absolving Islam. Setting aside for a moment this outfit excusing Islamo-terrorism, it should be noted that PP’s founder, Margaret Sanger, had advocated homosexual behavior as another means (besides abortion) to reduce fertility and birth replacement rates in a society. Europe long ago fell to that, and is now falling like dominoes to Islam. And as Debbie says, we’re getting to that point faster than anyone thinks.

I have read somewhere that some LGBT’s, in the wake of the Orlando shooting, are now leaning towards supporting Trump. Whether this reflects a bigger trend remains to be seen.

ConcernedPatriot on June 14, 2016 at 12:20 pm

Watch what you say, Omar’s friends may put you on a terrorist watch list. If a few people in Pulse were armed, Omar’s father would have much less to apologize for.

marble on June 14, 2016 at 1:22 pm

Obama-Putin agrees with Abu Mateen…except on the gay part…and maybe the REAL Obama-Putin agrees with him there after all as we know what closet homos the Mooooooooslims can be and Obama-Putin thinks he’s special and can indulge in stuff his beloved ROP “detests”.

The regulars here know the score and it’s quite elementary but this country is full of stunned-mullets. Heaps of dopes. The good news is there are some simple people who get it about Islam, but it’s not ‘cuz they are well versed in it (they are not, and in this case, that works in the truths FAVOUR!) but these are “if it walks like a duck” people. God bless them. We need everyone of them. They will be easy to educate on the harsh realities of Islam.

BUT….then you have the heaps of effin’ Libtards who can’t see the forest for the trees and go right to gun control. These are the dangerous and obstinate dopes we have to get thru’ BEFORE we take on the Jihadis. It’s disgusting to behold. I have said for a long time that if you know Libtards, you don’t need to study them…it will only annoy you…best to know the FACTS on your side (or the reality…) BUT recently I have had the dubious pleasure of seeing them in action and it is WORSE than I thought! It’s annoying and beyond retarded! These effers are really, really mentally ill.

These effers want to go right for your guns and chastise you for hating the ROP…which SHOULD be hated! These effers don’t know sweet f**k all about Islam, either…but they know they don’t want you to blame it.

What is really fun is to see the Libtard Left Gays (and I must distinguish them from Gay Conservatives…) all the sudden struggle with what Libtard sensibility they are gonna have to jettison…letting gays be free to be themselves in America (which they have the right to be, BTW…) or jettison the fugazi notion that Islam is a “religion of peace”. This part I will enjoy.

Then you have the a-holes on the left who are suddenly up in arms because their ‘community’ was hit. Excuse me? Americans were hit…cut out the identity politics stratification and get your late-ass on board to help us take out the scourge of Islam. These fools piss me off. What about 9/11/2001…what about the last 15 years? These freaks show their true colours…and most you do not want on your side because they are too daft or will sell you out to the enemy.

The sad truth is that the world is NOT ready to take on Islam. Not even close. The Libtards did too good a job nudging dopes into their PC sensibilities. Many know I always have one foot in Australia and as I have stated, they are having the very, very same issues as we are (kinda worse in some aspects like Halal Certification (a scam..) a just convicting an Imam of FGM…) and they have the same two sides…the passionate ones who get it and the stoopid motherf***ers who don’t. You would not recognize them as different if you read their words but for an occasional Aussie strine thrown in…that’s how similar it is. They love their country as we do…but we are America and we are BETTER!

So look around you. You know what side I am on but I am more than annoyed that we are nowhere near where we should be. A JINO writer who is the biggest Mooooooooslim apologist I have ever had to endure even said that in Iran, they are more advanced than we are because they will give their trannies sex-changes at the cost of the State (who the eff else is gonna pay in a regime like Iran?????) and we are up in arms about them using public restrooms.

Of course he don’t get that the ferkakte bathroom laws only aid sicko perverts (and paedos…) and NOT transsexuals. He don’t get it at all. A jerk-face like that should have been taken out by a Jihadi…not innocent peeps having fun dancing.

Oh, and BTW, another writer I really admire, who is an EXPERT on Mass Shootings wrote an article for Vanity Fair because of his expertise and because he is gay…but Islamic Jihad is NOT highlighted in his artice. Shaking my damn head. Welcome to bizarro world. What an effing shame it is! I will post that article on top of my twitter feed for anyone interested…

Skunky on June 14, 2016 at 2:35 pm


    My hat’s off to you on your post. It sums the situation in a nut shell. Well done 🙂

    Ken B on June 14, 2016 at 2:47 pm

    Well Skunky, we must blame the Christians for this: LGBT activists blame Christians for Orlando attack – http://go.shr.lc/1rlt6uY

    Yes, this is actually happening.

    Worry on June 14, 2016 at 3:51 pm

      Thank you so much Ken B.! Worry, that article is a disgrace. It highlights the spilling over of mental illness that are Libtards. They are a disgusting lot.

      These sicko, activist gays are making themselves look like freaks and driving former supporters (like me!) away. Sally Kohn is the worst of the lot. It’s not enough for them to have acceptance as they have here in USA, they want you to agree with them on every sicko thing they purport or you’re the enemy. They are also weak pussies…they know going after Christians and Jews won’t physically hurt them as the Religion Of Pieces will. These sooky jerks want to force people to agree with them like the totalitegalitarians they are. I reject it. Everyone should.

      If it wasn’t Jihad, which I take seriously, I would like to throw back in their faces that a GAY Jihadi shot up their “community”. He may have been Mooooooslim but he was also gay. Only a retarded Mooooooslim would not be able to handle that in free America, where gays are afforded the freedom to indulge in their lifestyle.

      Keep an eye on Russia. The men there are not as wimpy as we and the Australians have become, they like being taken care of by a strong-arm gubmint and they are not allowing gays to be gays in Russia. So who at the end of the day will chickified Yank men be able to overthrow? Jihadis or Russian Hooligans? Manliness has gone on walkabout.

      Sally Kohn is one angry, angry freak. Bad or no daddy relationship and she didn’t process that normally. Libtards are the angriest freaks on the planet. They are just ashamed that they are and try to hide it, but it shines right through. Mr. Sally is so angry she is the sort that will self-immolate. That is how she is dangerous…smart people are safe from her foolish propaganda, but the stunned-mullets will let her nonsense gain speed!

      Skunky on June 14, 2016 at 5:16 pm

The Pulse was a “Gun Free Zone”. We can see how much that did for the place. As for Mateen’s dad, we can see that the apple did not fall far from the tree. Omar Mateen was not radicalized. He was what he was from the beginning. Mateen simply chose to explode in a gay club.

Worry on June 14, 2016 at 2:42 pm

But Debbie our most awesome Cumpmander-in-Chief has said that Islam had nothing to do with why sad sack Omar killed and hospitalized so many people. As per his mo when something like this happens Oblamo first kneejerk reaction (emphasis on the jerk part)is to blame guns. He’s getting all wee wee’d up because Trump is making him look like a weenie by not calling out what this attack was. It was an attack by a radical Islamic POS terrorist. Still to this day Obola will not say that and it’s funny to see White House spokes-monkey little Joshy Earnest twist like a pretzel to explain why his boss won’t say the phrase. Heck even Killary got with the program. Only because she is supposedly miffed that the Orlando attack took the wind out of her sails. Having Obama endorse her and Chief Spitting Bull Warren coming out swinging against big bad meanie Trump. What fools liberals are and what are they going to do. Especially Odumbo. This was not an attack by some Christian rightwing blue eyed blond haired male homophobic gun loving wolf loser extremist(did I cover all of the bases). He attacked a gay club in the fourth largest city in Florida. Crazy Omar it turns out worked for a DHS contractor that was used to ferret illegal aliens around the country. Due to that job this nut was able to get his evil guns legally and had a license to carry them. Even though he was on the FBI watch list he was able to shoot up that club. It also looks like the tree didn’t fall far from the nut. This guys daddy Seddique is a real piece of work. Not only is he a Taliban apologist but he really has a hard on for gays. This scumbag comes from the throw them off buildings or burn them alive school when dealing with homosexuality. It also was reported that Omar’s wife Salman knew what he was up too and told the FBI. Liberals and Muslims will do all they can to spin this so that they don’t get blamed for Americans getting killed and wounded. Also say what you want about Trump but when you have clueless idiots like Obama, CAIR, Clinton and Ryan pissed at you about this issue then you know you’re as they say in the military right on target.

Ken B on June 14, 2016 at 3:27 pm

I read somewhere today (I think in the New York Post, probably in their “Letters to the Editor” section) that one gay person who’d been an “activist” (and posted anonymously for fear of retribution) had left the movement in the wake of Orlando, realizing that as far as the Left’s pecking order of preferred “victim” groups was concerned, Muslims now outrank gays, and that the “movement’s” agenda was only serving to set up more of his fellow ranks to have happen to them what happened in Orlando.

But the recent leaks about Mateen’s supposed homosexuality strike me as an attempt to deflect from his Islamic teachings and motivations, to divert the “proles” from realizing that, with regard to Orlando, as Debbie would put it succinctly: THIS. IS. ISLAM.

ConcernedPatriot on June 14, 2016 at 3:37 pm

    Actually, Omar Mateen’s homosexuality(if true)would feed into the narrative of his feeling self-loathing. Islam has no place for the LGBT crowd. He even got married twice to cover it up. In the end, the only way for Mateen to obtain forgiveness for his sins was through Islamic Martyrdom.

    Worry on June 14, 2016 at 3:44 pm

Yeah, Manteen’s killing spree was just projection, yes he was gay and hated himself. I think people are missing something v important, People can say Donald is this and Donald is that, but he is getting results. Until this incident I have not seen as many muslim groups come out one after another condemning this and being more passionate about it. I attribute this to Donald’s rhetoric. Even if his rhetoric isn’t sincere or just hot air, (time will tell) its making these muslims shake. If he did ban migration from those maniacal countries, I bet the ones here, begin to rat on the radicals. Just like the WALL talk, he’s going to make Congress get off their butts and do something and address this mess. Donald just has poor delivery.

MrBigBrain on June 14, 2016 at 7:22 pm

    This is true, what MBB says about Donald Trump.

    (i) Donald Trump may not be all he says he is, see Debbie’s article(s) about him;
    (ii) Donald Trump may not be worth what he says he’s worth;
    (iii) Donald Trump may have some stupid ass tan and some wild ass youth complex with that stupid ass hair of his;
    (iv) Donald Trump may have an INCREDIBLY ANNOYING habit of pursing his lips constantly, like the affected New Castrati Mercedes owner of a Ron White sketch;

    BUTTTTTTTTT (not to be confused with Bertha Butt and the Butt Sisters of Jimmy Castor Bunch fame), . . .

    even his harshest policy and behavior critics (think Mark Levin) have admitted that Donald Trump HAS fearlessly injected certain things in to the national conversation and mainstream media clamor that no one else has been able to do.

    EREGO, LEGGO, SLUGGO, and River Horse Brewing Company, . . .

    have duly acknowledged that he has captured the “We’re mad as hell, and we’re not going to take it anymore” crowd. [See the movie where that was the tag line, circa 354 B.C.]

    Donald Trump doesn’t HAVE to get serious about policy discussions right now. What he’s doing is a now you see it, now you don’t, guess which hand the final policy decision is in, to amnesty or not, to build a wall or not, to sell out Israel or not, to cave to the social engineering onslaught or not, he’s not telling, and we won’t know unless he becomes president.

    This is all an act. There was at least one article about this trending recently, which I did not read, but agreed with the basic premise of the headline. Trump learned this stuff hanging out with Vince McMahon, the wrestling empresario. Muhammad Ali learned his schtick from Gorgeous George. It’s an act.

    Trump is a New York brawler who is crazy like seven foxes. BUTTTTT, will he serve the people? We KNOW he’ll serve himself, but will he serve the people any better than another?

    In a way, Donald Trump couldn’t be a worse president than Hitlary Rotten Cun_on, because he would probably respond to someone grabbing him by the lapels and saying . . .

    “DONALD, get a hold of yourself, YOUR POLICIES AREN’T WORKING, YOU NEED TO PUT THE TRAIN ON ANOTHER TRACK!!!” And a President Trump would have a better chance of being malleable in the face of strong and good policy advisors than a . . .

    Chairman Mao jumpsuit wearing, bra burning, two bit, fake, phony, fraud, leftover chicken soup without the chicken radical from the 60’s.

    At least, as far as logic would dictate, that would be the way to go, vote for Trump, IF one were to vote.

    However, I have removed myself from such things for almost all my life. I voted in two presidential elections, and a few local ones when I lived in Dutchess County, NY. I have to acquiesce to the teachings of Pastor David C. Pack, and say I ain’t gon’ vote no more, no more, I ain’t gon’ vote no more, no more, vo-ote no mo-o-ooooorrre!!!

    Having said thus, we all know Porky Pig with two beers in him before 8:30 a.m. every morning would have been a better president than The Muslim-In-Chief.

    But there’s a reason for all this illogical behavior, this upside down and bass ackwards thinking and policy making of our so called leadership. There’s a reason why the great leaders are not our leaders and people who couldn’t succeed in shining a single pair of shoes are telling us how to live our lives.

    There is NO logic in Bizarro or rather, Satan’s world, and time is quite short, which is why logic shrinks further from view each day.

    Now back to my next joint and this strong brew in front of me, while ewe awlllll, . . .

    watch Family Guy, or something.

    Not ewe awlllll, as in the good, decent, and regular good folks on this web site, I mean . . .

    ewe awlllll, as in dem awllll.

    Alfredo from Puerto Rico on June 15, 2016 at 12:52 am

“The Pulse was a “Gun Free Zone”. We can see how much that did for the place.
Worry on June 14, 2016 at 2:42 pm”

Maybe someone can explain how people without guns are supposed to enforce a gun free zone?

“Seddique Mateen said religion had nothing to do with the massacre and that he wished his son was alive so he could ask him why he did it. . . .”

NO, he wishes his son were alive so he could hug him and say “Good Job. You did Allah proud!”

theShadow on June 14, 2016 at 7:51 pm

Sultan Mubarak Hussein (Obama) is more furious @ Trumps comments than he is at the shooting, which aside from giving him secret arousals, also enables him to pimp one of his favorite topics – gun control.

The reason FBI missed this guy and will continue to miss others is that they are not allowed to look at Islam as a potential motivator, nay, in fact, a compelling factor!!!

Infidel on June 15, 2016 at 12:14 am

We need to throw these people out immediately. Trump is the guy who can do it. Vote Trump for President. We need to close the borders too!

Carl on June 15, 2016 at 2:01 pm

As a Christian, I find it hard to even care that a bunch of homosexuals were murdered.

G*d’s judgement, if you will.

Hillel on June 16, 2016 at 4:18 am

What I discovered in the mix of all this, is that Homosexuality is HUGE in the middle east, especially saudi arabia. They hide behind the Quaran but most men out there have sex with men. They have a prison mentality that as long as they are the top, they aren’t gay. Being the bottom is a sin. This is their true belief and most partake in this behavior especially when a woman is pregnant and a women is menstruating. They are frauds and twisted.

MrBigBrain on June 16, 2016 at 3:13 pm

Hillel, we Christians are not supposed to rejoice at death of others. And many of the victims were there, but not gay, one for instance was a middle aged mother. It is not our place to judge, and I do believe in scripture and it to be wrong, but it is only God’s place to judge them. I am just shocked that I am seeing gays on posts blaming Christians and guns, not Islamic doctrines. Incredible, they will go out of this world clueless if they continue the heads in sand mentality. They have loud voices and they need to use them to expose Islam.

Cindy Fear on June 17, 2016 at 10:00 am

Infidel Compelling factor? No it’s THE FACTOR.
Hillel-you must, idk, but your statement is so damn foolish,even if you think it’s ok to mow down gays, you do realize straight people go to hay clubs, tons, especially women. In fact, I was the designated driver last new years, I think, oh it was 2yrs ago and picked up my gf and her sister from one. I’ll Your comment is pure ignorance

MrBigBrain on June 18, 2016 at 3:54 pm

Undeniably believe that that you said. Your favorite justification seemed to be at the web the simplest thing to take into account of. I say to you, I certainly get annoyed even as other people think about concerns that they just don’t understand about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top as well as defined out the whole thing with no need side-effects , folks could take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks|

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