December 13, 2005, - 5:07 pm

Me in Today’s Vancouver Province

A much-abridged version of my column critical of “” is in today’s Vancouver Province (Vancouver, British Columbia, not Washington; Yes, I have friends in Canada.).
I wish I could send the link, but it’s only in the print edition of the paper. But, rest assured, the hate-mail has arrived.
I especially like the Vancouver Province–and any paper in its CanWest Global chain–because, like all CanWest papers, they use the term “terrorists” instead of the absurd, sanitized euphemism, “militants”–used by most mainstream North American papers.

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Uhhh… Debbie. No offnece, miss, but FYI, the chain’s owners, the Winnipeg Aspers, are HUUUUUGE supporters of the Liberal Party.
Pick up the Globe and Mail to see where their bread is buttered.
Of course, the National Post is still in the proverbial right.
Just to let you know, eh?

Y-2-DRAY on December 14, 2005 at 2:54 pm

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