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RAAAAAYCIST!: ABC’s Amy Robach, Colored People & People of Color

By Debbie Schlussel



People of Color, You RAAAAYCIST!

Is it just me, or is there no significant difference between the phrases “colored people” and “people of color”? Apparently, to stupid liberals the terms are incredibly different in level of grievance theater offense, even though they mean the exact same thing. Annoying ABC liberal Amy Robach learned the hard way.

In this age of phony “post-racialism”–in which racism seems to be more alive then ever (on the part of Blacks and their legion of liberal White enablers)–the eggshells we walk on seem to be ever thinner and more brittle. And you have to watch every little thing you say. Well, I don’t because I don’t care. But people who are in public positions and are employed by mainstream employers do. And it’s not just getting ridiculous. It’s way far beyond ridiculous. Even the most politically-correct liberals get the brunt of it, which goes to show that you just can never say anything right–can never say anything that won’t offend an ever-growing group of whiners in the professional victimization crowd.

Using the N-word is one thing, but saying, “colored people”? Um, how is that different from the “preferred” “people of color”? It isn’t. Not any more than saying “Jewish people” is different than saying “people of the Jewish faith (or ethnicity).” They are simply the same thing.

But since we live in a spoiled country, the whole of the internet came down on ABC’s “Good Morning America” co-hostess Amy Robach, who was delivering a “pop culture news report” (yeah, that’s how dumbed down we are–when a program has both a news report and a pop culture news report).

You see, Robach reported on minorities and colored people . . . er, PEOPLE OF COLOR! whining that they are mad that White people are playing them in movies and TV shows. And in delivering that old news, Robach mentioned that “colored people” are upset.

A ton of social media trolls attacked Robach as a RAAAAAYCIST! because she used that term. You are not allowed to use “colored people” anymore and must, instead, use the term “people of color,” Robach was lectured. Um, what the bleep is the difference? How is one more offensive than the other? Does the extra syllable and the extra word in “people of color” make colored people feel more important? The difference between the terms is minor and a distinction without a difference.

But you gotta learn this: people of color–perfectly fine and proper; colored people–a racist slur! Colored–RAAAAAAYCIST! Of Color–angels singing opera and opening the gates of Heaven to you for all eternity. Got it? Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson want to make sure (and make some bucks pimpin’ it, too).

Predictably, the spineless Robach apologized and apologized and promised that this is not how she speaks in private. She’s down wit da struggle, dammit! Hilarious. Whatta wimp.

Following a social media firestorm about her use of the phrase “colored people,” Good Morning America host Amy Robach issued an apology. “This morning during a segment about Hollywood casting, I mistakenly said ‘colored people’ instead of ‘people of color,’” said Robach . . . . “I sincerely apologize. It was a mistake and is not at all a reflection of how I feel or speak in my everyday life.”

“Colored people,” a label used during segregation, was replaced in the late 1960s by “black” and later by “African-American.” To some, “colored people” is the equivalent of a racial slur. Robach’s reference to “colored people” came during a segment about actress Zendaya potentially playing Mary Jane in an upcoming “Spider-Man” reboot. Mary Jane is a character traditionally filled by white actresses, and Zendaya is half black and half white.

“Now we all know Hollywood has received recent and quite a bit of criticism for casting white actors in what one might assume should be a role reserved for colored people,” Robach said. . . .

The outrage on social media was swift.

When you’re being shot up in a nightclub by a jihadist or can’t afford healthcare because the ObamaCare payments are too high, as well as the deductible, then you can be outraged. This “people of color” vs. “colored people” outrage is just baloney. It’s an IQ test, and those who were outraged–outraged!–failed.

From now on, I’m going to use the term “people of no brain”–rather than the clearly offensive and unacceptable “brainless people”–to describe all of the parties involved in this stupid story.

When you have a nation of morons concerned with whether someone uses “people of color” or “colored people,” don’t be surprised when these morons elect Hillary Rodham Cankles in droves in November. Oops, I mean, Hillary of Cankles (and of Payola at State and of E-mail Scandals and of Whitewater and of the Rose Law Firm and of Cattle Futures and of HillaryCare and . . . etc. etc. ad absurdum).

Again, we live in a very spoiled country. And we keep sinking to new bottomless lows.

America . . . what the bleep happened to us?!

*** UPDATE: While I was away at a movie screening, I was thinking that I should start calling the NAACP, either NAAPOC (National Association for the Advancement of People Of Color) or, even better, the NAARS (National Association for the Advancement of Racist Slurs). Turns out great minds think alike because reader/commenter Skunky (who is part People of Color) made a similar point about the NAACP.


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