January 3, 2017, - 6:35 pm

FOX Cooking Show MasterChef Turns Into HAMAS Fundraiser, Courtesy of Actor, Obama Aide; VIDEO Added

By Debbie Schlussel

Chef Gordon Ramsay, FOX, and Kal Penn Raised $$$s for HAMAS . . . on a Cooking Show!

You know things are getting really bad when a celebrity cooking contest show on a mainstream American TV network is turned into a fundraiser for HAMAS.

Last night, I turned on the TV and began watching FOX’s Celebrity MasterChef, expecting to see what the title implies: celebrities competing in cooking . . . and only cooking. Instead, I was treated to a brief, subtle promotion for HAMAS, the United Nations, and “Palestinian Refugees” (there is no such thing–they have three states (Jordan, HAMASastan Gaza, and the Palestinian Authority, and they can go live in any of these, so they are NOT refugees).

Apparently, the celebrities were competing with each other to raise money for charities. All of the other celebrities played for good, pro-American charities and causes: feeding America’s poor, helping the homeless, the Boys Clubs of America, and so on.

But NOT actor and former Obama White House aide Kal Penn. Nope. He was playing for “money for the Palestinian Refugees.” But what he really meant was, he was playing for more money for HAMAS. The “charity” was UNRWA, the so-called United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East. Sounds lofty, but as I’ve noted on this site several times, UNRWA is really HAMAS and HAMAS is UNRWA (or Fatah/PLO in the case of the so-called West Bank and the Palestinian Authority). Most UNRWA officials and workers in Gaza are HAMAS members and officials. Many UNRWA officials have been discovered to be actual HAMAS terrorists and murderers. UNRWA textbooks are instruction manuals of hate, justifying terrorism against Jews, denying the Holocaust (or justifying and praising it), and containing the map of hate in which there is no Israel. And UNRWA schools in both Gaza and the Palestinian Authority teach this crap as a “curriculum.”

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Kal Penn gushed to host Gordon Ramsay that $25,000 will provide 1,000 of meals to the Palestinians. What he really must have meant was that it will provide five suicide bomb vest. In fact, UNRWA money has been traced directly to suicide bomb and belt factories, in addition to the other stuff I’ve noted above. I guess it doesn’t matter to Penn that he is essentially funding the people who throw gays off of buildings and drag suspected “collaborators” via motorcycle, until they completely disintegrate and bleed out. Yay, Kal, you made some great fried chicken!

Watch the video . . .

There is absolutely no evidence any of the money Kal Penn won for HAMAS UNRWA will go to any meals whatsoever. In fact, it is far more likely that it will go to fund all of the HAMAS terrorist hate I outlined above.

Unfortunately, Penn won the money with host Chef Gordon Ramsay cheering him on. And Beth Miller, the Self-Hating, Anti-Semitic “Jewish” U.S. “advocacy officer” for a Palestinian NGO, Defense for Children International-Palestine, did verbal orgasms on Twitter (I responded to her tweet, below):

Can you imagine if a celebrity said, “Well, Chef Ramsay, tonight I’m playing for the One Family Fund, which helps Israel’s many victims of Islamic terrorism and their families? It would never ever happen,nor would a celeb be allowed to compete for money for a pro-life organization. FOX wouldn’t allow it, but Rupert Murdoch’s FOX did allow this pro-Palestinian HAMASnik propaganda . . . ON. A. COOKING. SHOW?! It’s absurd, not to mention entirely inappropriate. And this kind of politicization would never be allowed for Israel, Jews, or any conservative causes (like exposing the hoax of “climate change”).

As I’ve told you on this site previously, Penn (real name: Kalpenn Suresh Modi) is an outspoken serial Islamo-butt-snorkeler who forgot his Indian Hindu roots. After playing an Islamic terrorist (“Ahmed”) on the TV series, “24,” Penn publicly sympathized with Gitmo terrorists and denounced profiling of terrorists and waterboarding and enhanced interrogation techniques as torture. He also taught a college course on “Images of Asian Americans in Media” at the University of Pennsylvania (I told you an Ivy League “education” is vastly overrated), in which he again railed against U.S. policy toward Islamic terrorists and whined about portrayals of Pakistani and Bengladeshi Islamic terrorists (‘cuz there are none in real life, right?). Yes, really, an actor who played an Islamic terrorist got to be a college professor indoctrinating students against American national security measures. Then, naturally, he went on to work for Barack Obama at the White House.

Now, he’s playing White House press secretary on ABC’s “Designated Survivor,” in which the terrorists who blow up the U.S. Capitol are–of course!–NOT Islamic terrorists (though Muslims are “wrongly” pinned for the crime and also the “victims” of “backlash”).

As those two people who follow Penn’s lackluster career probably know, Penn’s “biggest” role was as pothead Kumar in the crappy “Harold & Kumar” movies (including the sympathetic-to-terrorists “Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay”). And clearly, he’s still a pothead.

And an ahole. And a proud sympathizer with Islamic terrorists.

Meanwhile, back in India, Kal Penn’s Hindu relatives know what the real Islam is all about. Just like HAMAS’ Israeli (and gay Muslim) victims do.

Up next for Penn: “A Very Harold & Kumar Ramadan”? Don’t bet against it. More fitting: “A Very Harold & Kumar ISIS Beheading.” Just sayin’.


BTW, this isn’t the first time that MasterChef and FOX have used the airwaves to engage in in-your-face Islamo-pandering. Nearly two years ago, MasterChef featured a devout Shi’ite Muslim “chef” from Dearbornistan, and she was NOT forced to make any non-halal dishes, including bacon or pork, while a Hindu chef was forced to make beef dishes against her religion.

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I am extremely disappointed by the behavior of many Hindu Indian-Americans. They have been victims of Arabian Islamic barbarism for centuries but here in the USA they always seem to root for the same Islamic barbarians or Arabic barbarians. Shame.

Rex on January 3, 2017 at 7:21 pm

Another way to look at it is this:

What if Kal Penn said “I am using the money to feed Hitler’s army”?

Boycott all of them. Buh bye foul-mouth Gordon. Go back to Muslim Britain.

DarrellHicks450@ on January 3, 2017 at 7:51 pm

Hindus were slaughtered in unimaginable numbers by Muslim invaders.
I would dearly love to hear what the Hindus think of this pandering to Islam for one of their own.

Steve G on January 3, 2017 at 9:31 pm

Wasn’t the Hindu “religion” formed in 1699? So then, God was born in 1699? No critical thinking, obviously. What did Hindus believe in before there was Hinduism?

And as for this behavior in general, ESPECIALLY on something such as a cooking show, disgusting, and beyond ridiculous. Thank God for Debbie providing us clear looks behind the curtain of Islam and its panderers.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on January 3, 2017 at 10:50 pm

Any Indian who whined about portrayals of Pakistani and Bengladeshi Islamic terrorists would be regarded w/ scorn by most Hindus, who are very much against these 2 countries.

Steve, I’m Hindu. Hindus are pretty much split b/w dhimmi Hindus (like the ones who follow/ed Gandhi and his sycophants) and anti-Muslim Hindus, who voted for the BJP, which is a Hindu nationalist party in India (similar to some of the Likud religious party allies in Israel). Before 1991, India under the Nehru-Gandhi family was very anti Israel and pro Pali, and had no diplomatic relations w/ Israel, but recognized the PLO. After the demolition of a mosque in Ayodhya (built over one of the holiest sites in Hinduism), when all Islamic countries, including Arab countries turned on it, India changed course and opened up diplomatic relations w/ Israel. Unfortunately, they still vote w/ anti-Israeli groups in the UN.

Alfredo, as a religion, Hinduism is as old as Judaism is – has been around long before Buddhism and Christianity. As for the deities in Hinduism, their origins are timeless (as per Hindu scriptures)

Back to this Kal Penn thing, I’m stunned to see that they did this in a cooking show. Also, there is no reason that the UNRWA should exist: the UNHCR (UN High Commission for Refugees) already does that exact same job everywhere else in the world: there is no reason for a separate UN organization exclusively for the Palis

Infidel on January 4, 2017 at 12:59 am

Yes, Fox is completely shameless in its sponsorship of quasi-hidden terrorist funding. This should not be totally surprising, since one of the largest investors in News Corp, the parent Company of Fox, is Saudi Prince Alwaleed, who funds terror himself, through a variety of means, including through “donations” to families of bomb-packing Muslim dupes.

Amazingly–or maybe not so–the IRS has granted the UNWRA 501(c)3 status, which makes the organization tax exempt and contributions to it tax deductible. Most of the money goes to fund “educational” programs. If that conjures up a picture of poor “Palestinian” “refugees” in a classroom learning reading, writing, and arithmetic, given its 501(c)3 status, then you’re either naive, been brainwashed, or are completely out of touch with what is happening in the world.

Ironically, Fox itself has reported on how UNWRA funds Islamic terrorism through these “educational” programs. In an article by David Bedein, dated August 12, 2016, entitled “Arrests of UN-linked agency officials for Hamas ties calls US funding into question,” Bedein provides some insights into the process:

“Working with an Israeli-Palestinian team of journalists over the past few years, I have documented and filmed how UNRWA allocates cash from donor nations to conduct military training for children in the UNRWA classroom along with weapons training camps which Hamas organizes for UNRWA children.

“Al-Kutla al-Islamiya, a division of Hamas, runs military activities, which attract UNRWA’s younger students, paving the way for recruitment in al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas.

“UNRWA “education” teaches children how to fight, shoot lethal weapons, use hand grenades and climb through various spaces all in preparation for war.

“After exposure to al-Kutla, elementary and middle schoolers join a week-long war games program, held in a military campment, where they study “jihad, determination, to trust Allah and other Islamic values” in addition to military tactics.”

RA: I’m the one who broke the story, years ago, that Alwaleed Bin Talal made a major investment in News Corp (then was ripped off by everyone), as you know, which is why–as you know–I call it PAWNN–the Prince Alwaleed News Network. And as you also know, I’ve written many, many stories on this. Not sure what “FOX” “reported” that is in your comment that is different from what I’ve already said in this particular post and in previous ones. (RIF- Reading Is Fundamental.) Don’t you get that this “reporting” (really regurgitation of old news) by FOX News is phony and hypocritical given what they do on Murdoch’s other properties as noted in this post? And yet, there you go promoting the network, anyway. Sad. Stop falling for and promoting the bread and circuses act of the Murdochs, certainly not on this site.

David Bedein has no new insights here. In fact, they are things I’ve been writing about for over two decades and are, again, summarized in this very post. That’s not surprising, since over the years–and recently–David Bedein has repeatedly contacted me, unwanted, demanding my information, sources, etc. for stuff he read on this site. I have the e-mails and the phone records (he called me incessantly and ignored my e-mail messages demanding he go away). The difference between myself and David Bedein is that he reads my work (and tries to use my research without credit). I don’t read “his.” Same for FOX News, which repeatedly steals from me (I caught FOX News repeatedly stealing my work and its VP of News, Todd Ciganek met me for breakfast, and told me he would keep stealing from me because that’s what he did for his entire career as a news director and producer (steal from others without credit). I don’t read FOX News’ site or watch it.

Since my e-mail exchanges with David Bedein after his incessant unwanted contacts are too long to post here, I’ll just post one of them which is representative of my annoyance at his insistence that I be his free research assistant, so he could steal from me, present my work as his own, and not give me credit:

From: Debbie Schlussel
Date: Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 1:18 PM
Subject: Re: impt’ query from David Bedein
To: Center For Near East Policy Research Lt

Do NOT call me again. You could have e-mailed me just like you did now. If you have any further reason to contact me, do it by e-mail ONLY. I am NOT your research associate. Have your center pay for your own homework. I’m very busy, don’t have time for this, and you have a lot of chutzpah asking me to do your work. You have no connection with me, don’t contact me, and don’t cite my work. Now, all of the sudden you need something from me. Do it yourself. Clearly, you do NOT read my work religiously or at all, as evidenced by all of this, and what you told me was a bunch of BS.

Finally, it is not “amazing” or even close that the IRS gives it 501(c)(3) status, as it does many hate groups associated with HAMAS and other Islamic terrorist groups. In fact, it’s old hat and UNRWA has had the tax-deductible status for decades. George W. Bush never stopped that in 8 years, nor will Donald Trump. DS

Ralph Adamo on January 4, 2017 at 1:53 am

    You have missed my point completely in quoting from a Fox article. My point in citing the article is not to establish what UNWRA actually does, but to prove what Fox KNOWS about UNWRA, thereby exposing Fox’s hypocrisy using its OWN material.

    Also, FYI, Bin Talal cut his ownership stake in News Corp from 6.6% to 1% last year, though he still holds 6.6% of 21st Century Fox. Although those are still substantial investments, his stakes in those entities now pale in comparison to other major players.

    Finally, regarding my comment that “[a]mazingly–or maybe not so–the IRS has granted the UNWRA 501(c)3 status,” when I added “or maybe not so,” that language should make clear my point that I’m not really “amazed” at all, and that this shows the U.S. Government’s hypocrisy. That is, the IRS presents itself as a stickler for the tax rules and regulations, but the IRS clearly treats the UNWRA as not only tax-exempt but exempt from IRS regulations as well.

    RA: Absolutely no points were missed. You posted the article to show what you claimed are Bedein’s “insights” on what UNRWA really, actually does. But in fact none of that was new (as with most of Bedein’s stuff) and was for the most part already outlined in detail in the post and elsewhere on this site, so it did not need to be repeated by David Bedein and FOX News a/k/a PAWNN. Also, while I’m well aware that Prince Al-Waleed Bin Talal reduced his holdings in Newscorp, he is STILL the largest individual shareholder other than the Murdochs and, therefore, still has a LOT of influence on what happens on the news channel and the FOX network, in which his stake is larger. Also, Newscorp’s holdings in Al-Waleed Bin Talal’s Rotana–another story I broke here first–is still very large and, therefore, he still gets a lot of say on what the network and the news channel air. DS

    Ralph Adamo on January 4, 2017 at 1:16 pm

    DS: You should have simply had him served with a restraining order.

    L: If only it were that simple. That’s not how it works. DS

    Lisa on January 4, 2017 at 5:27 pm

Thank you, Infidel, for the information on Hinduism. I stand corrected, but will stick with the Bible and the God it mentions.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on January 4, 2017 at 9:20 am

If the incoming administration is looking at taking action against the UN, one of the obvious and first things to do would be to rid them of their 501(c)(3) status, even before they start actual defunding

That should see UN funds dry up quickly, faster than an ice cube in the Arabian desert in the middle of summer. It should, among other things, take care of UNRWA

Infidel on January 4, 2017 at 11:22 am

He’s supposed to be a fund raiser
But I find it hilarious when no records are kept
as well as no accountability.

It’s like buying an
Irish Sweepstakes ticket
back when no such gambling was allowed in the USA.

The seller could just pocket the money and walk away.
There was no obligation on him to promote illegal activity.

I’m not saying that the Irish Hospital fund didn’t receive any American money.

I AM saying they only received a small percentage of it.

But, we know that Palestinian and Islamic fanatics wouldn’t lower themselves to this trait.

Even though, they’ve lowered themselves to every sub-human decadence imaginable.

Boomerang on January 4, 2017 at 12:42 pm

Debbie, I thought you should know the definition of refugee: “a person who has been forced to leave their country in order to escape war, persecution, or natural disaster.”

Pearlmam on January 4, 2017 at 5:46 pm

    Ah, but the UN invented an entirely new definition of “refugee” for EXCLUSIVE USE by arabs who lived in Israel for only 2 years prior to 1948…and of course they didn’t “flee” for the most part- they followed the orders of their fellow arabs and willingly left in the hope that the arab armies would “push the Jews into the sea” and they would return and reap the bounty of all the “abandoned” Jewish property.

    Frak on January 5, 2017 at 1:39 am

Very disturbing, this ongoing information from Debbie about the plagiarism of her work, especially the callous attitude that others have shown. Callous doesn’t even begin to describe it, actually, more like in your face utterly disrespectful.

I had somewhat of a detailed rant that I started to post this morning, but thought the better of it, and went to work. I have to go to bed now to be up at 5 a.m., for a different job in a location two hours from where I’m staying. So, have to make it short. Very disturbing, . . . infuriating. I have more than just my admiration for and respect of Debbie as reasons, but those are enough by themselves.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on January 5, 2017 at 12:08 am

Well . . . given the long history of Prince Alwaleed viz FOX, NewsCorp and 21st Century Fox, and also given how FOX News is referred to here as the “Prince Al-Waleed News Network” or PAWNN, then shouldn’t the FOX Network be called “PAWN”? Something like this, with Kal Penn and, by definition, Gordon Ramsay, cooking to raise funds for HAMAS, would sure point in that direction . . .

ConcernedPatriot on January 5, 2017 at 10:35 am

We watched one episode of Designated and that was enough. The Hollywierd elites can’t help falling all over themselves to see who is the biggest Muslim suck up. It’s disgusting. The good news, as with the ABC offering, Quantico, which has seen a 40% drop in audience, is that they wear out their welcomes rapidly with viewers.

JeffT on January 5, 2017 at 3:31 pm

I would be more than happy to boycott FNC, but everyone else is even worse. I deliberately don’t have a TV at home, but listen to XM in the car, where I frequently switch b/w FNC and Hair Nation. And sometimes at home on the iPad or YouTube

Any other good news sources, that are not myopic on the issue of Muslims and Leftists that I can listen/watch?

Infidel on January 5, 2017 at 4:47 pm

I find myself thinking is this what it has come to cooking shows raising funds for known terror organizations? I mean really is Hamas short of cash find that odd considering the money they have gotten from other Middle Eastern countries along with the UN and in turn what happened to that money which was allegedly suppose to improve the quality of life for their people? I think we all know the answer to that was spent on weapons that they use on innocent civilians. Both Kal Penn and Gordon Ramsey should stick to what they know like making quiche an stay out of politics of raising money which goes into the hands of terror orgs that way they won’t give the appearance of looking like useful poodles or a clueless Stooges. It never ceases to amaze me the level of ignorance in regards to Hamas and how they raise funds even worse when people seem to deny that they commit terror when they do which has maimed and cost the lives of countless civilians including Palestinians an that is the truth. Years ago online I was able to read a copy of the Hamas charter they are identical in their stated goals as Al Qeada and ISIS.Their charter states point blank they will not stop their fight until they raise the Islamic flag over Jerusalem let alone the world right down to raising it over the White House. They are a radical Islamic terror organization no matter what load of bullshit their trying to sell.

Jennifer on January 6, 2017 at 11:19 am

This is TV.

I am pretty sure the actor/aide Kal Penn did not come up with the subject in support of HAMAS, his “cause” on his own. Perhaps the White House was even involved.

Remember the photo of Obama at the 2014 US-African Leaders Summit in Washington D.C. where he is deliberately flashing the one-finger affirmation of the ISIS to the delegates.

People, anti-Semitism is being rammed down our throats in many places in the media. I am not surprised to see the one in question buried in a cooking show.

Panhandle on January 6, 2017 at 1:54 pm

Kal Penn aka Kalpenn Suresh Modi is nothing more than a no talent Muslim terrorist loving hack. This guy was an idiot in the lame “Harold and Kumar” movies and in “Superman Returns”. Only a doofus like him could drop a tiny fragment of an alien crystal in water and cause the entire Eastern Seaboard to go dark. Moron. Now this bozo is stinking up ABC TV with his dopey portrayal of “ethical” White House Press Secretary Seth Wright on “Designated Survivor”. More like Wrong. It just stand to reason that this clown would side with the Palestinians. Nevermind that Hamas has stated that the Jewish State can not exist. Same with that loud mouthed bum Gordon Ramsey. I couldn’t be on his stupid cooking show let alone his show “Hell’s Kitchen”. He’d probably wind up in the freezer. Someone would ask me where did Chief go? I’d tell him/her he went to chill out. Get it. Anyway I don’t like Muslim terrorist apologists and Hollyweird is chock full of these block heads. Penn and Ramsey are just the smarmiest of the smarmy with their pandering and stupidity. Both of them should just shut up and act or in Ramsey’s case cook.

Ken B on January 6, 2017 at 1:56 pm

But c’monnnnnnn, the poor downtrodden Palestinians would ease up if they didn’t live under Apartheid-like oppression. I mean, this little people, these poor, downtrodden, despised, c’monnnnnnnnn, against big bad Israel, with nuclear weapons that the United States gave them, c’monnnnnnnnnn.

Fierce, bad Israel picking on the poor, pitiful “Palestinians.” Poor, few in numbers, horribly downtrodden and despised people. C’monnnnnnnnnn, have a heart.

If you lived the way they did, . . . I mean, c’monnnnnnnnnn.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on January 6, 2017 at 3:59 pm

Dear Debbie Good morning to you and thank you so much for sharing unbelivable i did not know anything about this God bless you Dear Debbie.God bless America, God bless Israel Very Sincerlly yours TG.

TIRDAD GHARIB on January 7, 2017 at 9:29 am

Turns out the Ft. Lauderdale shooter converted to Islam in 2007. Real name: Aashiq Hammed. They tried to keep this info quiet but it’s all publicly available and someone did a little homework.

Bill Craig on January 11, 2017 at 1:17 am

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