January 9, 2017, - 5:25 pm

Meryl Streep, Trump & the Not-So-Golden Globes – Warped Movies Even Worse Than Her Lecture

By Debbie Schlussel

If you follow me on Twitter, then you may have seen my live-tweeting of the Golden Globes Hollywood self-masturbation fest last night, including my response to Meryl Streep. But it wasn’t just the cranky actress who looks and acts all 85 of her 67 years. It was the movies to which they gave awards. Hollywood just can’t handle that they lost. That they don’t have the influence on America they once had.

We’re all sick and tired of hearing the 2016 Presidential race relitigated. Donald Trump won, but Hollywoodites refuse to accept. They know better than the “little people” who’ve made them zillionaires who do $1,000 facials.

What Meryl Streep (in her fugly mirror jacket) lectured us about–the allegation that Donald Trump mocked a disabled New York Times reporter–has been told to the country and the world multiple times and then some more. We’re aware of it. We decided we’d rather have that than the woman whose campaign mocked Catholics, Christians and pretty much anyone who isn’t a vegan tranny Muslim knitting circle member in Southside Chicago. And I never believed Trump was mocking that guy–although some of my friends insist he was. To me, Trump has always used his hands in a violently expressive way to mock everyone he hates from Ted Cruz to Hillary Clinton. It was just bad luck on Trump’s part that this resembled the NYT guy’s disability.

I personally think–though very predictable–that Trump was stupid to respond to her. Why elevate this woman to the worthiness of a response? I mean, Donald Trump is the President-Elect of the United States. He’s already–though not yet sworn in–the most powerful man on Earth. He should have ignored Meryl Streep and let her comments die. They’re as important as the Millennial hipsters now knitting “p-ssy hats” to protest Trump at the Inauguration (yes, they are really doing that). Nobody cares. Now, he’s given Streep’s lecture an additional day of life it doesn’t deserve. He does that a lot. But that’s his way and that’s the style of the Trump Presidency we’ll have for the next four years, probably eight. Sometimes he’s Machiavellian, but many other times, he lets people know on Twitter that they got to him. That’s dumb for a guy of Trump’s stature. He’s got tens of millions of fans who can attack Streep for him. He doesn’t need to go down to the stinky ground floor of her pig sty.

Also, I disagree with Trump on her acting. She’s a great actress (including in her latest, “Florence Foster Jenkins,” a great movie–my belated review will go up later this week), but I don’t need to hear an iota of her political views. Shut up and act, bitch!

But it wasn’t just the Streep comments, it was the movies that got the raves and awards at last night’s Golden Globes, all of which betray the warped “common sense” (or lack thereof) of the real La La Land. Yes, La La Land. And speaking of La La Land, the fictional version in the movie (read my review) was the one highlight of the night–that the movie with old-fashioned style and glamour won most of the awards. Its only offense is its one F-word. I was happy to see such a positive, decent movie get awards–a movie not pushing a dark agenda of depravity.

But then there are the rest, all of which are depraved or otherwise warped:

* Elle: This movie glorifies rape, and not just rape, but rape at Christmastime. Hooray for Hollywood! (Well, in truth, that one came from France, but Hollywood raved over it and distributed it here in art house movie theaters.) I haven’t posted my review of the movie yet (because it hasn’t opened in Detroit and keeps getting postponed), but I was gonna call it, “the Feel-Good I-Was-Raped-at-Christmas-and-I-Liked-It Movie of the Year!” A women gets repeatedly raped and decides she likes it, so she gets the rapist to rape her some more. Um, isn’t Hollywood chock-full of the same folks who tell us that Donald Trump objectifies women? Just sayin’. This movie won Globes for Best Foreign Language Film and Best Actress (Isabelle Huppert, the woman who just can’t get enough of being raped).

* Moonlight: Just what everyone in mainstream America wants to see: a coming of age movie about inner city gay black drug dealers who went to prison. Oh, and one of them has a drug addict mother and his “decent father figure role model” is also a drug dealer. I guess since I criticized this “answer” to #OscarsSoWhite, I’m RAAAAYCIST! Black gay drug dealer criminal lives matter! BTW, just what everybody needs to see: two teen boys masturbating each other on the beach at night. How romantic! Figures that Brad Pitt is an executive producer of this movie. This won best drama.

* Hidden Figures: My internet service went out on Friday so I didn’t post my review of this absolute revisionist history lie-on-film then, but I’ll probably do it this week. The story is that White males are not the ones who made NASA a success. Nope. They were just there to be racists and keep the Black (wo)man down. NASA’s success is only due to Black women victims. Of course it’s absurd, but that’s the message of this movie. In truth, this didn’t win any Golden Globes, but it was pimped on the show so much, it’s as if it did.

* Fences: Read my review of this bitter Black-Lives-Matter-style movie about how racism is supposedly responsible for every dysfunctional Black family in America. Viola Davis won a Globe for Best Supporting Actress as your typical angry Black woman in this long “boulder on our shoulder” bore.

* Manchester By The Sea: As I noted in my review of this CGTM (Certified Gitmo Torture Material, this movie is a dark, depressing statement against middle class and working class American life–that it sucks. It’s the same view of the typical Hollywood elitist view of Americans who voted for and elected Donald Trump. It’s just awful. Casey Affleck won a Globe for best actor for his starring role in this.

* Nocturnal Animals: I’ll probably post my review of this movie this week, too. But rest assured, it is hideous, dark, awful, and also CGTM, including from its opening credits with morbidly obese nude women dancing to its rape scenes and depictions of a naked dead bodies of a murdered mother and daughter put in a lesbian pose on a couch. Thank you director Tom Ford for refusing to dress Melania Trump. We’ve seen more than enough of your, um, “designs.” Aaron Taylor-Johnson won a Globe for his supporting role as the rapist-murderer, including his scene sitting naked while relieving himself on an outdoor toilet and talking on his cell phone. Yeah, I needed to see that . . . NOT.

These movies–and the fact that they were given awards at the Golden Globes and celebrated by the Hollywood Glitteratti–tells us far more about the celebrity class than Meryl Streep’s dumb “acceptance speech.”

These people aren’t the Glitterati. They’re the Lowliferatti. And I’m glad they lost in November. Their never-ending tantrums should sound sweet to our–the victor’s–ears.

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Foolish reason is offended. We become Christians by listening, we should walk quietly in the light.

Karen on January 11, 2017 at 2:29 pm

but the poor man had nothing but one little ewe lamb, which he had bought. And he brought it up, and it grew up with him and with his children. It used to eat of his morsel and drink his cup and lie in his arms, and it was like a daughter to him.

Karen on January 11, 2017 at 3:57 pm

So another Hollywood headed liberal dingbat actress(actors are men Streep) pontificates and bloviates about politics and the media on a self graduating award show. Bless her heart as my grandma always said Meryl and the rest of her brethren have fallen into the same old trap. They think that we hard working Americans in fly over country and elsewhere give a rip about what she says. We all know that she and the other celebutards were all in for the PIAPS just like they were in it for Obama for 8 years. They thought that Laura Bush who looked very pretty when she was younger(still is) was an ogre in heels but they expected us to fall the ABW First “Lady” that we have now. Sorry Meryl but I’m not buying what you’re selling. Also I for one am sick and tired of the lie that Trump was making fun of that disabled reporter. If the left was honest with themselves(yeah right)they would find out that Trump uses hand gestures to make fun of people who’ve irked him like Clinton and JEB Bush. We get it that Streep Throat had to ramble on about how Hollyweed is all diverse with people from Canada, Africa, Jerusalem (or was that supposed to be Israel not sure since libtards hate Israel), or Timbuktu. Who cares. You high school and college drop outs, drug addicts, serial philanderers, quadruple married, crash test dummies make me ill. Sure some like her are marginally good at acting while some couldn’t act their way out of a wet sack ie Hayden’s Christiansen and Panettiere. We spend our hard earned money to be entertained by them not to be lectured about things in which they have no clue about. As for the press. Yes we need a trustworthy and unbiased press to hold those in power to account but we all know that Streep Throat only wants this one way just like the libtards press. Remember how the “call him on the carpet for every outrage” treated GWB. Along with the celebutards and democrat politicians that poor guy didn’t know which way was up. Now after 8 years of Obama there’s enough liberal slobber to fill up a dozen king sized swimming pools. A majority of it coming from MSDNCNBC and Hollywierd. How many farewells does the current president and First Wookie er Lady need? Hell Trump isn’t even president yet and his press conference looked like a yell-fest . Acosta got accosted didn’t he. Meanwhile FNC played a clip of a dopey Democrat Times of New York reporter asking back in 2009 if Obama was “enchanted” by the job. Mega slobber alert and please excuse me while I got throw up my meatloaf. Funny I don’t recall any reporter asking that of GWB and if that happens with Trump I’ll dress up as a bat and go beat up criminals. Wait that might not be a bad idea…LOL! As for Streep my cousin wanted to see “Ricki and the Flash” for her birthday two summers ago. Let’s just say that I wish I could get those nearly 2 hours of my life back. My cousin’s a sweetheart but there’s only so much liberalism a man can take. Still Streep and the other Hollywood idiots just need to go drink a big cup of STHU juice along with their various Starbucks lattes and act. Or just STHU and go away because that too works.

Ken B on January 12, 2017 at 12:47 pm

So Streep is a “great” actress? Coulda fooled me. I watched about half of Devil Wears Prada, where she plays a fashion bitch very convincingly. So convincingly that I don’t think it was acting; just her being her bitchy normal self. That was all of her that I could take. YMMV.

I prefer Katherine Hepburn; that was an actress, and Streep isn’t fit to hold her slippers.

Eskyman on January 13, 2017 at 4:14 pm

Hepburn, . . .


Alfredo from Puerto Rico on January 13, 2017 at 6:59 pm

Did like her in “Sophie’s Choice,” but not much since then (what, 30 years ago?). But she’s soooooo smart, and I’m so dumb, I am supposed to listen to her crap? Didn’t even turn on the TV . . .

jc15 on January 18, 2017 at 10:15 pm

Have a new expression for the likes of Streep, Messing, Judd, Madonna, etc. etc. “Go FGM yourself”.

NoMoreMB on January 29, 2017 at 10:55 pm

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