April 24, 2017, - 3:55 am

It’s Official: The Trayvon Martin / Black Lives Matter Prom Dress

By Debbie Schlussel

And, now, for those of you interested in the latest in race-baiting, hate-filled, militant fashion, I give you the Trayvon Martin/Black Lives Matter prom dress. Not kidding.

Teen Milan Morris of Palm Beach is apparently a “woke” person (“woke” is the latest chic hip-hop word they’re using these days to describe someone who has “woken up” to some (liberal) issue and takes it upon him/herself to fix some societal and/or neighborhood problem). To distinguish, sadly “woke” doesn’t mean, “finally got common sense.” As in, that prom dress is hideous.

Seventeen-year-old Milan Morris’ prom dress . . . is getting particular attention because of the Black Lives Matter message it conveyed. Morris’ floor-length gown, designed by Florida-based Terrance Torrence, featured black and white images of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown, and more of the lives we have lost in recent years to police brutality. She shared a photo of the dress on Instagram. And from her caption, she is utterly unapologetic for it! YES!

Well, on the “bright side,” faux-conservative, genuine fraud David Horowitz probably loves this frock. After all, he wrote that the thug Treyvon Martin was such a good little boy. Same goes for National Review Editor-In-Chief Rich Lowry who, on TV’s defunct “McLaughlin Group,” praised the Nation of Islam and New Black Panther Party for getting George Zimmerman charged by police.

Maybe we need a Trayvon tux for them.

Up is down. Right is left. And being “woke” means you’re the most asleep in the bunch.


Question: What if somebody came to an American public high school in a “woke” Nazi-themed prom dress? How long ’til some kid wins the right to wear a HAMAS or ISIS prom dress (complete with photos of beheadings on them)? 3-2-1 . . . .

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Mr. Big Brain, . . .



KenB is buyin’. You’ll be glad you did.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on April 28, 2017 at 4:53 pm

I read the tweets relating to Sean “Vannity” and that whole hubbub, and noticed references to “writer” Cheryl Chumley lying about the whole case. That would figure – Chumley has an association with the car-loan fraudsterette “Scamela” Geller. (And Brent Bozell, another Hannity bot, now partnering with Hanan Qahwaji Tudor a.k.a. “Brigitte Gabriel,” ostensibly raising a stink about FGM in the U.S.)

Concerned Patriot on April 28, 2017 at 10:30 pm

“came to an American public high school in a “woke” Nazi-themed prom dress? How long ’til some kid wins the right to wear a HAMAS or ISIS prom dress (complete with photos of beheadings on them)?”

Wow. Really? Comparing a dress with murdered african americans to one supporting terrorist organizations and Nazi Germany?

Jesus fucking Christ. Schlussel, I have no pity for you and what happened with Hannity. This is what happens when you surround yourself with human garbage. I’d rather hang with the girl with the hideous dress.

Trump is a Rapist. on April 29, 2017 at 10:38 am

Nice try, Trump is a Rapist, you stay blind. The Halalization of America is WELL underway, thanks to Jimmy Carter, the Bush family, The Great StainMaker and ESPECIALLY the recently departed Muslim-In-Chief. Reagan had has flaws in that regard as well, which we have discussed here.

As for murdered African Americans, check your definition of murder. Martin was shot in self defense as he was banging Zimmerman’s head on the concrete, Michael Brown was behaving like a low life, attacked a police officer, and Freddie Gray was doing his best to injure himself on that ride back to the stationhouse.

Remember how that story from the guy in the compartment next to him who heard him thrashing and banging around just disappeared? Eric Garner was approached by the police because LOCAL STOREKEEPERSS CALLED THEM ON HIM!!! The situation was supervised by a black female police Sergeant who called all the moves.

When approached by law enforcement for ANY reason, you act polite, respectful, and submit to the protocol of the moment. Then, you just MIGHT be on your way quicker than you thought.

Yeah, don’t destroy the left wing media’s narrative, just keep being ignorant and trolling Debbie’s web site while she’s away for Sabbath or other observances.

Please pick up a copy of Debbie’s bio and some free ice cream on your way off the web site, courtesy of member KenB. He sprung for ice cream for everyone, except don’t touch the extra large container marked ‘Mr. Big Brain.’ That’s a special group of flavors and portion just for him.

I’m going back to this Blue Dream joint and my morning coffee.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on April 29, 2017 at 11:37 am

    Alfredo good buddy I have a special flavor of ice cream for idiots like Trump is a Racist. It’s called Don’t Let the Door Hit You Where the God Lord Split You. It’s a mixture of Rocky Road and Butter Pecan. Because the libtards are full of nuts and always act like they can’t drive their smart cars on paved streets. Fits these empty headed snowflake morons perfectly.

    Ken B on May 1, 2017 at 11:08 am


      Good thing I put down the joint before I read your post, otherwise I’d be all chokin’ and no jokin.’ If we ever did comedy writing, we could be the new Pryor and Brooks. LOL!!!

      Skull could join in as the entire cast of Monty Python, all by himself!!!

      Alfredo from Puerto Rico on May 1, 2017 at 11:25 am

Alfredo you flatter yourself man. But now we know why, you’re blitzed out of your gourd with Blue Dream all the time. Lay off the hippie lettuce. My posts were for Deb and later on Skunk. No where did I address Alfredo in Blue Dream land. You goof. Ice cream man you lost cool points with. e. Being goofed out your gourd all the time I cannot take you seriously again. You’re in cartoon land man. ha ha ha ha lol. Cartoon land watch out for the flying dragons geezus

MrBigBrain on April 29, 2017 at 6:25 pm

Great balls of fire, Mr. Big Brain, one could say the same about you. Have some ice cream, and the five-alarm mess in your brain will go away, I guarantee it.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on April 29, 2017 at 7:23 pm

Okay, three replies and none of them went up. Let’s see if this works.

Have some ice cream already, Mr. Big Brain, the same could be said about you concerning your previous post. Have the ice cream, and I guarantee the fog will lift.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on April 29, 2017 at 7:26 pm

About as tasteful and fashionable as Eldridge Cleaver Penis Pants.

#1Vato on April 30, 2017 at 2:49 pm

Well, speaking of skewed thought processes that give birth to counter-culture ways, like that which give rise to this dress. And no, I don’t want to see the dress rise. Of course, if the dress rose, Trayvon Martin’s face would disappear, and the picture would be somewhat, . . . well, . . .

for once I can’t think of something to say.

Anyway, tomorrow is Celebrate Communism Day, or the 48th anniversary of the one and only May Day March I was in. That was enough. That was at age 12 1/2 and was part of what helped turn me from a budding young conservative to a mushy liberal for around the period from age 15 to 30. I was invited by a close friend at the time, and have told the story before.

Here I am, 48 years later, and the 60’s movement was not only well underway, but most of the damage had been done by the time I was on that march. And as we all know, the seeds that sprouted between 11/22/1963 and 12/31/1969, The Cultural Pancake Flip, . . .

are the political correctness and other things that now engulf us. May 1, 1969, one of those hallmark, “shaping” moments of my life. I’m glad I lost that “shape” but not sorry for what I learned, by listening to the rhetoric and bringing home a copy of the Progressive Labor Party’s newspaper. It added to this now old man’s knowledge base as he watches his nation disintegrate.

It ain’t easy being . . .

“The Man With The X-Ray Eyes.”

Black Lives Matter, Black Panthers, Up With People, The Yippies, Weathermen, Black Coffee, Kofi Annan, Coffee Ice Cream, Media Matters, Palestinians taking over college campuses, it’s all here, it’s all been seen before, and it’s all part of the same thing.

But they have no solution, and they display their activism in the most bizarre ways, like this dress. I really gotta get back to the farm, even though Puerto Rico’s in the toilet. At least it won’t be in my face, although I’ll be reading Debbie every day on the same computer I do now.

Yes, believe it or not, fire ants, rats, produce thieves, anti-social horses, noisy nighttime cows, and a bankrupt island destroying its population base is better than being in NYC.

But I’m 85 miles upstate right now, and have to get back to the big cleaning and painting job. There are nothing but farms, a few houses on big properties, but not within sight, and . . .


So long, America, it was nice knowing you, makes my heart bleed to see and hear the spiritual and cultural stupidity that passes for human discourse. They need to listen to We Didn’t Start The Fire by Billy Joel, should be required listening, especially for these campus snowflakes.

OH!!! One more thing. As long as we’re talking about ice cream. This is ESPECIALLY for Mr. Big Brain, but it really applies to everyone.

DO NOT eat RED ice cream tomorrow. DO NOT . . .

eat the RED ice cream. ESPECIALLY Mr. Big Brain.

Unhappy May Day, ewe awl, and God bless and protect Debbie, . . .

all the way to The Kingdom.

Alfredo from Puerto Rico on April 30, 2017 at 9:45 pm

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