December 20, 2005, - 9:32 am

NYTimes Spying Update Misses Important Details, Is ACLU Old Hat: Shows FBI Does NOT Spy on Muslims

Today’s latest New York Times story on FBI spying on radical left political groups is not news. Last night, when I saw a hint of the story, I figured it wouldn’t be–and would be a re-hashed ACLU story that made headlines here in Detroit, this summer.
And I was right.
The Detroit papers and others around the country covered this exact story, this summer, when the ACLU released details of Michigan FBI “spying.” The ACLU filed the requests on behalf of mostly Muslim groups.
But what was disturbing about the materials from the ACLU was that the Michigan FBI, months after 9/11 was NOT spying on ANY Muslim groups (and still isn’t). And it’s “spying” was the same you or I could have done on Google. Except the FBI did a much poorer job. They had a couple of newspaper articles about an anti-war group. Big deal.
If that’s what everyone’s afraid of, they’re over-reacting. In fact, the extremist Muslim groups, like CAIR, MPAC, and ADC, should be happy to know that the FBI is allowing them to do what they want, carte blanche. And the rest of us should be very worried.
Why isn’t the New York Times worried?
*** UPDATE: Michelle Malkin also says it is rehashed. She is right.

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