December 20, 2005, - 2:17 pm

Remember What We Wrote on Baba Wawa’s ABC News Special Tonight?

Thinking about watching Baba Wawa’s special on Heaven, tonight? Skip it. Simply review what we wrote about it and her absurd, outrageous comments about it to “Ladies Home Journal” .
Also, keep in mind that some of the “religious experts” Baba Wawa interviews on her special include Richard Gere, Mitch Albom, and Maria Shriver. What–no Rabbi Snoop Dogg? Damn.
(Rush Limbaugh just read some of our comments about this. Thanks, Rush!)

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Dang’ Debbie, I watched the Baba Wawa heaven thing last night and I swear it was like listening to a female Elmer Fudd speak……

Swamp Rabbit on December 21, 2005 at 9:31 am

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