October 31, 2019, - 1:08 pm

Cool Stuff I Saw, Halloween Edition

By Debbie Schlussel


Happy Halloween, oops, I mean  . . . Teal Pumpkin Day!  Check out these super cool photos I took (and also a local Detroit-area police chief took for me).

All of these photos are from the “Downriver” area of suburban Detroit. I love people from here. A lot of my late Dad’s patients were from the area. They are good, hard-working, mostly working-class people with great American values. It’s Trump country.

This first set of photos are from the Rockwood Police Department (and they are actually from last year’s Halloween, but I didn’t get a chance to post them in time). I took the first one, and then my phone died, so Rockwood Police Chief Randy Krause was kind enough to take the others and send them to me. Thanks, Chief! (His department also has the best Halloween treats!)

This photo is from the home of a client of mine in Brownstown Township. The client actually made the skeleton (and several others not pictured) from scratch. I love the Detroit-Lions-endowed beer can the skeleton is reaching for.




Art by David Lunde/Lundesigns, Design by Debbie Schlussel

“Every Day Is Halloween” By Ministry . . .

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Happy Halloween, Debbie!

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