December 30, 2005, - 4:46 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Al-Arian, the Sequel–What I Saw @ the Damrah Deportation Proceedings

Today, I attended a pre-trial hearing in the deportation proceedings against convicted felon Palestinian Fawaz Abu Damra (a/k/a Fawwaz Damra, a/k/a Fawaz Damrah and multiple other spellings he deliberately used for multiple identities and deliberate confusion), the Imam of the Cleveland Mosque, and a conspirator with Islamic Jihad chieftain Sami Al-Arian.
Damra was also an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing–another piece of evidence showing that Al Qaeda and Islamic Jihad are working together. He headed Brooklyn’s Al-Farooq Mosque where the ’93 attack perpetrators worshipped, and which was later headed by convicted terrorist, Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman, the blind cleric.

Islamic Terrorist Fawaz Abu Damra

Even though it was procedural, the hearing was interesting for a number of reasons. There was almost no-one there. I was the only media person, as far as I could tell (although I was told an AP reporter was expected to be there; don’t think they showed up). No Cleveland media, no Detroit (where the hearing was held) media, no national media. Why? This man, Damrah, is an important story, a great parable for other “moderate”, mainstream Islamic leaders in America–and how many of them, if not themselves terrorists, are vehement terror supporters and enablers. Not friends of America, and certainly not the loyal, law-abiding citizens they claim to be.
Damrah was respected as the leader of the largest mosque in Cleveland (reportedly, the largest in Ohio), and was a nationally respected Islamic figure. To the public, he represented himself as a moderate who opposed terrorism and only wanted peace. Easily duped Jewish and Christian leaders frequently had unity dinners, lunches, and town hall forums, all for the purpose of embracing this “peaceful” Muslim man who played the role they craved, especially after 9/11.
But the real Fawaz Abu Damra was a violent, hateful man, who supported the destruction of Christians, Jews, and America. An FBI transcript of a 1991 speech shows Damra imploring Muslims in attendance to give to Islamic Jihad movement through fraudulent means, and he makes it clear that the money will go to stab and kill Jews:

Tonight, Dr. Sami Al-Arian . . . he is the president of Islamic Committee for Palestine and a short briefing about the Islamic Committee for Palestine, it is the active arm of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine, and we like to call it the Islamic Committee for Palestine here for security reasons.
Donate to the Islamic Jihad! Nidal Zaloum from the Islamic Jihad held a dagger and stabbed four of the Jews in the courtyard of Al-Haram Al-Qudsi . . . For the Intifadah, for the Islamic Jihad, I say it frankly for the Islamic Jihad. The Jihad is still erupting in Palestine from village to village, I tell you it is not for the organizations with respect to everyone but for the Jihad. The Jihad! One of them would leave his house with a knife to stab the Jews–twelve Jews after the events of the Gulf War. Brothers, the Intifadah calls you. Five hundred dollars! Who would add to five hundred dollars? Who would add to five hundred dollars? If you write a check, write it for the Islamic Committee for Palestine, I.C.P. Who would add to the five hundred dollars of Hajj Ahmad?
[Muslims should be] Directing all the rifles at the first and last enemy of the Islamic nation and that is the sons of monkeys and pigs, the Jews.

The money Damra helped Sami Al-Arian raise for Islamic Jihad went to fund Islamic Jihad terrorist attacks on innocent people, such as the bus bombing that murdered New Jersey college student Alisa Flatow, the daughter of my friend Stephen Flatow.
This man, Damra, is on trial for deportation because of crimes in which he conspired against many people, but few bothered to show up for his hearing. Besides me, his lawyers and family members, there were six ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents and detention and removal officers. I wondered if they were protecting America from his possible fleeing or protecting Damra against would-be attackers our government likes to see in peaceful Americans like me who dare expose their bend-over-backward-to-extremist-Muslims policy. We are the threat in the eyes of our government, which tends to be paranoid in the wrong places.
At the hearing, today, Damra was dressed in a very expensive suit and accessories. He has the most expensive immigration attorney in town representing him. One of his daughters had a clearly visible nose job. One wonders who paid for all of this. Is it Islamic Jihad? Al Qaeda? (That’s not far-fetched since well-founded rumors have swirled for years that the Bin Laden family paid for his partner, Al-Arian’s, kids’ private college tuition.) The Muslims at the Islamic Center of Greater Cleveland, who claim to be against terrorism, yet embraced Damra despite all that has come out about him?
I heard Damra’s lawyer try a delay tactic, claiming he needs much more time to decipher this “very complex matter” against his client. But actually, it’s not complex at all. (When someone says something is “very complex,” that’s usually a major hint that it’s not.) It’s very simple. Damra was raising funds for terrorist groups. He wasn’t raising funds for “humanitarian” operations. He was raising funds for mass murder. People are deported on a daily basis for a lot less, and in many cases, those deportees are much more worthy of America than Damra.
I watched the able immigration judge, Marsha Nettles, cut through the thick but transparent BS put forth by Damra’s high-paid legal prostitute. I will reserve further judgment about her until I learn of her judgment after the trial. (I’m told her written decision is confidential, unless Damra decides to make it public.) But I can already see she will not be anything like the Judge Ito clone that ran Sami Al-Arian’s circus of a trial. That, alone, is reason for hope.
Another reason for hope is ICE’s attorney, Mark Jebson, a terrific litigator whose work I respect a great deal. He is sharp, quick-witted, and discrete. If all federal prosecutors were like him, we’d be in great shape (but, alas and unfortunately, most are not). If only someone like Jebson had tried Sami Al-Arian, it’s a good bet the outcome would have been different. At least, he is trying one of Al-Arian’s partners in crime.
I watched Damra’s wife and daughters (one wore jeans–nice way to respect the court). I wondered what they think of their father’s activities and utterances. They’re probably supportive. I wondered, sitting there as American who is Jewish (a proud “daughter of monkeys and pigs”), did they want to raise money to stab me and my family, too? How about my cousins back in Israel or scattered throughout Europe? (I’d have asked them, but I was and am sick with laryngitis.) I don’t really need to wonder because I know the answer. And it’s beyond un-American. (Even the likes of , useful idiot that he is, are non-distinct “sons of monkeys and pigs” to them, all worthy of the same fate.)
Yet, these people get to live in my country because their father lied on his application to become a citizen (about his associations with terrorist groups)–and because, as a result of that lie, they had the fortunate accident of birth in our country. Even if their criminal father gets deported, they will get to grow up here and spread their father’s hatred of not just Jews–but America and Christians, also uttered in the transcript–to their children, to their community–in their father’s place.
I would much rather be the daughter of “monkeys and pigs” than the daughter of a terrorist, a daughter who agrees with her father’s hateful, murderous enterprise.
They were dressed in typical American teenage garb, plus hijabs. But the Damra offspring are anything but American. They are their father’s daughters. The daughters of a terrorist. A fundraiser and cheerleader for mass murder. He will likely be deported. But they won’t. And that’s why we need to end the citizenship birthright. Their father was here under false pretenses, and therefore, not only he–but they, too–must be stripped of their citizenship.
I look forward to the trial, beginning in about a week. But I wonder what happens to Damra if and when he is deported. If he goes to the Palestinian Authority, he will be a hero there. Will he run terrorist operations from there? Probably. Will he continue to spread hate and urge mass murder? Certainly.
But, at least, he will be away from our great country. And away from the non-Muslim fools who continued to embrace and promote this man, all while he plotted the murder of Americans (at the WTC) and Jews (throughout the world). Stay tuned.

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That has been my gripe about the offspring of illegal immigrants in the country for over 20 years; NO AUTOMATIC BIRTHRIGHT!! It must end RIGHT NOW!!

Yiddish Steel on December 30, 2005 at 8:12 pm

OK, Debbie,don’t do that,Going to pre-trial deportation stuff.Wait it out.Watch your back.

danny on December 30, 2005 at 9:16 pm

So yid steal;Are you equating 2nd generation mexicans with the arab problem

danny on December 30, 2005 at 10:29 pm

“This man, Damra, is on trial for deportation because of crimes in which he conspired against many people, but few bothered to show up for his hearing. Besides me, his lawyers and family members, there were six ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents and dentention and removal officers” and
” I attended a pre-trial hearing in the deportation proceedings against convicted felon Palestinian Fawaz Abu Damra”
What exactly is the felony conviction for and was he also convicted/indicted for conspiring against other people for something or is this an allegation ?
“Damra was also an unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing”
Was he under investigation by the Justice Department and why wasnt he indicted ?
I dont mean to waste your time by asking these questions but I am curious and there are no links here. Maybe you could refer the readers to your own or some external link where his deportation charges are explained in detail.

lawman on December 31, 2005 at 12:11 am

On googling Damra it appears that he was convicted of lying on his application about his membership in Palestinian terror groups like Islamic Jihad.
This certainly seems like a material lie to me so I am not going to shed any tears on the plight of Damra.
I wonder how many Imams of US Mosques have terror ties. I am presuming these Imams come to the US on an R visa.
Its time for the Government to change the visa laws so that home grown imams can start staffing the mosques instead of importing imams from the Middle East. Tony Blair* is tackling the same problem in UK and hopefully he can come up with solutions which can be adopted in the US as well.
IMHO and experience the foreign imams (who are usually from Arab nations):
1. Speak highly accented and usually very poor English which makes it difficult to understand them and it invariably results in Arabic becoming the lingua franca in the Mosques. This alienates American born and non Arab worshippers.
2. The above in turn leads to Arabization of the Mosques and the focus of the mosques become more Arab-centric (focussing on issues of Palestine etc.,) instead of focussing on problems, issues in America.
3. A lot of these preachers have no understanding of American pluralism and tolerance and are usually more homophobic and misogynistic in their views than the american muslims. The American Muslims in general have more liberal social values than the prevalent social values in Arab nations. Some of these Imams are also probably anti semitic as well.
4. There is always a danger of these Imams having an undue influence on impressionable young minds and it can result in radicalization of disgruntled youths. A LOT of these Arab Imams are Salafist and as we saw in UK, the British Pakis left the Barelvi* mosque to go to a Deobandi* mosque and finally to a Salafi* Mosque where they first got radicalized. Salafi Mosques in Europe have been the center for radicaliztion of European Muslims.
5. Foreign Salafist Imams plus Saudi Money which also brings in Saudi ideology of Salafism have resulted in the Salafization of countless mosques in the US. Salafism is the most virulent form of Islam and it has special disdain for pluralism and modernity.

lawman on December 31, 2005 at 1:25 am

Here’s your typical liberal question: Why are we deporting a known terrorist supporter and not imprisoning him? Heck, if you tell a DEA agent where drugs are being sold, on the war on drugs, you can get 25 to life in prison. Wow, imagine a dope-head getting life and this dirtbag walks?

KOAJaps on December 31, 2005 at 4:01 pm

Despite the multiple spellings, it is a comfort that one caliber fits all….

George on December 31, 2005 at 5:36 pm

Debbie wrote, ” … there were six ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) agents and dentention and removal officers. I wondered if they were protecting America from his possible fleeing or protecting Damra against would-be attackers our government likes to see in peaceful Americans like me who dare expose their bend-over-backward-to-extremist-Muslims policy. We are the threat in the eyes of our government, which tends to be paranoid in the wrong places.”
Isn’t courtroom security the responsibiity of the US Marshals Service(I assume the hearing was at the US Courthouse on Fort Street)?
Isn’t it more likely that the ICE agents and officers where there to monitor a case they had worked on long and hard?

MarcH on January 1, 2006 at 1:22 am

The test of loyalty to foreign countries/democracies by Muslims seeking citizenship

The UK Telegraph (via Lost Budgie Blog) has an interesting report on a new special exam Germany has launched for Muslims to test their loyalty to the state and its laws when they apply for German citizenship

Tel-Chai Nation on January 1, 2006 at 12:35 pm

Not sure why your comments on this site’s various ICE-related posts are all contrarian, with no basis. (Perhaps you are a buddy of Abu Moskowitz.) This one is more of the same.
Damra’s case was long ago worked up by then-INS and FBI agents investigating Al-Arian in South Florida. Sorry to disappoint you but the agents/officers in court did not work on this case–long and hard, or otherwise. The only one in that room that worked long and hard on this was ICE attorney Mark Jebson. All six of these officers/agents were there to protect Damra. They guarded each of the rooms to which he was transported after the hearing, and were strategically placed throughout the courtroom for that purpose alone. They all were wearing their ICE badges visibly around their necks for that purpose.
You are not too well informed about Immigration Court (full name: Executive Office of Immigration Review), and your assumption is incorrect. It is NOT Federal Court and not subject to US Marshal Service protection of deportee respondents. It is a body created by the Justice Dept., but the detained deportee respondents, who are in the custody of ICE’s DRO–Detention and Removal Operations, are protected transported by DRO officers and ICE agents.
Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel on January 1, 2006 at 1:09 pm

(From Reverse Oliverstoneism101)…Rabbi Meir Kahane was one cat who wasn’t as crazy as he “looked”…after he was murdered by El Sayyid
Nosair ,who was originally sentenced to a minor gun charge…and the judge kicked the “OJ jury’s” ass for incompetance..and the FBI found tons of bomb making manuals in his apartment…and he was finally given life for conspiracy in the ’93 WTC bombing in Colorado’s Super max prison
(by the way,do any inmates there know if he’s
“accident prone”)… “media” wasn’t at this hearing maybe because they have short memories,aren’t Kahane fans…and that ‘monkey..pig..Koran trash talk’.which is what my boy Cosell was inferring when he got in trouble with M(N)F…

jaywilton on January 1, 2006 at 3:16 pm

My ?contrarian? comment was a request for clarification to your post.
In your post you indicated that you ?wondered? what the ICE personnel were doing at the hearing. Your post left me wondering also, which was the reason for my comment. Your comment in reply clarified the issue for me. I thank you for the clarification. On the other hand, I wonder why your post seemed to object to the ICE personnel performing a protective function as your comment indicated that is their duty at immigration court.
You are correct, there are many things I don?t know about immigration/deportation issues. That?s why I asked you some questions. I did find your reply to be somewhat uncivil.
Concerning me being a ?contrarian? commenter, I?m not sure what you mean by this or why it is a bad thing. For what its worth, my take on your site is that it?s a valuable resource for info and scoops on ICE, FAMS, etc. I also think that you sometimes make broad claims that you don?t support (to my satisfaction anyway, given the seriousness of your topics). I haven?t saved my comments, but I think that most asked for clarification or tried to point out what seemed to me to be an error.
I intend to keep reading your site. If you prefer that I don?t comment, just say so.

MarcH on January 2, 2006 at 12:12 am

1. Repeal automatic citizenship at birth. This ridiculous law is outdated and acts as an incentive for ALL types of illegal invaders from the turd-world to come here and give birth to spawn they cannot afford to have.
2. Speaking about the sons and daughters of monkeys and pigs, this Mooselim savage, Abu Damra, is a follower of a demented, demon-obsessed pedophile who invented a religion only to enrich himself and attain power. Abu Damien is just your typical brain-dead Mooselim who actually believes what was dictated in the Qur’ an (Religious Man’s Handbook to Mass Murder and Jihad). Just as Muhammad (bees pee upon him) beieved in violence, mayhem, and murder, so does this sandn****r in a dirty nightshirt believe.
AS I said before, Islam must be eradicated from the Earth so that peace may finally be at hand. Every place on the globe where Islam exists, there is violence, murder, or war.

Thee_Bruno on January 2, 2006 at 11:26 am

I generally have neither the time nor inclination to get into running debates with my readers. As you’ll note, we have many comments that disagree with us, and we leave them up and don’t respond to them. It does not offend me, or I wouldn’t have a comments section. I chose to have one for a reason, and it was not to just have those in agreement commenting.
In your case, I looked up all of your comments because I noted the smug, disagreeable way in which you asked your questions, and I noted the same tone in all of your comments to me and my other readers’ comments. No-one is asking nor has asked you to stop commenting. Believe me, I can take the heat or I’d stay out of the kitchen. But you must be prepared for the same in my response when you post questions beginning with “Isn’t . . .” as if you are already assuming I don’t know what I’m talking about, etc. when I, in fact, do–and you did not.
You seem to be conflicted about this site, saying on the one hand that it’s a “valuable resource for info and scoops” but then claiming that I “make broad claims that [I] don?t support.” In fact, point to one claim. You cannot. The one you pointed to herein was incorrect. Remember, this is a blog, not a legal brief or Ph.D. thesis. Yet, we still make very extensive, detailed posts on things. If you didn’t think so, we doubt you’d be reading. But I spend more than enough time writing things on here. It’s really a pain in the rear to have to repeat myself and prove every little spec of dust detail which is smugly–and unduly–questioned. Yes, I can prove it, but I just don’t really have the time. If that is an affront to you, sorry, though it is not meant that way. I suppose the fact that I am very ill heightens my exasperation in my responses at this time.
Debbie Schlussel

Debbie Schlussel on January 2, 2006 at 3:07 pm

I’m originally from Cleveland (just returned from a Christmas visit), and the quality of reporting is pathetic. The Cleveland Plain Dealer is, of course, a REALLY awful “newspaper”, to the extent that the alternative papers usually have better local news coverage.
The coverage of the Damra deportation has been superficial and very limited. When updates have been published, they are full of “balance”, meaning that they read like press releases from the Damra legal team. I think the PD is nervous about the possibility of being called biased, considering the very large Arabic population in Cleveland. In many parts of the West Side, Arabic signs in store are standard. In those areas, English is a second language, and one that is poorly spoken.
Immigration of the Arab population in Cleveland has several phases. 1st, the Christian (mainly Catholic) groups arrived through the late 50’s and early 60’s. The traditional Muslims began arriving in the late 60’s and early 70’s, but really snowballed in the 80’s. The radical element is a 90’s phenomenom.
The new immigrants are hostile to American culture. I taught in a school with many Arabic immigrants, and was often treated with disrespect by the young men. They are relatively uneducated, and not amenable to acculturation. They speak poor English (although most have mastered the swear words), and speak it only when absolutely necessary. They stand aloof from the native-born, and do not mix with them. They are vicious about Jews, and often asked if I were Jewish. The young women were either traditional young ladies, modest and respectful, or acted loose around men (standing very close, running their hands on them, etc.).

Linda F on January 3, 2006 at 5:32 am

thank you for going to the pretrial hearing. I rely upon individuals such as you to inform me of such nonsense taking place, aiding and abetting the bad guys. We definitely need to repeal this extension of citizenship to illegals, regardless of race. I am beyond fed up with our country being a virtual department store for illegals, and then having the likes of the government, or government supported agencies, such as the Amercian Communist Liberties Union fight us on our tax dime!
Unbelievable that our Immigration agencies are there to protect the bad guys. Yes, I would like to know, this guy can afford the most expensive attorney in town, yet how many average tax paying Americans can? Most Americans cannot even afford the costs of litigation nowadays.
Please continue to report on this latest travesty. I hope you recover soon, also!

texasleslie on January 3, 2006 at 11:35 pm

The reason why Debbie was the only reporter at this Islamofeces’ deportation trial is because to the mainstream media, if it helps the Bush Administration, don’t report it, just ignore it. But if the story puts the President in a bad light, by all means, go for it. Typical media bias. Typical media treasonous actions against our President. And they wonder why they’re becoming more and more irrelevent in this country. We are deporting an inabler from or borders that is an active fund raiser for known terrorist organizations, and no one from the mainstream media is there to report it. The same media that seemed to cheer when al-Arian was aquitted in Florida!!! I guess they counted it as a loss for the President’s homeland security effort. The elitist media just may think that they are above any terrorist attack. I guess they forgot about how David Pearl was treated by the Islamofeces that kidnapped and slaughtered him. And what about his family? They are left here, maybe to carry on his dirty work? I just can’t believe that his daugther has the nerve to hate this country, but yet wear a pair of American blue jeans. not the traditional Islam garb. It’s great Americans like you Debbie that help to keep us informed and warned. I’m glad that you are on our side. If Rush mentions you on his radio show in a good way, you’re okay in my book!!! God bless you , and God bless America!!!

Ironman Hondo on January 4, 2006 at 11:39 am

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