January 3, 2006, - 12:27 pm

Catching Up: Belated Best/Worst Movies of 2005

With a combination flu/cold/strep throat illness for the last five days, I was too ill to post much and am, therefore, late in posting my list of best/worst movies of 2005. But, as they say, better late than never (and if not now, when?).
So, here goes . . . .
Best/Worst Movies of 2005
1) “”–What our brave soldiers went through in order to beat evil in WWII. Must see for all those who waiver in having our country make similar sacrifices to fight the Nazism of today, Islamo-fascism.
2) “”–Great triumph of old fashioned grit and will in boxing; a parable for non-sports.
3) “”–Wonderful, mythical fairy tale that is said to be symbolic of Christianity.
(CAN’T come up with more than three great movies for the year. Says a lot about Hollywood’s “offerings.”)
1) “”–fraudulent film based on a fraudulent book based on a fraudulent Mossad agent (who was really an El Al airline screener); says we should not fight terrorism and just roll over and die. Moral equivalence extraordinaire. Lowlight: Murder of innocent Israeli athletes moronically interspersed with sex scene of metrosexual Mossad agent. Sick.
2) “”/”Paradise Now” (tie)–Two movies that blame us and the Israelis for terror, make terrorists the nice guys. But big problem: We never tortured the 9/11 hijackers, so premise of War Within is fallacious.
3) “”–sickening violence, stupid plot, two plus wasted hours of life that makes you ask “Why?” Among the most disturbing, gratuitously violent movies I’ve seen.
4) “”–Cross between far-leftist and Farrakhan-esque drivel, the plot of this “film” says: Western White men, pharmaceutical companies–evil, vicious, AIDS virus implanters/spreaders; Black Africans–nice, pure, innocent, peaceful. Long and boring as all get out.
5) “”/””/””–Revisionist fantasy movies that tell us that Muslims are not the terrorists, Black Africans with AIDS from fictional Mobutu or Federal Air Marshals and flight attendants are; and that Saladdin was a nice, loving, peaceful guy during the Crusades, that it’s all the Christians’ fault that we have terrorism, etc. Plus, added minus: “Interpreter” stars Jeff Spicoli a/k/a Sean Penn.
6) “”–Jessica Simpson plus yet another remake equals two plus hours of stupid.
7) “”–“”. Don’t know why the usually right-on Don Feder of FrontPageMag.com said this movie is “not about sex,” when that’s all it’s about (and why he absurdly named it among the top ten movies of the year; huh?). Movie version of Donna Summer’s “Bad Girls” if taking place in pre-WWII Japan.
8) “”–dysfunctional, sick, bizarre set of chick-flick vignettes is just plain awful.

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Just got the “Great Raid” DVD. Every person in America should be required to see this.
I caught “Chronicles of Narnia” yesterday. Beautiful, awesome. Yes, it’s about Christianity, but it’s not preachy at all and young and old, Christian and non Christian will love it.
One very good movie I’d add is King Kong. I was surprised how good it was. Naomi Watts was perfect.
I’d add two to the worst list. First, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”, boring film for the HOprah audience celeb worshippers who think Brad Pitt is cute and Angelina Jokie is a great humanitarian. I only saw it because I got in free and still felt ripped off. It’s just an hour and a half of Pitt and Jokie trying to be cute for the soccer moms.
Second, which I haven’t seen, “Brokeback Mountain.” Yet another Hollyweird attempt to hoodwink America. If Hollyweird wants to put these gay films out, they should show full blown gay sex between males which they won’t do because they know it would revolt the mainstream audience.
Debbie, you should try again to review “Humpback Mountain” when you’re feeling better.

The_Man on January 3, 2006 at 9:02 pm

I found out that Memoirs was written by a white guy in Texas and the original Geisha was pissed about this movie

KOAJaps on January 8, 2006 at 5:40 pm

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