January 6, 2006, - 9:49 am

ABC News’ Vargas on Jose Puh-DILL-Uh

We’ve been critical of new ABC News’ anchoratrix and her HAMAS-pandering ways. Now, we’ve watched confirmation that she is even more clueless than we had earlier diagnosed.
You’d think someone with the surname “Vargas” would know how to pronounce the surname “Padilla” (Puh-DEE-uh). (After all, she was named a “Latina of Excellence” by Hispanic Magazine.) But you would be wrong. Beginning on Wednesday’s newscast and repeated again, we heard Vargas talk about Jose Puh-DILL-Uh. Huh?
If she can’t yet even correctly pronounce a name that’s been in the news for almost four years, she’s even more clueless and unsuitable for the job than we had earlier diagnosed. If Bill O’Reilly or Rush Limbaugh did this, they’d be all over it. And they’re not even “objective” news anchors.

Abdullah Al-Muhajir . . . or Jose Puh-DILL-uh, to ABC’s Elizabeth Vargas

One other question: Why are Vargas and all other news anchors calling Puh-DILL-uh by his former name? Don’t they remember that he is now the Muslim Abdullah Al-Muhajir? All part of the campaign to make this terrorist seem like one of us . . . when he is really one of them (the enemy, for those who can’t figure it out).
***UPDATE: When we’re wrong, we’re wrong. A number of people have written to us, saying that FOX News Channel’s John Gibson made a point, recently, of saying that Abdullah Al-Muhajir wants his former surname pronounced the way Vargas pronounced it (Puh-DILL-Uh). We’re glad “Fair and Balanced” pointed this out when ABC did not. THANKS to all of the readers who pointed this out in e-mails and comments.
Still we have this question: WHY won’t they pronounce his name the real way, as in Ahb-Duh-Luh Ahl Moo-Hah-Jer?

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I’d replace her with former 154-lb.world boxing champ Fernando Vargas.I’m pretty sure he would pronounce ‘Pudilla’ correctly and would hate anything by Cat Stevens.

jaywilton on January 6, 2006 at 10:24 am

Apparently he’s notified media that he pronounces his name Puh-Dill-uh. One of the Fox anchors was commenting on it yesterday.

Jewels on January 6, 2006 at 4:02 pm

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