January 17, 2006, - 4:19 pm

Federico Moreno: Finally, A Judge With Some Brains

Three cheers for federal Judge Federico Moreno!
Last week, the U.S. government immediately deported 15 Cubans who risked their lives (on a raft) to reach an abandoned bridge in the Florida Keys. Why? The government insisted that the bridge did not satisfy the dry land rule, requiring Cubans to touch dry land to avoid forced return to Castro’s Communist Cuba. And, no, the bridge was not under water. Clearly, the Cubans should have been allowed to seek asylum here.
Also last week, lawyers filed an emergency lawsuit on behalf of the Cuba 15. Judge Moreno seemed to agree with the lawyers that these 15 people should have been allowed in, saying that it is a “ridiculous distinction” to say that the bridge isn’t U-S land and that the bridge is “as American as apple pie.”

U.S. District Judge Federico Moreno Knows His Stuff.

Unfortunately, these comments–and even a victory in the case–are strictly academic. Our government sent these brave people back to Cuba, and it is unlikely Castro will allow them to leave again. Remember, Castro only releases to us prisoners (Mariel Boatlift, anyone?) and undesirables. Those truly seeking freedom and democracy must escape and endure harrowing experiences at sea. If they are caught, they face government-imposed persecution.
One wonders why these people were immediately deported. Yet, Islamic criminals, like Jamil Zayed, who are here illegally get to stay ad absurdum.

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Here’s hoping that Moreno can also authorize swapping Clinton and Reno to Castro-who’d love to see them in a Cuban Gulag,anyway-for Elian Gonzalez.

jaywilton on January 19, 2006 at 10:21 am

I got word that the wet feet dry feet does not only apply to Cubans.

KOAJaps on January 20, 2006 at 7:08 am

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