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Buy This Book: Papercut – The Apophis Conspiracy

By Debbie Schlussel

After the 9/11 terrorist attacks occurred, there was evidence that Middle-Eastern parties in the know short-sold stocks and bet financially on the decline of the stock market.  Although some naysayers claimed it wasn’t true, the evidence remains.


I’ve always believed that the best carnage our enemies could wreak on us is financial, not bloody.  Enemy forces could manipulate our markets, banks, and currency very easily . . . if they wanted to.  The Saudis and Emirati princes could pull all of their investments and our banks and major corporations would likely collapse.

But what if they did worse?  What if our enemies–Islamic terrorists, Chinese Communists, and even a Nazi’s son–combined to take America down and make our dollars even more worthless than they are now?  Completely worthless.  What if they eliminated top economic authorities and officials?

Those are the initial salvos of Paul Karcher’s thrilling  novel, “Papercut:  The Apophis Conspiracy.”  I’ve provided a positive blurb for Paul’s book jacket, and you may have noticed the ad for the book on the right side of this page.  That’s because I enjoyed this book immensely and endorse it wholeheartedly.  You can buy it here.

At 286 pages, “Apophis Conspiracy” is a fast, fun read.  And regardless of the financial machinations of the book, it’s got action, murder, and American patriotism and heroics–it has it all.  And it has suspense and excitement.  Once I got into it, I couldn’t put it down.  It’s not just a thriller for smart people, it’s something we can feel happening right now.

The chaos this financial takedown inflicts across America–created far more easily than authorities have planned for–is vividly described.  And the mastermind of the plot is extremely relevant.

As I read this book, I envisioned the movie, and who would be cast in the role of protagonist John Schmidt, a successful financier and investor who is a college dropout but likes the accoutrements of the good life, like sailing.

Like author Karcher, a career financial advisor and top investment house executive, he is a whiz at math and at finance.  Schmidt’s ability with numbers and prediction models makes him a sought after commodity by the federal government, who enlist him to figure out what’s going on and help save the day.  (And there is also Schmidt’s love Kate, a nurse who’s no dummy.)

Not politically correct, Paul Karcher goes into the motivations behind those who want to inflict pain–economic and physical–on America.  And he’s not afraid to describe Islamic terrorists filled with hatred of the West, or Chinese Communists who want to beat us at every game and turn us into their China.

Ironically, when Karcher wrote this book, the economy wasn’t in the disaster in which we now find ourselves.  Mortgage bailouts and sundry corporate ones hadn’t happened, nor were they even on the drawing board.

But he envisioned the economic apocalypse that could take place and was ahead of his time.  Now, he’s right on the mark.  And that’s why his adventure is so real-time, so believable.

Many times in the past, I’ve complained on this site about best-selling novelists and their pap-filled thrillers sympathizing with Islamic terrorists, the “root causes” baloney, etc.

Paul Karcher’s “Papercut:  The Apophis Conspiracy” is the anti-dote.  It has what those novels are missing.  And it’s not just formulaic drivel.  On the contrary, it’s an entertaining, brilliant thriller for people paying attention.  And, sadly, it’s all too possible.

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8 Responses

Since I am well aware of the coming worldwide financial collapse, this is no surprise.

I sold all my stock in 2006. I am very glad I made that move. I followed my Bible.

goldenmike4393 on October 1, 2009 at 6:14 pm

My goodness Debbie…where do you get the time?

#1 Vato on October 1, 2009 at 11:01 pm


Did you ever see the video on CSPAN of a democrat congressman? He said that after the 2008 meltdown banking crisis, they came to a few select leaders of Congress and Senate. They informed them that the banks has lost 500Billion in lest than a few hours the day before and that they had to stop the run.

Found the CSPAN video…

My question. What started the run? Who? Where? That much money? In one two hours? This is nuts. Yet no one in Congress is looking into this? For many reasons, not just conspiracy, but so it can never happen again.

Don’t Americna Tax Payors have the right to know who took away so many billions that crushed our economy? We are paying for it afterall. As owners of these banks, we should have a clear record of who abandoned our nation to failure.

Thats a coordinated call. What is simply programmed? I doubt it, not that much, not that large. And who did not see this coming if there was a programming glitch that allowed it?

I’m not big on conspiracy theory. I realize the housing bubble was going to hit. But the big hit occurred right after Palin’s speech, McCain had jumped past Obama for a few days, then WHAM!

Panic! Bush in control – Obama and Democrats all in chorus… Halleluiah – its the Republicans fault!

If we look at everything that happened. A few people made out huge. Soros made a billion, yet again during a financial crisis. Once is maybe a lucky guess of informed hedge fund manager. But this is many times for him now. To many. He was convicted of Isider Trading in France. He blew away the Bank of England.

How did he know to come out so sweet? Then there are the huge Obama donors that SNL lamponed. They made off with 2 billion in their sale of WaMu? It was valued at over 20 billion, but it was nothing but SupPrime.

Maybe this was all a big accident. But with George Soros around again to pick up the profits, something smells very fishy, along with the payoff to Goldman Sachs and European Banks.

Is there anyway investigative journalist can get help in uncovering more information? We the American Tax Payors are now slaves to finanical tyranny due to a select few.

And our masters are still in control! Obama didn’t remove Goldman Sachs from the game. Interesting, ey?

We’re screwed. A few close bankers to the Treaury and the Fed are rich as hell on our backs. Including the funneling of tax payor money through AIG at 100% return!!!

Risky Investments are paid off with 100% return?

Thats nuts! And we are doing the paying and our children!

Joshua on October 2, 2009 at 4:23 am

I agree with Debbie, people need not fear a military invasion this time-it will be an economic takeover where we are bought and paid for.

Should watch old TNT miniseris- The Company

As the Cold War winds down in 1987, improvements in technology have enabled the counterintelligence analysts to pinpoint the telephone number that Moscow Radio broadcast in the early 1950s to its KGB operatives. It leads to Khan’s Liquor Store and to Yevgeny. Jack visits the dying Angleton who figures out that lists of further numbers broadcast by Moscow are not telephone numbers but bank accounts, part of a complicated financial scheme designed by Starik to wreak havoc on the American economy.

Duane on October 2, 2009 at 9:20 am

It harldy matters who is conspiring to promote or nurture a downfall. America is a country sick with greed, and we Americans see this as clearly as the rest of the world. No one and no country can have such influence over us if we aren’t complicit ourselves.

milk on October 2, 2009 at 10:25 am


Have a great Sukkot tonight and through the week.

What do you think about the huge pullout and the taxpayor bailout?

Do you think any of this deserves a much closer financial investigation?

It appears Congress, Feds, Treasury, everyone are just satisfied to say… whoooops! Americans send money!

No heads rolled(except for maybe one or two). The very people in control were all either comfortably not called to task or even hired to stay on through the Obama administration.

How many times does our nation go through this? I’ve lived through two financial scandals now. Each time Americans are told we must bail these losers, or worse – possible criminals out after they lose money.

Soros gets away with a cool billion and hardly anyone says anything about him. He’s Obama’s puppet master. And now he’s bought an American bank at bargain basement price. But he is a convicted criminal in France. Meanwhile, Obama is demonizing every other banker thats not in his pocket.

Shouldn’t we try to hold Washington accountable?

Joshua on October 3, 2009 at 6:28 pm

That’s my criterion for judging if a novel would make a good movie. I find myself casting the movie.

Miranda Rose Smith on October 12, 2009 at 8:17 am

The shorting of airline stocks led back to Buzzy Krongard ex. deputy director of the CIA. This is when the investigation stopped.

John Taylor on September 8, 2010 at 7:28 pm

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