February 6, 2006, - 8:15 am

More Immigration Clueless: ICE Princess Makes Easy, Deserving Target



Julie L. Myers, the unqualified Bush immigration chief not yet on the job a full month, demands respect and attention.
Last week, she got some–attention (not respect). Here is how a reader described Myers’ (chief of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, ICE) press conference regarding border issues. We enjoyed reading it and think you will, too. (So happy the President hired the least qualified candidate to do the job regarding one of America’s most dire problems.)
Clueless: ICE Princess Julie L. Myers
Can’t Pronounce “Nuevo Laredo,” Won’t Stop Illegal Immigration
(Artwork Courtesy of Our Friend David Lunde)

Late last week, I caught a bit on Lou Dobbs (CNN) of Julie Myers.
What a joke! Let me correct that–how insane that she got this
appointment. It is a total disgrace, and her lack of any kind of experience certainly was there, for ALL to see.
While she was at the microphone, TRYING to give this tough talk on immigration and ICE/DHS, which she totally f—ed up. (Sorry, no other word to describe what I saw/heard out of her mouth, her lack of experience, and her body language.)
There were standing behind her, I am assuming, EXPERIENCED agents (5 or 6 of them), and you should have seen the look on their faces, while she was talking (to try to describe their look, was as if they were in TOTAL humiliation)!!!! Here they were, probably with eons of law enforcement experience, watching their lack-of-experience, Barbie-doll boss make a total fool out of herself……..and THEM.
Even though she read off her “script”, she stumbled and fumbled through her supposedly “tough, firm words” terribly. It was very pathetic to see this. About three to four times, she had to say “Nuevo Laredo”

[Mexico](border town and entry point of illegals). Every time, she couldn’t even pronounce it and had to repeat herself.
[DEBBIE SCHLUSSEL: Nuevo Laredo is a Mexican border town (contiguous with Laredo, Texas), where significant drug-dealing and gang activity have resulted in much violent crime and many murders, that have spilled over into Laredo, Texas. It is also a point where many illegal aliens escape into the United States. That Julie Myers is so unfamiliar with Nuevo Laredo–that she repeatedly cannot even pronounce it correctly–should tell us everything we need to know about her intent and ability to get tough on illegal immigration, ie., non-existent.]

After she was done, I give the CNN reporter total
credit for saying how she got this job (avoiding the proper channels, how Bush appointed her). The comments made were a deserved slap in the face to Myers and her cronies–Chertoff, Bush, etc.
What a sad day/days for us, Americans, and how we are being “protected.” It’s friggin scarier everyday that passes.

*** UPDATE: Looks like the San Antonio Express-News agrees with our reader’s description of Myers, above, and CNN’s report. The paper had little positive to say on Myers or her press conference. Nice pic, too. . . .

Julie Myers: ICE Princess Holds Court, Acts Like Jester

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How is that humanly possible that a woman of her “power” cannot pronounce Laredo? That’s so embarrassing, not just to her, but to the whole Agency.

1811 on February 6, 2006 at 3:24 pm

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