January 28, 2015, - 6:33 pm

Remembering the REAL King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Extremist Extraordinaire

By Debbie Schlussel

I would say it’s hilarious the way the late Saudi King Abdullah is being eulogized. But it’s not funny. It’s sad and disgusting. That’s because the truth of it all is the exact opposite. And because Americans–especially the news media, including FOX News–have a short memory. Here’s what I remember about King Abdullah, which apparently everyone else forgot.



I remember the King Abdullah whose most treasured possession was a dagger given by Adolf Hitler to the Saudis as a token of Jew-killing.

I remember when then-Crown-Prince Abdullah visited then-President George W. Bush at his Crawford, Texas ranch in April 2005. At the time, Abdullah was already the de facto Saudi King, as his half-bro, King Fahd, was unable to function and near death as a result of a stroke. As you may recall, Abdullah insisted that no women be in the air traffic control tower OR on the tarmac at the small Waco, Texas airport. This is the guy who is so orthodox in his Islamic views that no females were allowed to be present. And, in a stark violation of U.S. civil rights laws, President Bush and his minions complied. And Bush smooched him like they were lovers at a “Frankie Goes to Hollywood” reunion concert. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 27, 2015, - 5:36 pm

“Repentant” Auschwitz Commandant’s Grandson On the Wrong Side on Islam

By Debbie Schlussel

As you may know, today is the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, and many around the world designate it, “International Holocaust Remembrance Day.” In light of that, yesterday’s Wall Street Journal did a front page story on Rainer Hoess, the grandson of Rudolf Hoess, Commandant of Auschwitz and one of the Nazis’ most brutal and wicked mass murderers. The grandson says he’s done and continues to do penance for his grandfather’s sins. But he’s also on the wrong side of Islam and fails to connect the dots. And, unfortunately, the politically correct Simon Wiesenthal Center is applauding him for opposing anti-Islam marches.


Rainer Hoess, Repentant Grandson of Auschwitz Commandant Rudolf Hoess

When Auschwitz commemorates the 70th anniversary of its liberation on Jan. 27, the ceremonies will include an unlikely attendee: the grandson of the camp commandant who was held responsible for 1.1 million deaths there. Rainer Hoess, 49 years old, has grappled with the curse of his bloodline since his teens. He has tattoos of a Star of David and of the Auschwitz numbers of several survivors he has met. . . . Mr. Hoess plans to meet survivors and circulate a petition against extremism and neo-Nazism. There will be no mistaking his family legacy: At camp’s edge stands the wooden gallows where his grandfather, Rudolf Hoess, was hanged in 1947 for his crimes. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 27, 2015, - 4:30 pm

Liberal Democrat Tom Brady’s U.S. Senate Campaign Slogans – More Deflated Balls

By Debbie Schlussel

Don’t forget that New England Patriots Quarterback, crybaby, and serial babydaddy Tom Brady is an avowed liberal Democrat and previously announced future plans to run for office. The deflated balls guy and Superbowler wants to perhaps run as a Democrat for the U.S. Senate from California, where he and supermodel wife/shrew Gisele Bundchen have a gazillion-dollar mega-mega-mega-mansion.

As I noted last week on this site, the only deflated balls that are important in America are those of our current President and the collective “balls” of this country. We have none. But given Tom Brady’s ball-deflater status and political ambitions, I came up with some appropriate campaign slogans and asked our friend, Jedi Master of Photoshop David Lunde, to produce some campaign posters. Here they are. He also made one for physicist scholar Bill Belichick.


Artwork by David Lunde

Looks like Brady and his serial-cheater coach Bill Belichick got away with deflating balls . . . for now. With Belichick blaming the deflated footballs on “climate change” (which strangely didn’t deflate the opposing team’s footballs) and Brady posing like a deer in the headlights, it’s kind of amazing they got away with it. But they did. And no matter what your parents taught you as a kid, cheaters do prosper. Otherwise, how is Barack Obama President?

More Tom Brady Campaign Posters . . . Read the rest of this entry »

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January 26, 2015, - 1:38 pm

DebbieSchlussel.com TV Guide: MUST WATCH Tonight – “Night Will Fall”

By Debbie Schlussel

While Holocaust-deniers will persist (and most of them know the Holocaust happened, but they hate Jews so they deny it), tonight’s HBO film, “Night Will Fall” is heretofore unseen stark proof of what happened in Nazi Germany in the camps. Most of the footage, used at the Nuremberg Trials, was taken at Bergen Belsen, where my Holocaust-survivor maternal grandparents were inmates and were liberated by the British. Some other footage is from Auschwitz. It was edited and directed by the late great Alfred Hitchcock, but it’s sadly not fiction. The film–since redone/redirected and with modern-day narration included–which debuts at 9:00 p.m. Eastern tonight. Here’s a description of it by Wall Street Journal TV critic and editorial board member, Dorothy Rabinowitz:


In April 1945, British army units entered the large civilian camp in Germany about which they had been warned, by the German military itself. The inmates had typhus, which could spread if the prisoners escaped. British army units nonetheless entered the camp, and there British army camera crews recorded, in unflinching detail, all that they saw for two weeks. The result was the beginning enterprise of a film titled “German Concentration Camps Factual Survey.” Bergen-Belsen, in the heart of Germany, and not far from beautifully pastoral surroundings, was the dumping ground for what remained of the Jews after the Germans had tried to rid themselves of inmates of other camps as the Allies closed in, by killing as many as possible in the last days of the war. The British army photographers’ pictures of Bergen-Belsen—insistently focused on every detail of the heaps of dead, the details of faces, the angles of bodies, their numbers beyond comprehension, piled in ditches—remain, in their clarity, the starkest, most explicit of all the photographic evidence of the reality of the camps. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 23, 2015, - 8:57 am

Wknd Box Office: The Boy Next Door, Mortdecai, Two Days, One Night

By Debbie Schlussel

Another abysmal set of choices in new movies debuting at theaters today.



* “The Boy Next Door“: Absolutely awful. Yet another in a long line of horrible movies starring J-Lo a/k/a Jennifer Lopez. This movie reportedly had a $4 million budget, and it looks like it. Lopez plays a high school teacher who has sex with a 20-year-old high school student who just moved in next door (he is 20 and still in high school because he took time off after his parents both died). The 20-year-old begins stalking, threatening, and blackmailing her because she won’t have a relationship with him. And he begins inserting himself into her life. Not only is the story absurd and the lines cheesier than a double cheeseburger, but the movie seems to make excuses for all of the female teachers who’ve had sex with their high school students. The movie seems to say that these teachers are the victims, that they are stalked and preyed upon by crazy male students. Incredibly stupid and high quality Gitmo torture material. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 22, 2015, - 4:23 pm

The NFL’s Deflated Balls Aren’t the Problem, But Here’s What Is . . .

By Debbie Schlussel


We live in a spoiled country. What better evidence is there than the whole national media blaring their chosen top headline of current events: “The NFL’s Deflated Balls!” ? America’s real central problem is NOT the NFL’s deflated balls, it’s America’s deflated balls. Barack Obama’s deflated balls.

Whose Deflated Balls are the Real American Problem . . .


The NFL’s Deflated Balls or Barack Obama’s Deflated Balls?

Follow Me on Twitter . . .


I think back to when I was a kid. Several people commented to me and on the site that I was wrong in looking back on the ’70s as a better day in America (in a movie review this past Friday). And while in many ways it was (kids had a childhood, everything wasn’t pornified and Kardashianed, and we were a whole lot less depraved and dumbed down), in several ways, America was not better off in the ’70s. We were exactly the same under Jimmy Carter as we are now–with America wearing a “Kick Me!” sign around the world. In many ways, though, it is far worse than under Jimmy Carter. It’s Jimmy Carter on steroids.

Barack Obama has turned America into an apologizing, blithering, cowardly actor on the world’s stage. He’s spent the last six years apologizing to Muslims for America’s hardly belligerent (actually weak) behavior in defending ourselves against non-stop Muslim attack on our soil and our interests elsewhere. He’s spent the last six years telling Muslims how great they are, serving as an apologist for their extremism. He’s spent the last six years making nice with America’s enemies, and not just Muslim Iran, but Communist Cuba, etc. Instead of detaining Muslim terrorists bent on our destruction, Barack Obama has released them into the great world abyss to attack us and other Westerners again. Yes, President Bush started the Gitmo catch and release of terrorists, and he had deflated balls, too, and helped to also deflate America’s balls. But Barack Obama was so much worse–is so much worse on all of this. His deflated balls are the kind you need a microscope and tweezers to examine, despite his bluster at the State of the Union about winning two elections. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 21, 2015, - 8:44 pm

VIDEO: This Will Save You $ – Hidden Credit Card Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

By Debbie Schlussel

Here at DebbieSchlussel.com, I’m always on the lookout for free stuff and things that will save you money, especially in this horrendous Obamaconomy, in which we’re told things are getting better but don’t see it. If you’re a credit card holder, as most people are, you should definitely watch this video because there are five free, money-saving benefits many credit cards extend to their holders, and most people don’t even know about them.


Watch the video below . . .

Read the rest of this entry »

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January 21, 2015, - 5:22 pm

If You Like Hezbollah & Iran, You’ll Love the Houthi

By Debbie Schlussel

Score another victory for the madmen ayatollahs of Iran. This time it’s in the form of the Houthi, Shi’ite Muslim terrorists in Yemen.


For more than a decade, I’ve warned on this site about Shi’ite terrorist groups sponsored by Iran and noted that many of them are just as dangerous as Al-Qaeda, including the Houthi, the Yemeni Shi’ite terrorists who took over the country’s Presidential Palace, yesterday. And while America worries about ISIS and Al-Qaeda operatives in our midst, they look the other way as Hezbollah-supporting, Iran-backing Shi’ites have taken over at least two American cities, Dearbornistan and Dearbornistan Heights and carry out Hezbollah money-laundering schemes more often than they change underwear. While America worries about ISIS and Al-Qaeda overseas, the Shi’ites are making inroads around the globe. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 21, 2015, - 8:01 am

Palestinian Stabs Multiple Israelis on Bus – Your Day in “Religion of Peace”

By Debbie Schlussel

**** UPDATE: HAMAS claims responsibility. Calls stabbings “heroic.” ****

As Barack Obama would say, this “has nothing to do with Islam.” And since this isn’t the workplace, I guess it can just be dismissed “transportation-place violence.” Right?



A Palestinian stabbed and wounded seven people on a Tel Aviv commuter bus and in the street in a morning rush-hour attack on Wednesday before he was shot by a security officer as he fled, Israeli officials said. It was the first Palestinian attack reported in the Israeli commercial capital since a soldier was stabbed to death two months ago during a surge of violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories. Passengers on the number 40 bus en route to Tel Aviv University said the assailant, identified by police as a Palestinian from Tulkarm. . . stabbed the driver and then others at the Maariv junction, one of the coastal city’s busiest. “The terrorist had murder in his eyes,” a passenger identified only as Orly said on Israel Radio. Read the rest of this entry »

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January 21, 2015, - 7:35 am

HILARIOUS VIDEO: Dummies Across America – Guess What These Idiots Didn’t Know

By Debbie Schlussel

This may be a Martin Luther King Jr. Day leftover, but it’s worth watching to remind us yet again how ignorant so many Americans are. Note that many of these people are Black and they did not know this one basic fact. I’ll bet everyone in the video, though, could accurately tell you all of the details of the lives of each of the individual Kardashians and Jenners. And the rules of “Fight Club.” Love that guy with an ear guage (does he have one in his brain, too?). Very funny . . .


By the way, these are all future Hillary (or Elizabeth Warren) voters . . . if they vote. MUST SEE . . . Read the rest of this entry »

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