December 21, 2014, - 8:58 am

Ismaaiyl Brinsley: Avowed Muslim Executed 2 NYPD Cops in Latest Jihad; Rand Paul Cozies to Sharpton; Racist Sickos Cheer Murders

By Debbie Schlussel

You can blame Al Sharpton and New York Marxist Mayor Warren Wilhelm, Jr. a/k/a “Bill de Blasio,” for the executions of two NYPD police officers, yesterday. They threw the cops under the bus and incited the violence against them. You can also blame Islam and its jihadist bent. The cops were executed by Ismaaiyl Abdullah Brinsley, an avowed Muslim who bragged that he speaks Arabic and showed pages of the koran on his now-deleted Facebook profile.

Brimsley on his MySpace Page . . .



A number of people asked me what his being a Muslim had to do with his anti-police jihad. It has everything to do with it because, as I’ve told you repeatedly on this site, HAMAS CAIR and other Muslim groups are proudly announcing they are stoking the violent protests (and they are working overtime to superimpose their anti-police BS against Israel and Jews). This is what Muslims do in every other country. Now, they are doing it here, in the hopes of converting more Blacks and White liberal nutjobs.

Also ask yourself why Rand Paul broke bread with Sharpton and posed for pics with him. Ask yourself why this pompous schmuck from Kentucky blasted police, including in Fergustan. He’s as bad as Sharpton, regardless of the “R” after his name. There’s a reason NYPD cops turned their backs to Wilhelm/de Blasio when he appeared for a press conference on the assassinations, and they should turn their backs (as should the entire GOP) on Paul, too. Sadly, many so-called “conservatives” are Paulistinians and refuse to wake up to the fact that their empty hero is a whack job like Sharpton who speaks slightly better English. If you are on cop-hater Rand Paul’s side, you are on racist Al Sharpton’s side. Got that? Read the rest of this entry »

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December 19, 2014, - 2:10 pm

Wknd Box Office: Foxcatcher (Anti-American), Annie (Anniecide via Jay-Z), Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

By Debbie Schlussel

Two okay new movies in theaters, this weekend, but nothin’ to write home about.



* “Foxcatcher“: I’m not surprised that mainstream (liberal) movie critics are in love with this anti-gun, anti-American movie and Steve Carell’s one-dimensional portrayal of the late billionaire John du Pont. The movie mocks American patriots, American patriotism, conservatism, support for America’s military and police, and gun ownership and superimposes all of those concepts onto craziness, nuttery, and murder. On top of that, the movie is weird, creepy, pointless, and very slow.

“Based on true events,” the film is supposed to portray the relationships and events that led up to du Pont’s real-life murder of Olympic wrestling coach David Schultz. But it’s hard to tell what is accurate and what isn’t, regardless of the participation of brother Mark Schultz in the making of the movie. There is a clear agenda to attack conservatives, patriots, and gun owners, so blatant that it’s over the top. There is also more than a sub rosa indication that du Pont was gay, with several very homoerotic scenes. You know the typical narrative: “patriotic, rich conservatives are really closet flaming gays.” And the filmmakers also want you to know that patriots are hypocrites in other ways, too, as du Pont is shown as a regular coke snorter, including on his private plane on the way to a conservative banquet event. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 18, 2014, - 2:45 pm

Sony Wimps Emblematic of Obamerica; Hollywood Gave in to Muslim Terrorists Many Times w/Out Uproar

By Debbie Schlussel

Last week, Obama told military veterans not to be open about their military service online. And now a movie studio is afraid to show a movie because of threats. Welcome to the United Wimpy States of Obamerica. A nation of sheep told to be cowards instead of the proud Americans we once were and still should be. This is supposed to be America. But tell it to Sony and Barack, since they seem not to know.


Tonight at 8:00 p.m. was supposed to be the Detroit film critics screening of “The Interview.” (I’ve been largely off-line because I’ve been working hard on a number of cases, but I’m back now.) I was really looking forward to it because it’s been a long year, I’m a little burnt out, and I wanted to laugh at what would have been the last critics’ screening of the year. But, as you know, Sony gave in to terrorists. Sony caved. It sickened me that Sony would do this, but Hollywood has done this many times before without any hoopla, outrage, or commotion.

And that’s because Hollywood studios caved to Muslims and Islamic terrorists, and when the studios give in to Muslims, nobody cares (and everybody in the entertainment biz and the media approves of it). As I’ve noted on this site many, many times before, various studios have canceled movies and TV shows because of Muslim whining, threats, and other grievances, usually coming from HAMAS terrorist group CAIR. Publishers have canceled books because of it. And none of those morally outraged today get equally exercised when that happens. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 15, 2014, - 8:59 am

Man Haron Monis: The Sydney Siege, the Religion of Peace, Starbucks Gun Control & Michelle Malkin’s Islam Flag

By Debbie Schlussel

*** UPDATE: The siege is over with two of the innocent hostages dead in the jihad of Iranian Muslim immigrant, ex-wife murderer, and sheikh/cleric Man Haron Monis. Of course, the Muslim community is insisting that this isn’t Islam (and yet they cheer it when Muslims do this in Israel or to Israeli embassies and Jewish synagogues). So, I’ve coined a new term for these Muslims, whose very Muslim behavior and acts the Muslim community insists are “unIslamic.” “Undocumented” Muslim. Man Haron Monis, the West’s latest “undocumented” Muslim terrorist. G-d bless his poor victims and their families. ***

When I first heard news, yesterday, of hostage taking at a Lindt cafe in Sydney, Australia, I wondered, “Hmmm . . . is Lindt chocolate halal?” Yup, I wondered, probably like you, if the gunman is Muslim. And sure enough, he is. Or he’s a guy who has a lot of sympathy for Islam and jihad, since he made the hostages inside the Lindt cafe hold up a flag bearing the Shehadah, the Islamic oath of martyrdom, the statement all Muslim converts make which instantly makes them members of the Religion of Peace and Chocolate Cafe Hostage Taking (and 9/11 3,000-Mass Murdering and Fort Hood Shooting and Worldwide Beheading, etc., etc., etc. ad absurdum). So, whether or not Lindt chocolate is halal (it is), we know that Muslim taking of infidel hostages has always been and always will be halal. And that’s exactly the problem.


Praise allah! Lindt Chocolate & Hostage-Taking at its Cafe Are Halal.

And, so, given that the hostages were forced to hold up the jihadist shehadah flag, one has to laugh at Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, leader of the Liberal Party, since yesterday he told the media that he and the Aussie government were unaware of what the motive of the hostage taker might be. Uh, Islam, moron.

It’s also funny to hear various Muslim leaders throughout Australia condemning the hostage-taking siege and claiming it has nothing to do with Islam. Um, it has EVERYTHING to do with Islam. Cute how every single beheading around the world in the name of Islam, every single rape and torture of women in the name of Islam, every single hijacking or shooting massacre in the name of Islam, and now this cafe siege in the name of Islam, has “nothing to do with Islam,” according to the leaders of Islam who every day condone and sermonize in favor of this behavior and sanction it from Ramallah to Riyadh to Tehran.

If you think this can’t or won’t happen here, think again. We are all Israel. We are all Sydney. And with imbecilic establishments like Starbucks decrying Americans bringing arms into their places of business, it will be much easier for this to happen here. It WILL happen here. Not if, but when. And when is coming soon. There’s nothing unique about an Australian chocolate store that makes a jihadist siege possible. Nothing that can’t or won’t be replicated and translated onto a Tim Horton’s in Livonia, Michigan, or a McDonald’s in Nashville, Tennessee. Um, maybe it’s time for Starbucks and company to rethink their idiocy and encourage, rather than attack, law-abiding gun owners who could easily take this jihadist out with a single bullet. If this kind of siege happens in a Starbucks, it’s easy to predict the rightful barista lawsuits over Starbucks’ warnings to customers not to bring their guns–guns that would save lives in a Lindt-cafe-like siege.

And then there is faux-“conservative” Michelle Malkin, who praised and made excuses for the words on the Islamic flag the hostages were forced to raise up in the window. When I posted a story on this site about One Direction singer Zayn Malik’s non-stop jihad to proselytize to his gullible female fans and how he tweeted to them the exact words on that Lindt siege flag, the ISIS/Al-Qaeda flag–the words of the Shehadah–Malkin and her employees attacked me and praised Malik’s jihad on Malkin’s self-masturbation site, Twitchy. Malkin and company defended Malik for telling his fans that allah is the only god and that mohammed is his only messenger and then, like a child molester, she swooned over the then-teen Malik as “dreamy.” She repeated with approval the Shehada oath of martyrdom, also repeating the claim that allah is the only deity and mohammed god’s only messenger, and calling me a “troll” for exposing and talking truth to power about Malik. If you are a fan of Fraudkin, then you are a fan of her endless excuses for jihadism (all while she pretends to be against it, John-Kerry-style). Read the rest of this entry »

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December 14, 2014, - 8:59 am

Bill Bonds–Nazi Lover, Jew-Hater, Drunk Driver, Liberal Newscaster–Buh-Bye

By Debbie Schlussel

Bill Bonds, who dominated Detroit television news in the ’70s and ’80s, is being mourned throughout Southeastern Michigan as some sort of great journalistic icon and saint. But Bonds, who died yesterday at age 82, was an open Nazi-lover, Jew-hater, serial drunk driver, shameless liberal news anchor, and all-around hypocrite, who should not be missed. He definitely won’t be missed by me. Cue the music for “Only the Good Die Young, #751,283,977.”


Before cable TV, there were only three major broadcast television stations in most major cities. And their newscasts were dominated by liberal liars and propagandists. At Detroit’s ABC affiliate, WXYZ-TV a/k/a Channel 7, the newscasts were dominated by Bill Bonds. He is Exhibit A of why it’s a good thing TV news is no longer as influential and dominant as it once was. Back in those days of dominant local TV news, Bonds regularly gave us his unwanted, unsolicited commentary and fake grandstanding parading as a newscast. And his commentary and grandstanding included lots of anti-Israel, pro-Nazi, and anti-conservative rhetoric.

Whenever Bonds read news stories about Israel under attack or spurred to war by its brutally vicious Arab Muslim neighbors, Bonds would regularly make anti-Israel comments. When the INS arrested and deported Valerian Trifa–a Romanian Orthodox priest who was a Nazi, member of Romania’s Iron Guard (the Romanian version of the SS), and led pogroms against the Jews of Romania which killed thousands–Bonds let his audience know how upset he was. “Why don’t they just leave that poor man alone?!” Bonds exclaimed on his newscast about this Nazi who lied on his immigration documents. (Trifa lived a long life in the U.S., despite Romanian-Jewish dentist and immigrant Charles Kremer’s fight to have him brought to justice since 1957, and he finally got the U.S. government to do something.) I was just a kid when Bonds did this, but I’ll never forget how angry my parents were, because we had the Channel 7 newscast on at our house when he said those words. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 12, 2014, - 3:07 pm

Immigration Agency ICE Ranks LOWEST of Govt Agencies: WORST Place to Work Under Obama, Say Employees

By Debbie Schlussel

What’s the worst government agency to work for under Barack Obama? Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE agents rank their agencies as THE WORST place to work in the U.S. government. Morale at the agency ranks lower than at any other government agency, according to the U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey, where ICE ranks 314th out of 314 agencies. That’s because of Barack Obama’s de facto immigration amnesty policy and the soon-to-get-worse de jure immigration amnesty policy.





Many times over the years, I’ve written about the low morale at ICE. It was low and got lower each year under President Bush. But it was far lower under each year so far of President Obama, and it’s gotten to the lowest point possible. When your agency ranks 314th out of 314 government agencies, you know things are very bad and, in this case, about to get even worse. Yes, with ICE, this really isn’t rock bottom. It’s false rock bottom because once the Obama amnesty policy is in full effect, things will get even worse. Clearly, the Obama proposed pay raise to ICE agents to silence them isn’t making them happier about what’s going on with U.S. immigration policy. Note that ICE is the largest sub-agency in the Department of Homeland Security.

And e-mail being sent around between ICE agents says this: Read the rest of this entry »

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December 12, 2014, - 12:42 pm

Wknd Box Office: Exodus: Gods and Kings (Moses-cide), Wild, Top Five

By Debbie Schlussel

Nothing I can recommend at the movies, this weekend. Sorry. The best of the bunch, the Chris Rock flick, ruined a great story with vile, disgusting grossness.



* “Exodus: Gods and Kings“: The ghost of Charlton Heston can rest in peace as the undefeated Moses champion. Christian Bale doesn’t even give him a run for his money. Not even close.

I called the “Noah” movie “Noah-cide” (read my review), and this would be best called, “Moses-cide.” They killed the real, heroic, beautiful Biblical story of Moses and the Exodus and turned it into a long, overly dramatic bore. I struggled to stay awake watching this utter waste of time. In this flick, Moses is an angry, homicidal maniac, who wantonly murders three Jews just for the heck of it. Huh?

Also, how the heck do you make a 3D movie of the Exodus and NOT show the parting of the Red Sea? What? How does this happen? Well, it happens when you have a director, Ridley Scott, who doesn’t believe in G-d, the Bible, or miracles. There’s no parting of the Red Sea here, and instead we are shown Moses leading the Jews wading into the Sea and suddenly you see them walking on sand covered in seaweed, shells, and detritus. Director Scott said he doesn’t believe the Red Sea parted. Instead, he claims, Moses knew when low tide hit, and he led the Jews onto the waterless sea at low tide, timing it just right so that the last Jews crossed over and the Egyptians got there when the tide was high (reminds me of the Blondie song, but no resemblance to the Bible). So we see the Jews walking on the sand and then suddenly a surfer-worthy tidal wave (which Ridley Scott claims was a tsunami) comes a crashin’ on the Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 10, 2014, - 5:51 pm

CIA Torture Report is “Hate America” AgitProp, Total BS; Obama’s Panetta Said Torture Works

By Debbie Schlussel


The first thing you need to know about the “CIA torture report” put out by liberal Democrats in the U.S. Senate is that it cost $40 million of your money to produce. The second thing you need to know is that Barack Obama’s CIA Director Leon Panetta–a big liberal–disagreed long ago with its key finding: the claim that the alleged “torture” didn’t work. It did.



I’ve been away from this site for a bit because I’ve been hard at work on some important cases. But I couldn’t help but be incensed over the release of this 6,200-page report produced by far-left U.S. Senators and their Marxist, anti-American staffers, ACLU-style lawyers, and others who truly want this country to falter and cease to exist. You paid their exorbitant salaries and ObamaCare-exempt benefits for several years for them to compile this phony, flawed, false “report.” This is a “report” that only hurts America and its operatives all over the world. The “report” was unnecessary and just a litany of flat-out lies.

The main claim of this “report” put out by the former Mayor of San Francisco, the shameful Dianne Feinstein (more appropriately called, “Slimestein”), just isn’t true. The report claims that no valuable intelligence came from what it calls “torture” of Islamic terrorists. First, it isn’t torture. If they wanna see real torture, I have some ISIS trainers who can show ‘em. Second, these enhanced interrogation techniques do and DID work. Leon Panetta, Obama’s first CIA chief, said so a while ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 8, 2014, - 3:36 pm

EXCLUSIVE: Ali in Top 100 Male Baby Names for 6th Yr Since 9/11 – Hezbollahstan, USA

By Debbie Schlussel

The name, “Ali,” has made Michigan’s top 100 male names for new babies for the 6th year since the 9/11 attacks, proof that Michigan’s Shi’ite Muslim population is growing and taking over. The Social Security Administration–which tracks names of new babies born and registered with a Social Security number–just released the 2013 list on which Ali is number 99, with 123 new baby boys given that name.

aliislamiccrescent.jpg‘s exclusive research shows that Ali has been in the top 100 male names for most years since the 9/11 attacks, signalling that nothing was done at the border after the attacks . . . except for opening it wider. In 2012, Ali was number 88 on Michigan’s new male baby names, with 128 new male babies born with the name Ali. In 2010, Ali was 94 on the list, with 122 new Alis born in Michiganistan. In 2006, Ali was ranked 90th in new baby boys’ names in Michigan, with 143 Alis born. In 2003, Ali was the 94th most popular new baby boys’ name in Michigan, with 133 of them born. In 2002, Ali was ranked 84th, with 149 new Alis born. Read the rest of this entry »

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December 5, 2014, - 4:13 pm

Wknd Box Office: The Homesman, The Better Angels

By Debbie Schlussel

Nothing to recommend, this weekend, in new movies at theaters. The big holiday movies start coming at you next week, so stay tuned for my “Exodus” review and so on.


* “The Homesman“: Tommy Lee Jones–who stars in, directs, and wrote the screenplay for this godawful, horrible movie–calls it a “feminist western,” as does his fellow star, Horse-ary, er . . . Hillary Swank. I just call it crap. Or rather, great Gitmo torture material. They should force the few Gitmo detainees who remain, to watch this over and over again. I struggled to get through it once and fell asleep several times, missing absolutely nothin’.

The story: Swank is an older, single homestead and farm owner in the Nebraska territory, sometime in the 1800s. She asks any available single farmer in town to marry her. None takes the offer, telling her she is too ugly (the word “plain” is the one they use in this movie) and too bossy. So, because no one wants her and she’s desperate for something to happen, Swank reluctantly agrees when her church drafts her to transport three of the mentally insane wives/mothers in the area to take them to Iowa via horse carriage (and is promised to be paid a few hundred dollars when she successfully completes the mission). The women’s husbands and kids can no longer put up with these three women, and apparently, in Iowa, there is a pastor who can cure them. Read the rest of this entry »

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