March 22, 2006, - 12:29 pm

HOprah Watch: Oprah’s Power & Influence Waning?

By Debbie Schlussel
On this site, we’ve lamented the way-too-powerful influence of daytime talk host-atrix Oprah Winfrey on the brain-addled “adults” who watch her and drink in her every utterance.
But now, there appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel. Some good news.
It appears that everything Oprah touches is not gold after all. Friday’s Wall Street Journal detailed the utter market failure of Oprah-endorsed products by her Interior Decorator/Katrina Reporter/Animal Rights Activist Nate Berkus.
So sad, too bad.


Despite Oprah’s phony gushing for an entire 10-minute segment dedicated to Berkus, his product line at Linens ‘n Things isn’t selling. The retailer has been forced to mark a lot of his products down to 75% off to get them off the shelves. All that, disaffirming Oprah’s contrived drooling:

Love the frames, love the lamps, don’t you love these?

Apparently, even the mushy brains of the Oprah audience occasionally get a clue that Oprahisms ain’t the gospel. Like they say, even a broken clock is correct twice a day.
We’re encouraged to see that “Oprah’s Favorite Things” are not always America’s. We’ll be satisfied when Oprah finally retires and her power and influence finally sleep with the fishes, like Luca Brasi.
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White women have made Okrah fabulously wealthy. She fools the synaptically challenged masses by pretending to be your typical white woman on-camera. I suspect that her following would dwindle however if they really knew her off-camera.

DeBodine on March 23, 2006 at 4:41 am

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