December 11, 2009, - 3:34 pm

Hmmm . . . Yet Another Dry Run?: United 227 Sounds Just Like AirTran 297

By Debbie Schlussel

For those doubters who mocked me and chose to believe a lying AirTran over passenger Tedd J. Petruna regarding what happened on AirTran Flight 297 on November 17th, you might wanna start mocking the passengers of Wednesday’s United 227, too.  Oh, and maybe you might wanna start calling former NFL coach Mike Shanahan a nut, too.  He was on the flight.

It’s yet another flight grounded because Middle Eastern men tried to create havoc, test the system, and likely do a dry run.  It’s almost an identical scenario with flight attendants scared out of their minds, etc.

But, hey, nothing to see here, move along. You know the drill: we’re just “bigots”. Uh-huh. So what happened on this flight? Why was a bomb-sniffing K9 brought in? And why were several “Middle-Eastern” men escorted off? Huh?

It’s not entirely clear why some passengers were removed from a plane at Denver International Airport on Wednesday. United Airlines issued a statement suggesting that the passengers were “re-accommodated” onto another flight.

A spokesperson for the Denver Police Department confirms to 9NEWS that Denver Police officers were called to DIA on Wednesday, but declined to elaborate any further.

Flight 227 left DIA bound for Los Angeles nearly three hours late. It was scheduled to depart at 1:50 p.m., but ended up leaving at 4:32 p.m.

“Our crew followed recognized, industry standard procedures and re-accommodated some passengers on another flight. We are investigating this matter,” read a Thursday morning statement from United. A United spokesperson declined to elaborate any further as well.

The United crew apparently noticed certain patterns they are trained to spot. Sources tell NBC News airline employees are trained to look for certain behaviors such as how a ticket is paid for, how often passengers get up to use the restroom, and even who their traveling companions are.

A spokesperson for the FBI, Kathy Wright, confirmed to 9NEWS that federal investigators were originally called to the scene after receiving a call on a “possible suspicious incident.” Wright said eventually “we determined that it was not an FBI matter.”

Passengers say a bomb-sniffing dog was brought onto the plane and passengers in the first-class cabin we’re asked to go back to coach for a brief amount of time according to passengers on the plane.

John Sloan of Oxnard, California, was on board the flight on Wednesday.

“I have never seen flight attendants so scared in my life. Everything turned out OK, but it was not a very good feeling. It would have been nice to have been updated though this process,” he told 9NEWS by phone.

Sloan says seven men were escorted off of the plane. Two of them were sitting in coach. The other five were sitting in first-class, he says. All were re-booked onto another flight according to United.

Sloan says the men were attempting to change seats with other passengers. Another passenger, who doesn’t want his name used, says the men were also trying to move luggage while the plane was getting ready to push back.

Passengers tell 9NEWS all of the men looked to be “Middle Eastern,” but United will not confirm the identity of the seven men.

Nothing criminal was found, and the flight was allowed to continue on to California.

Passengers also tell 9NEWS that former head coach of the Denver Broncos, Mike Shanahan, was seated in first class while this was all going on. Shanahan could not be reached for comment, and a spokesperson for the former coach simply told 9NEWS that he was “out of town.”

But, hey, I and the passengers and the flight attendants and the K9 are all just nuts, right? There’s nothing to fear here. Tell me that the next time you’re on a flight with several Middle Eastern men who are escorted off with a bomb-sniffing animal brought in.

If there was nothing going on here, United wouldn’t still be “investigating.”  So, how long until United starts attacking its passengers the way AirTran did?  Perhaps United–which had two planes hijacked on 9/11–gets it.

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Iam going say this it will sound cold hearted.Well
what are we waiting for nuke all muslims countrys.
Kill them and destory islam F>>>> for ever.We can
take there oil and let them know who is the boss.

m tom on December 18, 2009 at 12:46 am

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