December 22, 2009, - 3:42 pm

Sarah Palin Wrote WHAT?!: Kid Rock’s “Common Sense Ideas”

By Debbie Schlussel

It’s sad that Associated Press used so many reporters to debunk Sarah Palin’s book, “Going Rogue: An American Life,” yet missed so many silly, hypocritical, and ignorant things she wrote in it.


That’s Conservative?

Sarah Palin Pimps the Kid Rock/White Boy Rick Drugs & Hos Culture

One of the glaring ones is her statement in solidarity with a thuggish former drug dealer and pimp who continues to promote drug use and pimping.  He’s no different than Snoop Dogg or Ludacris, but he’s a White guy.  And because he visits the troops, I suppose that makes this–and his urging of attacks on a judge who bothered to sentence him for one of his many physical attacks–all okay.  Yup, in her book, Palin falls prey to yet another rookie mistake other lesser-than, intellectually-challenged, ignorant Republicans make, falling for Kid Rock a/k/a Bob Ritchie.

On page 300 of the book, Palin wrote:

Kid Rock, for instance is very pro-America and has common sense ideas. . . .  The kids were happy–they got to talk to him on the phone.

Translation:  I am clueless, so I’ll go ahead and praise a piece of trash rapper and, since I’m really not that devoted to protecting my kids while I pursue my selfish ambitions, I’ll let them talk to this guy who promotes pimping, underage sex (forgot about Bristol, already?), and illegal drugs.  Because, hey, I want to be my kids’ friend, not their mom.  So, I’ll let them consort with America’s most prominent White purveyor of the Pimp, Drug & Ho culture.

Did Rush Limbaugh really praise this book as one of the best policy books he’s ever read? Come on.

Palin writes that she wanted Kid Rock to do a rally with her, but the McCain camp actually had the good sense to nix it. Gee, I wonder why. Apparently, they had the decency to do the background check on him they failed to do on her.

I could very well substitute the names “50 Cent” or “Snoop Dogg” into Palin’s sentence, because they all rap about the same stuff, brag about smoking the same amount of pot and being former drug dealers, and say they are pimps. Only Kid Rock, though, has a video circulating of his getting oral sex from groupie fans on the road. Yup, just who ya want your underage kids talkin’ to on the phone. Uh-huh.

Please, Sarah Palin, tell us one “common sense idea” of Kid Rock.  Perhaps modeling himself–as he’s always said–after convicted drug kingpin and murderer White Boy Rick a/k/a Richard Wershe, Jr.? Or threatening a judge because Kid Rock doesn’t want to do community service after his gazillionth attack on a restaurant patron?  Or maybe it’s some of these lyrics and statements made by this “common sense American patriot”:

* “Bill Clinton … a [expletive] pimp. … The guy’s my hero.”

(He told this to Rolling Stone and told the magazine he was stoned on drugs when he met Clinton at the White House.)

* ” I’m a pimp. You can check my stats . . . . Smack all the hos.”

* “Because I do so much pimpin’, one day I’ll probably walk with a limp . . . one day, watch, I’ll be the pimp of the nation.”

(Or maybe just get pimped on the nation by Sarah Palin.)

* “I be the early-mornin’ stoned pimp, straight-limpin’, Boone’s Farm-drinkin’, at the party big-booty pinchin’.”

Ritchie–the self-proclaimed “Pimp of the Nation”–likes to give the one-finger salute in every publicity shot and toured the country in his “White Trash on Dope Tour.” He used the thuggish Michigan chapter of crime-prone “Outlaw Biker Gang” as security at a video shoot. Members of this gang have been convicted of murder, drug-dealing, and assorted other serious crimes throughout the country.

Hmmm . . . maybe that’s what Sarah Palin was talking about when she spoke of Kid Rock’s “common sense ideas.”  Or maybe it’s forcing Michigan taxpayers busting their buts in a rotten economy to fork over nearly a million dollars in porkulus to fund a vanity beer bearing his name.

News reports said that Palin and John McCain’s daughter, Meghan McCain, bonded when Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” came on the radio and Sarah Palin knew and sang all of the lyrics.  Yup, “great song.”  Too bad it’s about Kid Rock having sex with a 17-year-old and illegally underage drinking hard alcohol all summer long (not to mention that it’s a cheap rip-off of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Sweet Home Alabama”).  Uh, I guess she forgot about her own then-17-year-old’s predicament very conveniently.

Yes, that’s what Kid Rock is all about–sex, drugs, prostitution, and drug kingpins.  When my local Republican county sheriff, the pan-Islamist Arab Michael Bouchard (Hezbollah’s candidate for Michigan governor) was running for U.S. Senate and featured Kid Rock at his rally, I wrote about who Kid Rock really is (since someone didn’t do his homework), and it got quoted all over the Detroit media.  Bouchard had egg on his face and had to apologize.  But don’t expect that from St. Sarah of Palinmessiahdom, who can do no wrong.

And I wonder, dear Palinmessiah, just what are some of Kid Rock’s “common sense” ideas?  Could it be praising Drug kingpin and mass murderer White Boy Rick in his songs?  Or trying to get the guy paroled “so we can smoke pot together on tour”?  Or his promotion of pimps, prostitution, underage sex, and illegal drug use?

Yup, Sarah Palin is yet another ignorant American mom who wants to be like her kids and helps contribute to the cultural and moral decline of the country.  That’s conservative?  Only if you’re an idiot.

Fortunately, the rest of those ignoramus, harmful moms aren’t being promoted as the leader of America’s conservative movement or the next Republican Presidential candidate. But Sarah Palin is.

It’s so indicative of the level of desperation of the conservative movement.  They want to win so badly, they’ll take anyone . . . even if she really doesn’t stand for anything they claim to be looking for. And hasn’t a clue.

“Just win, baby” might work for the Oakland Raiders’ Al Davis.  But isn’t enough to beat Obama.  And if it is, we’re in for an even worse disaster in the aftermath.

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76 Responses

WHO the HELL are YOU?!?!? I know, you and about 55,000 of MY closest friends will NOT be voting for you or ANYBODY you promote. Kid Rock is an adult and has a MAJOR fan following. He’s created 600 jobs in Detroit (how many have YOU created), donated 100,000 in ONE DAY to various charities (again, how much have YOU donated), supports our troops and brings our troops SMILES while they are overseas protecting YOUR freedom to speak so poorly about someone you have NEVER met. While you might not like his music, a lot of us DO. AND i’m a MOM. WITH four jobs. I REFUSE to live off government handouts. My children are wonderful kids with MORALS and a strong sense of will who treat others with fairness and would NEVER speak ill of someone they HAVE NOT MET.

THANK you for your harsh JUDGEMENT. You have shown your true identity by your bashing of Kid Rock. His song “All Summer Long” was about having sex AS a teenager and the good times that went along with that. Are you saying you were a virgin until the day you were married? And you NEVER drank under the legal age?!?!? WOW. My daughter is 13 and we discuss drinking, sex & drugs. She has NO desire and steers other teens away from that. SO WHAT it’s on the radio. People like YOU have taken GOD out of the schools, out of our constitution and off of the very idea this COUNTRY was BUILT. ONE NATION, UNDER GOD. I’ll sing Kid Rock’s music LOUDLY and PROUDLY. And I’ll still THANK GOD and PRAY to God EVERY day. HE does not pass judgement. (And yes, I understand that Kid’s music is not what you’d find ‘morally’ correct, but the man is HONEST and you KNOW where he stands.) Politicians? The biggest JOKE and will say ANYTHING to get a vote. (You just tried.)

I wasn’t sure Sarah would get my vote, but after reading what YOU wrote, she will now. And it’s not because she wrote a positive statement about Kid. It’s your total DISDAIN & JUDGEMENT over a man who has HELPED his community and BELIEVES in his hometown and PROMOTES our troops.


Heather HOWELL on March 3, 2011 at 10:57 am

Let me be clear, I’m a tree-hugging, bleeding heart, liberal who thinks Sarah Palin is one of the worst things that has happened to America in 50 years.

The Associated Press (and a whole list of others) were right to skip the Kid Rock issue when shining a huge spotlight on the many many factual errors in her book (“debunking” as you called it)

First of all, AP is a news source. Its not their place to argue subjective opinions. They went after the misrepresentations and straight up fabrications in Palin’s book. As they should have.

Second, a politician’s taste in music is really neither here nor there. But if you want to argue about it, at last get your information straight. Musicians are like fiction writers–just because they create a persona doesn’t make them actually THAT persona. Its a persona. It allows them to spout view points and talk about things that would normally be outside the scope of their real lives. Its frankly what art is all about. So whatever Kid Rock says in his lyrics really isn’t at issue here. Its totally beside the point. And on top of all that, who cares what he wrote when he was 18 to 25 yrs old? that’s the stuff your quoting. He’s 40 now, and his work is quite a bit different. If you need to quote him, try quoting something he wrote in the last few years.

Third, I take issue with you attacking Kid Rock personally. I don’t know the guy, and clearly neither do you. So back off. I could care less if people like his music or not. But as far as those pieces of his personal life that you are using, you sure pick and choose your facts to suit your argument. Why aren’t you quoting all the many times he talks about how much he loves his mom and his sisters or how he talks about friendship, forgiveness and working together to make American a better place? Why aren’t you pointing out he’s also is a single father with full custody of his child, he does a huge amount of work on his own time for the American military, he gives his own money and raises funds for a whole range of non-profit organizations as well the American military and their families. He’s created jobs in a state that is suffering from one of the biggest unemployment rates since the great depression. And he loves America and does everything he can to promote it and democracy.

Sarah Palin really is a horrible person who continues to do nothing but horrible things for this country for her own selfish gain. But if the only thing you want to use to attack her is Kid Rock, then I question your intelligence too.

And for the record, Bill Clinton is one of my heroes too. Put him and Kid Rock in the White House I know they’d fix this countries problems. And you and Sarah Palin? Why don’t you both go stay in Alaska cause neither of you are helping us.

~Jade~ on March 3, 2011 at 11:07 am

Sarah is an idiot for sure, but I agree with Angel Bryant about Kid Rock! If you ever actually paid attention to him or his music you would understand that most of those lyrics were from his youth age 17-20- most people weren’t PC at that age!

He doesn’t follow any protocol or need to “fit in” with any crowd, he is himself, tries to do good for the working class and his home state of Michigan. He could care less about politicians, hollywood, etc. Just his son, fans, the soldiers and hard working people! He works hard and earns an honest living- can’t say that about most politicians!

Meet Mr. Ritchie today and actually speak with him and see if you have the same opinion!

Meredith on March 3, 2011 at 11:19 am

One more comment and I am done.

Kid Rock, Faith Hill Highlight Tuesday’s Inaugural Balls
January 21, 2009
Kid Rock and Faith Hill performed Tuesday night (Jan. 20) in Washington, D.C., at separate balls celebrating the inauguration of President Barack Obama

The Obamas have been very gracious To Bob And his Son, Bobby Jr.

Angel Bryant on March 3, 2011 at 11:43 am

JADE! MERE!!! TOTALLY agree with what y’all had to say! (Mere, i KNEW you’d be here!!!) LOL!

One thing the woman forgot, is that Kid Rock is not TEACHING our kids. It’s up to PARENTS to teach our kids to be the people they WANT to be. Music is wonderful to listen to and is also an ESCAPE. The woman is looking for publicity, and off the backs of others. GEESH. My 13 year old daughter has more sense than this woman!

Heather HOWELL on March 3, 2011 at 12:12 pm

You say about the song All Summer Long – “Too bad it’s about Kid Rock having sex with a 17-year-old” You obviously have not listened to it that well I take it. As the song reflects back to the year 1989! Ummmm… That would put Bob Ritchie aka Kid Rock at the age of 17 or 18 himself. Listen Debbie, I could go on and on about the GOOD things this man Bob Ritchie has done for people all over the world. Check his stats on performing and visiting our troops in the middle east! Oh, and then you may want to check out all the charities he gives to and supports. Needless to say, I think maybe, just maybe some of your rash behavior on judging him on some things may change, I would hope. If not I suggest you keep your comments to yourself and if you do not have anything good to say well then, there’s that old phrase – DO NOT SAY NOTHING AT ALL. Thank you.

Romeo Inminnesota on March 3, 2011 at 4:25 pm

um……I can keep this short, Bill Ayers, ACORN, Van Jones! All great people for that Democratic/Socialistic/Communist Party.

Oh Really on August 19, 2011 at 2:15 pm

Everything makes sense,I see the inconsistencies in Sarah Palin now and it all makes sense,as far as the singer/rapper I am not going to comment about some one I know nothing about,but if he uses the bad finger as a salute,that s pretty low.

Juan on February 3, 2012 at 2:52 pm

First I don’t give a damn about Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, or what she or he has to say, but Richard Wershe never murdered anyone so please get your facts straight before you go mouthing off. There is plenty of room on the internet to do an in-depth inquiry regarding Rick’s case.

Writergirl70 on April 1, 2015 at 6:35 am

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