January 18, 2010, - 12:48 pm

Good News: Somalian Muslim Immigrant Crime (& Murder) #53,899

By Debbie Schlussel

For several years, I’ve been documenting some of the many rapes, kidnappings, tortures, and murders perpetrated on Americans by a growing wave of Muslim immigrants from Somalia on our shores.  Somalians–all of ’em Muslim–can easily get asylum here, and the Obama administration made it even easier.  And they’ve brought their Third World “values” (or, rather, lack of any) here without compromise.


Mahad Ali Hassan, who murdered one of his neighbors in a fire, is yet the latest blip in an ever-growing Somalian Muslim crime spree that continues to expand and grow in America.  The man he murdered was burned so badly, dental records had to be consulted to identify him.  Yup, arson–that’s how Muslims from Somalia (and now in America) resolve disputes with two female neighbors.

An irate taxi driver involved in a long-running dispute with two neighbors intentionally set fire to a Rogers Park apartment building, killing one person and injuring five others, prosecutors said.

Mahad Ali Hassan, a 26-year-old Somali immigrant, was denied bail Sunday on charges of first-degree murder, aggravated arson and unlawful use of a weapon.

Hassan, who lived on the fourth floor of the five-story building at 6720 N. Sheridan, allegedly poured gasoline in the hallway Thursday and ignited a blaze outside the fifth-floor apartment of two women with whom he had an ongoing feud, prosecutors said. . . .

Five other people were injured in the blaze, including one man who jumped from the building’s top floor to escape the fire.

Of the injured — including two firefighters — only the jumper suffered life-threatening injuries, Chicago Fire Department spokesman Larry Langford said.

Two weeks before the blaze, the mailboxes of the women who had feuded with Hassan were robbed and someone wrote “f— you” on their apartment door in red spray paint, prosecutors said.

A search of Hassan’s apartment turned up receipts for red spray paint and mail addressed to the women with whom he had been arguing.

More here.

If we continue to do nothing and continue to open our shores and asylum logs to more and more Somalian Muslims, the number of these horrible crimes they commit will multiply geometrically.

It’s interesting that Somalian Muslims come here to claim asylum from alleged torture and danger.  Hmmm . . . where will we go to claim asylum from the torture, danger, and crime, they’ve brought here?

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10 Responses

Yep. And many of their children go abroad to join radical Islamist terrorist groups. Settling down in America hasn’t made them adopt its values. And if we continue to allow unchecked Muslim immigration here, we may find ourselves living under their values.

We’ve been warned.

NormanF on January 18, 2010 at 12:58 pm

I wonder what the dispute was about. Maybe the victims were Jewish, or maybe they had an American flag on their door.

Little Al on January 18, 2010 at 1:24 pm

Could this have been another honor killing?

Jarhead on January 18, 2010 at 1:53 pm

Don´t blame Somalians (who have 7th century mentality and lack the ability to live in a civilized society) but corrupt, coward, stupid, worthless and dangerous politicians who have invited these backward, ignorant and violent people to the USA. For your comfort I would like to add that our politicians in Europe are not a bit better than yours and we have the same problems with Somalians but we have not a Debbie to call a spade a spade.

David on January 18, 2010 at 2:07 pm

    David, you have put the finger on the problem. Corrupt and timid politicians (except some statesman/wlmen like Tom Tancredo, Sue Myrick) are selling the country out. Starting with Clinton, who called back troops from Mogadishu and the search for Osama, each subsequent president, Bush included, has sold out America, more than the previous prez. Greedy and corrupt politicians quickly toe the line and now you have FBI and CIA pandering to the enemy.
    When America is defeated, Americans can send a thank you card to then commander-in-chiefs, Clinton and Bush, to start.

    Alert on January 19, 2010 at 12:11 am

Does anyone know what the “feud” was about? Did the two women (or the murderer?) play rock music at full blast? Did one of them cook fish with curry and garlic and smell up the hallway? Did he think their dog was an unclean beast? Were they lesbians and did he hate them for that? What prompted him to DO such a thing?

Miranda Rose Smith on January 19, 2010 at 2:13 am

    Yes, and he felt he had a right to set the apartment building on fire due to his feud. I would also blame the apartment manager and police for not aggressively pursuing the matter after the spray paint receipts from the previous incident were found in this man’s apartment. Mahad Ali Hassan had stolen mail(federal offense)and engaged in vandalism(misdemeanor)at the same time. No one seems to really care about such things if Somali Moslem is involved.

    sorrow01 on January 19, 2010 at 4:43 am

Maybe we could put together a legion of Jihadis to go back to Somalia and help the Jihadis there make Somalia a true Islamic state

Ooops, I forgot – our help not needed – they’re doing it themselves already. But they should take all their Muslim brothers (and sisters) with them.

Infidel Pride on January 19, 2010 at 6:56 am

This is a problem in every country. the people wanting visa’s and residency, they go on and on about how their country is so bad, they hate it, And I don’t blame them, most of these places are complete pockets of hell.

But then when they arrive to the new country that opens their arms, and the people embrace you, providing you do a couple of things, leave all your BS that you hate about your country on the shores of that country.

When you arrive to America, and you apply for citezenship, you become an American, because you want to be an American, you want to be all that is America.
and third is you have to look after yourself, work, school, all that, and you must pay for it all just like every other American!

Those are the only 3 things the owners of this great nation ask of the people coming to live in the USA, and they know the country they come from sucked. They know all about revolution , and the British oppression.

and that seems all like no brainers to anyone in USA.

However what happens now is the very country these people fled and hated, and wanted so desperately to get out.
they then wana claim their heritage, and that their heritage is superior, and that some of the countries in USA were and still should be in Mexico. They go on about Brown pride blah blah.

The same thing happened with the latest UFC championship fight with Cain valsquez Vs Brock Lesnar. the UFC marketed Cain Velasquez as the first potential Mexican heavyweight champion. Well there is a big problem. Cain is an American. His dad Fled Mexico because it was A hell hole, and his father said I got to America illegally, with my wife, we had my Son Cain in the USA, so we got citizenship immediately. Cain wears a tattoo saying Brown pride meaning Mexican pride.
well I have problems with this, If he is a Mexican champion, then why doesn’t he live down there. why isn’t his family back in this so called golden country. They aren’t.

and then lately we have all these Muslims coming over. Again I have no problem with them coming because their country is so bad etc. Fine. But don’t go apply for asylum saying its so bad you hate it. because 90% of them once they get in here They start join mosques, they start getting back into Islam, the very thing they were running from. they they start preaching in the streets, screaming Sharia law will reign, they start hitting women, Its like they lie to get in here. then once in, its all back to the old ways.

It is permitted in times of War in Islam, its called Taquia they are permitted to break their precepts in order to get the infidel or country to accept them in. then its 180^

We need to really stop all this asylum, and immigration. Lock this Country’s boarders. accept tourists sure, accept people for work if there are no American’s to do it first

soong on November 3, 2010 at 12:19 pm

I am a Canadian citizen and this troubles me because of the fact that it won’t end with certain cities they migrate too the most. Before you know it they will bring their crimes to a neighborhood near you and me. I blame the government for making it so easy for these people to get into the country. They come here and still believe they are back home, and live like they did there. They and i know i am not speaking for all but they just don’t have the regard for life and law like people growing up in America. Sadly i will not hold my breath expecting things to change anytime in the future no matter who is leading the country.

kevin on January 13, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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