August 27, 2007, - 3:28 pm

Football Player: No Brown Sugar – “I’m a White Girl Man”

Uh-oh. A football player in a major college program has openly declared that he only wants to “date” (euphemism) white chicks. NBC – NO Black Chicks.
So, where is the NAACP? Where is the National Association of “No You Di’n’t”? Where are all the Black women? Where’s Oprah?

Chris Rainey: No Sistahs for This Bruthah

Well, they’re nowhere to be found. And here’s why: The player who uttered it is Black. If he were White–like John Rocker–he’d be in big trouble. But he isn’t. Instead, he’s Chris Rainey, Running Back for the University of Florida Gators. And he’s said something most of us already know from O.J. Simpson, Charles Barkley, and assorted other big-name professional Black athletes: They’re racist against Black women (Mike Tyson is a noted exception among some others). Or they think White women are a) easy, b) a status symbol, or c) all of the above.
Here’s what Rainey had to say about his No-Blacks-Allowed “dating” harem, er . . . pool:

Every time you see a fine girl (in Gainesville), you see another fine girl better than her. (Some people) like different color girls and stuff like that. I’m a white girl man.

So, will the group that defended Michael Vick–the NAACP–denounce Rainey’s comments? Or will they say, the White Man made him do it?
I’m sure, it’s the latter. We’ll be told that society has lifted a blonde, white chick as its ideal trophy woman. And therefore, the society that enslaved the Black man is now teaching him to reject the Black woman in favor of the “White ho.”
Thanks to my friends, Drew & Mike and their producers Marc & Mike, for the tip.

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Ahhh…so that’s why you changed your hair color!

TubeSteak on August 27, 2007 at 4:12 pm

White women are A) Easy B) Gold diggers C) Like big things (Whats that old saying? Once you go black, you never go back). Sex sells in this country, on a grandstanding level at that. Its easily attainable, easily accessible and promoted everywhere you turn. Dont listen to Tubesteak Debbie. I would date you before I would date any black woman on this planet (including Halle Berry) because I like the way you think.

RadicalRightWinger on August 27, 2007 at 4:17 pm

Yeah, but if he got into trouble and faced a jury of his peers, the sisters would turn a blind eye to his “white girl” fixation…again…see OJ.

Southernops on August 27, 2007 at 4:27 pm

So he likes white girls. I like women with dark hair, dark eyes and brown skin. That means about seventy-five per-cent of the world’s women. Frankly, I wouldn’t date him no matter what color I was. He’s ugly.

Rich B on August 27, 2007 at 5:54 pm

So, he’s a racist, as are a large number of black people. For some unexplained reason, this is considered acceptable behavior for black people, but it is still racism, just as bad one way as the other. They are just blind in one direction.

Dr. D on August 27, 2007 at 7:26 pm

And yet – the black women of America won’t condemn this man for his choice. It will be the fault of any “white chick” who happens to take up with him………

MarySJ on August 27, 2007 at 7:30 pm

Everybody is racist, including blacks, and this is the best way to get even with the white man. That’s why they butcher the English language and become muslim, to reject the civilization that the White man built. You White girls that would date another race are traitors of the worst kind, worse than a political traitor.

steve ventry on August 27, 2007 at 9:52 pm

BTW, doesn’t this prove Whites are superior? Everybody knows White girls are the biggest ‘prize’, everybody covets a White girl. Isn’t it obvious that everyone, including all the black guys, are implicitly acknowledging that the White race is superior? No one is clamoring for women from other races.

steve ventry on August 27, 2007 at 9:59 pm

Oh Steve. How dare you imply that one race may be superior to another. The mere fact that every black or latino dominated country in the world is a human Cesspool matters not. These are victims of white oppression. The only other non-white dominated countries with decent standards of living are Asian. Of course, there, humans are merely worker bees and have very little individual rights. White man?…evil. Brown man?…good. Learn it Steve. Get with the program. Today’s young white women are taught that black men are the sexual equivalent of a Mercedes Benz. The fact that they are treated as sperm receptacles by black men does not matter. Black woman with a white man? Isn’t going to happen. Can’t have a “sistah” be a “sell-out”.

El Deporto on August 27, 2007 at 10:52 pm

“From jump street I thump beats, that’s bangin in the streets
See now my cypher’s complete
I got each of my brothers on my side, right and left
Who’s next to flex, I get more thrills than sex
Microphone is like a loaded mac
Who’s that there that’s tryin to hold us back?
I don’t think so, we attack the premises
I’m like your nemesis, devils better remember this
Yo, the G-U-R-U, of the Gang, can always hang
I’ll string you out, with the dope that I sling
And you can’t touch it, when I’m goin off
And crazy shouts, to my niggaz up North
Although you’re locked down, you’re still on my mind
So rewind selector, rewind rewind
I’m kickin shit off my dome
I puff the chalice with dread feel the steel the real the chrome”
Gee, what a “prize” to take home to mom!
Like the old adage says; “You can take the primate out of the jungle, but you can’t take the jungle out of the primate.”
And, as Debbie said, where are the usual homies who cry racism whenever Al Jolson drops a can of blackface?! Where they be at, huh?!
Goodbye, Tootsie, Goodbye!!!!!!!!!!!!
BTW, NYC subway lines are indicated by numbers and letters. For example, the # 6 line, the # 7 line, the A train, the B train, the D train, etc….depending upon the routes the trains run.
Question: Why do they call it the B Train?
Answer: Because, that BE the train!
Yuk, yuk, yuk, yuk, yu, yuk……

Thee_Bruno on August 27, 2007 at 11:12 pm

It is true that alot of my attractions come from white girls (debbie, I still like you!). Great, now I’m gonna be attacked too just for saying it. So before you unload on me…my first and second girlfriends was black. The last two I’ve been with was white. And none of this was based on race…it was based on wether or not the girl was appealing to me. I’ll date a lady no matter what skin color she is. I mean my last crush was a black chick so there!
Can we please take race out of love, and date people based on PERSONALITY and CHARACTER, rather than skin color? In my world..a racist is a racist no matter what skin color you are. This football player clearly shows racism against black females here..but that’s ok to the death busters cuz he’s not white. -_-

Squirrel3D on August 27, 2007 at 11:12 pm

Hey Squirrel3D, it’s a matter of preference. I personally don’t like white women. I am married to a Cherokee, Dutch, woman. I’m Cherokee, Irish, and German. I happen to like women who are dark complected, brown eyes, dark hair (Latina, Italian, Indian, etc…) It’s just a matter of choice. No one has the right to say who you should or shouldn’t like. If some shit-stain attacks you for liking white gals (you can have em) then they can kiss your arse.

Rich B on August 27, 2007 at 11:43 pm

Steve Ventry – nut jobs like you are what make the arguments for immigration control so much more difficult. You’ve leaned towards it in your other postings, and now you’ve come out completely. Some of your arguments here have had some intellectual basis for why illegal immigration has dissatrous effects. Now we see what is really fueling your posts and opinions. This is about culture, not race. I don’t have a problem with someone saying that western culture is superior (it clearly is and allows the freedoms for the rantings of even lunatics like Ventry). But the foundations of this culture were in the middle-east and the mediterranean, not in the whitest of Northern Europe where they were later expanded.
I disagree that what this guy said was racist or that if a star white athelete came out and said “I dig black chicks and they’re the only type of women I date” that he’d have a problem. Maybe with Steve Ventry, but not the media or public as a whole. BTW, I’m a white male and I dig them all, but like a certain look. I think this athelete is in more trouble for the dissmissive way he talks about women, not the race.

Staypositive on August 28, 2007 at 12:16 am

Don’t bother Oprah! She’s dreaming of Obama.

Burt on August 28, 2007 at 8:09 am

“I disagree that what this guy said was racist or that if a star white athelete came out and said ‘I dig black chicks and they’re the only type of women I date’ that he’d have a problem.”
Hmmmm. Really? I wonder if Rex Chapman would agree with you.
Chapman: ‘Most preferred that I keep it confidential’
LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Former Kentucky star Rex Chapman told a newspaper that school officials tried to stop him from dating black women or at least “hide it” rather than inflame fans.
“There were certain aspects of my time there that were really ugly,” Chapman, who is white, said in a story published by The Courier-Journal on Monday. “I don’t know how it is today, but that’s how it was 20 years ago.”
Chapman said scrutiny of his private life by athletic department officials, boosters and others hastened his departure from Kentucky. He left after two seasons and entered the NBA draft in 1988.
Once, someone took a key and scrawled a racial epithet on his car door, he said. He said he was also the subject of obscene jokes.
“It’s the climate of how things were,” he was quoted as saying. “People were bothered by the fact that sometimes I dated black girls. Most preferred that I keep it confidential and hide it.
“I was being asked to lead a lifestyle that was absolutely wrong, simply for the fact that some people didn’t like that I dated somebody of a different race,” Chapman told the paper. “I mean, what is that? Is that America?”

Negrorage on August 28, 2007 at 9:10 am

I think an interesting problem has unearthed itself here…
Most would agree that racist thoughts which fuel racist policies against other people are wrong, but I am not at all comfortable with the notion that mere thoughts, that someone may term “racist,” should be banned from all discussion.
What has Ventry said that is not fundamentally true? While many may be put off by his remarks, since they are “racist,” how exactly are they not correct?
The mere fact that lots of folks–not just liberals–feel that they always have to bend over backwards, or tread lightly in any discussion involving blacks is probably the worst form of racism.
And, to make it worse, what little condemnation of black thuggery that is made by blacks, is always done by those who would be accused of acting white.
Finally, the semantic device of attempting to insert “culture” when you want to talk “race” is quite transparent. If there is a black culture, the dominant one in America is hardly something to be proud of, and the simple fact is that white folks tend to be far more accepting of blacks who “act white.”
53 years after Brown v. Board and 43 years after the Civil Rights act, a larger Black middle class has emerged–embracing “white values.” But, there is also a larger ghetto class–embracing “black values.”
Deny this at your peril.

Red Ryder on August 28, 2007 at 9:27 am

Ryder – I think someone who holds the position that a particular race is superior to another is a racist. I don’t need to wait for them to demonstrate actions based on their expressed thoughts. Cultural differences are cultural, not racial. There is no “black” culture, there is however a culture maintained and espoused by many African-Americans, who are black, and to a lesser extent black immigrants and some whites. It is not a racial difference because overwhelmingly, black Latinos do not share and participate in this culture. Semantics are important, because by saying “black culture” implies that this is some form of natural progression of behaviors and customs based on race, not background, environment, heritage, and choice. BTW, I believe the culture espoused by most urban African-Americans is highly destructive to the social fabric of a community. There is no denying that the acceptance of two thirds of black children being born to single parents is a hallmark of a failed culture. Just because the color of your skin is black, does not mean that is YOUR culture. And blacks should not be viewed as trying to be white simply because they may have a different value set than many of those of the same race, simply because it coincides with many whites.
Negrorage – thanks for the Rex Chapman reference. That was also 1988 in Kentucky. In today’s popular culture, there are many more examples of this kind of relationship that shape and influence peoples views. I don’t think Rex Chapman would experience the same today, 20 years later, even at a Kentucky college, and even less at most high schools.

Staypositive on August 28, 2007 at 10:17 am

I hate to burst your bubble, but your reply is just verbal cosmetics, and circumlocution–and not very skillful at that.
You are still playing games. It may be “racist” to proffer racial superiority, but does that deem it less true? Will you deny that blacks seem to perform better than whites in certain athletic settings? The NBA and NFL sure don’t!
Do Asians perform better academically than other races–it sure seems so. But, in your fantasy world, somehow I cannot say that because the greatest possible truth in the universe, that can never be violated, is that all races are equal.
The most obvious way to counter that stupid argument is that if they are all equal, why did separate races need to evolve in the first place?
As to culture, of course, if I were to remove a black kid from the ghetto at birth, and immerse him in an upper middle class white environment, he would turn out a lot different, than if I were to leave him there.
The problem is that while no one will talk about a white culture–because that is “racist”–and because it could also include white trash, it is frivolous to deny that Black culture–as popularly understood by all Americans–refers to Black ghetto culture.
Also, many are in total denial that Black Africa started its decline as Islam took over. After all, one of the greatest saints of all time–St. Augustine, from north Africa–was black, but that was back in the 5th century.

Red Ryder on August 28, 2007 at 11:03 am

Ryder – Well, what is race? There really is very little physiological difference between races. I am not one of these people that say race is a social construct, but scientifically speaking, there is very little that separates us. Are there physical differences? Obviously, mainly driven by climate and physical environment over tens of thousands of years of evolution. Check physical body and skin types near the equator, you’ll see a lot in common. Drop a group of northern Europeans in equatorial Africa, come back in 10,000 years and tell me what they look like.
“The most obvious way to counter that stupid argument is that if they are all equal, why did separate races need to evolve in the first place?”
Because people living in northern regions receive less sunlight and need more vitamin D, hence lighter skin. Same with more southern extremes (bushmen and other original inhabitants of South Africa). Nose shape and body composition is also influenced by climate to improve heat dissipation, etc. Hate to break this to you pal, but all people looked the same at one point, whether you believe in creation (@6,000 years ago) or evolution (40,000 years).
Of course some black athletes excel in certain sports like football, does it make them superior, no. And it is not “black athletes”, but athletes of West African descent (not black East Africans like Kenyans, Tanzanians. Etc.) Most African-Americans, Caribbean islanders and UK blacks are descendant from West Africans. People from these regions have a higher ration of fast-twitch to slow-twitch muscle fiber, making them better at explosive sports like football, basketball, track, and boxing. However, fast-twich muscles fatigue more quickly than slow twitch, which means athletes of West African descent will never be standing on the podium after a distance event with Kenyans, North Africans, Mexicans or Europeans. Also, sports requiring a combination of explosive power and stamina (like rowing, and not just for cultural reasons) will probably always be dominated by descendants of Europeans. Physical superiority is relative to the activity.
Many elements influence IQ, including diet, overall health, and social environment, quality of education and yes, culture. But I’ve never heard of a study, given constants, that shows a disproportionately higher IQ among Asians than other groups. Most Asian immigrants to this country have put a cultural premium on education. This has been influenced by centuries of social development in many Asian societies where a child could advance through government ranks based on academic achievement. What’s next, because Germans have engineered just about everything that has been useful or deadly in the past 70 years (an exaggeration, but contributions that outpace their percentage of the global population).
You are correct in that black culture, as popularly understood by Americans, is black ghetto culture. It doesn’t mean that understanding is correct, and again I refer you to the culture of African immigrants, which is greatly different in the values it has than that culture predominating in African American urban areas. I have plenty of black neighbors, whose lifestyle and values are far similar to mine than that of urban popular culture.
You can say whatever you want about achievements respective to races physically, but I think that at the heart of most academic and intellectual achievements are cultural, social and economic conditions, and not race. Most of mankind’s greatest advances have been in times of stable social and economic environments.

Staypositive on August 28, 2007 at 12:57 pm

Funny how all you did was parse the races into sub-groups and then talk about differences. Please re-read your athletics paragraph.
By DEFINITION the races are different. Why is that bad?
You agree with me on American Black culture, and then deplore it, as I do. OK–is that supposed to make you more understanding?
Can’t you see that your entire effort is one of obfuscation and word games?
I also take exception to your fatuous comment–
“Most of mankind’s greatest advances have been in times of stable social and economic environments.”
A moment’s reflection on history will prove that wrong.
The greatest triumph of science to benefit mankind was the chlorination of water. This occurred during a fractious time in the late 19th to early 20th century.
The printing press was invented in 1450. Yes, indeed, Europe during the Renaissance was very stable, wasn’t it?
I challenge you to name a single “great advance” that actually did occur during so-called stable economic and social environments. But, knowing you, you will parse words, and get into definitions of “stable,” and “great advance.”
Enough! Your capacity for denial and ignorance of history have ended this thread for me.

Red Ryder on August 28, 2007 at 2:26 pm

How can anyone with a brain actually write a sentence like
“Of course some black athletes excel in certain sports like football, does it make them superior, no. ”
You agree that they excel, but they are not superior..
Good grief!

Red Ryder on August 28, 2007 at 2:29 pm

Mr. Ventry, You stated:
“Everybody knows White girls are the biggest ‘prize’, everybody covets a White girl.”
– Then I hope your prize looks like Rosanne Barr.
“Isn’t it obvious that everyone, including all the black guys, are implicitly acknowledging that the White race is superior?”
– I’ll have to ask GOD about that one….Somebody forgot to give me the memo. However, most of my girlfriends and my current fiance are Black (but back in my younger days, there were occasional side trips with a Latino or Asia girl….) And what if the White race is superior Steve? What have YOU done as an INDIVIDUAL that has earned you the right to bask in this “superior” status besides happening to be born White, of which you had no say in the matter? Or are you just trying to raise your self-esteem on the back of other’s accomplishments?
“No one is clamoring for women from other races.”
– Really??? Then historically, who did all the “race-mixing” back in the day that explains wby Blacks in America have 48 different shades of skin color (Chalk to Charcoal!) And historically, where have all these light-skinned “mulatto” kids come from since Africans were brought to our shores back in the 1600’s? Newsflash for you Steve…It wasn’t from Black men getting with White women! By the way, I live near a major college campus, so don’t get me started on how many young White men I see “clamoring” over these Asian honeys…..
What Chris Rainey said was ignorant. The brother is “lost” and has been brainwashed into following the ways of the world instead of loving who and what God made him.

JibberJabber on August 28, 2007 at 3:08 pm

Red Ryder, you stated,
“You agree with me on American Black culture, and then deplore it, as I do. OK”
I seriously doubt you even have an understanding historically of what “American Black Culture” is and of how it is intrinsically linked to why America is America and is not (nor should be) a carbon copy of Europe, but that’s besides the point. However, it’s not really imnportant whether you deplore “American Black Culture” or not…the real issue is when Black folks start to take on that same mindset, as with young Mr. Rainey here. It’s like the Helsinki Syndrome…Blacks in America start to take on the same mindset as those who hate them, such as you. To me, it is satannic and evil to hate yourself and your racial group, no matter what your race. If you hate yourself and believe you are “lesser” just because society (the world) tells you so, what are you saying to God, who created you in His image? When people claim they are “superior” and others are children of a lesser god, they are setting the stage for idolatry. For example, becoming like OJ and only chasing after “White skirts” because the world has told you that is the “prize” is a form of idol worship, and we all know how God feels about that.
OJ and those like him who bow at the alter of White supremacy instead of God are truly pathetic. And yet another young Black man like Mr. Rainey has fallen into Satan’s trap….

JibberJabber on August 28, 2007 at 3:46 pm

The point was that American Black culture, for better or worse, is identified as Black Ghetto culture these days. Can you really argue with that?
What image conjures up Black Culture in most people’s minds?? Clarence Thomas/Thomas Sowell or hip-hop and bling?
As to “hating yourself,” spare me the new age tripe. A thug like Michael Vick has plenty of reasons to hate himself, as does any white trash person, or individual of any race who is a miscreant. Of course, he should not hate himself just because he is black.
You are right about Rainey, but show me a single Black “leader” who is admonishing him. His ignorance is being facilitated by white liberals, so more’s the pity.
Finally, you somehow conclude that I hate Blacks because I am–God forbid–actually trying to engage in a non-PC discourse here. As to OJ, was his sin that he chased after white women, or that he killed one? Should you blame Satan or free will?

Red Ryder on August 28, 2007 at 4:13 pm

“By DEFINITION the races are different. Why is that bad?”
Absolutely. This emporer has no clothes charade has gone on long enough. That is one of the good things to come out of this whole illegal immigration debacle over the last several years in particular. Much more open dialouge on race and also the absurdity and hypocricy of many who use race as a tool. All this pretending that it doesn’t exist nor are we in anyway different is on the verge of taking on Marxist/1984 deminsions of oultawed words and “dangerious” thoughts.
In many ways it has become to be about all that IS imporotant. From our government, laws and policies to our schools, housing, entertainment and churches etc. Heck apparently even dog fighting has “racial” components. Whites have an interest and voice. It is time to start flexing our political muscle in the same fashion as the NAACP, LaRaza, The Black Caucus, MEChA etc. This pretending that all races but whites have an interest and that we should just “go along” or we are “racist” has come to an end.

AlturaCt on August 28, 2007 at 5:28 pm

One last useless observation; forgive me if someone already posted it: Oprah (the supreme one) would certainly find no fault with Rainey. She probably likes “white women” too.

Southernops on August 28, 2007 at 5:47 pm

Debbie, this is a good example of someone saying something unscripted that we all know to be true. When I was in college (Division 1) I aksed a football player why he didn’t date Black women. He said “Would you”?

Anonymous1 on August 28, 2007 at 6:52 pm

Red Ryder,
Point well taken. Just because someone does not like “Black culture”, I should not take the view that they hate Black folks. It is that kind of reactionary thinking that does stifle any honest discussions between Black and White folks on race and it was a mistake on my part to engage in it. It was especially ironic on my part to react like that since I had written an earlier post regarding a missionary trip to Africa I took and found Africans not liking “American Black culture” either based on the images they saw in the media (and which sadly, too many of us Black folk willingly reinforce in a minstrel-like fashion)
Now I do think OJ was a little off balance for only chasing after White women, but that’s just my opinion. And yes, he’s a murderer because of his own free will….the devil DIDN’T make him do it, as Flip Wilson used to say!

JibberJabber on August 28, 2007 at 7:34 pm

Here’s a question: Why is a college athlete telling people who he wants to date, and why does anyone care?
Debbie, you’re right that the double standard is lousy, but I’d much rather have his comment go unnoticed and to live with the double standard in this case. It’s better than people attacking him because of some falsely perceived racism.

LibertarianBulbasaur on August 28, 2007 at 7:37 pm

But I’ve never heard of a study, given constants, that shows a disproportionately higher IQ among Asians than other groups
Posted by: Staypositive August 28, 2007 12:57 PM
Really, every single IQ longitudinal study has concluded that Asians have higher IQ’s and there are scientifically valid studies that demonstrate there are differences in IQ by race but it is just not PC to talk about it today.
Steve Sailer:
A common stratagem, I’ve found, is to assume that IQ differences matter only if they are genetic in origin. Since no decent, civilized,right-thinking person could possibly believe that racial differences in IQ have any genetic basis, then racial and national differences in average IQ can’t possibly exist.
Except they do exist.
And, as I will show that no matter what their origin, whether in nature or nurture or both these IQ gaps will continue to exist for many decades.
The Japanese have consistently scored somewhere around 105 on a scale where white American are pegged at 100, Hispanics in the U.S. at about 90 (which, by the way, is roughly the world average), and Australian Aborigines at very low levels.
You’ll note that despite all the hopeful talk about Hispanics assimilating, the IQ gap has remained at around 10 points going all the way back to two studies done in the 1920s.
there were huge improvements in the environmental conditions of African-Americans in the 20th Century, but the IQ gap between whites and blacks remained stable at around 15-16 points from WWI onward.
Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic
Race differences show up by 3 years of age, even after matching on maternal education and other variables,” said Rushton. “Therefore they cannot be due to poor education since this has not yet begun to exert an effect. That’s why Jensen and I looked at the genetic hypothesis in detail. We examined 10 categories of evidence.”
For Whom the Bell Tolls By Peter Brimelow
But what about cultural bias?
The argument that intelligence testing reflects white European cultural values was always shaky. Tests do predict performance (approximately) for everyone. And East Asians tend to outperform whites. Herrnstein and Murray estimate the mean East Asian IQ to be about three points above whites’. Is anyone arguing that the tests are biased against Caucasians?
Your contention is factually incorrect and reflects the politically correct atmosphere that is so prevalent today. There are differences in aptitude by race, sex, and culture that can be quantified.
The US Military uses these tests for placement in the Armed Forces and over time have been highly accurate.
Here is another study excerpt to drive my point home:
The Intelligence Of Nations by Peter Brimelow
Lynn and Vanhanen prove that the widespread though rarely stated assumption of economists and political scientists that all peoples and nations have the same average IQ is wildly wrong. Their evidence documents substantial national differences in average intelligence. The highest average IQs are found among the Oriental countries of North East Asia (average IQ = 104), followed by the European nations (average IQ = 98), and the mainly White populations of North America and Australasia (average IQ = 98). Further behind are the countries of South and Southwest Asia, from the Middle East through Turkey to India and Malaysia (average IQ = 87), as are the countries of South East Asia and the Pacific Islands (average IQ = 86), and Latin America and the Caribbean (IQ = 85). Lowest are the countries of Africa (average IQ = 70).

ScottyDog on August 28, 2007 at 7:56 pm

To my dearest friend, Red Ryder,
You said:
“Enough! Your capacity for denial and ignorance of history have ended this thread for me.”
Good, leave it then.
But you come back:
“Of course some black athletes excel in certain sports like football, does it make them superior, no.
You agree that they excel, but they are not superior..
Good grief!”
You were the one who drew the analogy of sports; I only tried to demonstrate that it was relative to the particular sport. You won’t see West African descendant peoples excelling in sports like swimming, rowing or distance events. So athletically, you cannot say one group is superior. My ultimate point being physical differences do not connote superiority.
For the record, I never stated there were not racial differences, only that they were physiologically, and I will add now, genetically minimal.
As for my ignorance of history, look more deeply than citing the dates and referencing chlorination. I don’t need to go into definitions of stable, but technological growth is almost always accompanied by increased trade, exchange of ideas and relative wealth. Which are all made possible by a level of stability. While you are busy critiquing my ignorance, perhaps you should address your own with respect to anthropology and evolutionary development of physical characteristics.
I have never said on these posts that there are not racial differences; it is how they are defined and what they mean. Are relatively prosperous countries wealthy because their population has a high average IQ? Or is a high average population IQ driven by prosperity? You can’t tell me that if you took a group of Africans from an area with IQ averaging 70 and immersed them in a society with better schools, healthcare, diet etc. their IQs would not be dramatically higher.
My whole purpose for engaging in these posts was to counter the concept of racial superiority. I didn’t realize so many people that post here hold to that concept. I have always believed that we should not be afraid of discussing the superiority of certain ideas. Ideas like integrity in government, freedom of speech, and freedom of religion. And not to be afraid of criticizing ideas that would have women forced to walk about imprisoned within their own garments. I though will speak out when people want to claim superiority of racial groups.
Ideas don’t come from being born into a particular race; they come about from the influence of the surrounding environment and the social participant’s perception of that environment. Black, white, yellow, may be how you look, but it is not who you are and does not define what you can or will be.

Staypositive on August 29, 2007 at 12:38 pm

So what?! Where’s the crime in that? THAT”S HIS BUSINESS! This is a free country and all that….
It’s funny. Some are leg men. Some are breast men. THis one is a white chick man.
And truth is, there are a lot of beautiful, blond women, I do mean blonds – natural blonads that prefer Black men.
Such is the way of love. Such is the way of a man and a woman. Only David what’s his name, wants to keep the “races” part. Except there really is no racial purity – not even in Africa. Not even in Japan ( although, they have the nerve to claim it!).

allat on August 29, 2007 at 1:13 pm

To El Deporto: ” The mere fact that every black or latino dominated country in the world is a human Cesspool matters not.”
Are we going to start this again? You are such a laugh? And you have your nerve. Who are you to talk? How far to you trace your ancestors? Are you blond and blue eyed?
NOT even in Europe are there pure bloods. For millenia, Western Europe has been trodden by all tribals coming in from Asia – and Mongolia – and vice versa. Even the Romans were small, olive skinned people.
Europe was never the origin of high civilization and culture. IT was the Peoples of Egypt and Mesopotamia. All the ruins of cities are from the Roman times. All Europe had was stone circles.

allat on August 29, 2007 at 1:21 pm

Staypositive August 29, 2007 12:38 PM
You are in denial about the differences in IQ by race. Like many Liberal and Republican elite, you think everyone is equal even though science has demonstrated that average IQ does vary by race.
It is the old argument of nature vs nurture.
You probably support affirmative action because you believe that IQ or aptitude is based solely on the culture and economic strata of the individual.
I provided links in my previous post that prove you are wrong including your contention that Asians do not have higher IQ’s.
You are so upset that some races have higher aptitudes when they are born and try to explain that away by saying it is not based on genetics or race but environment and economic prosperity.
I posted the article that proves that you are wrong about taking a black cohort and immersing them in a society with better schools, health care, diet etc. The facts are IQ’s are not be dramatically higher because the data shows only a slight increase.
In the USA, that is exactly what happened yet there is still a 15 pt difference in average IQ’s.
Debating The Unmentionable: The Black-White IQ Gap
by Steve Sailer
“The racial gap in average IQ is one of the most important factors in modern American life. We can tell how important it is because we aren’t allowed to talk about it.”
” Raising black IQ was an explicit goal of Great Society programs such as Head Start….”
“When the 1960s-1970s burst of spending failed to deliver quick results, however, the topic was slowly driven out of polite society.”
The US Military has studied this extensively since the 1920’s.
Frankly, I do not think it is an issue of racial superiority but recognizing that we all have different aptitudes,those differences can be quantified by race and are expressed graphically by the Bell Curve. The data is useful especially for public policy and designing education programs.
You are in denial about black athletes. There have numerous studies that prove other wise.
IMHO- you have been infected with white guilt syndrome.

ScottyDog on August 29, 2007 at 2:03 pm

SD – I’ve really liked your posts from the local law enforcement perspective.
Even if I’ve disagreed, I appreciated them. I just disagree with you here even more.
I’m not in denial about black athletes, read my posts. More fast-twitch muscle fiber = excellence in explosive sports. It means failure in endurance sports or those with prolonged, repetitive power movements, i.e. swimming, rowing because of muscle fatigue. If I need someone to run a marathon, I’m not picking a black American. Once you’re beyond the sprints in track and field (100 to 400 meters) it is anyone’s game.
Give me a set of twins from Northeast Asia (Taiwan, Japan, Korea), raise one at home and the other in an urban African-American ghetto or dirt-poor Appalachia and compare the IQs. Think you’ll still get a 104 for each? If you do, your own IQ needs checking.
I don’t have white-guilt, far from it; I’m big on personal responsibility despite any social or economic conditions in which you are raised. I think changes need to be cultural, and won?t arise no matter how much money is thrown at a particular problem. That is why Mexico wallows in poverty despite having the 11th largest economy in the world, and vast agricultural, mineral and tourist resources. It is a culture of corruption that won’t improve with any amount of repatriated American dollars.
You won’t convince anyone who hasn?t already formed an opinion, using quotes from VDARE and Rushton’s studies. I question the science of researchers who are trying to support their own theories, rather than reach a truth. I realize the same would go for researchers who enter with a notion that there are no race-based differences in intelligence. The bottom line is, I could cite many other studies that counter Rushton-style arguments. Even Rushton?s own studies show black Americans averaging 85 on IQ tests while sub-Saharan Africans (to whom they are most closely related) average 70. You would have to accept then, that for existing differences in America to be genetic, that African-Americans live and grow up in the same cultural, economic, social and health conditions as white Americans. Check income, wealth and poverty levels. That’s not guilt, that is fact.

Staypositive on August 29, 2007 at 5:08 pm

From what I know about interracial dating from black guys themselves, they like white women b/c black women have more “sass” and “attitude” and are used to standing up to the stronger, more aggresive male type black men tend to be, while white women are far more servile and easy to control for them.

JasonBourne81 on August 30, 2007 at 1:54 pm

What a bunch of racists on this board! Black, white, it doesn’t matter – racism & ignorance seems to transcend color lines. If he wants to date only white women that’s his choice. The NAACP has nothing to do with his choice. I guarantee that just like many others before him that are so color struck, he will once again need to feel the embrace of the same black woman that he is shunning now. Let him enjoy his white women only policy, whatever floats your boat!

Ryanne44 on September 17, 2007 at 10:22 am

hey, im a mixed black women and i hear comments like his all the time. i also hear it from black females. im mixed but i date all types of men, not just black. im more attracted to white and Hispanic males than i am to my own race. it really is about status. my dad who is half black married a white Hispanic woman, my mom. he constantly tells me that lighter women or white women are better. white men rule the world and if a black males dates the white mens women then his status is lifted. he has won society’s prize. thats why you see a lot of black male athletes, actors, entertainers, etc with white women. its ok for a black male to date a white women, but if a black women dates a white man, its like taboo. black men say we are a sellout. but black women are realizing they no longer have to wait for their black price charming when they have so many other options. as of this point of my life, i have nothing to do with black men. i am happily in love with my Italian/Puerto hottie!

humanchick on September 17, 2007 at 5:26 pm

The racism is complicated. Sociologists would view it as a form of institutional racism. I like the historical reference brought up regarding Rex Chapman. That is another example. In the case of the football player, the preference for white women has roots in slavery. In colonial times, the Africans worked in the fields while the plantation owner’s daughter stayed indoors with the fair complexion. African women were usually raped by white slavers, and mixed-blooded offspring were born. So that led to a color pattern where the darkest complected women were ostracized while lighter skinned black women were viewed more positively. At the top was the plantation owner’s white daughter. The legacy of colonial racism has persisted with the preference for white women among some minority men, particularly blonde white women. I see it at the gym every day. Many African American bodybuilders aggressively pursue blonde white women while ignoring the black women. There are exceptions, but the pattern is very common. It’s a tragic form of self-racism. As for me, I am minority too – Native American. Most modern Native Americans are part white. The small remnants were usually assimilated rapidly by a large colonial white population. The Metis in Canada or Cherokees of Oklahoma are common examples. Most people don’t know it, but Heather Locklear is actually part Native American. So are Cameron Diaz, Johnny Depp, and Burt Reynolds. I am among the last registered as “full-blooded” by the federal government. I am not anti-white. I don’t object to interracial dating. But I think the focus should be on the individual’s overall qualities rather than just hair color and skin complexion. The divorce rate is about 50% and infidelity rates are high. Physical appearance should not be the only factor in interracial relationships. Other factors should include lifestyle, education, in-laws, religion, political views, hobbies, parental views, geographic preference, etc. The hyper-focus by those African American bodybuilders on blonde hair and white skin is too limited and discriminates against African American women. I appreciate that Debbie has noticed this disparity. I sometimes think too many people are naive about this issue. A CNN survey pointed out the disparity on views of institional racism. But I am glad Debbie brought it up. Thanks for being cognizant.

gym member on July 3, 2010 at 3:10 am

He has the right to date who he want. I would never date a black man with a big ugly nose or big lips. So this brother can have all the white women he wants. It is the only way he’ll have a pretty baby. of course he wants a white woman so his child won’t look like him.

happy lady on January 30, 2013 at 11:19 pm

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