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Big Phonies: Oprah, Angelina & George (Clooney) “Discover” Sudan

Years ago, I wrote about Oprah Winfrey’s refusal to do anything about what is happening in Sudan.
Well, yesterday, she finally did–along with her friends, renowned African scholars and foreign policy experts Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.
But it is too little, too late. And their timing is by design. It fits in well with their political agenda. You see, now there are no Christians left in Arab Muslim Sudan. They’ve all been mass murdered (after torture, gang rape, and forced conversion to Islam). So, now, it is finally okay for these vapid celebs to display their phony concern.
On yesterday’s edition of “Oprah,” movie star George Clooney and his father did a little segment about their visit to Sudan. Clooney reported that since the Arab Muslim government doesn’t consider Blacks real Muslims, they have been fighting and killing Black Muslims.

George Clooney & Dad:

Now That Christians Are Gone, It’s OK to Report on Sudan

(Islamofascist Oprah by Preston Taylor Holmes of Six Meat Buffet)

No, that’s what’s going on now. . . now, that they’ve killed off all the Black Christians and animists that they’ve been warring against for years. You know, the years that Oprah, George, and Angelina didn’t give a damn. In fact, many of the Sudanese Blacks who are now Muslims are the offspring of the many Sudanese Black Christian women who were gang-raped by Muslims and then murdered after their children were born.
Not a word about that now that Oprah, George and Angelina have finally discovered America–and Sudan, too. Not a word about why Bin Laden felt so at home, living for years in Sudan, as a guest of it’s extremist Islamic government, while he planned the bombings of U.S. embassies in East Africa and other terrorist attacks.
Nope. Islam was hardly mentioned on the Oprah show. Clooney made the genocide in Sudan sound as if it was strictly a civil war between White and Black Muslims. Hardly. No mention of the Sudanese Christians and how they’ve been obliterated.
Ditto for Jolie, who doesn’t even mention Islam at all (or the fate of Islam’s Christian victims in Sudan).
Yesterday, Jolie took out a half page ad in USA Today entitled, “An Open Letter From Angelina Jolie: Four Facts Americans Should Know About Darfur,” an ad that was touted by Oprah on yesterday’s show. But they aren’t facts at all. They are opinions.

Take “Fact #1.” Jolie claims that:

Since February 2003 Arab “Janjaweed” militias and their allies have killed hundreds of thousands of people through violent attacks and the disease and starvation that have followed.

Again, earth to Angelina: this has been going on in Sudan for decades. It didn’t just start in February 2003. And it was not about Arabs. It was about Islam’s attack on Christians. But she wouldn’t dare say that, lest she upset her millions of .
Jolie has been getting a lot of adulation in the gushing, pandering celebrity media for her ad. Last week, it was lauded in a brown-nosing “People” Magazine article. This morning, she’s supposed to present her foreign policy expertise on NBC’s scholarly “Today Show” and again Sunday, on “Dateline.”
But the question is: Why now? Why didn’t Angelina Jolie say a word about Sudanese torture, rape, and mass-murder victims when they were Christian? Why didn’t she care when these Christians were being slaughtered solely for being Christians? Where was she?
Maybe she was too busy visiting Palestinian refugee camps, promoting their anti-Semitic propaganda, and
Yup, she was just too busy. The woman People Magazine, this week, calls one of the “Most Beautiful People” in the world, isn’t really so beautiful on the inside. It’s pretty ugly, actually.

Angelina Jolie (in Black Dress) At Arab Children’s Hate-Fest:

Then Strangely Silent on Sudanese Arab Muslim Oppression

Did Jolie have the guts to complain about the “Arab” Janjaweed’s torture and mass murder when she (an anti-American, anti-Semitic hate-fest)? No, of course, not. Too busy kissing–and kissing the rear of–Jordan’s Queen Noor.

In her ad, Jolie claims–in “Fact” #4–that

We can stop this [what is happening in Sudan], but only if government leaders make it a high priority.

But, in fact, government leaders did make it a high priority. Several Congressmen, including Republican Chris Smith of New Jersey, and many others (Democrats, too), heard the plight of Francis Bok and other “Lost Boys” of Sudan (orphaned, tortured, exiled Sudanese Christian Blacks). They introduced bills to bankrupt Sudan, boycott oil drilled there, and prohibit its sale in the U.S., which almost passed until 9/11 happened and Sudan became one of our phony “allies in the War on Terror.”
Where was Angelina Jolie then? With budding Palestinian terrorists.
Then, there’s Oprah. She’s the BIGGEST phony on this issue.
On yesterday’s show, Winfrey “educated” her audience about various civil wars around the world. Far less time was spent on the situation in Sudan than she spent on “the bad Christians.” To balance out the short segments on Sudan, Oprah spent most of the show presenting Christian armies who torture, maim, and murder. Just to be fair.
But the most hypocritical part of the show was when Ms. Thang chastised her audience. “You know how you always say, I didn’t do anything about this because I didn’t know? Well, now you can’t say that because now you know. You just saw it here.”
I wondered if Barbara Vogel was watching. Because she knows that Oprah knew quite well about the Islamic gang-rape, torture, and mass-murder of Sudanese Christians. She knows how Oprah knew . . . and chose to ignore it.
Vogel, a teacher at Aurora, Colorado’s Highline Elementary School and her 4th- and 5th-graders raised enough money to buy freedom for 1,000 Sudanese Christian slaves from their Muslim masters. They sent Oprah hundreds of letters with photos of freed slaves. But after teasing and disappointing them over a few years with false alarms of airtime, Oprah said the story was just “too complicated” to feature on her precious show.
Too complicated? What Oprah really meant was that Islamic inhumanity to Black Christians in Sudan was just too inconvenient to Oprah’s agenda-laden career of pro-Islamist propaganda.
This isn’t rocket science. It was hardly “too complicated” for Oprah, if she really wanted to delve into it. But she didn’t want to.
Now, that there are no Christians left for the Sudanese Muslims to torture and kill, the topic fits in very nicely with her “Oprah Eternal Queen Humanitarian of the Universe” campaign.
Timing is everything.

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