May 5, 2006, - 10:49 am

EXCLUSIVE: Family of Deceased ICE/INS Agent Who Arrested Moussaoui Speaks Out on Verdict

I wrote about then-INS Special Agent , who arrested and investigated terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui, along with FBI Special Agent , and then-INS Special Agent . (Nordmann and Weess became ICE–Immigration & Customs Enforcement–Agents, when the INS was dissolved and reorganized.)
As I wrote, Nordmann passed away and did not live to see Wednesday’s shameful verdict allowing Moussaoui to live. (Nordmann’s colleagues alerted me that before his death, Nordmann traveled to Rwanda with fellow ICE agents, to help investigate and stop the genocide there.) Agent Nordmann’s niece writes that her uncle would be upset by the verdict:

I just wanted to thank you for the recognition of my uncle, Steven J. Nordmann. Believe it or not, your article was the first to ever recognize him for his actions. He was a true hero to all that do know him, and many more should know. He is definitely missed.

Agent Steven J. Nordmann, RIP

Not a day goes by that I and his whole family don’t think about him. He has done so many goods unto others. I wish more people could follow his example. Thank you for the props to my heroic uncle and digging up the TRUTH. More people need to follow your example. . . .
I . . . read the whole court transcripts, and it truly amazes me how much 911 could have been prevented if our govt would have just listened. It’s kind of odd to me.
As the anniversary of Steve’s death rolls around, and with the [Moussaoui] trial having gone on, it’s definitely not an easy time. It is very frustrating to see the outcome, and I know if Steve was still alive he would have never given up on getting a correct verdict. Not just the verdict, but more protection for all of us Americans. He always cared so much about everyone, even if he didn’t know them, like when he went to Rwanda during the genocide. I wish more people knew how amazing he was.

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Damn shame.

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