April 16, 2010, - 2:39 pm

Radioactive Vannity: Why Roger Ailes Forced Hannity From Tea Party Event

By Debbie Schlussel

By now, you’ve probably read Matea Gold’s LA Times story (and subsequent World Nut Daily utter plagiarism of the article) about FOX News forcing Sean Hannity out of the Cincinnati Tea Party event.  He canceled at the last minute, after being billed as the keynote speaker at the event to which tickets were being sold.  And this coward, Vannity, lied to organizers, telling them there was a Hannity family emergency and letting them believe someone in his family was seriously ill.  What a lout.



This video from a Tea Party participant is veeeery interesting:

Yes, Sean Hannity is radioactive.  Since I posted my first story, a month ago, about Hannity’s Freedom Concerts scam and the Freedom Alliance charity rip-offs, Hannity and Premier Marketing, Inc. have steadfastly refused to produce the financial records for the concerts, including the hundreds of thousands of dollars of concert revenue that paid for Hannity’s private planes and on which a hefty profit was pocketed.  Ditto for Freedom Alliance, which has refused to provide a detailed accounting of monies spent on consultants, direct mail, and other wastes of money.

And because of that, everything Sean Hannity does–where there is money involved–is rightfully under suspicion.  Because of Hannity’s involvement and charging for tickets, everything is stuck under a dark shadow of doubt.  That’s why Roger Ailes made him cancel.  Hannity is damaged goods.  It’s ironic that the Tea Parties were billed as volunteer angry citizens just showing up to protest Washington wasting their money . . . and yet the event cost over $70,000 to put on.  Hmmm . . . sounds like ObamaCare.

And here’s the scoop on what happened:

You have to read between the lines on the LA Times Hannity story and know the background.  The order to cancel Hannity’s Tea Party broadcast came from FOX News Chairman Roger Ailes, not Senior Vice President Bill Shine–a shameless Hannity toady.  Shine, who is quoted in the article, is one of Hannity’s best friends.  They often drive into work together from their Long Island homes.  Both are big Howard Stern fans and listened to his terrestrial radio show religiously.  Shine produced Hannity’s show and Hannity forced out FOX News’ previous Senior VP of News, Kevin Magee, so that Hannity’s guy, Shine, could get the job.  Shine knew all along that Hannity was hosting his FOX News show from the Tea Party event.  They don’t set up the satellite trucks and feeds at the last minute.  It’s all set up well in advance.  And Hannity promoted it–and the ticket sales–repeatedly on his radio show, to which Shine listens, and on his website.

Shine knew, and Roger Ailes probably took him to the woodshed for being blindsided by this. Hannity is self-destructing.  He’s let legitimate questions stand because he refuses to answer them or provide proof, for example, that he paid for his own private jet trips to the Freedom Concerts, as he claimed.  He can’t provide that proof, because, in fact, he didn’t.  The luxe travel was paid for by the Freedom Concerts.  And Ailes and FOX News are worried.  Their well-paid star property, Hannity, is actually a two-bit whore . . . doing nothing unless he personally benefits.  It raises questions any time he appears anywhere and money is involved.  And that’s why Ailes put the kabosh on this.

Like I said, the Cincinnati Tea Party people put a sketchy budget breakdown of the $70,000-plus cost of their event on their website.  Now, because of the issues I raised, which Hannity has yet to disprove or refute, he is radioactive.  People know about his private planes, the lies about how the Gulfstream 5 and Embraers Legacy 600 flights were financed from concert revenue supposedly going to severely wounded soldiers and the kids of the fallen.  Any event which features him must show their budget.  And I’m not saying the Cinci Tea Party budget is legit.  We have seen no canceled checks, no invoices, just some amorphous categories of expenses listed by the accused.  And I’m not gonna take their word.  You shouldn’t either.  Like Ronald Reagan said, trust but verify.

I would like to know, for example, who was paid the $50,000 in security, refreshments, ticketing, and facility costs.  We need names of vendors and their principals to see if there was any self-dealing or impropriety.  Who got the bulk of the $9,000 in expenses listed for three speakers, including Jonah Goldberg?  We’ll never know, unless the Tea Party organizers provide real financial information, rather than a nebulous, brief breakdown.  And they used the same BS excuse as Hannity’s Freedom Alliance cronies–that “profits” would go for the future.  Uh-huh.  Sure they will. And finally, who paid for Sean Hannity’s private plane flight to and from Cincinnati and how much did that cost? Let’s see the canceled checks and bank records on it.

And, now, everything Hannity touches is tainted with these questions.  Legitimate questions he still hasn’t answered.  Oh, and let’s see his contract with the Cincinnati Tea Party officials.  They’ve yet to disclose it.  He hasn’t either.  I guess that’s another “Hannity family emergency.   Can’t talk right now.  Gotta go.”

Yes, the once-hot FOX News property, Sean Hannity, is not only self-destructing, he’s proving to be a liability and a headache not worth the male diva prima donna act.

I hear from sources at FOX News, Glenn Beck is licking his chops, and that Vannity could be moved to the less prestigious Greta Van Susteren slot. It may not happen tomorrow, next week, or even this year. But Hannity is on the decline. This is just the latest point until the impending nadir.

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Hey Debbie, thanks for the information mam, I didn’t know that Mr. Breitbart founded the far left wing Huffington Post, but I’ve heard O’Keefe & Giles story on exposing ACORN, in which ACORN is the modern day Tammany Hall.

I’ve come to realize DS that on these forums your moderators don’t use “awaiting moderation” BS whenever anyone is done typing their post, whereas on Breitbart’s website, almost everytime I post on his site, there’s that annoying “awaiting moderation” message, I don’t know who moderates Breitbart’s website and I’ve complained to Mr. Breitbart on that, I don’t use profanity language, I don’t use racial/ethnic slurs (I am NOT a close-minded racist or bigot, etc.), etc., all I do is give out the facts and the truth on his site & I don’t use no type of agenda as well.

Liberalism is a Mental Disorder!!!

“A nation is identified by it’s borders, language & culture!”

Sean R. on April 19, 2010 at 1:17 pm

you state:”Both are big Howard Stern fans and listened to his terrestrial radio show religiously” Howard has been on Sirius for five years now. The same Howard that was thinking about giving you a show on Howard 101. Why was Howard Stern worth a mention? I don’t get it.

Ray Depiano on April 25, 2010 at 7:52 pm

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