June 20, 2006, - 5:52 pm

Raising RuPaul: Parents Who Should be SUED for Malpractice

Talk about defining deviancy down. The irresponsible parents of “Nicole” are intent on raising their own little RuPaul.
The five-year-old boy is the youngest known transvestite and is encouraged to pursue his preference for living as a girl . . . in KINDERGARTEN!!!:

A 5-year-old boy in Broward County, Fla., preparing to enter kindergarten, is believed by gender-identity experts to be the youngest kid in the country whose family supports his decision to live completely as the other sex (according to a May profile in New Times Broward-Palm Beach). The parents doubt that the unnamed now-girl (dubbed “Nicole Anderson” in the article) is “just going through a phase,” because of “her” early, constant, and insistent female preferences and comments, e.g., “I want the fairy princess to come and make my penis into a vagina.”

Incompetent Parents Eagerly Encouraging Son to Become

RuPaul (or )

“Nicole” and his mother Lauren Anderson have a whole plan to trick other Broward county kids into thinking he’s really a she. And hey, they even created a new sex: not male, not female, but “intersexed.” Funny, it’s not in my dictionary. Not surprising, “Nicole’s” 10-year-old sister is suffering.
The whole disturbing–and true–story is here, in the New Times Broward-Palm Beach.
Here are some of the most disturbing parts:

Nicole’s face is framed with delicate brown braids, and her fingernails are painted a rainbow of colors. She plans to go swimming with a friend at the community pool, but at the moment, she doesn’t like the way her dress feels. She yanks the hot-pink halter-top over her head, telling her mother, “This is poking me. I want to change my dress.”
Minutes later, she scampers back, now as naked as a jaybird except for her underwear. Without the dress, you can clearly see her penis, tucked carefully into her pink patterned panties. . . .
When her mother asks her if she’s happy with the way she looks, she says no.
“What would you change about yourself?”
“Mm… my penis,” Nicole murmurs.
“What would you do with it?” her mother asks.
“Um… cut it,” Nicole replies, very softly.
“And what would you do with it then?” asks a surprised Lauren, who later says she’s never before heard Nicole express dislike for her penis.
“I would hammer it,” Nicole says.
“What?” Lauren says.
“Hammer it,” Nicole insists more strongly. . . .
At first, I thought it was cute,” she explains. “I don’t have a problem putting nail polish on a little boy. I don’t have a problem if my son plays with dolls. His older brothers went through a similar period of doll playing and asking for nail polish on their toes. There’s no reason to say no to a phase. I never once said ‘no.’ A phase is a phase.”
So baby Nicholas was allowed to wear high heels. To play with Little Mermaid and Barbie dolls. To grow his hair a little longer. . . .

Nicholas “Nicole” Anderson Learning to Be “Intersexed” w/Idiotic Mom Lauren

Lauren was sitting at her computer working when 2-year-old Nicholas, who, like all the Anderson children, had a frank understanding of anatomy, came to her with a request: “I want the fairy princess to come and make my penis into a vagina,” he said. . . .
The Andersons called Marcia Schultz, a psychologist in Coral Springs. One session with Nicholas, who was then 3, convinced Schultz that he had a form of GID.
“Nicholas is a transsexual who wants to be a woman,” Schultz says. . . .
Today, Nicole gets to be all girl at home and is supposed to be “neutral” in public at her preschool, where many of her friends, all girls, call her “she.” . . .
Even among transsexuals, not everyone thinks being raised as a girl will be good for Nicole. At one meeting of a transgender support group, Lauren encountered criticism from a female-to-male adult transsexual who thought Lauren’s permissiveness was harming the child.
“He told me, ‘I’m the man I am today because I suffered as a child,'” she says. . . .
Nicole will have no need for medical intervention for years – until puberty will begin to ruin her girlish figure. But eventually, she may consider taking hormone blockers to prevent masculinization and then eventually begin to take feminizing hormones. . . .
Logistically, the Andersons believe, having Nicole attend school as a girl shouldn’t be difficult. Most of the classrooms at the school have attached single-stall bathrooms. With the cooperation of teachers, other children would never have to know.
Marilyn Volker, a Miami sexologist, says other transsexual children have successfully navigated Florida schools, often with the discreet help of teachers. “Sometimes only individual teachers know about it,” she says. “Often, the teacher deals with it.” . . .
With registration for fall’s kindergarten classes already beginning, the Andersons are still in the dark about the school’s plans, making the task of listing Nicole’s gender on the registration forms difficult. “I’m not going to put male or female. I’m going to put down ‘I,'” Lauren says, which she means to stand for intersexed. . . .
Oblivious to the fight swirling around her as only a 5-year-old can be, Nicole is headstrong and boisterous, with a room full of Barbie dolls and a fondness for singing showtunes to visitors. . . .
Nicole’s 10-year-old sister, Angela, explains that for a while, having her younger brother turn into a younger sister was difficult.
“When I was younger, I thought that it was just a stage,” she says. But now the most annoying part is that Nicole steals Angela’s clothes. “But I guess that’s what having a sister is like, because I’ve never had a sister.”
As for Nicole’s interactions with the outside world, Angela is used to answering questions.
“It’s kind of strange,” she says, “because my friends always call it a he, and I’m like, ‘No, it’s a she,’ and it’s kind of hard. Everyone always goes up to me and goes, ‘That’s a boy, right?’ and I go, ‘No, it’s my sister,’ and they go, ‘Oh. ‘”

Deviant Nation. One of the things that’s NOT great about America.

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13 Responses

I didn’t even know what a penis and vagina were when I was five years old.
I didn’t know about homosexuals till I was ten or so.
I didn’t know about TS/TV till I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show when I was 16.
I don’t consider myself sheltered or a prude, but maybe there ought to be a litmus test before being allowed to give birth.

The Plumber on June 20, 2006 at 7:46 pm

The kid needs to be removed from that sicko household and put into a home where his behavior is not encouraged.
What does his father have to say about this? Oh I forgot he is probably a metro-sexual feminist male.
This behavior would not be tolerated in our household and all the BS this kid allowed to get away with.
“I would never want to force any person to be something they’re not,” says Tom Anderson, Nicole’s father. “This is different from ‘It’s time to stop drinking chocolate milk from a baba’ or taking away a blanket. This is the essence of the person.”

ScottyDog on June 21, 2006 at 11:20 am

They are taking a minor, they are planning to give the minor non-necessary drugs (to prevent the “masculinization during puberty”) to prevent him from getting normal male sexual urges, and they would likely get the surgery done.
On a minor. Someone who has not yet developed the maturity to understand the consequences of their decisions and actions

Izzy on June 21, 2006 at 11:28 am

This is one case where the Government needs to take that kid out of that wacko household.
I am not shocked because the Gov’t learning centers are finally producing the kind of citizens they teach in our schools.
This is how multi culturalism warps values and normalizes even the most outrageous behavior as normal.
This kid needs a good spanking and a real man for a role model.

ScottyDog on June 21, 2006 at 1:39 pm

Where’s the father in all this? I got to pass this on to the Tom Leykis Show.

KOAJaps on June 21, 2006 at 4:27 pm

Debbie,lesbian chic has made it down to first grade. I know a 6 year old girl with a unisex name who basically passes herself off as a boy. Aside from me, no one seems to be bothered.

shleppy on June 21, 2006 at 6:20 pm

Dear Debbie,
I love when people talk about a subject they know nothing about. Have you walked a mile in these parents or childs shoes for that matter. I am a transsexual man, and known as an advocate, the one in the article Mark Angelo Cummings. I am so sick and tired of hearing people put in their degenerative 2 cents when, you know nothing of the matter. My mother did everything within her power to make me a girl, although, I knew other wise. When I met The Andersons, I had only wish they could have been my parents. When I met Nicole, I bonded instantly, and felt, what a lucky girl she is. Gender Dysphoria is real. To tell you the truth, there will be an epedimic of it. You see at 8 weeks time when the brain and central nervous system is being developed, exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals ( pesticide, herbacides, fungazides, and estrogenic compounds such as soy products) alter the typical pathways that hard wires the brain to be a boy or girl brain. The weight of scientific evidence demonstrates that Transsexualism is biologically based. Do the homework before you continue to bad mouth, the most wonderful human beings I have met. Here is a link to an interview that my wife and i provided channel 4 news: http://cbs4.com/local/local_story_191172820.html
here is a link to some science you might want to get familiar with
and finally here is my website, so you can see my transition. I lived a life of hell, because of people with your mentality, Dam if I am going to allow another child to suffer like I have.
Realize that being transsexaul is not a sin, a crime, nor is it deviant behavior, what it is is a birth defect, nature gone wrong.
Mark Angelo Cummings

Mark on July 11, 2006 at 1:53 pm

http://www.bodiesundercontructiononline.com I forgot to put my website on the previous post.

Mark on July 11, 2006 at 1:57 pm

We claim to deny the scientific evidence behind transsexualism, that it has a neurobological basis that stems from hormonal mix up in utero. Yet, we claim to believe in a higher power without the science to prove it. Love, a feeling that comes from the heart has no scientific conclusion or hard evidence, yet we proclaim our love to one another with such conviction. We pray to a supreme being which we have never seen nor heard, yet we have a hard time believing when one human being is in distress about his or her gender identity or sexual preference. What kind of world are we living in, when we try to make others feel less than human when they don’t fit in a perfect little box. God created differences amongst all his species and creations. How dare we proclaim to be God loving, when we fail to love each others differences and accept each others ways. We have much to learn about our nature, to know God is to understand each other, to stop the hatred and separation, when in reality we are all alike. Wanting Love and acceptance, is that not why we go to church to receive the holy spirit and proclaim our love to Jesus, hoping to be saved? From what I wonder, we were put here on earth with all the disadvantages and our own sinning nature, we don’t stand a chance, yet we beat each other daily for not being perfect. Who is perfect, where does the notion come from, its a fairy tale, a myth. We are killing each other, all in the name what. This constant need of empowerment and conviction is separating us and digging us into a deeper grave. Be free of hatred and bigotry accept yourself and others and live a better life.

Mark on July 27, 2006 at 12:45 pm

Thanks for taking an incredibly dysfunctional family and using it to illustrate how wrong transsexualism is. It gives credibilty to your arguements.

Regardless if the child is transgendered it is apparent that the child is ill-mannered and ego-centric. The child needs a spanking. It will work just as well thru pink panties as it will through tighty-whities.

I accept transsexualism. I don’t accept bad behaviour.

chris on April 23, 2011 at 5:54 am

    First off the only thing wrong with that family is that they are encouraging their child when they should be supporting her, and yes there is a difference between encouraging and supporting which is when you encourage someone you push them into doing something, and when you support someone you let them choose every aspect of what they believe is right. But that doesn’t mean that I think this wrong because I consider myself not male, but both male and female at the same time which is a form of transsexualism in itself, so spanking the child will not work, the mother needs her ass beat pushing this child, because if it is a phase and she puts that child on hormone blockers then gets the child a sex-change she will be the source of all that child’s problems, but thankfully no doctor in the United States will perform a sex-change on a minor unless it is absolutely necessary in order to fix a genital abnormality which otherwise would cause severe pain for a child. So let me ask you this, What would you do if your child came to you and told you that they were the opposite gender would you beat it out them or would you try and “cure” them of something where the only cure is to become the gender their brain is.

    Snova on June 9, 2011 at 7:36 am

Give this child all the support you can. SHE needs it. SHE is as troubled as I was, I wanted to be a girl for as long as I can remember. We are all individuals. Remember that. Accept HER for being what SHE is never ridicule HER just because SHE doesn’t fit the box you want to put HER in. My box is the one I made for myself. I live as the woman I should have been born. Ther cant be a god because if there was he wouldn’t have allowed us to be not one or the other. We would all fit into those boxes and there would be no need for the likes of this GIRL to suffer as I did. I wish HER all the luck in the world and ask HER to love HER parents for supporting HER.

brianna on October 17, 2011 at 9:26 pm

You should be ashamed of yourself Debbie. A Child being transgendered is not a parents fault I applaud the parents who allow their children to be who they are at a young age. If we repress children they end up hating themselves by the time they are a teenager.

Chastity on December 22, 2011 at 8:45 am

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