April 19, 2010, - 3:07 pm

In Defense of Jamar Pinkney, Sr.: A Detroit Father’s Story

By Debbie Schlussel

Last week, in a Detroit courtroom, Jamar Pinkney, Sr. was found guilty of executing his fifteen-year-old son, Jamar Pinkney, Jr.  The 38-year-old father was sentenced to 37-82 years in prison and will be 75 years old at his earliest possible release from prison. His story is one of the many tragic stories of life on the wilding streets of Detroit.


And I’m the only person I know of (other than his attorney) to defend him.  But I think he got a raw deal.  Sadly, the Detroit mainstream media all editorialized against him in their coverage of the story.

You see, Pinkney’s son, Jamar Jr. raped his three-year-old sister.  And while I don’t condone executions for rape, we know that those who rape kids will do it over and over, again and again.  There is no cure, and all the counseling in the world doesn’t cure child molesters of their sickness.  A fifteen-year-old boy is old enough to know that raping anyone–especially a three year old child who happens to be your sister–is wrong.  In most jurisdictions, a 15-year-old is tried as an adult for such crimes.  And at age 15, this kid’s warped, perverted behavior was likely a preview of his lifelong conduct, had he lived beyond that day.  Via his execution, how many girls’ lives of pain, humiliation and lifelong mental problems from child-rape were spared?  Quite a few, I’ll bet.

But, instead, the mainstream media soft-pedaled the rape, describing it as “molestation”–a sanitized word for it.  The Detroit Free Press quoted the sentencing judge as saying the father denied his son the chance at rehabilitation and repentance.  Do you really think a 15-year-old rapist of his 3-year-old sister will ever truly be rehabilitated?  Dream on.

How many parents wish they could execute the rapists who have killed the mental lives of their kids after raping them?  We don’t condone that kind of violence, but when it happens in the movies and in real-life, we generally applaud those people for cleaning up the earth of some of the excessive scum that made it dirty.  I wish these child rapists would all serve life terms in prison.  But we know that’s not what happens.  They get out, and they rape little kids again.

I feel for Jamar Pinkney, Sr.  He was one of the few fathers in Detroit (and Highland Park–a destitute, wholly surrounded suburb of Detroit) who was actually around and actively in his kids’ life.  And when he learned that his teen son raped his daughter, he apparently snapped and immediately took his son out and shot him, execution style.  I don’t think he was sane at the moment.  And it’s clear he feels terrible for what he did.  This was a father who cared about his kids.  He went off the handle as many would in a very traumatic tragedy.  It’s a horror and rage any parent of a raped child feels because they know their child is irreparably scarred forever, some of the life in them permanently killed.  Now, he will likely spend the rest of his life in prison.

There are plenty of other fathers a/k/a sperm donors in Detroit who deserve life in prison far more than Jamar Pinkney, men who are far more of a threat to society.  Some are hardened criminals who don’t kill as the result of the rage over a raped daughter.  Others are those who spread their seed at random to various babymamas.  And their absenteeism results in their kids becoming killers, drug dealers, pimps, and thugs.  And, unlike Pinkney, Sr., they’ll never do a day in jail for the monstrosities they’ve borne on this city. Pinkney, sadly, is a babydaddy, too. The raped girl was his daughter by another mother. And that’s why Pinkney, Jr.’s mother and grandmother don’t mention (in the video above) the daughter her son raped and dismiss the heinous act as “lust.” Rape is far more than lust. And now the raped young girl will be yet another damaged Detroit victim of violence who also won’t grow up with a father.

Like I said, I don’t favor this kind of vigilante justice or personal death penalty, executing someone for a sex crime.  it is uncivilized. But sometimes vigilante justice ends up working out for the best.  And frankly, I think Jamar, Sr.–in the heat of a loving father’s anger that his toddler daughter was raped–did a lot of potential future victims of Jamar Pinkney, Jr. a favor.  He saved their lives.

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271 Responses

I wouldn’t dare defend this man or his son for their actions, but I DO feel this article is ABSURD!! Who made this blogger an expert at predicting the future? Who gave the father the right to play God? He’ll have a long time to think about his actions. His son on the other hand will get a 2nd chance to be the man his dad failed to set an example of when it’s all said & done. The wages of sin is paid through death. Thanks Sr.

Beside Myself on September 19, 2013 at 2:16 pm

1st off, the daughter was not his child!!! She was the boy’s half sister.. That shows how much research you really did before you wrote this story, dumb ass!! And you sound like an asshole defending this man for what he did! The mother also said that the boy did not rape her, but he was on top of her…

Kim on September 19, 2013 at 5:03 pm

This article is foolish. Do some research, stop making excuses, and stop revealing to the world that you are a lowlife.

Ric on September 22, 2013 at 3:35 pm

There is NO excuse for what he did. There is no excuse for parents to kill their own kids. Parents are supposed to have unconditional love for ALL of their children, no matter what. Killing your own kids is NOT love, it’s HATE and it’s EVIL. No one should be defending this murderer.

Aaron Husar on June 6, 2014 at 1:53 pm

http://www.truecrimereport.com/2010/04/jamar_pinkney_sr_guilty_in_exe.php It looks more like a forced confession than anything, If you read more news articles you’d see that this kid wanted help and that he was clearly sorry what any inappropriate contact he had. His sorry excuse for a father should’ve never forced him to confess to more than he did and never should’ve murdered him. The kid needed help, not the ultimate form of hate and evil.

Aaron Husar on June 6, 2014 at 1:57 pm

The son deserved that bullet. Good riddance..rapist!

Me on June 27, 2014 at 2:01 pm

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