May 13, 2010, - 4:04 pm

To Those Opposed to the Ground Zero Mosque

By Debbie Schlussel

For about a week, I’ve been getting e-mails from people asking why I haven’t commented on the Muslims building a mosque at Ground Zero, right near the former home of the World Trade Center.  They bought the site of an empty Burlington Coat Factory and will spend over $100 million to build their shrine to the moongod cult.  It’s ironic that the store is closed because Americans and New Yorkers didn’t see to it that business was quickly rebuilt and bustling at the site of the 9/11 attacks.  But the business of Islam has been chugging along the whole time with a lot of help from crappy people on both the left AND the right who still refuse to condemn Islam, but just “a few radicals” and “Islamists,” a phony and dishonest word. Ditto for “radical Islam,” a redundant phrase.  They keep telling us the BS they know is fertilizer:  that “most Muslims” are against terrorism.  Among them are not just Muslims and lefties but Sean Vannity, Sarah Palin, Daniel Pipes, Bill O’Reilly, etc.  If you support or listen to any of these people, you are part of the problem of the Ground Zero mosque and have no right to complain.


I’ve said nothing about the Ground Zero mosque because even though I don’t like the mosque going up there (or anywhere), I don’t think there’s a case here.  It’s too late, and it’s a waste of time to whine about it.  And we brought ourselves to this point.  We need to pick causes and battles where we will actually be victorious.  Many of those opposing the Ground Zero mosque were part of the problem b/c they did nothing for 8 of the last 9 years, since a Republican was their President.  Again, they miss him and fawn over false memories of safety and security that brought us here.  I don’t miss him yet . . . or ever.  The time to stop barbarians was before they were at the gate.  Not once they were inside of it and held the deed.  The people who did nothing for almost a decade are now circulating petitions against the mosque.   Will they teach jihad at the mosque? Of course. That’s what they teach at every mosque and Islamic school in America, none of which these people did anything to stop. Now, it’s a waste of time.  Will do nothing to stop it. If you are against mosques at Ground Zero, you should be against them everywhere in America, as I am, and against Muslim immigration to America. So where have you been on that for the last 9 years, during most of which Bush was Prez?

For eight years, we had a President–who claimed to be the counterterrorism Prez–who did nothing to stop Muslim immigration to the U.S.  He, in fact, increased it through visa lotteries for underrepresented (read: Muslim) countries, through quadrupling the number of Muslim student visas, and through handcuffing Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and largely keep them from arresting Muslim illegal aliens.  Now, we have a President, who is continuing those policies, because he said he would.  He’s kept his word.

Yes, I blame Bush and not Obama because Obama said he supported these groups and that he would do these things.  Bush, on the other hand, said we were fighting the terrorists over there “so we wouldn’t have to fight them over here,” while he was kissing their asses over here and promoting them with your tax dollars every step of the way.  He paved the way for them, when he had the mandate to deport them or at least stem their invasion into America.  He didn’t.  Instead, he (not Obama) set up–within his own Justice Department–a special civil rights unit to go after every American expressing his/her free speech about Muslims, and refused to prosecute, for instance, a Muslim woman who made repeated death, rape, and torture threats against me and my family members.

So, now, those Muslims are here in bigger and more influential numbers than ever because for 8 years these conservative citizens saw no reason to set up Tea Parties against a Republican President who expanded the Islamic presence and power in America and pandered to it.  They’re suddenly only upset now that Obama is in office . . . when it is toooo late.   Yes, they are the same types that fall in the Tea Party movement.  And I ask them:  where the heck were you for the last 9 years?  Huh? You have a problem with selectivity in battle-picking.  Boycotting Muslim-owned businesses, opposing Muslim obstacles to free speech–those are effective.  This faux-protest won’t be.

Now they pick a battle they will not win, but is a cleverly designed PR vehicle for people like car loan fraud scammer Scamela Geller and others who are using them to raise money and get attention.  Because having a whole car dealership making gazillions by ripping off banks with car loan scams using Muslim straw buyers wasn’t enough.  Nor was the murder of an investigating cop and the execution of the one honest car salesman employee who told police.  Behavior worse than a mobster’s wife apparently breeds no shame.  But it does breed faux-outrage in a “battle” that we already know won’t be won.  It’s already lost.  They have the property.  Move on to something we can win, not a car loan defrauder’s attention-whore trick, just weeks before her book is about to be released and needs to earn back a bloated advance.  If you think it’s anything other than this, you are a malleable tool, easily manipulated and not of much substance.

The only way you can stop a mosque is if it violates zoning laws, will be a disturbance/extreme nuisance, or if it is somehow funded with terrorist money you can get the government to freeze, etc.  Good luck with that.  I was involved with citizens of a local Michigan township, trying to help them keep a mosque from expanding a residential lot into a giant parking lot.  And while they won, it was tough.  In Warren, Michigan, for example, a mosque had the Bush Justice Department as its guardian and Bush’s U.S. Attorney Stephen Murphy III a/k/a “Abu Porno” (now a Bush federal judge and a big liberal), breathing down the neck of Warren, threatening City Council members with civil rights lawsuits if they didn’t acquiesce to the mosque.

The Muslims and their mosque at Ground Zero are no different.  I don’t like them or that they are there, and it is certainly an in-your-face nose-thumbing at America.  But, hey, this is the same America that still doesn’t have the courage to rebuild the Towers in our own F-You to them.  This is the America that won’t even call it Freedom Towers because we might offend Islamic terrorists.  This is the same America that welcomed more and more of them here for the last 9 years, even after a huge terrorist attack they fomented, and more that they tried to commit (some successfully, like the Fort Hood massacre).  If you’re not gonna stop them from entering the nation, you can’t stop them from buying property and opening mosques.

There are no legitimate legal grounds that will succeed in stopping the Ground Zero mosque people.  They paid big bucks to real estate charlatans in a bad economy to buy the land near the site of the 9/11 Islamic terrorist attacks on America.  And they legitimately have the land.  We did nothing for the last 9 years to stop them from coming here and becoming citizens.  Now, we are going to tell them we let them in but that they don’t have the same rights as everybody else?  Good luck with that.  It’s a losing argument.  The ACLU and others will make sure of that–just as Bush’s Justice Department did it right after Muslims murdered 3,000 Americans.

Pick your battles wisely.  You will not win all of them and may lose the war because you had the wrong focus.  This is the wrong focus.   And it won’t be stopped, despite what publicity hounds with unchecked egos may tell you.

And as anyone who actually knows something about Islam can tell you, the more you lose battles to Muslims, the more empowered they become.  Just ask HAMAS and Hezbollah after Israel attacked them in wars they knew they would not win and had no intention of winning because they refused to flatten their opponents.  We can’t flatten the Muslims who are here.

The cancer has spread and metastasized.  We can only slow it down by fighting things we know we can stop.  But opposing the Ground Zero mosque is the equivalent of Suzanne Sommers’ medical quackery.

It won’t work.  And it’s a waste of resources . . . unless you have a book and website to pimp on the gullible.

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I would suggest that we make a deal, let them build a mosque on Ground zero if the in turn let us build a Mega Church on top of Kaba in Mecca. Thats fair and promotes the multiculturalism they claim they want. Lets put their claims to the test.

Christian Schiffer on July 29, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    hey smart one they can build it here cuz they’re AMERICAN muslims born and raised in america. u on the other hand are jsut an ignorant rednecked racist peace of shit. u cant go onto someones land and build something there just for the heck of it. when are you dumbasses gonna snap back into reality.

    the truth on August 17, 2010 at 4:25 am


Good Article. I only wish that the people in this country were more passionate about this Republic than the adherents to the moon g-d cult who want world domination.

Ephraim on August 3, 2010 at 9:11 pm


World domination and a New Dark Age.

Ephraim on August 3, 2010 at 9:13 pm

This is not a great thing. But, as a Bible believer, they lose in the end. Keep heart! The Temple will be re-built right on the temple mount where there is currently a Mosque in Jerusalem. The story is just unfolding now….

Rich on August 7, 2010 at 5:30 pm

    Why should they lose in the end? They’ve been winning for 1,400 years, even if sometimes at glacier pace. Our political correctness is giving them victory by default, and that is the reason they will win in the end, unless we grow a pair in the next 20 years or so.

    SpiritOf1683 on October 31, 2010 at 3:49 pm

Schlussel makes a monumentally important point and that is that if we’re too cowardly to do what’s necessary, we’re wasting our time. I have said from the very beginning that if a mosque at ground zero isn’t appropriate (and it ISN’T) then any mosque anywhere on American soil isn’t either (which they AREN’T). We have allowed the barbarians inside our gates and we don’t even have the cahonas to call them barbarians.

Tommy Hunt on August 12, 2010 at 1:33 pm

    afghan’s who fought the soviet war for wuss’s and hicks like urself,have spilled out of their boundaries into adjacent countries like Pakistan, these refugees multiplied in numbers six time in the last 20 years, saudis gave handouts to them and set up madrassas, to preach a convoluted religion, far from Islam. Turned out thousands of jihadi’s.
    We did the same for Vietnamese Veterans for the longest time, deprived them of their honor and suddenly one day everything changed and country came to realize that they have an important place in history.

    We need to kick ourselves and awaken to the fact, that something needs to be done with

    1.Afghani refugees
    2.Stop Saudi’s from pirating the islam and preaching the incorrect version worldwide.

    All these band aid tips you have are pretty lousy.

    fatima on August 13, 2010 at 8:31 pm



12345 on August 14, 2010 at 5:41 am

    We don’t love you. We’d like to be shut of you, then there would be no 9/11s, Beslans, 3/11s or 7/7s here. Our girls could grow up in freedom and unmolested by savages like yourself. Unlike our leaders, we’re not gullible.

    SpiritOf1683 on October 31, 2010 at 3:54 pm


12345 on August 14, 2010 at 6:20 am

First again I want to thank Debbie Schlussel for defending me against the fallacious and agravating libel suit by a Dearborn Plastic Surgeon “Dr.Haitham Masri” who in my opinion takes advantage of his own people’s ignorance and also in my opinion he is Dearborn’s version Bernie Madoff in his practice of plastic surgery.
Under Michigan nalpractice law he does have the right to verbally lie to patients about the outcome (puffery),this protection is given to all licenced quacks in Michigan. My dear friend Souad learned the hard way when he changed the promised procedure because she did not fall for the ast minute cost extra nostril narrowing which was not part of the original verbal agreement which as Yogi Berra would say is not worth the paper its written on.
To compound the insult he left before she recovered from the anethesia, and she was sent home without written recovery instructions. As a result she bled and threw up in her friends car. This sweet talking doctor told her when she complained later that he did not lift the tip her nose as promised that she did not pay for it, and if she wants that done she would have to pay out of pocket for another operation. This when I wrote him upon which apparently in my opinion was paid off to remove my comments for which he attempted to sue me for. In the past his license to practice was suspended for falsifying records. He should be investigated for possible fraud, again in my opinion. For more interesting information google Debbie Schlussel, Haitham Masri M.D.

As far as the Mosque at ground zero is concerned, this is my analogy ( I love analogies-don’t you?). Suppose a member of your family was brutally murdered (G-d forbid!) and for some reason the mother and father, sister and brother of the convicted murderer knowing fully that your son was the murder victim of their son/sibling totally ignores your feelings and decides to purchase a home next to yours. Now add that they are Jewish and you are Moslem (or vice versa for argument’s sake). Would you dare say anything about their insensitivity in todays political climate? You do have the right to protest and they do have the right to purchase. Now some say they want to demonstrate to you and your neighbors that they are good people and are not like their son. Do you buy that?

Ron Wolf on August 30, 2010 at 7:16 pm

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