August 16, 2006, - 12:30 pm

Dump AT&T: Phone Company Recognizes All of Israel’s West Bank as “Palestinian Authority”

Is AT&T the official phone company and internet sponsor of the Islamic jihad?
Maybe so, based on AT&T’s new billing policy. AT&T announced it has changed its phone bills to reflect all calls to Israel’s West Bank as being made to the Palestinian Authority. (Plus, the ever-greedy jihadi phone company is raising its rates by 20 cents per minute, too.)
All calls to Hebron, Eli, and other Jewish areas of the West Bank will now be designated on your AT&T phone bill as calls to “Palestinian Authority.” Ditto for calls to the same areas on AT&T’s internet-based AT&T CallVantage (on which AT&T is also raising its rates by 23 cents per minute). These areas are NOT part of the Palestinian Authority. They are part of Israel and under Israeli control.

AT&T: Official Communications Sponsor of the Jihad

AT&T claims that the change is not driven by politics, but by “economics.” Uh, no. The exorbitant per-minute rate increase is economics. Calling all areas of the West Bank–including those that Israel still controls and where the population is entirely Jewish–“Palestinian Authority,” is purely political.
The only way it would be a matter of “economics” is if AT&T is making this move to get some kind of sweetheart contract with the HAMAS-controlled Palestinian Authority. And that might very well be the case here.
Show AT&T some politics of your own. Drop the company as your communications provider. That’s the only kind of economics they understand in the AT&T boardroom.

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3 Responses

Now I know one phone company not on my phone service list. Thanks, Debbie!

NormanF on August 16, 2006 at 10:57 pm

Finally!Somethin’ worthwhile on this site(just kiddin)…Whatever you do,don’t get on the ATT
nudnik caller list;compared to ATT ,Jehovah’s Witnesses are pussies…It’s still a major strain just to hang up immediately,after almost breaking the phone from slamming the receiver,like every day.

jaywilton on August 17, 2006 at 1:58 pm

It’s “political” in the sense that they are taking sides against Israel, but really, Debbie, it’s “economic”. They know by doing this they can charge much higher rates. I bet if it were cheaper to call the PA they would do the reverse and call the settlements “calls to Israel”.
Pretty nasty either way and nice expose, but I think it is more the almighty dollar here….

hairymon on December 12, 2006 at 3:09 pm

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