July 26, 2010, - 2:32 pm

Why Are You Surprised About Oliver Stone’s Anti-Semitic Comments?

By Debbie Schlussel

Many readers and others are sending me the article about Oliver Stone’s latest anti-Semitic comments, in which he says Jews control the American media.  Stone told the Sunday Times of the UK that the Jews prevent a “free debate” on the Holocaust and putting it in its “context.”  (Hey, Pat Buchanan, I found your soulmate, dude.)  Stone attacked Israel, claimed Jewish control of U.S. foreign policy, and expressed support for Iran, where his honorary Mullah-Jew act is old-hat, already taken up by his fellow self-haters in the Neturei Karta (Stone’s father was a Jew, but his mother was not, and he was raised Episcopalian).


Oliver Stone w/ Ramallah HAMAS Chief Hassan Yussef



Oliver Stone Echoes Views of Best Bud Yasser Arafat

I’m not surprised by Stone’s comments in the least.  And I really didn’t want to give the comments further exposure.  But people seem shocked–shocked!–that he would go this far.

I’m not.  I’ve written about Stone many times for more than a decade.  And as I noted in “Angelina Jolie’s and Oliver Stone’s Terrorist Problem”–which you must read–he was a close friend of Yasser Arafat.  He sees nothing wrong with HAMAS and visited and fawned over a top HAMAS official before HAMAS was even in power.  Stone made a sympathetic fake-umentary on Arafat for HBO and filmed it right after Arafat okayed the bombing murder of innocent Israeli families in the 2002 Passover Massacre.  He hates Israel and danced on the deaths of Jews at the Passover Seder terrorist attack.  So, why on earth would anyone be shocked that he openly espouses the anti-Semitic views that Arafat and HAMAS espouse?  He celebrates these parties.  So, of course, he’d openly celebrate their anti-Semitic views on the media, the Holocaust, Israel, and their patron-state of Iran.

It’s no shocker.  Nor was the fact that, in 2006, Stone said he wanted to do a 9/11 conspiracy theory film.  He never made it, but had he, you can bet Israel would be among the implicated.

What’s offensive here aren’t his stale comments.  It’s that–despite making them, and despite years of pandering to mass-murdering terrorists with a Nazi Judenrein bloodlust–Stone still gets positive attention, that he still gets people going to his boring, waste-of-time movies.  If the media and Hollywood were truly controlled by the JOOOOS, it’s the wrong kind because the media and Hollywood continue to gush over and fete this outrageous Jew-hater (who is of partially Jewish descent, so he’s also a self-hater trying to earn his stripes in the New Reich).  The same Hollywood that continued to cast Mel Gibson in films and distribute his work after he, too, viciously attacked Jews.

Again, read my piece on Oliver Stone and his friends who mass murder Jews, and then tell me his statements published yesterday are anything to write home about.

And don’t bother writing Hollywood about it, either.  As I said, the JOOOS who allegedly control the place, don’t seem to care in the ways Stone alleges.  Or he’d be toast.  Instead, he’s still the toast of the town.

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