October 20, 2006, - 11:54 am

ABSURD: Sports “Expert” Blames UMiami Brawl on Iraq War

Looks like former Syracuse quarterback Don McPherson got one too many brain concussions on the field.
McPherson, executive director of the Sports Leadership Institute at Adelphi University, is blaming last Saturday’s on the War in Iraq! HUH?
Violent thugs who don’t belong in college beat each other, stomp on each other, etc., and this is somehow because of our being in Iraq. Puh-leeze. (And he blames it on masculinity. Actually, real masculinity would mean walking away.)
Here’s the pyschobabble quote from today’s USA Today Sports Section’s “Pooch Kicks and Pancakes” column, in which every excuse in the book is given for unbridled, unwarranted wilding and thuggery:

Absolute Nonsense: Iraq War Caused This?!

I think we’ve long talked about this generation and the impact of video games and film and the media and even the war. I think you’re looking at a generation of young men where violence is the norm. It’s seen as a way of maintaining your masculine stature. . . . It’s about winning the masculinity battle, the tough-guy battle.

I wonder how our men fighting in Iraq feel that they are being blamed for a violent fight between at least 31 over-privileged, coddled goons on a Miami football field.

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5 Responses

It’s the War On Terror that did this?! BULLSHIT! It’s an endless cycle of growing up in a home without a father! It’s the endless cycle of urban bastardization! It’s the endless cycle of “who your baby mama?!”. It’s the endless cycle of children being born out of wedlock and growing into these street thugs with a free college education because they can run a 4.4 40, bench 405 for reps, or catch a damn football or basketball. The war in Iraq has as much to do with this as the war on drugs!

Yiddish Steel on October 20, 2006 at 12:23 pm

Looks liked McPherson had a little too much malt liquor before making that quote. Does anybody really take “former athletes” seriously? This is a typical quote from someone trying to appear far more intelligent than they actually are, and ending up showing their ignorance.

DDB on October 20, 2006 at 12:40 pm

How many college football games were played that same day and it didn’t end up in a huge brawl??? Most young men have learned how to control themselves on the football field (and in real life). The ones who don’t are usually enabled by their “See No Evil-Hear No Evil-Tell No Evil” idiot coaches. Coaches who recruit thugs be fired, and anyone who did what those “students” did should be thrown off the team and lose their scholarships. That would shape things up in a hurry.

Sioux on October 20, 2006 at 12:57 pm

Gee, they must be playing a lot of college games on the streets of Harlem, The Bronx, Newark, Bed Stuy, Los Angeles, and Detroit. In fact, those “games” have been going on since the 1960’s.

Thee_Bruno on October 20, 2006 at 1:17 pm

I nearly stood and applauded Yiddish Steel’s comments at the top. We’ve mainstreamed thuggish behavior by blandly accepting the “gangsta” mentality of the so called “hip hop community”, etc, etc. Of course, if anyone (black or white) stands up and speaks the truth about this cultural cesspool, the purveyors of this garbage automatically whip out their “race” card. “Iraq” caused this, how stupid can you get?

Southernops on October 21, 2006 at 8:55 am

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