August 12, 2010, - 12:46 pm

Serial Killer Who Targeted US Blacks is Palestinian Arab Alien (Expired Pasport), Police Hid “Mid-Eastern” Description

By Debbie Schlussel

For several weeks, police have been quietly searching for a serial killer who stabbed poor Black victims in Flint, Michigan, then fled to Leesburg, Virginia, where his sister lives.  Many family members of the victims were angry that the police did not disclose the White identity of the murderer, saying it was racist.  But, now, it’s very clear why they hid his identity and true visual descriptionElias Abuelazam is a Palestinian Arab alien who was here on an expired passport.  (****  UPDATE, 08/13/10:  Since I first wrote this, news reports say Abuelazam has a green card and was here legally.  ****)

“He was a dark Middle Eastern guy and the description was of a White guy,” said [DS: his neighbor] Carrie Strang, who woke up this morning to find police cars and news vans outside.

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Wow, we’ve really regressed a long way when we endanger people’s lives to give a politically-correct, whitewashed description of a Palestinian serial killer.

Abuelazam, who killed five people and attacked 20 others in three states, engaged in apparent marriage fraud, marrying a woman from Texas beating her, then divorcing her.  (Some reports say they also had a child together.)

Police stopped Abuelazam, who was trying to board a flight to escape to Israel.  Unfortunately, while Abuelazam’s name isn’t being publicized, that he is “from Israel” is.  It’s funny:  they hate Israel, but whenever Palestinians are in trouble, suddenly they are “from Israel.”  He may have been born in Israel and even have an Israeli passport, but he and his ilk identify as and with Palestinians.  The guy is NOT Israeli, contrary to MSNBC’s disgusting headline:

Israeli held in investigation of serial stabbings

He’s Palestinian Arab who was born in Israel.  Get that straight.

Abuelazam specifically targeted Blacks and stabbed them to death.  Disgustingly, some of the Detroit media, including “newscaster” Trudi Daniels of Detroit’s WRIF-FM, are making excuses for the guy, with Daniels saying that he probably did this because “maybe a Black guy raped his wife” or someone Black robbed him or committed some other crime against him, she surmised.  Daniels is an uber-liberal . . . and, now, clearly a racist.

It is well known that Palestinians, Arabs, and the Arab and Muslim worlds are racist.  As I’ve noted before, they call Blacks, “abed” or “abeed”–singular and plural for slave, in Arabic.

Abuelazam was employed at a Flint-area convenience store, the Kingwater Market, owned by fellow Arab, Abdullah Farah.  How interesting that it didn’t bother them that he was here illegally.  Yes, they are accessories to his illegal alien presence in America, but nothing will happen to them.  Because we just don’t have the guts, do we?

We don’t have the guts to protect our borders or to do a damned thing to those who help keep it porous and indefensible.

Nor do we do a damned thing about police who won’t correctly identify a Middle-Eastern Arab serial killer on the loose because, post-9/11, we must bow down to the Arab street at all cost.

Nauseating to the Nth.

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145 Responses

I am utterly disgusted by the racism most Palestinians show toward blacks. I have heard them many times call black people by the designation Abd. It is very disturbing. They claim to be subjected to racism and colonialism by Jewish people, and they are obviously the most racist of all. At least I have never heard a jew call a clack person ‘abd.’

Miriam on August 20, 2010 at 10:22 pm

You forgot to mention that he is a CHRISTIAN Arab…

alarey on August 21, 2010 at 10:14 pm

Im simply glad Debbie posted this. The level if racism Arabs have towards Blacks is shocking & sickening & needs to be brought more into light

hucipher on August 4, 2013 at 2:14 pm

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