November 19, 2007, - 1:21 pm

Black ICE Agent: Black DHS Group Doesn’t Speak for Me on Julie Myers Blackface

By Debbie Schlussel
When I’m wrong, I’m wrong. And a Black ICE agent contacted me to tell me I was wrong to assume that the Black DHS employees group–the one that sent a disgusting, gushing letter praising Julie L. Myers to U.S. Senators after ICEPrincessBlackfacegate–speaks for Black ICE agents. In fact, the agent says the group does not and that the agent is disgusted by the whole Julie Myers Blackface incident. I hope–and think it’s safe to assume–that this agent is not alone in this sentiment.
Mea culpa:

I am a black ICE Agent. First, let me say that the National Association for African Americans in the Department of Homeland Security (NAADHS) does not represent me. In fact the organization does not represent the majority of black ICE Agents. I am an avid reader of your blog, but I am surprised that you used the broad stroke that most people (including Julie Myers) use. You assumed that NAADHS represented every black agent in ICE. Apparently, just like Julie Myers did. Just because they may think the costume incident was ok, rest assured it is not. Her half-assed apology is even more insulting. In the future don’t assume that all blacks are represented by any one person (Jesse [Jackson]) or organization.

FYI, I never assumed Jackson speaks for Black Americans. In fact, I’ve repeatedly written that he and Al Sharpton and other race merchants are out to shake down others for themselves only, and not the Black community. However, the Black community repeatedly allows him to act as their spokesman, with little vocal divergence. And Jackson (and Louis Farrakhan), sadly, remain among the top four most admired figures in Black America in poll after poll.
But I am surprised I have not heard Black ICE agents screaming and shouting about this. If this were an anti-Semitic thing, I sure would be. And I’ve written a lot against this, too. I’m just very, very surprised at the silence. I understand that you don’t want to jeopardize your jobs, and that they are very vindictive at ICE, but I’m shocked that this DHS group would endorse and send letters out for her. That’s disgusting. I’m glad they don’t speak for you. And, again, thanks for your clarification.

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3 Responses

“DHS Black Agents Have No Self-Respect”??? Come one Debbie you know better than to make a blanketed comment like that. They are numerous black ICE agents and other ICE employees vocalizing their outrage regarding the events that occurred on 10/31/07. The majority of ICE agents are NOT members of NAADHS. You were right about one thing, they were obviously promised “plum positions and promotions in exchange for their being bought off”.

iced425 on November 19, 2007 at 6:27 pm

Deb Deb: You really hit a sore spot today with your blank statement about black ICE Agents. Based on the complete “sell-out” by somebody or bodies, I guess you had to come hard with it. Let me break it down for you. Black agents find it very hard to speak out on anything based on the fear of continued unfair treatment. You can’t get promoted, you can’t get the assignment that you want, and you always have to work three-times as hard to prove yourself that you are just as qualified or more qualified as the other person. For example there are zero–0000000000000000000 GS-1811 African American agents at the ICE Headquarters level on the senior management staff (zero). The two or three GS-15 at HQ ICE have gotten theirs by being friends with the right people if you know what I mean. Are they truly qualified to be in those positions, or is it because they blindly follow whatever they are told to do. We will leave this subject for another time. But I will bet you that the sell-outs are banking on a pomotion or assignment somewhere!
Please don’t paint all the Black ICE agents with the same paint brush! Make sure you get the facts correct and Keep It Real

Keep It Real on November 19, 2007 at 10:01 pm

Ms. Schlussel, being a fan of yours for some time now, it is hard for me to express my complete and utter disappointment in you for your blanket statement of all Black Agents of the Department of Homeland Security. The organization that responded with a Ôø?step nÔø? fetch itÔø? approach to the costume party debacle, in no way speaks for ALL Black agents of DHS. There are those of us who were offended not only by the audacity of a Ôø?fellowÔø? co-worker to portray us in such a fashion, but also by the fact that the action was supported and rewarded by our agency leadership. What do you think that says to us? I am a founding member of a newly formed organization within DHS that strives to maintain, support and enhance the quality of the work environment for Blacks and other minorities in DHS and the community. The newly formed organization is NABICEA, the National Association of Black Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agents. We will not stand by with hats in hand, hoping for a few meaningless favors from our leadership in exchange for our support. We will demand and expect nothing less than justification and accountability for all involved in this atrocity. In closing, I ask that you retract your inaccurate statement and know that there are more self-respecting Blacks in DHS than you give us credit for.

AMBM on November 20, 2007 at 9:10 am

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