December 10, 2007, - 12:03 pm

Baby Boomer Generation: As Selfish in Near-Death as They Were in Life

By Debbie Schlussel
They were the first “Me” generation.
The more privileged members of the Baby Boomer generation protested against the Vietnam War on our shores, while their contemporaries gave their lives and limbs to the Viet Cong over there.
They supported illegal drug use, free love/rampant sex, and bra burning. They paved the way for the decline of the nuclear family–today, over 80% of children born to families in Detroit are to single-mother households (and the same goes for other major cities).
They were the most selfish generation. Their parents sacrificed during World War II, but then spoiled them rotten.


And now these spoilees are as selfish in near-death as they were throughout their lives. Dow Jones reports that, even though many Boomers are multi-millionaires, they are leaving little of it to their kids and spending it all on themselves before they die.
But on the bright side, this will hopefully end–with the Boomer generation–the cycle of spoiled counter-cultural senses of entitlement that they had:

The greatest transfer of wealth in history may end up leaving heirs disappointed — and could mean big changes for financial advisers.
As “mass-affluent” boomer millionaires, or baby boomers worth around a few million dollars, start to turn 65, forecasts and patterns in their retirement planning suggest that many may leave little or no substantial wealth to their children.
The affluent boomer crowd typically has plans for a fully funded dream retirement that lasts two decades or more. Having bankrolled kids through years of education and early adulthood, these boomers feel less than obligated to pass along to their children much of their hard-earned wealth. . . .
One recent study by Harrison Group and American Express Publishing, a division of American Express Co., sketches the profile of mass-affluent boomers.
The study describes a group of approximately 2.1 million Americans that has annual discretionary income between $125,000 and $249,000 — that is, income after taxes, mortgage and standard bills — and an average net worth of $1.9 million.
While holding $1.9 million in assets at retirement would seem to assure very comfortable leisure years, paying for that leisure could mean little wealth is left at the end. In fact, more than half (52 percent) of the study’s respondents reported worrying about running out of money before death.
As a result, say economists and financial advisers, when rank-and-file millionaire boomers are pushed to decide between living a full retirement or scaling back post-career spending to preserve capital for their children or grandchildren, a fully funded lifestyle is typically the victor.
“They’re a lot more worried about maintaining their lifestyle than about leaving everybody else wealthy,” says Montgomery.
Academics also see a decline. In October of 2000, Dr. Jagadeesh Gokhale, then a senior economic adviser to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, and Laurence Kotlikoff, a professor of economics at Boston University, identified what they called a “declining bequest ethic.” They found fewer than half (48.4 percent) of those interviewed for the Federal Reserve’s Survey of Consumer Finance believed it was “important to leave an estate to heirs.” The steepest decline in sentiment during the 1990s — almost ten percentage points — came from Americans age 65 and older.


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85 Responses

This article reminds me of another one I read
recently trying to blame “baby boomers” for the
state of the country.
I am assuming since I am almost 60, I fall into the catagory of a “boomer”. I do not defend well
but I am going to try to tell you that I DO NOT
agree with you at all. I know too many “boomer”
women who have spent their lives raising children
as single mothers, working 2-3 jobs because their
ex’s have gone to younger women…they fall into
that group of men who you think have been emasculated by women.
I also do not think that “2.1” million comes close to the over 70 million who will be retiring soon. I see many women who are beginning to worry about how they will survive soon. They have SHARED their whole lives. The
culture of this country changed while they were
trying to raise their children. They became full time working mothers with jobs and the super
mom syndrome. When talking to these women…
it is NOT they who have been selfish, BUT their
parents…who have not been divorced and who DO NOT understand how hard it is to be a single mother and fulltime employee with part time jobs
also so that your children can have music lessons
and sports and juggling everything else that goes
with it. And trust me, these women HAVE NOT HAD
PARENTS who shared or even tried to help them…just as I have not.
I busted my axx to raise a daughter who is your
age and a set of twin boys. I worked my axx off
to be sure that she had everything she needed.
She now has her PHD because of the “battles” her
mother fought for her…to maintain quality in the
schools, her music, her sports and my lunchtimes
were spent picking her up to take her to the
“proper” daycare.
This article angers me beyond belief. I am now
living with my twin boys in a one bedroom apt.
because of the economic situation in this state…and because yet, again, another ex has
been scooped up into the arms of a young woman
my daughter’s age. So who do you blame for that? The movies, what? You review movies.
Do you ever see an actor with a partner his own
age……..well, the answer is NO.
You should do more research…there are soon to be millions of poverty striken women in the USA.

cthelight on December 10, 2007 at 2:04 pm

    ALL I hear is excuses from the Baby Boomers. FU Boomers you suck. I’m so glad to know your selfish attitude is going to catch up with you in the next 10 year and you are going to die broke and alone.

    keith on April 21, 2012 at 3:16 am

Give a little credit (blame?) to Dr Benjamin Spock for the the generation of spoiled sociopaths he helped create with his indulgent ego-centric ideas.

Rich B on December 10, 2007 at 4:22 pm

A substantial part of the intergenerational wealth transfer now occurs in the form of the funding of expensive education…not to mention the kind of hard-to-quantify but important help like cthelight describes.
If the parents pay for (1)private school, and (2)tutoring & college admissions consultants, and (3)college, and (4)grad school, then the money spent on these things is not going to be available as part of their estate. Hopefully, the additional earnings of the kids will more than compensate for the reduced inheritance. on December 10, 2007 at 5:12 pm

A very funny link about Baby Boomers

Menorah Menorah on December 10, 2007 at 6:41 pm

I’m usually not one to defend the Boomers. BUT –Let’s not forget the confiscatory death tax, which has yet to be repealed permanently. If the government is going to take 50% of everything over a certain amount, why NOT spend it yourself?

DocLiberty on December 10, 2007 at 7:40 pm

At the peak of the Vietnam war the U.S. Army had 1,500,000 men (“Baby boomers”), just at a given time, NOT in total over the course of the war.
2/3 of them volunteered, hence 1,000,000 volunteers, for anyone who wants to leave off draftees. Again these numbers are just for a given time
That is when the U.S.A. had about 180,000,000 population.
And it was for a war that was very unpopular in America, yet they went anyway.
NOW during Iraq/Afghanistan, the U.S. Army has ONLY about 500,000 men, with largely the SAME guys going back to Iraq/Afghanistan OVER and OVER again, and has to offer very HIGH bonuses and FAR HIGHER pay than during Vietnam to even keep at that SMALL 500,000 level.
And the U.S.A. now as about 300,000,000 population.
And Iraq and particularly Afghanistan are NOT as unpopular in America or as drug out yet anyway as Vietnam was.
Debbie, do the math.

feralcat9 on December 10, 2007 at 10:41 pm

    “And it was for a war that was very unpopular in America, yet they went anyway.
    NOW during Iraq/Afghanistan, the U.S. Army has ONLY about 500,000 men, with largely the SAME guys going back to Iraq/Afghanistan OVER and OVER again, and has to offer very HIGH bonuses and FAR HIGHER pay than during Vietnam to even keep at that SMALL 500,000 level.”

    Why should anybody be fighting these stupid wars that the boomer generation started?

    If you recall, the reason that there was war in Iraq was to end a “Weapons of Mass Destruction” program. Well, it’s not there and it never was. So – why is there a war continuing there?

    And in Afghanistan, the US went to war to capture and or kill Osama binLaden – well that’s done, why should anybody be fighting that war?

    The Iraq and Afghanistan AND LIBYAN wars are EXTREMELY unpopular, but there isn’t a draft. The people that are going to those wars basically are going into the military because they still either think this STINKING corrupt government that the boomer generation has created is still worth protecting and isn’t lying 100% of the time, or they just need a job.

    Well, the icing on the cake is that because boomers let this happen, you can kiss your Social Security goodbye. With a federal tax revenue accounting for only 15% of the national debt today, don’t expect there is enough money going into the coffer to pay out the most selfish, delusion assholes of a generation ever in this country.

    The most selfish, stupid, ignorant generation of them all has destroyed the United States because of their cowardice, their laziness, and their profound ignorance. I hope you enjoy the bed you boomers made.

    fuzzywzhe on September 25, 2011 at 6:04 pm

I’m now 60. They went their way and I went my way. I always thought we were doing the right thing. They thought of me as a botched Kerry joke and a dreg of society. They have to worry if their money will last until death. We both have work histories of 40 to 50 years. In Nov 04 I was given a nice chunk of change from the government, totally blindsided me and a nice check for the rest of my life. I have a nice apartment in a nice suburb of Philadelphia, a place I never thought I would be able to live in. Worrying about will the money last is a concern we both have. They have to worry, I don’t. I am a boomer’s tax dollars at work. What do you call that, ironies of ironies?

John Cunningham on December 11, 2007 at 3:01 am

I don’t get it.
If you can broad-brush affluent baby boomers like this, how can you then turn around and criticize a news reporter for broad-brushing Jews?
I’d like to think I grew up in an affluent home. I registered for the draft when I was 18 (it was not being enforced by then) and enrolled in the ROTC when I went to college (until Jimmy Carter got elected and it became apparrent we’d never go to war for any reason.)
I have more than a few friends I grew up with; affluent homes like mine. They stuck it out in the military reserves during the Carter Administration (passed over for active duty commissions while college girls, in some cases, pregnant, got them). As military reservists, they were ripped out of lucrative jobs and businesses in 1990-91 to serve in Desert Storm. They were the baby boom generation, Debbie!
It was the baby-boom generation who provided the cadre of junior officers that led our troops into battle in Operation Desert Storm. I’m pleased to inform you that a lot of them grew up in affluent homes.

There is NO Santa Claus on December 11, 2007 at 9:33 am

As a Xer I couldn’t give a flip about inheritance, it’s their wasteful spending that I abhor. Not only do they constantly complain about taxes (DocLiberty) but they believe that they are entitled to spend the country bankrupt. They have NEVER forgiven each other for their actions during ‘Nam and their derisive politics have hamstrung a nation for a generation. Now in their twilight they demand subsidized healthcare, prescription drugs and an oversized stipend. One third has NO savings and will die impoverished leaving the bill to me and mine.
So the wealthy ones say “I DESERVE IT!!” and the poor ones demand “I DESERVE IT!!”, neither take responsibility. But neither believe that they “owe” the system that paved the yellow brick road for them. The greatest generation begot a generation that destroyed every institution in their hubris and then complain that families are dying and the government is broken. They have left us a house divided with no foundation. I for one am tired of their demands and wish them a quiet farewell into that good night..

SourDiesel on December 11, 2007 at 3:28 pm

    You better not mouth off near a boomer, guy. You are totally ignorant of our generation, and as an Xer, part of an angry and deprived group and a depressive cynic. Note you can only mention the bad things about your life. I’m going to collect the Social Security I’ve spent my life contributing to, punk. And where do you get off calling it ‘Nam, like you were there or alive during that war?

    SB on September 18, 2009 at 6:01 pm

      Zip it old man river, or I’ll break your hip.Everything boomers have been tasked with has turned out an abject failure. Your revolution is over and guess what? The bums lost. Better not mouth off to a boomer? Buddy I go out of my way to see if one of you will actually fight. But just like in Vietnam you won’t. You get someone else to do the dirty work.

      Jim on February 11, 2010 at 11:55 pm

    Cosign with you all the way. I despise their wastefulness as well. Guess who’s going to have to clean up their mess? Boomers are the most hateful, greedy, xenophobic, sexist, jealous bunch I have ever seen in my life. They claim they fought for all the freedoms, but look at whose perpetrating all the isms today. The good night can’t come too soon.

    GenYer on August 13, 2011 at 6:25 pm

So lets see, your parents help put you through school, then you’re annoyed that they’re spending all their cash and you wont get anything? Who is the selfish one here?
Born in 1964, so I’m the very last year of the official ‘boomer’ or the very first year of the ‘Gen X’ers’ Parents helped out, but I did most of it myself through work and scholarships.
Saw some of those ‘trust fund’ kids running about. Never knew what real work was IMHO.
AFAIK my parents can keep whatever they have and spend every last dime of it. Yeah would be nice to have it, but it’s not my money.
At either rate, they’re gonna need that dough to pay for their medical bills, (due to living longer)
I expect the same of my kids. Sure, I’ll be able to toss some $$$$$$$$ their way for college (I hope!?) but the object is not to set them up for life so they dont have to work a day of it.

boomerOrXer on December 11, 2007 at 3:52 pm

Here’s why it’s so darn annoying. It’s not that I’m selfish and would prefer to have their money for myself. It’s that I’m really ticked off that the Boomers have driven up the prices on everything – yes, even driven up the cost of the education they bought for me – and now their intent is to check out with the money they’ve gotten because they’ve exploited every other generation.
Yeah, I even blame the Boomers that were struggling and are struggling, because when the world was in your hands, you let politicans screw around with MY financial future. You let them take money out of SS and never pay it back. You let them let the dollar bubble continue to rise, you accepted bad loans for unaffordable houses instead of renting. You did this. You couldn’t rein the buying in, could you? Even broke, you couldn’t stop it. Well it doesn’t matter if you’re broke or not, you broke the system in which we pay what goods are worth to us relative to our salary. You made the price of bread, the price of milk all rise to ridiculous rates.
I don’t care about the money so much as I’m pretty sure that the Boomers are just going to continue to flush our economy down the toilet. I don’t care about not working. I just want to be able to support myself on $40,000 a year. I want to be able to pay rent and insurance and gas and maybe even groceries.

paradisefound24 on December 11, 2007 at 4:59 pm

    The boomers drove up the cost of money?? How IGNORANT. Why don’t you try blaming the BANKS? Especially the federal reserve??? Boomers are suffering like EVERYONE. How can you be so stupid?

    Nan on February 27, 2012 at 3:15 pm

The “baby boomers” are the EXACT reason why are nation is in such turmoil. The “Its all about ME” generation has hung the future generations out to dry. Its all of us younger generations who are going to be paying for all the baby boomers selfish choices. Let’s name some of them out shall we?
1. TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT – I am pretty sure that a lot of us did not vote for the goverment that we now have. Some of us who could vote did vote but we voted for the other guy. The rest of us? We weren’t old enough yet. Guess what, most of us young kids will be paying back all this money for the rest of our lives.
2. HOUSING CRISIS/DEBT CRISIS – Most of us now can’t get loans or buy a house because of so many older folks buying houses that were will beyond their means and then defaulting on their loans because of the raising interest rate.
3. SOCIAL SECURITY – Does the younger generation get any of this since we also pay into this tax. Not a change and the “baby boomers” don’t care either. Its all about “them”.
4. JOBS – These so called millionare baby boomers have out sourced our future jobs to other countries just so they could fatten their wallets. Not caring how it would effect the rest of us who need those jobs to survive.
5. CLIMATE/ENVIROMENT – Yeah, not so much done to preserve the land in which they had the luxury to enjoy and grow up in. Do we have that chance? Not so much since they care more about their SUVS and not about cutting back emissions.
6. THE NEW GENERATION – Since the “baby boomers” like to point fingers at how this new younger generation is spoiled…guess who raised them? That’s right, the “ALL ABOUT ME baby boomers.
I know not all “baby boomers” are like this. Unfortunately for them they are the minority. Don’t be surprised if in a few years there will be a backlash against the older generation. Sad but we younger generations also want a future where we will at least be semi-comfortable and not struggling to survive.

ZanIts1984 on December 11, 2007 at 5:23 pm

    ZanIts1984, you are so totally full of it. At your age (assuming you were born in 1984), in 1979, the country had 20% interest rates and high unemployment. An oil crisis had just been settled. The personal computer had not yet been marketed and there was not yet a Microsoft and certainly no “Windows” or Apple computers. How did our high tech industry get to be what it is today if boomers didn’t start it and develop it? Ditto for telecom and biotech? Plus, we also worked with our hands, something you people cannot claim. We reinvented retailing and brought decent design in, which I know younger people will not be without. The deficit is not un-manageable, assuming a return to prosperity, which is slowly happening. The problem with your cynicism is, it can’t predict or account for human ingenuity, innovation and invention. In my life time, the whole world has been re-made, and admittedly, not necessarily for the better in all regards, but I seriously doubt either you or I would want to wake up in 1964 tomorrow morning. It’s time the cynical generation X admit that, at 40, they’ve been involved for a few years in what’s been going on, and I would like also to point out that the debtors and foreclosures are from generation X and Y, not the boomers who have owned homes for 20 years or longer in many cases and also who didn’t, repeat, did not, overspend on housing. We brought tremendous prosperity to you and me and waited until relatively late in life to enjoy the standard of living that kids today demand at 10. You know not of what you speak. The boomers are flawed to be sure, but I would rather put my faith in them than any other generation. We have come through alot and have much more to go. “Near death” is an ugly and cynical phrase which doesn’t say much for the humanity of its author.

    SB on September 18, 2009 at 6:30 pm

    Another ignoramous.. When do you think the very first EARTH DAY occurred?? 1970

    You seriously need to READ UP before spouting your ignorant sputter. You didn’t live through the times the boomers lived through so you don’t remember all the air pollution and RED RIVERS our parents left for us.

    You have seen NOTHING like the pollution that was reality when the boomers entered the workforce. NOTHING.

    Also, so childish, how can you blame ONE generation for all this carp? As far as I can see, Gen Y getting PRETTY OLD themselves and have managed to CONTRIBUTE a good 25-30 years of their own MUCK to the garbage going on.

    How dare you blame the boomers for your own MUCK and what the heck exactly are you doing that’s so great and pristine???

    I’d LOVE to hear it cause I’m sure not SEEING it.

    Nan on February 27, 2012 at 3:23 pm

Watch Evan Sayet’s video on Modern Liberals.
This selfishness is but one facet of a more complicated picture.

Al on December 11, 2007 at 11:21 pm

Okay…all you lovely children of we
so called baby boomers….WHAT HAVE YOU DONE
LATELY????????hmm. When was the last time
your vote counted? You HAVE been able to vote for
at least 20 years, some of you. Did it make a
difference? I doubt it. Did the government
change? Did you stop a president from starting
a war? Did you stop driving your cars so you would not be dependent on oil? Did you do any of that? Did you help spend the 6 trillion dollars that this country has in debt? Well,
I would not know what a trillion looks like…and
god forbid if I thought I could vote congress members or a president into office who was NOT
a wealthy over entitled creep who knows nothing about the real people of this country. So if
your future votes and attempts at trying to maintain a decent civilization in this country
worked…let me know. hey, just let me know if
you think your votes even counted in this country. What have any of you done lately????

cthelight on December 12, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    How will we let you know? You’ll be dead by the time our influence takes effect.

    GenYer on August 13, 2011 at 6:29 pm

I was born in 1960 which is unfortunately within the baby boom definition (’64 cutoff).
Boomer, hippy – whats the difference?
I make a decent living, faithfully married, raising three kids in a nice house. I live in Northern California, surrounded by old hippies that love to dictate how every one else should live, though are quite content knowing that I pay a massive amount more in taxes than they do, will, or ever have. I can only chaulk this up to self-centered, selfishness. Nimbyism is by definition selfish. I have often thought that the hippies, boomers, etc have all felt such a burning desire to change the world, was really just a journey to promote themselves. It is rarely done with selfless annonymity, but more often it is done in the political spotlight, or for personal gain. Al Gore is a great example. He is working on a cause, but lets see, it has made him rich, given him an oscar, a nobel peace prize, a partner at a VC firm, sits on several corporate boards (Apple)…you see?? Why do you think the boomers are retiring into the most egregious entitlement program in history? Because they care about their kids or grandkids or the greater good? Why is America up to its eyeballs in debt? Why do we have no energy policy -because hippies thought their view of the environment was more important than actually calculating a viable energy plan….ooooooo no nukes! Why? Because of great personal sacrifice with a concern for the future? No. It is me, me, my opinion, my feelings, and me.
And by the way, their are many hippies in suits. W has moments when the selfishness is obvious. Just another hippy.
The irony of the hippy generation is that they now want to continue this torture by living forever. Personally, I am counting the days, waiting to witness the beloved last hippy breath breathed. Then, maybe, my kids will actually be able to unshackle themselves from the legacy of the hippy boat anchor.

antiboom on May 30, 2008 at 1:59 am

It’s almost a year now Debbie since this post … Not sure if it got the response you were looking for? Were you playing Devil’s Advocaet or are you still feeling so bitter? “You never had it so good” can no doubt be echoed from every generation.

Terryfree on October 22, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Cthelight wrote:
How about turn out IN RECORD NUMBERS to elect a new and better president than your beloved (and don’t say he’s not) Dubya, or clone McCain….HOW ABOUT THAT?
Boomers suck.

Ftheboomers on January 31, 2009 at 11:59 am

    Sorry to inform you but MOST of the jerks your generation thinks are boomers are NOT boomers..

    Here’s a list of NON-BOOMERS for some reason boomers take the fall for them..

    Gingrich, Cheney, Madoff, Rumsfeld, McCain are NOT BOOMERs

    Nan on February 27, 2012 at 3:39 pm

Reading this indictment of the Boomers, what I find amusing is how I arrived at similar conclusions rather independently of any organized backlash against this generation. I have struggled for over a decade against the foregone assumptions of an older generation, in the vain hope that we can objectively pursue common goals together. In retrospect, I was naïve to entrust key people in my life as mentors, whose ultimate goals were abjectly selfish and short-sighted. How nice to think I spent all that time on your craven egos. So thank you Boomers for your legacy–some of the worst qualities of human nature. Adding to the list from above, here are a few more of those qualities I detest—which are equally present in Boomer’s spawn, the Yuppies.

Lack of humility: nothing convinces the world of your brilliance as much as unapologetic assurance and self-promotion, no matter how socially repulsive your behavior might be. Funny how the most insecure and ignorant fly into uncontrollable rages when questioned.

A materialist view of happiness: despite contradictions, Boomers have a death grip around the notion that ownership is essential for happiness. Then, as you descend into the abyss of self-indulgence and pity, you’ll suspect somebody else is to blame for your unhappiness.

The abuse of credit, enabling rampant materialism: you simply spent other people’s money on crap you didn’t need. Money that could be used on better things such as business and education loans has been flushed down the toilet of your soul. As someone who has no debts, I find this behavior self-indulgent and pathetic.

Hypocrisy: while many Boomers like to think of themselves as the most progressive generation of all—and love telling other people what to do. So, what about it? Let’s recall the events of the Boomer age: nuclear proliferation, corporate profiteering and ineptitude, industrial and environmental disasters, social decay, decay of infrastructure and schools. So what exactly did you do—was it really about money after all?

Corporations can do no wrong: I’ve met many self-proclaimed “leaders of business” who are completely self-deluded as to their place and importance in society. Their view of “free markets” more resembles corporate bullying: the biggest entity with the most money/connections will rig the system to their advantage. Who cares about financial risk and social costs when quarterly results (and compensation packages) are everything? So how’s that economy doing?

I’m not after you Boomers. This applies equally to Yuppies and any other hipster tool who thinks they know better. I believe some of this crap too—until I grew up.

KurtS on October 25, 2009 at 5:42 pm

    Sorry to tell you this but it’s YOUR generation who is abusing credit and NOT the boomers. How lost you are.. Look at the real estate debacle and it is LARGELY greedy Gen Xers in WAY OVER THEIR HEAD. Their parents all have quarter million dollar homes so OF COURSE, the GEN Y all think they must have million dollar homes instead.

    Also, boomers did not rely on the credit cards like the younger gens. In fact, we NEVER even had credit cards most of our lives. It’s YOUR generation that sucks, get used to it.

    Nan on February 27, 2012 at 3:12 pm

Erm, has anyone checked the ages of the Wall St CEOs – current and past? Let me run a partial list for you: Lloyd Blankfein (Goldman Sachs – in his 60s), Richard Fuld (ex-Lehman Bros – in his 60s), Henry Paulson (ex-US Treasury and ex-Goldmans – in his 60s)? I could go on. So tell me, which generation – BB, X or Y – is responsible for the greatest destruction of global wealth since the Great Depression? Yes, BB was the generation that had it all – but they also almost lost it all for themselves, X, Y and future generations. In view of the 2008-2010 financial crisis, one could justifiably conclude that the BBs (including all ex-Presidents of this cohort) pose the greatest singular risk ever encountered to the long run viability of the global economy. The lesson here? While the rest of the world may have overlooked their destuctive potential once, we will make darned sure that each and every one of them is put out to pasture before they avail of a second opportunity to destroy the world through their extreme self-interest.

truism on March 6, 2010 at 6:10 am

    Madoff is part of “silent generation” as are a great deal of the power brokers still working.. What does that have to do with boomers????

    Also, Cheney, Gingrich and McCain are also NOT boomers as your generation likes to think.

    You need to figure out that NOT all gray hairs are boomers, in fact, most boomers STILL in their 40s and 50s.

    Nan on February 27, 2012 at 4:01 pm

obviously our society as a whole has major faults… capitalism has really screwed this whole world up, and that began before Baby Boomers exhisted. HOWEVER the “Me” generation of Boomers really really fucked things up, at least MY mom can admit it. Yes you all made things prettier, and easier, but you didn’t care to think of what the repercussions would be. Your parents worked hard and had hard lives and they spoiled you rotten. Everything was made faster, easier and more immediate and you soaked it up. Although I think this article was written in bad taste – our parents can spend all their money, it’s theirs, make your own money – i do agree with the larger point of Boomers being selfish. Yeah so what if Boomers helped their kids out with school, the cost of school has gone up a crazy amount. A law degree now can cost over $1000000, three times the amount from just 20 years ago. This is because of your generation! One professor told me a law degree in the 60’s cost roughly $600. Not to mention that salaries compared to cost of living are plummeting.. hello?? Your generation is the wealthiest EVER so boo-hoo if you chose to spend some of that wealth on helping your kids earn a fraction of what you were able to earn. You’re going to be relying on your children to take care of you one day, at your most vulnerable, when you are sick and aging, after your pensions and savings have run out from massive over spending and credit is no longer available to you. So I hope for your sake you did in fact chose to help your kids out with their higher educations, because if you didn’t they will most likely barely be able to survive this economy let alone help you out at all. It is all about money with you isn’t it? So think of it this way, paying for your kids education was an investment for YOUR future!

I am in my twenties, a child of the Baby Boomer generation, my friends who are much younger and children of the Xers are appalled by stories of how the Baby Boomers raised their kids. Selfish does not even begin to describe it. “Poor me” syndrome is rampant with your generation, you relied on your kids to raise themselves and be your emotional support systems. You paid for your kids to go to piano lessons and soccer so that your neighbors would be impressed with total disregard for your kids actual emotional needs. Ritalin anyone?? Your parents never expected you to help with the cooking (mom did that right?) so when you grew up fast food chains boomed and nutrition flew out the window for future generations. You paid for tutors because you couldn’t be bothered to help with homework. And you can’t even see the disrepair your caused worldwide through your rose colored glasses let alone acknowledge it.

All I can say is that I’m thankful for the boomers who can take responsibility for their generation, they are the ones who are teaching future generations to learn from their mistakes.

JoJoJo on March 24, 2010 at 9:34 am

I was born in ’78 so I’m told that makes me member of Gen Y. My very suburban, very middle middle-class surroundings, along with my boomer parents persistent and inexplicable materialism, provided a steady source of personal misery throughout my teens and 20s.

I came to see the endless seas of manicured yards, cookie-cutter homes, commercial shopping strips, franchise food factories, “entertainment” culture complexes, rooms in a home that serve no function, bulk-buy superstores, and always being “45 minutes drive from everything” as the previous generation’s psychosis made manifest.

My mom said we moved (FAR) away from the denser neighborhoods she grew up in because she “didn’t like being able to put her hand out the window and touch the house next door.” So MORE it would be. More lawn space, more cars, more screens in more rooms, more carpet, more furniture.

I’m thankful to them for birthing me, feeding me, keeping me clothed and helping me gain an education. But, in reality, the thanks end there. Their culture of MORE ME MINE AND F__K YOU IF YOU GET IN MY WAY is personified in my dad’s weekend golf outings, dual SUVs and classic car under a sheet in the three car garage. Its fortunate they’ve been saving for retirement, because the higher education they half-payed for has not, thus far, provided me with the lavish material rewards they are accustomed to. And thank God for that.

The boomer generation, because they had access to such abundance, spoiled themselves at the sacrifice of their children and children’s children.

My generation, raised on mom and dad’s culture of selfishness and entitlement, has, at the very least, foregone some of the ME MORE NOW sickness that plagues America’s physical and political landscape. We went back to the cities our parents abandoned and tried to make the most of what remained. Some of us grew tired of cars and clothes and golf and mass-produced everything and decided to make something with our own hands and minds. We have real warriors whose lives are defined and damaged by fighting the senseless wars that boomers concocted to protect their entitlement to cheap gas and 3000 unnecessary sq. ft. of living space.

People like to blame the POTUS and the SCOTUS and Congress and The House and Wall St. and every other big, malevolent entity for the ills of America, but I don’t. I blame the Americans. The gas-guzzling, plastic-surgery, TGIFridays loving Americans who expect everything they want to be cheap, easy, and abundant without having to sacrifice or even really work for it.

I’m 32 and work two jobs, sometimes 7 days a week, just to support myself and my child. I’ve never had a credit card and the happiest day of my life was when I sold my car and moved to a city where you can actually get places on a bicycle, or even your own two feet. Everything I own fits in the back of a pickup truck and I don’t expect my 401k will amount to much in another 32 years, but oh well. Making sure my child is safe, fed and educated is my primary financial concern, everything else (home, clothes, even the bicycle) could disappear tomorrow and as long as I had my friends and this wonderful city to adventure in, it wouldn’t mean a damn thing.

In short, I’ve never been happier.

Mom and Dad, thanks for all the help, but I don’t want your life.

KDAY on April 30, 2010 at 4:38 pm

    Oh, POOR ME, SNIFF SNIFF.. Sorry to inform you, it was NOT the boomers who moved to the suburbs.. It was the boomers parents who deserted the central city. Go back to school.

    GET OVER YOURSELF. You’re not that hot.

    Nan on February 27, 2012 at 4:12 pm

The hippie generation destoryed everything,their parents…members of the greatest generation..gave them everything they never had,only to have the hippie boomers extend their middle fingers and destroy everything the greatest generation had worked so hard to achieve.

Now we see the end results of this wreckless hedonistic lifestyle…stratospheric prices,outsourced jobs and unemployed Americans,overpriced unaffordable housing,crappy plastic fuel effecient cookie cutter cars,tattooed criminal minded kids who are lazy spoiled and shiftless,skyrocketing illiteracy,substandard quality and workmanship in every area of human endeavor…thanks hippies for destorying everything your mom and dad worked so hard to build up.

Too bad it couldn’t stay 1957 forever,back when the future was still seen as optimistic and we actually cared about decency and morality.

Each generation that comes along just keeps lowering the bar even further and it all started with you,mr and mrs Woodstock music festival pot smoking self centered douchebags!

Ward Cleaver on October 3, 2010 at 7:52 pm

I think about how much I hate the Baby Boomers, selfish pigs that they are, almost every day. My Grandparents survived the Great Depression shoeless working long days in an apple orchard, my Grandfathers fought in WWII, they came home and worked hard, stayed married, sacrificed to raise large families, and had dignity and integrity. They were really great, those WWIIers, except that they raised spoiled, selfish, worthless little pigs in a tidalwave generation that has engulfed the US in their swine filth.

The Baby Boom Generation trashed our American institutions: government, education, church & family. They burned their bras & their draft cards, because being a lady or sacrificing for your country were values they did not possess. And when those Boomers who did fight in Vietnam came back, what did their generation do? Spit on them as hawkish sellouts.

Oh the Boomers, they like to give themselves credit for the golden era of “rock & roll” which of course was created by the Silent Generation and not the Boomers, who even then were merely consumers, not creators. Oh wait, the Boomers did make music — Disco, but funny how they take credit for the music they did not make. They like to take credit for the Civil Rights movement, which was being run by a Reverend (MLKjr) and a WWII hero (JFK) while Baby Boomers trashed religion & protested war. How many Baby Boomers actually participated in sit-ins & marches? Not many. We have prior generations to thank for Civil Rights, and not much to thank the Baby Boomers for except drugs and sex.

They lost themselves in drugs and sex. After all, they were the first generation that had the pill, so they could have pleasure driven sex without the “sacrifice” of having children. And if they did get knocked up, well they fought hard for legal abortion, so that by the mid-1970s they could just get their fetuses vacuumed out. They aborted millions of members of my generation, the Gen Xers who never were born, just so they could continue a juvenile life of hedonism for a few more years.

And did they they change their ways when they finally did have their 1.8 children in the suburbs that their parents built? No, they stayed selfish.

“Sorry children, you will be in daycare from the day you are born, because infants are an unacceptable burden on liberated Baby Boom women. And now you will go to school and learn from your Baby Boom teachers. They only care about self-esteem (since they esteem themselves so highly) so there will be no more grades for you children, everyone passes. And you won’t read any of the ‘great books’, because they were all written by evil dead white men, so we will educate you in 3rd world philosophy with a liberal dose of political correctness. And now that you are in school, you are no longer in daycare, you are now a “latch key kid” because Daddy & Mommy are both working so that they can have every material thing their little piggy hearts desire. Just lock the door when you leave for school (Mommy & Daddy are already gone for the day) and let yourself in when you get home (Mommy & Daddy are both working late). Get your guidence from TV, children, because we Baby Boomers hate the nucular family & religion, we fought against both those things precisely so that we could deprive you of them! Microwave yourselves a TV dinner children, because power-suit Mommy won’t be home from her job until 8 pm, so she can’t possibly cook you a homemade meal. Mommy & Daddy are bored with their marriage now, it just isn’t pleasurable for us anymore so we are divorcing. Now you will be shuttled between Mommy’s house on weekdays, and Daddy’s apartment on weekends, children. Oh, and by divorcing, Mommy & Daddy can each have “me time” without having to be around eachother or you. Listen children, “me time” is so important to Mommy & Daddy, far more important than “us time”. And now you are all grown up, and it is time for you to enter the workforce. Oh wait, there is no job for you, because we Baby Boomers are still clogging up the system like a giant turd that won’t go down the toilet. Oh, and your skills are not up to par, because you weren’t taught reading, writing and arithmetic in the schools like we were. Tsk tsk, shame shame. Now we are aging, and we need our healthcare, social security, and entitlements. Of course, Baby Boomer politicians have already spent all of the money we paid into the “lockbox” of social security, so now you Gen Xers will have to pay for us (sorry, there will be nothing left for you after we are gone, except debt).”

Boomers, the Earth cannot be rid of you soon enough. Like a giant herd of wild pigs – you trample, consume and destroy everything in your path.

Gen X Kid on December 14, 2010 at 7:13 pm

    Right ON! You said it — Co-signed by Another Gen Xer

    Andrea S. on June 29, 2011 at 5:50 pm

WOW, You are one ignorant chick.

If you really think the boomers were the “Me” generation, just exactly what do you think your generation is??

I can tell you, it’s called the

ME ME ME I I ME ME I I I ME ME I I I I generation

Get over yourself insipid no nothing. Maybe you should get some real “facts” next time.

Nancy on January 5, 2011 at 10:22 pm

Oh, and now that your generational name is “written” out here this ONE time.. That means everyone can quote it and use it as the official name for your generation for the next 100 years!

Which, believe me, they already do. Maybe you should read a few facts about your own SELFISH generation while you’re at it.

In fact, truth already known, baby boomers can’t hold a candle to the narcissism and self-centered younger generations.


It just cracks me up that you all grab on to one word that one cranky journalist used 50 years ago and that’s all she wrote. Yes, that defines an ENTIRE generation of 78 million..

What a shallow, hateful little twirp you are. Go dry up.

Nancy on January 5, 2011 at 10:32 pm

    Classical boomer crap. Think they know everything.

    “Go dry up?”

    Nancy you’re already dehydrated.


    GenYer on August 13, 2011 at 6:36 pm

If any of you GEN X and GEN Y’s ever research ANYTHING you ever write about you would realize immediately that it was NOT the boomers who ruined our financial institutions, it was the supposed GREATEST GENERATION who set that fall up!!!!

I myself was in friggin high school in 1971 when Richard Nixon eliminated the GOLD STANDARD which triggered the huge financial slide we have endured for 40 years. It was also the GREATEST GENERATION who sent their sons to Vietnam, a “pseudo” war that made the GREATEST GENERATION FILTHY RICH.

No different than the fake wars going on today that made the likes of Cheney (WHO BY THE WAY IS NOT A BOOMER LIKE YOU ALL SEEM TO THINK) and Halliburton filthy rich…

It was also the GREATEST GENERATION who got in bed with the banks and established the nice 30 year mortgage for the boomers. (So they could sell us their property for 500 times what they paid for it and get us to pay interest on it for 30 years).


Nancy on January 5, 2011 at 10:53 pm


Global Financial Crisis for DUMMIES: Why the Abandonment of the Gold Standard is Responsible for the World’s Sovereign Debt Crises


Nancy on January 5, 2011 at 11:01 pm

    Nancy. You complain about us young folk fondling our cellphones…Who do you think bought it for us? Who sent manufacturing overseas? It sure as hell was not us!

    Face it, you boomers suck. You got rich at a time when any idiot with a pulse could have bought stock and sat on it for 30 years and voila. Warren Buffett even admitted as much on the Jay Z / Bill Gates/Bloomberg special they did.

    Get over your racist, xenophobic, inflation loving generation. You dick bags bought and exponentially sold your stupid “Free Sex” ideas to your Pagan youth and are surprised at the divorce rates. Unbelievable.

    Bra burning, commie loving, fake republican, label loving morons. Now, the greatest of ironies is that you all are BROKE! HA!

    Enjoy your cat food in your mini mansions. Also, good luck on having your vapid, spoiled children visiting you once your expiration date nears.

    Meeeeeeeoowwww, Yummmy. 🙂

    Class of 2000 on January 3, 2013 at 9:11 pm

I have absolutely no respect for Boomers. They are indeed an extremely selfish generation. I’m an Xer and all of my Xer friends and I agree that in order to fix the economy it will require a combination of both tax increases and modest cuts in spending. If you poll Boomers I guarantee that the vast majority of them will say NEVER to tax increase and ONLY favor spending cuts. They favor spending cuts because they no longer have children in the school system. They favor spending cuts because they no longer want to pay property taxes. I’m just amazed that the people in this generation does not see what others see in them. Hard times call for shared sacrifice. That means raising taxes to increase revenue. I’m in Texas and we have a $27 Billion shortfall which is 1/3 of our budget. Instead of tax increases and spending cuts, Gov. Perry wants to cut 1/3 of the state budget just to placate old geezers who don’t want to pay an extra $30 month in taxes. 1/3 cuts to the budget will decimate our educational sector, tuition will double, schools will lose librarians and nurses, bridges and roads will not be maintenanced, prisons will have fewer guards, hospital waiting rooms will double, all to save old geezers a few bucks a month. I don’t understand them. They are cutting off their nose to spite their face. We Xers don’t get a lot, we have kids to raise and broke Boomers parents to take care of. My mom and dad are boomers, not a penny in the bank and my dad wants to take a loan out to add onto his house an extra room and bath. All of his kids have left, it’s just the two of them. They’re on Social Security and can’t afford this. I try to tell them that everytime they make wasteful spending that’s less help I will get when it’s time for me to take care of them. Since it’s just one of me then I need them to be responsible and start saving. When my grandmother passed away, she left her Boomer kids a house paid in full and money in the bank including her burial costs. My parents have NONE of this. They tell everyone they put me through college yet I have the student loans that prove otherwise. I recieved very little from them. I can say one thing, I have learned from them and pay for everything in cash, save my money, and try to stay our of debt. I look at my Greatest Generation grandmother. She was such a wise person, very strong and independent. I use to tease her how she saved the most trivial things. Looking back, I understand now why she saved everything. I don’t want to burden my daughter when I’m old so she can help her children. Boomers you guys failed as citizens, as parents, as spouses, as consumers, and as voters. Stop being obsessed with being seen and heard and start supporting the younger generation that you failed. We NEED you guys to be willing to sacrifice just a little, just SOMETHING to secure our future and our childrens future. My God, can’t you at least do that?

Sharon on January 18, 2011 at 8:30 pm

Well one very important thing is for sure concerning MY baby boomer generation. We have WORK ETHICS! Something most of you younger than 35 will ever know much about! At least we worked for what we have instead of playing on ridiculous I-phones and wasting time playing puter games filled with violence. I suggest you kids milk your own cow before you cross the fence and milk mine! YES, I am a volunteer Viet Nam era veteran and have not read the book yet that tells me I have to leave all my money to my kids! They shall be happy enough with my property as they should be. Grow up some of you and get to work. So myself and my generation can receive our SS checks!

Marc on January 24, 2011 at 4:27 pm

    Baby boomers do not have work ethics!!!!! You don’t know what work is.. please stop! Try getting a job and working in this day and age. Stop being a whiny brat!

    Andrea S. on June 29, 2011 at 5:41 pm

Yes, Marc (above) is correct. We DO have work ethics. We were also better educated. The spelling, grammar, and total lack of ability of today’s under 35’s makes many of them functionally illiterate. Many don ‘t read, or try to expand their minds or learn more no matter how old they are. No, they spend time on useless computer games. I have never been a multi-millionaire baby boomer and I don’t know any contemporaries of mine who are. Why is this author being so narrow minded and taking a small percentage of the population and spreading their character flaws to everyone? The worst is, calling baby boomers selfish, while at the same time whining and complaining that the reason we are selfish is that we want to enjoy our retirement rather than leave everything to our children. Why? So you can be a lazy a** person who doesn’t have to work your butt off like we did? After sacrifing to raise a family, why shouldn’t we be entitled to our retirement, however long or short it is? Most of us who can retire (and many can’t and work into their 70’s, 80’s and more) don’t retire in any kind of luxury. Few have a decent pension any more. Social Security doesn’t adequately support anyone. Whatever retirement most baby boomers have is very modest. They don’t have it as good financially as the post World War II generation did. But we are supposed to be homeless and destitute and leave everything to our offspring? And YOU talk about selfishness? What a hypocrite. That’s right, act like a typical spoiled brat kid, don’t take any responsibility for anything you or your generation did. Just blame it on someone else. There is no perfect generation, but you arrogantly are making yourself out to be one.

Joanne on March 8, 2011 at 3:12 am

Wow. That really sums it up. I was born in 1979 -don’t even know what that makes me anymore as I’ve heard both X and Y. I do know I’m not a boomer. Guess that baby boomer teacher taught me something….
I’ve seen boomers get the inheritances from there own parents that I will probably never see… And call me selfish for even thinking about it. They get to benefit from the hard work and sacrifice of their own parents and act like they deserve it. If we even question if our parents love us we’re called selfish! On my side of the family tree, my boomer parents don’t have a penny to their name other than a pension which may pay out some (not sure how much dut to the economy crisis right now) and social security…. Never saved a dime and have credit card debt galore. Who will have to clean up this mess or face watching parents who end up homeless? Oh no – they are sure we would never let that happen! They raised us to never think about our needs – that’s selfish. Is it not selfish to have 5 kids when you can barely get by just cause you love babies? So now I have only one child and you act like I don’t know a thing about parenting because I’m so inferior to you? And why don’t I have a house? Oh, because I’d be irresponsible to mortgage my life away and spend beyond my means -and pop 4 more kids out. Tell them they are selfish if they don’t cater to my every whim. They’re just there to pick up the mess -basically servants. Neither my husband’s parents nor my own helped with college either. Our student loans they helped us apply for are almost paid off and they can’t understand how we are able to do it. Maybe we have to sacrifice. Something they don’t seem to grasp and yet claim they gave it all for us. Whatever. I really think their kids were used as another status symbol to prop themselves up back when and they expect us to do the same as they age. And we’re the selfish ones? Go figure.

A. on March 27, 2011 at 10:24 am

I am an unmarried baby boomer (63 years old). I would like to leave my nieces and nephews a substantial sum but that idea ended when Bush came into office. The 401K program my company offers us, had to be frozen a few years ago because I couldn’t afford the losses accumulating. I will never have more than I have now in this 401K. Because of my freezing this plan (I put it in what Fidelity told me is “safe”), I had to make a decision as to where to put my money. I chose to save it in a life policy that my hiers will divide among themselves. The money in my 401K couldn’t even pay off my mortgage balance. Had my money kept growing as it was in the past, I could have had an early and properous retirement. I will never get a raise based on my age (my last raise was in 2000) and the attitude of my company because of my age. I’m am losing the worth of my condo because of the (Bush) economy. These were things I hoped to pass on in my death. Now I will probably need the money I’ve been saving (in my 401K & the value of my condo)which will diminish the comfortable retirement I’ve been hoping for. Also, I have cancer which has, up to now, cost me about $8,000 so far even though I have a $5,000 out of pocket expense. The insurance companies (mine is UHC) found a way to stick you with more than the out of pocket by tacking on, what’s called a “co-pay”. This co-pay tacks on hundreds of dollars on the procedures and office visits. I don’t know what the bottom line will be on this disease. If we could set the clock back to pre-Bush economy, my nieces and nephews could enjoy a substantial chunk of money at my death. But because of the Bush economy, I’m screwed and well as my family.

Carol on June 29, 2011 at 2:42 pm

As I sit here and wonder how my parents who didn’t raise me could ask me for money as if they are entitled to it, I thought about this article and how very selfish baby boomers are and have been. I really dislike this generation, because I have so many friends who grew up without parents just as I did. You guys really SUCK. Stop asking your kids for money you selfish, spoiled group of brats who did nothing to further our civilization. It’s just ALL about you!!! And shame on your parents for spoiling rotten to the point of not knowing how to be adults and take care of your kids. Every month, my father whom never did a damn thing for me, asks if he can borrow money. I always say NO or come up with a lame excuse. Then my mother who abandoned me, returned into my life asking to borrow money as well as though she is entitled to it. SMDH. I really dislike this generation of folks. You think that everything should be handed to you!

Andrea S. on June 29, 2011 at 5:37 pm

I find it amusing how the boomers are still so arrogant facing the coming years. Who exactly do you think will be footing the bill for you? Who do you think will be the ones you come looking to for support? Who do you think will take care of you?

You see boomers, your complete destruction of the family mentality in the U.S. has the unintended consequence that you will have no one to take care of you. Sure, you’ll vote and whine about needing additional benefits, but they won’t materialize. All your pensions and retirement savings? Wiped out from inflation. Expecting health care? Sorry granny, your cancer is terminal because your remaining life isn’t worth the cost of the treatment.

This country has been set on a path of complete collapse, destroyed from within by the mentality of the boomer generation. I hope you all enjoyed your time living high on the hog, in the coming years you’re going to suffer more than anyone.

GenXer on July 28, 2011 at 6:18 am

    Cosign. The disdain they have expressed for all those behind them will bite them in the axx big time. If you want to piss off someone – piss off the generation before you. Not the ones whom you may need in the future.

    GenYer on August 13, 2011 at 6:40 pm

Thanks Debbie and GenXer

My fellow senior citizens and I appreciate your being so candid about the harm you wish upon us. We will remember when we vote at the polls next November as the largest voting bloc out here. All 60 million of us are going to teach you lazy xers the meaning of the word repudiation. The Right Wing has made a wrong turn.

Ken on July 28, 2011 at 11:53 am

    Ken are you going to make it to November?

    You should say, “if God allows me/us to live til November we will…”

    I can just picture the descent of 60 million boomers in wheelchairs, on walkers, and toting oxygen tanks…

    Again, the feeble should not be so condescending or arrogant.

    GenYer on August 13, 2011 at 6:45 pm

This -like so many of the bilge `The Angry Generation ‘
spews out is no more than shameless bigotry.You know,
just because there is no active advocacy group to slap you on the hand, it does not make this target any less ugly than any other form of ignorant predjudice.

Matt on September 16, 2011 at 8:01 pm

I just attemted to submit a comment regarding this bigoted arcle and they told me i had already that message prior The only thing worse than biotry is hiding from those you have targeted.This is the first time Id ever seen this website.

Matt on September 16, 2011 at 8:08 pm

Irony is what would a Gen x know anyway? They are the ones breeding a generation of kids who are spoiled and all think the world is going to end so don’t give a shit about anything or anyone but themselves! ( Gen z )I am 27 a Gen y and a proud son of baby boomer parents! But maybe it’s a cultural thing. Indians look after their children and set them up financially and when they retire there is an expectation that their children look after them. It is a cycle of reciprocity.

SJ on October 6, 2011 at 7:20 pm

its hilarious watching the recrimination as the baby boomers sit there blaming each other for being hippies, yuppies or whatever… these little arguments are just an excuse to ignore the real issue. we have no future because they they had to have it all, then make us pay for it.
its not even to late to stop it but that would require them actually doing a damn thing to help someone other than themselves, and why change the habit of a life time?

jock on October 31, 2011 at 12:21 am

Well, the boomers decided out of the gate their individual wants came before the preservation of society. Fine. But I find other than my mother, father and in-laws, I don’t owe a single one of you feckless sods a single penny.

Harsh as it may sound – unlike the generation that can remember the Hungry Thirties and the war, most of whom are now dead, I honestly don’t give a tuppeny fart whether every last one of you are eaten by your cats. You had every opportunity to provide for your own retirements during the biggest economic expansion in the history of the world.

The ones that come after you are trying to deal with the consequences of your negligence, the suicidally awful decisions made both by you and the politicians you elected and continue to elect, which poison every aspect of our lives.

Atterdag on December 5, 2011 at 6:21 am

Born in 1970, i grew up in the surge of DIVORCE and LatchKeyKids- I witnessed the Boomers make these decisions for their own selfish reasons and resent their own parents for shunning them for it. i believe the Boomers way of displacing their guilt, denial, greed and blame on each other instead of taking responsiblity for their own feelings and actions is the core issue they have left unresolved within their souls. The answer to their problem and our country’s turmoil… BOOMER FLU!!! The sooner this generation gets buried, the quicker we can all heal from their destructive ways… I look forward to the day when their nursing homes become schools and their retirement communities become immigration housing.

Will Watts on January 23, 2012 at 9:29 am

I consider myself lucky.

I’m 45, married, healthy, with tthree great kids age 4-8 and equity in my house. My university education was paud for by me working, by my boomer parents paying 4000 a year, and by a $1000 mutual fund investment made by my grandfather in 1967.

My parents would help me if i needed help and asked. But i have a job, so i’m not going to ask.

Still, why don’t they offer to set up education accounts for their grandkids? Their parents did it. If they ever thout about it they would know there is no chance i can do it on my salary. Why do they buy expensive cars and go on expensive vacations? I mean, why can’t they do both? They certainly have the money.

My guess is that they have no idea that things are different for their kids. They haven’t understood that we have no pension plans, we have no inflation to pay for mortgages, or that college doesn’t cost $4000 a year anymore. They just don’t get it. How are my kids going to go to school?

My father retired at 56, inherited a million that his father scraped and sacrificed a lifetime to get, and then squandered it all. He’s now complaining that his pension is low, even though he makes more money than I do. Gosh, maybe you shouldn’t have retired early?

Meanwhile, if I stay healthy and work fulltime until age 70 I will get a pension of $8000 per year. This is the reality of pensions nowadays – add this to $20000 from social security and you get a third of what my squandering father lives on. Poor him.

I hate being angry at a parent, and even more hate the cynicism of condemning and entire generation. But my parent’ts behavior is so incredibly unlike their parents’ you can’t help but get resentful. But i know one thing – this stuff ends with me. I will do everything i can to ensure that my kids benfit from any success i’ve had in life. Tomthe extent I can i will finance educationa and help my grandkids if i live that long.

My guess

Rs on February 6, 2012 at 2:05 pm

What a silly article. It was the “greatest” generation that invented the 30 year mortgage so they could collect (steal) interest from their children for their whole life (after they all bought their homes in 7 years).

It was also the “greatest” generation (Nixon) who launched the corrupt war on drugs which ruined America and is still continuing to do so today.

And it was also the “greatest” who got rid of the gold standard (which created inflation as we know it today).

Then, if that’s not bad enough, the “greatest” all drove around with bumper stickers (for years) that said WE’RE SPENDING OUR CHILDREN’S INHERITANCE.

Fast forward… Now we have the ” I I me me I I I me me me” generation telling the “me” (notice singular) generation how selfcentered we are?? GET REAL.. I don’t think we’ve seen ANYTHING yet as far as the self-centeredness of the younger generations. We can get a word in while they all TALK ABOUT THEMSELVES..

Oh, and another amusing tidbit about the same subject. A study recently completed revealed that pop songs NOW talk about ME ME instead of YOU YOU (a change that happened in a short period of 20 years). So which generation is the ME GENERATION exactly??


So the poor baby boomer, who really went over and beyond for EVERYONE else (just exactly what all the protesting was about RIGHTS FOR EVERYONE) and we’re sandwiched between 2 CLOWN GENERATIONS called GREATEST and SLACKERS.

Nan on February 27, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Gosh, this younger generation is TOO much. 45-year-old guy out here complaining that his parents paid for his college so they SHOULD pay for his kids college too and why don’t they realize it???


I’m a boomer who paid for my OWN education and never got a cent from my parents. NOT ONE CENT. Also, our parents kicked us out of the house pretty much as soon as we turned 18. What a pitiful, soft, self-centered, self-serving generation we raised. OUR BAD.

Nan on February 27, 2012 at 2:50 pm

Oh, by the way, self-centered 45-year-old leech, GUESS WHAT, at age 45 you are ALMOST a boomer yourself (only a couple of years off). GET REAL. You will probably retire before a lot of boomers retire.

Nan on February 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm

Also, 45-year-old leech, how many boomers you think have pensions?? NOT MANY. We are the ones the sleezy corporations stole them from and set up the losing IRAs.


Nan on February 27, 2012 at 2:55 pm

Ahhh…Americans against Americans. A house divided cannot stand. Isn’t that what Lincoln said before the Civil War started? Why don’t you all just shut up.It’s like watching politicians debate but not really solving anything. I’m a Generation Xer born in the early 1970s and I’m cynical towards Baby Boomers, Xers, Millennials, and the kids being brought up today.The only Generation I’ve ever had respect for are my grandparents generation. They had it rough in those days back in the 1930s and still served in WW2 to pave the way for spoiled pampered post WW2 idiots.

Generation X on August 6, 2012 at 2:30 am

A perplexing piece of journalism.I don’t recognise ANY of my sixty something siblings,relatives and friends in this writer’s diatribe.EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM has a whole young family living within the home these despised “baby boomers” worked and paid for.Every single one of them looks after grandchildren who their own sons and daughters are to selfish to take care od.Every single one of them contributes to the funding of their grandchildren’s higher education.Every single one of them is passing on everything he/she has left(after funding down payments on houses for their adult children and paying for them to go through university,also)We live in Greece,where I married forty years ago.We built a house and furnished it for my son and his wife….and when we ran out of money to do any more for them….our celebrity and shopping obsessed daughter in law told us (literally) to “fuck off” since we were a couple of selfish old F”’s.(She is British…..I must say,not Greek…..and British young women now are mainly fat,foul mouthed ,sluttish,slatternly……and very very selfish.What this writer is really doing is being the mouthpiece for a horde of lazy,useless prats who don’t see any reason to work for anything if they can screw it painlessly out of their elders and betters instead.In short….this writer is the very mouthpiece of the most selfish,greedy,workshy generation that ever existed.

A.Macmillan on December 6, 2012 at 3:38 pm

    Regarding baby boomers the article hit the nail of it.As it concern Greece I would like to describe how this damned generation operated here the last 30 years.Yes this generation except USA ,messed up Greece as probably other countries as well but I cannot have an opinion since I am livig in Greece.Firstly regarding the comment that my genaration(X) must feel obligated because we live within the houses baby boomers build I would like to say that never say thanks to the person who makes your dinner but be thankfull to the person who tought you how to make your dinner yourself.Baby boomers brought fish on the table but never tell me the truth of how I can fish for myself. They were too busy with they crup ideologies of right and left accusing each other .Living in a way to make impression with stupid ideologies rather a more practical one.They have ALL FOR THEMSELVES.They tought ignorance and lazyness to the youngers,trying to absorb any human emotion .They were manipulated and controlling the younger ones ,by playing theater and feed thir egos.They were like kids while the younger ones had to mature from very early.They spend money on useless things rather than doing something practical.The majority of this totally selfish generation wanted to appear as they are some very influential people while in reality they were nothing more than pompous braggarts.They destroy every pure living cell on Greece with their selfish stupidity and fake generous way of living.The outcome? To raise younger people full of anger and frustration from their boasted lies because of these damned attitude they have, to attract attention that was the baby boomers main characteristic.They feed the X,Y and other generations soul here with lies and manage to downgraded our spirit.They have fortunes from their parents and spend the most of it in the useless issues to attract attention and feed their ego.And even now very few of them admit the truth of how useless they were.They were totally corrupted and spoiled with fortunes and raised also very spoiled children but without fortunes.Younger generations unfortunately many of us as well becomed corrupted and spoiled and we are in the middle of nowhere with confusion in our minds but we could not have their chances.These are the main faults of this BB generation in Greece, they destroyed financially and psychologically the younger ones with fake prosperity the last 30 years.My father was a supposed radical leftwing stupid alcoholic ideologist with a very good job and a massive fortune of land.He manipulated me and delay me on my studies (because grandpa was alive then and had to profit) and then after I manage to study finished Bs and Ms ,I came back and cannot find a proper job.Worked as a waiter ,in commision jobs but not a proper job since companies dont like mature students especially when they dont have experience.However how can you have work experience when employers are shutting down their jobs and young unemployment are sending 1000s cv for each one vacancy.Simultaneously i have to pay a tax accountable for the income that i dont have,madness.My story is full of anger I am with depression and dont know what to do in order to get a job.But theoretically I am good ,I have studied.Thats how this genaration influence me,with theory and nothing practical. If any Greek Baby Boomer want to respond on me I would be more than happy to return my frustration to him.Honestly I hoped that BB genaration not to be forgotten in history, but to be remembered as a mistake of the nature especially in Greece,an example to be avoided at all costs for the next genarations.
    I hope than any alcoholic greedy lier representative of that generation who mistreated and abused younger children have to face their shortcomings in front of my eyes. The comment is written in a general way and avoided to give specific examples because I would have to write a book for them and their greedy way of leaving.I have to admit as it is obvious, that the comment is very subjective by my sufferings from personal issues and not all of them (BB) were so shameless but the majority of them they were nothing more than I have described above.

    unemployment on December 25, 2012 at 2:00 pm

My wife and I were born in ’79. We are both well educated and I am a former Army officer and Iraq war vet. We both come from two parent, stable families, and we both grew up as working class kids. I have an Ivy League education and I am very successful and my wife has been fortunate enough to be able to stay home and raise our two children these past 8 years. Obviously our boomer parents did a great job raising us – on the surface.

We did not realize how selfish and lazy our parents really were until we had kids. We have come to the conclusion that the things we learned in life stemmed from watching our parents making mistakes and us realizing that we did not want to be like them. For example, both our parents received much help and financial support from their parents and grandparents via inheritances. We will receive nothing when they die. When we were children, our granparents spoiled us or attempted to spoil us with their time, love, and sometimes gifts (if they could afford it). Our parents take little interest in their grandkids and the interest they do take is more about them being able to brag to their friends about being “great grandparents.” Our parents are extremely selfish when it comes to their time and they expect everyone to work on their schedules, even though they have no kids and no real responsibilities anymore. They do, however, constantly have time to remind us of our duties to them.

Anytime there is some form of disagreement with our parents, even if it is just a minor disagreement like politics or even sports, they threaten to never speak to us again. There was even a period where they did not speak to us for over one year because we had a disagreement over politics. They completely missed my wife’s second pregnancy and the birth of our second child.

I work in the corporate world. At work, generally speaking (not all boomers suck) boomer are extremely difficult to work with. They tend to hoard information and they are always the first ones to take credit for others ideas and to point the finger to avoid blame. Most of them are overpaid and do not realize it. They tend to stay in the same jobs for decades and never broaden their skill sets. This is why they constantly feel threatened around younger workers. Younger workers can actually perform the same job, with the same results, and for a lot less money. In addition, the younger workers are generally better working as a team and are more productive. When layoffs happen, boomers are always furious that they are being laid off because the company has no loyalty to them. What they dont understand is that being employed is simply a company renting your time. As long as you perform and the company has the means and desire to employ you, you’ll have a job. They dont really get the whole “at will employment thing.” Dont even get me started on boomers and the unions. I am a professional engineer and I work with both blue and white collar workers and we make weapon systems.

I have to say that our parents, while good people and stayed married, had horrible marriages. I do not think they know how to resolve problems in an adult manner and this is consistent with the behavior I observe from most boomers at work. I do not hate boomers and I try to remain objective. There is a lot about my generation that is wrong and needs to change as well and I could make another post, equally as long about that. But boomers almost NEVER take any responsibiilty for their mistakes or their trespasses on others. I could sit here and make all sorts of historical arguments about which generation is spoiled and which one is better, but Id rather just rely on observations I’ve made in my own life. Objective observations. I can objectively say, I will not miss boomers when their time on Earth is done.

ward on January 16, 2013 at 12:23 am

Just to make one point before I get responses talking about how my parents paid for college and provided all of this other support; they did not, and neither did my wife’s parents. I paid for school myself and graduated with no debt (no loans either) and so did my wife. Our parents did not even have to cosign for loans. Our parents put a roof over our heads and paid for things we needed when we were growing up but that’s all. Our parents of course want all this credit for the fact they paid for baseball cleats and wrestling camps, but we see this as a parent’s duty; not something they should be thanked for. When my kids tell me thank you one day, I will tell them, dont thank me, do the same for your kids.

ward on January 16, 2013 at 12:40 am

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