February 27, 2008, - 11:04 am

Violence Against Border Agents Doubles: Increase in Giant Rock-Throwing, Shooting

By Debbie Schlussel
Yesterday, I wrote about the Bush administration’s prosecution of Border Patrol agent Nicholas Corbett for firing on illegal aliens who threw rocks at him, as they were trying to sneak into America through the Arizona desert.
As Israeli soldiers have known for decades, rock-throwing is often fatal. That’s why Palestinian terrorists throw them.
Now, figures released by the Border Patrol show that violence against Border Patrol agents has more than doubled from 2004 to 2007. It includes an attempt by aliens to use a barely visible wire to slit agents’ throats. As long as agents are prosecuted for trying to protect themselves from this, it will continue to escalate:

Since 2004, the number of assaults has more than doubled, from 384 that year to 987 in fiscal 2007. And this fiscal year, which began Oct. 1, is set to significantly outpace the last one: 409 to 275.


Most of the assaults involve so-called “rockings,” in which drug and human smugglers throw rocks, bricks and other objects at agents.
But Homeland Security Secretary Michael [“Serpenthead“] Chertoff said more serious incidents have been reported.
“We’ve had occasions of people shooting at agents, trying to run agents down with vehicles, throwing large rocks or pieces of brick or concrete at agents, which actually can be fatal, and I’ve seen some pretty serious injuries that have resulted from it,” he said. “The levels have consistently increased.”
He says the escalation is the result of stepped-up enforcement that aims to put smugglers out of business. Since the 9/11 attacks raised fears of terrorists slipping into the USA across its land borders, Homeland Security has nearly doubled the size of the Border Patrol; 18,000 agents will be on the job by year’s end.
One of the most chilling examples of the trend was discovered this month when five agents working near San Diego found a metal wire strung taut between a section of double fence that runs along the border. The trap was designed to cut an agent’s throat.
The agents, who patrol between the fences on all-terrain vehicles at speeds of up to 60 miles per hour, were speeding along on the night of Feb. 9 when the lead agent spotted the neck-level wire.
“We get assaulted on a daily basis,” says J.J. Carrell, a supervisory Border Patrol agent who was in the group that night. “Between the rockings every day and them trying to decapitate us ‚Ķ I’ve never seen anything like this.”
Agent Shawn Moran, vice president of the local Border Patrol union in Imperial Beach, Calif., says the rockings are “like a biblical stoning. This is like what they used to do to kill people.”
The discovery of the wire followed last month’s death of an agent in Yuma, Ariz. Luis Aguilar of El Paso was run down and killed by a Hummer while laying spikes down in an effort to blow out the tires of smugglers entering the country illegally. Mexican authorities have arrested suspected drug smuggler Jesus Navarro Montes of Sonora.
Chertoff heads to Mexico today to talk with officials about border issues, including the violence. “We take these threats very seriously,” he said.

Really? Then, why has the Bush Administration now prosecuted at least three agents who tried to protect themselves?
Don’t hold your breath for the Mexicans to do anything to reduce violence against Border Patrol agents, or for Chertoff to make any meaningful demands. This trip is a formality designed to show Border agents that the Serpenthead, Chertoff, is doing something about this problem. But he isn’t.
It’s a nice free trip to Mexico, part of the swan song of Chertoff’s last year, where he gets to be feted by international leaders. A photo op. Nothing more.

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6 Responses

My family and I just completed a short course on how to secure your home during a crisis or natural disaster. Fun course, well worth the time.
Anyway, the instructors all said that you want to keep a solid perimeter around your property at all times. Even a slight trespass can be a matter of security.
The whole idea is to keep out desperate folks from stealing your foodstuffs, money, and the kids’ innocence. As the man of the house, I had to learn basic combat training for home use. They said it really didnít matter much what I used, but that I had to be willing to take a life if necessary.
Our border guards want to do this on a daily basis. I just know they do. To be stoned or fall for a boobytrap while forced to act passive by their fascist/hippie/deranged bosses must be disheartening.
I think Border Patrol should be moved to the State Militiaís or National Guard and not under the Ice Princess of Blackfaceland, nor under the influence of George ìSarumanî Soros.

bhparkman on February 27, 2008 at 12:10 pm

Isn’t this the same case caught on tape where the border agent was defending himself from being hit by a large rock thrown by the illegal alien?
I feel no sorrow for the people entering our country and being killed in the process.
The level of frustration being felt by the average American citizen dealing with this subject has almost reached critical mass. Nothing is ever going to happen until armed Americans make it happen. Stepped up enforcement? Where? Who does Chertoff think that he is bullshiting? His trip to Mexico is to lay out the next steps from our President on how Bush is going to keep the border open.
It’s too bad that we don’t have anybody running for any office that has the balls to do the right thing for the American people by closing the border and using lethal force if necessary!!

newinnewark on February 27, 2008 at 12:55 pm

The people trying to kill the border agents are not likely to be average immigrants trying to get across the border to wash dishes for a living. They are hardcore drug smugglers and they go back and forth. Drug smuggling is BIG money and they don’t hesitate to kill anyone, on either side of the border.

LoveAManInAUniform on February 27, 2008 at 1:13 pm

Tancredo was on this malarkey back in ’02.
Didn’t the former head of DHS, Tom Ridge, go work for one of the Crapistans, after he finished up with DHS, as a security advisor?
Wonder what country he is wishing for…
Rumor has it that a plane crashed in ol’ Mexico not too long ago…registered to a ghost company in the U.S….loaded wih Cocaine.
Wait until the “family valuers” raiding the border learn how to use a sling like all those “poor” Whackastinians in Gaza do…one stone can kill with that type of velocity.
Practice ALL of the Bill of Rights.

Nuggler on February 27, 2008 at 3:29 pm

As this is read, three, four or five thousand illegals will cross the Mexican border into the United States, walking right by thousands of Border Patrol Agents who are more concerned about their ìbenefitsî as union members and faulting ìmanagementî than in doing their law enforcement job.
It is no secret that millions of illegals are in country and more arrive every day. Almost all of them find work of some sort. Many wage rates are stabilized by their presence. Prices are stabilized as a result, not only in agricultural products, but many other products and services we buy every day. Americaís standard of living improves because of these very illegals. It is also no secret that the Border Patrol has added thousands of agents, given them six-guns and badges and turned them loose on the borders to ìstopî this influx.
It is no secret, also, that they, like their predecessors, fail miserably in performing that job. There are illegals in every state, in every city and have been since the Border Patrol was created in 1922. The union agents complain that ìmanagementî is responsible for their deficient job performance.
The history of Border Patrol management is one of corruption. One Patrol district manager was forced to resign after helping two federal prisoners at the Terminal island prison partake in activities normally denied prisoners. Another Sector Chief was spared federal indictment for illegally receiving a Lincoln Town Car from the same federal prisoner as a retirement gift when he died of a heart attack. Later, the San Diego Sector Chief was arrested for an accident while driving drunk. His arrest was covered up. When news of the arrest was published, he was not fired for the cover- up, just demoted to Marfa, Texas.
Even the Congressman in charge of the Border Patrol budget, New York Democrat John Murphy, went to prison for corruption.
The common thread through these incidents was corruption. Any senior Border Patrol management retiree (from the 70s, 80s and 90s) that retired without being forced to resign is plain lucky, or, they testified under immunity about the high-level corruption that was rife in the San Diego/Chula Vista Sector.
Nonetheless, even corrupt management can make a good decision. For example, after the recent tragic deaths of six people and injuries to 30 more in a wrong- way accident in the San Diego mountain stretch of I-8, one agent wrote a letter to Anti-Mexican talk show host Roger Hedgecock that he read on the air.
The letter stated that Border Patrol management prohibited agents from pursuing vehicles suspected of carrying illegals speeding the wrong way on highways. Fact: law enforcement agencies countrywide have restrained high-speed chases because so many innocent people have been killed in accidents during these chases. The National Traffic Safety Agency reports that 383 people were killed in or by high-speed chases in 1995. Thatís more Americans than lost by the American military in twenty years of Middle East strife.
Question: Should any law enforcement agency risk the lives of innocent bystanders in high-speed chases for misdemeanors, or violations of civil laws, which is what immigration violations mostly are?
The no-high-speed chase policy was implemented when a Border Patrol agent high-speed chase resulted in a number of deaths in the city of Temecula, California. The criminal smuggler did not hit high speeds until Border Patrol agents started the chase.
Thousands of illegals walk by complaining union members as if they werenít even there, everyday. Hundreds of them have died on that walk, and innocent Americans have died while Border Patrol cowboys recklessly thunder up and down the back roads and Interstates of the Southwest.
Why do we continue to waste millions of dollars on Border Patrol agents who chase their own tails and canít find them?

icehole on February 27, 2008 at 11:10 pm

Me thinks “IceHole” has watched Johnny Dangerously one too many times…Farggin Cork Sucker.
If illegal aliens are so great, would you please elaborate on what Ol’ Mexico does/does not do to illegal aliens found there?
I’ll GLADLY pay an extra $1.00 or $2.00 more for lettuce, avacados, strawberries, oranges, NY Strip, Perdue chicken etc; if it meant that aliens were caught, detained, deported, and/or evicted from the United States. Don’t forget, the incidence of contaminated produce would go down. Wash thy hands, and crap in the bathroom not on the food stuffs.
…but then again, more and more produce and meats are coming in from Central and South AMerica everyday. (Thanks NAFTA and CAFTA.)
Payrolls are not stabalized, they are lowered. Unless one’s definition of “stabalized” is defined by Marx, Castro, Chavez, Mussolini, Peron, Fox, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Qadafi…
So, it’s the match stick manufacturers fault the Arsonist started the fire?
Chula Vista…now there’s a slice of Americana…Americana de Sud. Oh, let’s not forget Temecula…all those blue tarps covering the drainage openings…nice. It must be the California Department of Highways fault that illegals get hit while crossing the road. After all, if there wasn’t a road, there would be no cars, and if there aren’t any cars border jumpers wouldn’t get hit right?
What a farggin cork sucker. (That’s not too punny is it?)
El Pollio Loco del taco con queso.

Nuggler on February 28, 2008 at 4:37 pm

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