March 10, 2008, - 1:59 pm

Videos of the Day: Guess Who Wouldn’t Make it in Today’s Uber-PC? – “Not If You Was the Last Immigrant Grocer on Earth . . . Honey”

By Debbie Schlussel
Hmmm . . . Methinks this guy would never ever make it, today. His videos are chock-full of un-PC. In this first video, you’ve got a fat chick, a Hispanic couple, an “immigrant grocer” who appears to be Indian but looks Middle Eastern, women in bikinis, etc. In the second video, a cover which I like better than the original (but in which The Beach Boys do sing back-up), you have not just one Arab Muslim, but TWO(!), leering at women in bikinis. Uh-oh. Can you imagine the whining we’d hear from CAIR–and all other PC speech-stifling groups–from these videos today? Today, the only place these videos would be tolerated would be at a Julie Myers Halloween costume party.
My personal fave of his songs is the last video (but it, sadly, comes without the un-PC stuff). Looking back on these vids, you gotta admit he was quite the showman and more talented than that for which he gets cred. Lots of acrobatics, the usual body-hugging loud clothes, and great jumps and splits. He was in great shape then.

Prophetic Lyrics:
“There Will Come a Day When Youth Will Pass Away. What Will They Say About Me?”
–David Lee Roth, in “Just a Gigolo

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Clash did some A-rab action in the Rock the Casbah video. Not sure what it means, though.

dm60462 on March 10, 2008 at 3:55 pm

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