May 6, 2008, - 12:08 pm

“Lunch in Tul Karem,” Beverly Hills Style

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember Daphna Ziman?
She’s the airhead liberal Jewish rich woman who gave a ton of money to Rev. Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Southern California. Then, she was shocked–shocked!–when Rev. Lee, at a ceremony marking her large donation, attacked Jews in a vicious, anti-Semitic, racist, pro-Obama tirade. Some conservatives and Jews heralded her and felt bad for her. But not me.
Well, I called it then, and I’ve been borne out. This liberal idiotette went back for more. Ziman–without Lee taking back any of his anti-Semitic comments or expressing remorse (or even admitting he made the comments, so he’s essentially calling her a liar)–had lunch with Rev. Lee and made nice-nice with him at Ziman’s Beverly Hills mansion. Also there as the “peace broker” was Al Sharpton’s rabbi. Need I say more? Word is that Goebbels was not available. Oh, to be rich and stupid. Tragically stupid.


Al Sharpton’s Rabbi Marc Schneier, Anti-Semite Eric Lee, and Dumb, Botoxified Jewish Liberal Daphna Ziman @ Kumbaya-Palooza ’08

Sadly, Esther Renzer, the International President of the group Stand With Us–which claims to be pro-Israel and philo-Semitic–put together this disgusting love-fest with an avowed anti-Semite and is bragging about it. Would love to see what kind of love-fest she’d have set up in 1938 instead of 2008. Keep that in mind the next time you hear anything from Stand With Us. The group apparently Stands With Enemies and Anti-Semites, not with You. Now we know who the “Us” is.
Yup, Ziman is a likely candidate for “Lunch at Tul-Karem“:

At the end of it all, Daphna Ziman and the Rev. Eric Lee were joking about the good cry they had together, pledging to work together to help children, and hugging each other goodbye Thursday.
The two, who clenched hands at one point during the conversation at Ziman’s Beverly Hills home, had clearly gotten over the controversy that erupted around a speech Lee made at a banquet April 4.
“I believe that the incident that occurred was actually divine intervention,” Ziman said as she sat at a round table with prominent members of the Jewish and African American communities.
Together, she said, “we are asking every religious leader in the country to demand that no racism will be spouted in any place of worship or public place.” [DS: Nice moral equivalency. He shouts an anti-Semitic monologue at her while taking her gazillions. And this is the “agreement” they’ve come to?]
The controversy began when Ziman, a prominent Jewish philanthropist and supporter of Hillary Rodham Clinton, e-mailed eight friends about a banquet hosted by the historically black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. She was receiving an award for her work with foster children, many of whom were African American.
She told friends that Lee, the local president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, a civil rights group, got up to speak and said that Jews have made money on blacks in the music business. She quoted him saying that “they are economically enslaving us.”
Ziman’s e-mail made its way to millions of in-boxes. She said she had become more sensitive to anti-Semitism since she heard the anti-Israel comments of the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. [DS: This over-botoxed Jewish airhead never heard anti-Semitism before Wright? Hilarious.]
Lee has said he never made the anti-Semitic statements Ziman attributed to him and apologized for any pain he may have caused. Ziman accepted his apology by e-mail and the two met for the first time Thursday.
The gathering at Ziman’s Tudor-style home started at 11:30 a.m. with Ziman playing a song called “It Just Takes One,” which she had composed for a movie. [DS: What–the “We Are the World” DVD had a scratch? This woman sounds like another wealthy airhead Clintonista botox victim–Denise Rich, who also “composes” songs.] When the singer’s plaintive voice asked, “Why can’t we rise above all the hate?” Ziman and Lee looked at each other. Lee had tears in his eyes. [DS: Awwwww.]
Ziman then invited everyone to eat together, and a rabbi who had marched with the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. said a blessing.
“Breaking bread together is very important to Jewish values,” said Roz Rothstein, who had sent Ziman’s e-mail to the 50,000-person mailing list of Stand With Us, an organization that seeks to educate the public about Israel. “If you break bread together, that is a new beginning.” [DS: Thanks, “Rabbi” Rothstein, for the tip. But here’s one for you: Jewish law is quite clear about defeating your enemies, not “breaking bread” with them.]
The meeting brought participants from throughout the country, including Rothstein; Charles Steele Jr., who is the national president of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference in Atlanta; and Rabbi Marc Schneier of the Foundation for Ethnic Understanding in New York. [DS: Schenier is Al “Zionist Interlopers” Sharpton’s friend and “rabbi.” ‘Nuff said.] They took turns speaking soberly as they lunched on goat cheese souffle, omelets and fruit.
They talked about King’s legacy of forgiveness. Lee invited Ziman to speak at his church to recruit African American mentors for her foster children. Ziman invited Lee to a banquet where she was receiving an award for promoting Adoption Day.
“We did not talk about the past because it doesn’t matter,” Lee said after the meeting. [DS: Uh, it DOES matter.]
“I believe we’ve arrived at this place because we are truly well-intentioned people and passionate about justice and passionate about humanity,” Lee said. “If you take well-intentioned people, you can only have a well-intentioned outcome.”
Ziman said she got over any need to feel right about what she heard April 4. “Eric has suffered a great deal,” she said, as workers were laying out tables for a debate she was hosting later that night among the presidential candidates’ representatives. “Hurting people is not one of the things I want to do.”

Here’s a reminder of what Ziman wrote in an e-mail that went all over the world:

After I spoke and thanked the fraternity and their members, Rev. Eric Lee, pres. and CEO of Southern Christian Leadership Conference of greater Los Angeles, was introduced as the key note speaker.
He began his speech by thanking Jesus for Obama, who is going to be the leader of the world. He continued by referring to other leaders Like Dr. King, being that this was the moment of celebrating Dr. King’s spirit on the anniversary of his death, and Malcolm X.
It was right after the mention of Malcolm X that he looked right at me and started talking about the African American children who are suffering because of the JEWS that have featured them as rapists and murderers. He spoke of a Jewish Rabbi, and then corrected himself to say “What other kind of Rabbis are there, but JEWS”. He told how this Rabbi came to him to say that he would like to bring the AA community and the Jewish community together. ” NO, NO, NO,!!!!” he shouted into the crowd, we are not going to come together. “The Jews have made money on us in the music business and we are the entertainers, and they are economically enslaving us.”
He continued as to how now the salvation has come and the gates have open for African Americans to come together behind Barack Obama, because now is the time to show them.(meaning the Jews).
He continued to speak about ‘ White supremacy’ vs the talents and visionaries in the core of African Americans. He demeaned being given freedom, by saying “To what?” to a country that kills women and children.

Suddenly, this airhead Ziman who was shocked–shocked!–that there is this strong anti-Semitism among Black Americans for whom she serves as sugar mama, is willing to just shove all this under the rug for some phony “We are the World/Can’t We all Just Get Along?” moment? Incredible.
Glad she wasn’t around in 1939, though judging from the amount of plastic surgery, I can’t be certain of that fact. Either way, this is proof that, sometimes, excessive botox seeps into the brain and has a very negative effect.
Reader Blanche writes:

I’m sure glad they are ready & willing to continue to accept Daphna the fool’s zillions of $$$.

Reader Alexis writes:

This is a little weird. One word, maybe you heard it wrong. Whole sentences? Is she schizophrenic? Was she hallucinating that he said all these things, that now he says he never said?
Too bad our Jewish millionaires are working to save anti-Semites’ children…while our own are in danger for their lives from Islamists in Israel and all over Europe.
I bet the lunch was good.

Like I said, Lunch in Tul Karem. She’d arrive early for “the meal.”

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6 Responses

Today lunch, tomorrow she’ll sleep with the idiot. Then she’ll feel sooooo progressive!

spiffo on May 6, 2008 at 1:58 pm

And for the rest of us, we really need to be careful when contributing to Jewish charities. We need to read a full detailed financial disclosure of exactly who gets the money (and whether there are hefty ‘administrative’ fees. If this information isn’t forthcoming, there are better places for our money.

c f on May 6, 2008 at 4:26 pm

I have a hard time distinguishing between the mentally handicapped and the mentally ill. Can someone please inform this writer which one she is? I’m leaning toward the combo platter.

samurai on May 6, 2008 at 5:22 pm

Ziman is the poster-girl for one of the major problems facing this nation: Way too many people, with way too much money, and way too much time on their hands. Leads to Liberalism and Appeasement, all the “Kuumbaya” crap, every damn time.
Throw in ignorance (like Ziman, a “ditz” of the first water; she just “wants to matter”), or unadulterated hatred of America (like Soros and his ilk), and the real enemies of this great country find their road to victory wide open and paved with gold.

theendisnear on May 6, 2008 at 9:12 pm

As a politically conservative Jew, I am a minority among “my people.” But, frankly, I’ve come to understand at least part of the contempt that many people on the right feel for Jews. Why are so many Jews such empty-headed hyper-liberals who eagerly bed down with people who hate them and hate the country? They say Jews have high IQs . . . Yet they cannot even recognize where their true interests lie. It is inexplicable, and shameful.

RepublicanPatriot on May 8, 2008 at 7:08 pm

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