August 18, 2008, - 5:23 pm

Interesting Read: Poetic Justice for Ex-Hit Man in Detroit

By Debbie Schlussel
As a federal agent friend of mine says:

There are no swans in the sewer.

He uses that to describe informants he’s used who are less than perfect in the criminal record department. They’re often needed to get even worse scum in the sewer.
And likewise, sometimes prosecutors have to make deals with the less than savory to get the big fish. What I object to is that often they make deals with pretty big fish to get at fish that don’t seem as big.
For instance, who could be bigger than a hitman from a drug gang? The only thing bigger–in terms of death and destruction–is the kingpin.
That brings us to the case of Nate Craft. He was a hitman. He made a deal with prosecutors And now he’s out of the joint. Still, he can’t leave his house and is required per probation laws to remain in Michigan, where those he fingered want to kill him.
Not that I feel bad for him. I don’t. And I can’t understand why prosecutors made a deal with this admitted killer of over 30 people! He was considered “one of the most ruthless members of the vicious Best Friends” drug gang. Says Craft:

Half the time I wasn’t paying too much attention to (the gang’s hit list). We would just go out and start popping people.

Hard to believe the feds found a reason to make a deal with this cretin.
And now, there’s poetic justice of sorts, as he lives in fear in his home in Detroit. Still, he’s alive.
While I agree that the feds and local authorities have an interest in showing snitches and stoolies that they’ll be protected if they tattle, in this case, making a deal with this guy sounds ridiculous. Yes, there are no swans in the sewer, but making a deal with the most unswanlike in the sewer . . .?
A very interesting story and read. But keep in mind that the Detroit Newsistan is sobbing for this serial murderer, and that’s the wrong tack here.
Like I said, his fear now is something of poetic justice.
So sad, too bad.

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We have to make deals with evil people to defeat a greater evil. That’s why America backed the Soviets in World II even though Communism was evil. The Nazis were far worse and it a priority to defeat them first.

NormanF on August 18, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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