September 12, 2008, - 10:12 am

Democrats Nominate to Mich. Supreme Court Judge Who Gave Probation to Hezbo Terrorist w/AK-47 Probation (GOP Opponent Took $ from Hezbollah); Hezbo-Pandering GOP Trying to Use This

By Debbie Schlussel
Recently, I told you about Judge Diane Hathaway, the Detroit-area judge who sentenced avowed Hezbollah terrorist Houssein Ali Zorkot to probation. As you’ll recall, Zorkot was caught in a Dearbornistan park practicing maneuvers with his AK-47, and announced on his pro-Hezbollah website that he was beginning his personal jihad in the United States. As I noted, because Hathaway gave him probation, Zorkot–a medical student–can likely still become a licensed doctor in Michigan and elsewhere.
Well, Saturday, at the Michigan Democratic Party convention, Democrats nominated Hathaway as their candidate in November for the Michigan Supreme Court.
Unfortunately, Hathaway’s race is emblematic of many of the catch-22s in which those of use who care about freedom and fighting jihad find ourselves.


This was on Houssein Zorkot’s Now-Defunct Website . . .

You see, Hathaway’s opponent, sitting Michigan Supreme Court Justice, Republican Clifford Taylor, took campaign money from open Hezbollah supporter and key American Hezbollah agent Ali Jawad, who pleaded guilty in federal court to a giant insurance fraud scam involving various members of the Islamic community. In April, John McCain dumped Ali Jawad from his Michigan campaign finance committee.
If Clifford Taylor chooses to return the money he took from Ali Jawad, I will happily note that on this site. But until then (and I’m not holding my breath), I won’t be voting for either him or Diane Hathaway. And I recommend that, if you are a Michigan voter, you don’t vote for them either.
Yesterday, I was contacted via e-mail by a lawyer-lobbyist who worked for moderate Republican tax-and-spending Michigan Governor John Engler. The GOP lobbyist who works for the powerful Dykema firm in Michigan’s capital, Lansing, more than hinted to me that he and the GOP wish to use my info on Diane Hathaway in their campaign on behalf of Cliff Taylor and against Hathaway.
But I want no part of it. That’s because, in addition to Taylor taking money from Jawad, I’ve already noted repeatedly on this site that the Michigan Republicans are equally pandering to Jihadists and Islamists in Michigan.
In an e-mail to me, Michigan Republican Chairman Saul Anuzis unabashedly told me he would continue to reach out to Hezbollah-supporting Shi’te Muslims to try to get them to vote Republican. He also actively recruited openly pro-Hezbollah, anti-War activists Nasser Beydoun to run as a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate from Michigan. Beydoun calls Hezbollah terrorists–who murdered 300 U.S. Marines and civilians–“martyrs” and “freedom fighters.”
And as I’ve repeatedly noted, Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox, who also took at least $1,000 from Hezbollah agent Ali Jawad, repeatedly pandered to the pan-Hezbollah/HAMAS Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan and ADC, allowed illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses for five years, and refused to prosecute pregnant Islamic women who continue to fly into Michigan to defraud Medicaid and gain U.S. citizenship for their terrorist anchor babies.
In Michigan, the elephants are as whorish on America’s national security as the donkeys.

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4 Responses

Two predictions.
First, that more muslim doctors will be found to be open supporters of terrorism. Like in England.
More judges will become less shy about their connections. Especially since most Americans seem to have forgotten about these horrible people living among us.
Hey, football season is here! BFD. Something my fellow Americans seem to never grow tired of. Fantasy football.
Almost done with the book, “Lone Survivor”, by Marcus Luttrell. The man was a Navy SEAL down fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan as a part of operation Redwing. A must read.

samurai on September 12, 2008 at 11:14 am

It’s always the stinkin’ money, Deb. When it comes to taking money from the petrochemical lobby, Democrats and Republicans are equally guilty. The extent of corruption extends beyond elected leaders to bureaucrats, teachers, professors, news reporters, etc.
The number of people carrying water for OPEC in this country would astound you. Well, maybe not YOU, but I’m sure it would astound a lot of your readers.

There is NO Santa Claus on September 12, 2008 at 1:57 pm

Dear Canada,
Would you like an additional province? We’re doing some autumn cleaning, and we have one for cheap.

gus3 on September 12, 2008 at 2:10 pm

After reading what Debbie has written about the inroads the Islamofacists have made in her home state, I am beginning to think it must be a real hoot to live there.
I can’t wait for Hussein to become President!
/sarcasm off

I_am_me on September 12, 2008 at 2:54 pm

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