November 10, 2011, - 3:50 pm

Defeat of AZ Immigration Law Author is Bad Omen for Borders; Mormon Church Involvement?

By Debbie Schlussel

Open borders advocates, illegal alien supporters, and other liberals are celebrating the defeat of Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce in Tuesday’s elections.  He was the author of the Arizona immigration enforcement laws, enacted because the Obama government isn’t doing the job (and Bush didn’t either).  Pearce lost in a recall election to a fellow Republican, Jerry Lewis.  It’s a frightening development for the future.

Today, most districts in America are not overwhelmingly Latino.  But in many places, particularly in the Southwest, they are.  And that means it will be tougher to elect and retain public officials dedicated to this very important national security issue.  In this case, however, the Latino open borders crowd and Obama-friendly SEIU recruited a phony “conservative Republican” White Mormon to defeat the secure borders guy. It’s a classic case of dirty politics and the verboten alliances that brings. Those alliances will remain once Mr. Lewis takes office.  Are Mormons really against immigration enforcement?  That’s how the Arizona media is portraying it, and it sounds like the LDS church isn’t exactly for secure borders, which is disturbing but not surprising.

Unhappiness among Mormon voters over the image that Pearce, a Mormon, had cast on their religion. . . .

Under the recall provision of Arizona’s Constitution — a century-old vestige of the Progressive Era — any number of candidates can run, and all voters in the electoral district can cast ballots.

Pearce campaign officials said that created a situation where Democrats and independents could vote in what would, under other circumstances, have been a Republican primary election.

Pearce campaign manager Chad Willems said recall organizers deliberately set out to create that kind of race, announcing early on that their preferred candidate would be a White, Mormon, Republican conservative — all of which describe Lewis.

“They knew they would split the Mormon vote and split the Republican vote,” Willems said. In the meantime, Democrats would be almost certain to vote against Pearce; recall organizer Randy Parraz said on Election Day that Democrats turned out in large numbers. . . .

Lewis got outside help as well. In addition to his own campaign committee . . . Eliseo Medina of the Service Employees International Union, said Wednesday that his group worked to get out the Hispanic vote in District 18, and Petra Falcon, executive director of Promise Arizona in Action, said her Phoenix-based group used 300 volunteers to do the same thing.

If we don’t protect our borders and regulate who comes into the country, we might as well disband o