December 15, 2011, - 7:15 pm

Dearbornistanistan Muslims Indicted for Marriage Fraud, Bank Fraud Ring; More Restaurant Jihad

By Debbie Schlussel

I’ve already told you about Restaurant Jihad, whether it’s at La Shish restaurants in the Detroit area or Muslim-owned IHOPs in Ohio and Indiana, Muslim restaurant owners often use their eateries as fronts for financing Islamic terrorism or other Islamic-related illicit activity.  As I always say, know who owns where you eat and where the money is going.  And, now, there’s yet more Restaurant Jihad, with Dearbornistan’s Muslims running an elaborate scheme involving bank loan fraud, bribery, and sham marriages for immigration fraud involving marriages by Americans to Lebanese Shi’ite Muslims. 

Muslim Marriage & Bank Fraud Ring Members Hussein “Sam” Nazzal, Edward Schneider, Majed Tawbe, Mounif Zeaiter, Amneh Taube

In this case, the restaurant involved is Kabob Village, your superstore for Islamic marriage fraud. Although the report and indictment apparently don’t mention it, it appears to me that this plot is likely tied to Hezbollah. Those indicted are Hussein “Sam” Nazzal of Dearbornistan, Edward Schneider of Dearbornistan, Majed Tawbe of Dearbornistan, Mounif Zeaiter of Dearbornistan, Ross Carey of Farmington, Eric Morton of Wixom, Amneh Taube of Dearbornistan, and Mike Murry of Dearbornistan.

You can thank the greedy skank American women who went to Ohio to marry the Lebanese Shi’ites for selling out their country. Glad they were caught, but will they be prosecuted? Nope. They almost never are. But there’s hope. The one man, Mike Murry, who engaged in the sham marriage to a Shi’ite Muslim woman, “Zeinab C.,” was among the indicted. Sadly, they probably gave Zeinab C. a Green Card to get her to testify against him.

From 2003 to 2008, Nazzal, Schneider, Tawbe and Zeaiter used false tax records, inflated financial statements and other phony documents to get commercial loans worth millions of dollars from Fifth Third Bank, according to prosecutors.

Nazzal — who operated Dearborn-based businesses G&S Development, Sauwfer Property and Altar Investments — and Tawbe also were charged with conspiracy to obtain loan proceeds from Comerica Bank between 2005 and 2007.

Nazzal and Schneider, a Dearborn lawyer, are accused of paying bribes to Morton, the bank vice president, between 2003 and 2008. The scheme involved obtaining loans for straw buyers, according to prosecutors. . . .

Nazzal and Schneider allegedly defrauded Standard Federal Bank, now known as Bank of America, out of money by forging documents and submitting false mortgage records. Nazzal also falsified records to block the federal probe. . . .

Nazzal, who operated Kabob Village Restaurant, also helped arrange a series of sham marriages between Americans and Lebanese citizens, prosecutors said. The scheme’s goal was to fraudulently obtain immigration benefits.

This is just the tip of the iceberg in Dearbornistan. Marriage fraud and bank and mortgage fraud scams like this go on all the time there. That’s the way they do it in the Middle East. And with more and more Islamic immigration, that’s the way Muslims do it here.

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