February 16, 2009, - 11:19 am

Presidents Day, Bribing Kids Into “Yes We Can” Edition; AP Tells Us That Obama Does “Wonders For Kids”

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember the Obama campaign videos of kids teaching other kids to blackmail their parents and grandparents into voting for Obama? Remember JINO-AINO (Jew In Name Only-American In Name Only) Sarah Silverman’s vile video in which–in between F-words–she told kids to extort Obama votes from their grandparents by threatening not to visit?
Well, the campaign continues and so does the bribery and extortion. In honor of Presidents Day, the National Education Association a/k/a Crappy Teachers Eternal Job Security Club and kidthing.com held a contest for kids to see who could spout the most Marxist pro-Obama garbage. Winners of the letters and drawings contest are featured in a free e-book released today. Hmmm . . . who knew a new version of Das Kapital for Das Kids was being released today?


Contest Winner Aaron Van Blerkom, Age 7

Asks President Obama to Make it Rain Candy

Kids in schools all over America were forced to participate in this ridiculous Konsomol Youth (the kids part of the Soviet Communist Party) style promotion. Kids who won predictably asked President Obama to end war forever, make the planet greener, and–my personal favorite, but equally as plausible–“Make it rain candy!” (I think the stimulus bill does that, at the cost of a gazillion dollars.) And then there’s the kid version of Rodney King . . .

Anthony Pape, 10, of DuBois, Pa., offered: “I hope that we will have no war ever again. I mean why are we fighting why can’t we all be friends.”
Fellow 10-year-old Sasha Townsend of Soquel, Calif., had a similar request, and then some.



“I would appreciate it if you would try to make this a greener planet and try to bring home the troops and end the war,” the fifth-grader wrote. “I am very luckey [sic] because I am not part of a military family, but it saddens me to hear about all the people who die in Iraque [sic]and know that somewhere In the world people are greiving [sic]over a lost family member.”

Hmmm . . . I think we just found the new Miss Teen South Carolina.

Seven-year-old Aaron Van Blerkom’s letter was simpler – but no less problematic.
“Dear Mr. Obama,” the Pasadena, Calif., first-grader began, “Please Make it rain candy!”
The “Dear Mr. President” project was a joint effort between the National Education Association and kidthing.com, which is putting out the book for use with its downloadable media player. A special hardcopy edition of the book will be sent to the White House for Obama, who has done wonders to bring the office of the presidency to life for young people.

HUH? Did Associated Press just preach Obama campaign BS as fact? Obama has done wonders? Ronald Reagan didn’t do wonders to bring the office of the Presidency to life for young people? Um, as someone who was a kid during that time, I beg to differ about who did wonders when and for whom.
It gets worse:

Lawrence Hitchcock, chief executive officer of the Web site, said more than 4,500 letters were considered. . . . “There were Latino kids saying, ‘Please change the immigration laws so my dad can come back from Mexico.’ This is a profound snapshot of a social narrative of young kids during an important moment in history. It really kind of stunned us what came in through the front door.”

Uh, no. It’s a not-so-profound regurgitation of hackneyed far-leftism from some young kids carefully chosen by lefties who run the NEA and wish to perpetuate themselves and their agenda.

Another of the winners, 12-year-old Destiny McLaurin, a sixth-grader from Medford, N.Y., had friendship on her mind. . . .
“I feel very proud because I know he’ll be able to make a change in the country and we’ll be a lot more happier,” Destiny said. “I think he should make people feel more welcome, people who don’t really get along with other people.”
Aaron’s wish is a little more specific. If Obama makes candy drop from the sky, he’s hoping for his favorite: candy canes! And if the president showed up at his school, he’d have these requests:
“Make fires and earthquakes not exist. Make no tornadoes or any of those things that break things.”
An 11-year-old boy from Ohio drew himself in tears at the side of a relative. His dream, he wrote, is that a “cure for cancer will be found” with Obama in the White House. . . .
Another child drew Obama as the “new sunrise of America.” One made Earth and labeled it “Obamaland,” and still another created the president’s face as half dark and half light skin tones with the words: “United We Are One.”

No better time to quote Moon Unit Zappa from her ’80s hit: Gag me with a spoon.
Of course, if your kid said, “Dear President Obama, Please don’t tax my mommy and daddy out of a job,” or, “Please don’t make nice with bad people like Mr. Ahmadinejad who said my great-grandparents really didn’t die in an oven and who wants to kill me and my family,” you can bet he or she didn’t win. Life is tough that way. If you don’t spout the orthodox party line of the “popular kids” in the White House, fuhgedaboutit.

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I guess you get what you pay for. My fifth grader (who goes to private school) spelled “lucky” correctly. And this was not a piece of paper being sent to the (fake) president. Doesn’t anyone proof read this drivel? Glad my kids aren’t being indoctrinated the way these poor souls are.

Leah on February 16, 2009 at 12:10 pm

Of course Hussein does wonders, not just for the kids, but for the elderly too.
For the kids, he is a Superhero, a lighting force sent from Allah to illuminate the world and shine upon the kids of all ages from all cultures so they can be mystified and elevated to a super level of complete ignorance and delusion.
For the elderly, Hussein is THE panacea, the cure of all illnesses and diseases. The elderly pray to Hussein day and night so he can include them in His Heavenly Paradise of lust and orgy with a Viagra-Free orgasm.

Independent Conservative on February 16, 2009 at 1:58 pm

I think we are being too cynical. We need to remember what ten-year-old Samantha Smith had to teach us in the 80s when she wrote to the world leader of peace Premier Gorbachov, telling him how we should all disarm in order to achieve peace.

c f on February 16, 2009 at 1:58 pm


mplumb on February 16, 2009 at 2:53 pm

Oh puke, next time give me a barf bag warning.

mindy1 on February 16, 2009 at 8:10 pm

Dear President O’Bama:
Please pull our troops out of Iraq immediately like you promised. Let the Iraqis kill each other to their little hearts content.
Once there’s hardly anyone left in Iraq, please re-invade the place and plunder the oil like we planned in the first place.
There is NO Santa Claus

There is NO Santa Claus on February 16, 2009 at 9:03 pm

IF Detroit is anything like NYC, then the majority of teachers are Jewish…as traditionally has been the case—so who’s the JINO-AINO???
Although i’m VERY leery that Obama might turn out to be the so-called white liberal that Malcolm X warned us about, there’s no question that HE is the Harry Potter of politricks—energizing a whole new generation of hitherto deadheads!
REMEMBER, Barack inherited the mess YOUR GODS—GW and Reagan, left.
NOW is the time to see who the real patriots are…and thus far, you’re failing miserably:(

EminemsRevenge on February 16, 2009 at 10:50 pm

Forget Dear Santa, it is now Dear KING HUSSEIN COBRAMA. This country doesn’t want freedom, it wants a damn Daddy!!

californiascreaming on February 17, 2009 at 1:50 am

If he can make the tides recede, I guess he can also make it rain candy.

4infidels on February 17, 2009 at 10:24 am

Welcome to the Peoples Republic of America. Or will it be the Islamic Republic of America???

4infidels on February 17, 2009 at 10:25 am

Hopefully, they will all soon learn that ,like all Leftist icons, he is nothing but another “God” That Will Fail, rather than take decades to realize it, realize how the Left lied like the devils they are,while knowing all along what a loser he really was, and grow up knowing how to overthrow Leftist control of every area of socitey they have ruled for decades, especially,education, and never allow Lefties to ever take it back,no matter what trick in the book they try.

OldSchoolW on February 17, 2009 at 12:41 pm

EninemsRevenge, “our gods” GW and Reagan did NOT “leave this mess” for Barack to inherit. Bill “I didn’t inhale” Clinton deregulated Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (and Carter actually started that mess), and people who had NO BUSINESS getting a larger mortgage than they could repay (or maybe shouldn’t have had one at all) got one. THAT is the biggest single factor in recent memory contributing to this economic mess. GW’s crew caught this early, and tried for years to put a stop to these loans to no avail. Sure, GW screwed up on the gov’t spending the past couple years, but guess who let him – a DEMOCRATIC congress!!! The President can do NOTHING without Congress being on board. Why do you think it was so vital that Specter and the idiots from Maine support the spendulous bill? The economy is on a down turn – PERFECTLY NORMAL. Free markets rise and fall constantly. What IS going to make this worse and screw it up for many years to come is the federal gov’t jumping in and “doing something.” Just look at the history from the 30s and 40s – we’re going down that path again only to a greater extent.

Mike T on February 17, 2009 at 1:45 pm

Sasha didn’t write those words. As one familiar with many a grade school paper, after “appreciate” the message was dictated. Plus, starting with “In the world…” I think it is someone elses handwriting.
Teachers no longer teach but see the position as a stepping stone to their 15 min of fame.

FeFe on February 18, 2009 at 2:26 pm

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