February 23, 2009, - 1:46 pm

Get Ready For More Giant Tax-Funded Bailouts: DC Statehood Moves Forward; Could Puerto Rico Be Next?

By Debbie Schlussel
For years, the District of Columbia has sought statehood. It would mean two extremely liberal Senators, and at least one extremely liberal Congressmen, both with votes. Think Marion Berry and Jesse Jackson (who was touted as a possible DC U.S. Senator in the past).
Now, this nightmare looks to become a reality. Joe Lieberman and Republican Orrin Hatch are sponsoring this bad idea in the Senate (former special prosecutor Kenneth Starr supports it, too), and it is moving along with disturbing ease. Although President Bush constantly threatened to veto the bill, Barack Obama (who co-sponsored it in the Senate) will sign it.
Initially, the idea is to give D.C. full voting rights, including one Congressional seat, and increase the membership of the U.S. House from 435 to 437 (Utah would get the other additional Congressional seat). But if D.C. has full voting rights, then they will argue for–and get–two U.S. Senators, too. Those aren’t in the bill, but what court will say that full voting rights includes Congressmen, but not Senators? Trust me, they’ll get all of it.


The Next Stop on the Barack-tatorship Tour

And when that happens, what will prevent us from granting statehood to Puerto Rico (also very liberal and Democratic), American Samoa, Guam, etc.? Even the tree snakes that have infested Guam will probably get a vote.
And you know what all this means don’t you? It’s not just the liberal votes in Congress. It’s the gazillions of your tax money transferred out of your pockets and into the new “states'” hands. If you like the stimulus bill and the bailouts you’ve paid for, thus far, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.
And that’s why Barack Obama and the Democratic Congress will get it done. A special thanks to Senator Hatch for this moronic move. It will help solidify liberal control and rubber-stamping of socialism for the foreseeable future.
Good luck, America. You’ll need it.

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Are Lieberman and Hatch demented? I know Lieberman is a Democrat, but he seems to have SOME common sense. I guess I misjudged him. What’s Hatch’s excuse? Seriously. Is there a disease going around that causes insanity or utter stupidity? I feel like I’m in one of those mystery movies where nothing makes sense: “I see dumb people”.

woodyst on February 23, 2009 at 2:19 pm

Why has it taken Congress so long to be responsive to the just needs of the oppressed peoples of Washington D.C., Guam, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands? Probably because the white oppressors have been over-represented in Congress. We need affirmative action in Congress! The minority districts should get twice as many representatives as those whose residents are descended from slavemasters. Then we can make further progress in righting historical wrongs. There should also be fines for those who ignore Eric Holders’ sage advice about racial dialogues. After all, Venezuela and Cuba are far ahead of us. We really have to scramble to catch up!

c f on February 23, 2009 at 2:24 pm

It’s easy to recognize your comment as sarcasm, but there are people who think the way you describe. I can’t say if they believe it would be a fair and just situation, but I know they recognize it would give them the upper hand politcally.
“The minority districts should get twice as many representatives as those whose residents are descended from slavemasters.”
Let me take this opportunity to remind us all, Obama is descended directly from slavemasters – his African American heritage is zero!

Richard on February 23, 2009 at 2:48 pm

I believe the residents of DC should be represented by and be able to vote for, a congressman and two Senators. That only makes sense and would give them the same rights as all Americans.
However, the way to do the above is not to grant DC statehood. Debbie is correct in terms of who would be sent, plus the population of most other states would give them too much power. There should be some way for the residents of DC to vote for, and be represented by, the congressman and senators of a nearby state, either Virginia or Maryland.

i_am_me on February 23, 2009 at 3:25 pm

[And when that happens, what will prevent us from granting statehood to Puerto Rico (also very liberal and Democratic), American Samoa, Guam, etc.? Even the tree snakes that have infested Guam will probably get a vote.]
That’s right, prevent people who think differently from you, a chance at proper representation in congress. How conservative and unAmerican.

Norman Blitzer on February 23, 2009 at 3:53 pm

Don’t worry about Puerto Rico – they keep voting down statehood.

LoveAManInAUniform on February 23, 2009 at 4:04 pm

I just now checked that official government web site advocating statehood for the District of Columbia.
Why is a partisan political issue entitled to an official government web site?
Vehicles in the District of Columbia all have license plates that say “Taxation Without Representation”.
Why is a partisan political view permitted on license plates issued by the District of Columbia?
Would this be permitted for those advocating the more traditional values of an America that, sadly, no longer exists?
Why does the DC Statehood web site tout “democracy”, when we’re supposed to be a republic?
Well, that’s what our Constitution says, but I must admit, we no longer have a republic.
It’s another sad example of how the average American today doesn’t even know, or care about, the difference between a democracy and a republic.
But, don’t kid yourself about this issue.
Look at the population of the District of Columbia.
It’s all about race, and the outright destruction of the United States of America.
Not only is the population mostly Black, but a lot of those who aren’t Black are illegal aliens from Latin America.
Most of the population quite literally lives down to the worst negative stereotypes of Black Americans.
They’re illiterate, ignorant, immoral, slovenly, violent, and felonious.
They want BLACK representatives and senators – – – period!
Yes, it’s a double standard, entirely in their favor, and they intend to keep it that way.
Do you remember when Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, United States Marine Corps, stood trial in the District of Columbia?
As the all Black jury deliberated the verdict, they prayed as a group.
Now, that’s a very good thing to do, and I applaud it.
However, no White jury in any state would have gotten away with doing that.
The District of Columbia is the only place in the United States where judges, attorneys, and police officers can serve on a jury.
The courts here have no choice.
There aren’t that many White people, and eighty per cent of the Blacks are barred from jury duty because they are convicted felons.
I’m a White man living in this city.
Now, why do you suppose I’m racially prejudiced?
Thank you.
John Robert Mallernee
Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400
NOTE: “My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan.”

writesong on February 23, 2009 at 4:44 pm

Hey Clan man – nice to see you admit you’re a racist. Now I know why The Turner Diaries is listed as one of your favorite books. Sicko!

LoveAManInAUniform on February 23, 2009 at 4:58 pm

The reason Orrin Hatch is sponsoring the bill is because one of the additional seats in the House of Representatives will go to Utah. The District of Columbia will get one seat in the House not two.

Bill on February 23, 2009 at 5:42 pm

so if D.C. becomes a state and Hawaii gets it’s independence, we wont even have to change the flag. sweet, saving some money there.
Akaka: It creates a government-to-government relationship with the United States.
NPR: Democratic Senator Dan Akaka, himself a native, wants Congress to let Hawaiians re-establish their national identity. He says his bill would give them a kind of legal parity with tribal governments on the mainland, but he says this sovereignty could eventually go further, perhaps even leading to outright independence.
Akaka: That could be. As far as what’s going to happen at the other end, I’m leaving it up to my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.”

ender on February 23, 2009 at 6:41 pm

If DC gets senators, it’s highly unlikely Republicans will ever control the Senate again. Eventually, Republicans will lose the Senate seats in Maine (2), New Hampshire (1), Ohio (1) Pennsylvania (1), Minnesota (1), Iowa (1), Nevada (1), and Arizona (2). The Democrats will control close to 70 Senate seats on a permanent basis.
The House is more fluid. However, if the WH controls the census, fewer Democratic seats will be transferred to Republican states.
I don’t believe the Republicans will ever be the majority party again in the United States.

sonomaca on February 23, 2009 at 7:03 pm

Debbie, I agree that everything is going to hell in a handbasket. The problem as far as I can tell, which I first noticed in the 1980’s, is that truly right wing people can’t really get elected or hold on to office with any regularity, and those who do are generally religious crackpots. It’s going to be a long 4 years, and I think we should hook up so I can make my bitter comments to you in person.

Anonymous1 on February 23, 2009 at 10:30 pm

LoveAManInAUniform wrote:
“nice to see you admit you’re a racist.”
What an ignorant knee jerk reaction that was!
You sound like an very young, very indoctrinated Marxist, who probably was educated(?) in our public school system.
Do you think about what you’re reading?
At least I publicly admit my racist views.
Do you, you hypocrite?
Don’t tell me you don’t secretly harbor racist views, that your best friend is a “?_____?”, and your sister married one.
(The blank space with question marks can be applied to any race or ethnic group.)
Everybody has those feelings, but few are willing to admit it.
I happen to believe this is a natural instinct instilled within us by our God for our own protection, which is further intensified by the harsh experiences and observations throughout our personal lives.
The problem is not racial prejudice, but forced racial integration, which results in racial persecution, and it works both ways.
Yes, THE TURNER DIARIES, by Andrew MacDonald, is one of my favorite books.
So what?
EXODUS, by Leon Uris, is another of my favorite books, or didn’t you see that one on the list?
Have you ever read EXODUS, or seen the movie?
Not only did I read the novel and see the movie, but I went to Israel, and I learned to sing the movie’s theme song and the Israeli National Anthem.
I even donated money to the State of Israel for construction of Jewish settlements on the West Bank (the Israeli government no longer accepts such donations), and I attempted to volunteer for kibbutz security duty during the Israeli invasion of Lebanon (they only wanted Jews).
A number of years back, I voted (it was a write in vote) for a black woman, Dr. Mildred Jefferson, to be President of the United States of America.
On my blog, there’s a video posted of an interview with Alan Keyes, a Black man who would be a far better President of the United States than most White candidates today.
At least, I provided a link to my blog, with a public profile, where everyone can read all about me, and view a current photograph of me.
Why don’t you show your public profile on the Internet, so folks can read about you?
You don’t even sign your real name, or indicate where you live.
Are you afraid?
You’re no different than the hooded Klansmen.
Yes, that’s my real name, and my real address.
I absolutely DARE anyone to come after me!
Thank you.
John Robert Mallernee
Official Bard of Clan Henderson
Armed Forces Retirement Home
Washington, D.C. 20011-8400
NOTE: “My unpopular and controversial personal opinions are independent of my Scottish clan.”

writesong on February 23, 2009 at 11:03 pm

Back to Debbie’s main point. DC should not get statehood regardless of who lives there. It is not a state. Liberalism has run roughshod over the country and for them there is no better time for them to grab all they can. There was a discussion about this on Free Republic and I believe it was noted Constitutionally it couldn’t happen and DC has had Congressional representation before and it was taken away. As for the other territories I cant see them getting statehood because they may feel they will loose their racial identity like the Hawaiian people feel.

californiascreaming on February 24, 2009 at 1:23 am

No, that is not the only reason hatch i sponsoring this monstrosity. Doesn’t take much to buy him off does it? One lousy seat for his state and he is willing to sacrifice the House and Senate? RINOs come cheap these days.

c f on February 24, 2009 at 7:12 am

So, let’s see if we can figure this out. Utah gets one more seat. Why would Utah need one more seat? Hard to think of a reason other than more pork. So Utah gets more pork and in return, the Democrats and Rinocrats get more handouts for their new ‘states’. And the taxpayers lose on both sides.

c f on February 24, 2009 at 3:34 pm

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