March 9, 2009, - 4:48 pm

Stop Illegal Aliens from Taking Our Jobs: Tell Elected Officials to Keep E-Verify

By Debbie Schlussel
Remember E-Verify? It’s the federal program in which employers quickly and electronically verify that their employees and/or prospective employees are citizens or aliens permitted to work on U.S. soil.
It’s also the program that came under attack from courts, illegal alien advocates, and everyone else bent on allowing illegal aliens to continue to invade America, take jobs from Americans, and drive down wages.
Now, E-Verify may disappear, unless it is renewed for the next five years through Congressional action. Otherwise it will expire. Your immediate phone call to both of your U.S. Senators is imperative. As reader “A” writes:

It looks like the vote on E-Verify will be later today or tomorrow. I would be so happy if you put up a quick posting on your website to let all of your readers know what they can to help. If all of your readers made one, just one phone, call think of the difference we could make.

Indeed. Here is more info from NumbersUSA.


Your phone calls to your Senators are especially important today to ensure that E-Verify opponents don’t kill the 5-year re-authorization by just “running out of time. Call your Senators now at 202-224-3121. Check for talking points, and here are a few suggestions:
* Do NOT vote for “cloture” (cloture= to terminate debate by calling for a vote) to shut off debate on the Omnibus before the E-Verify amendment comes up for a vote.
* A vote for cloture before an E-Verify vote will be graded by NumbersUSA as a vote AGAINST E-Verify and a vote FOR hiring illegal aliens. . . .
Sen. Sessions’ Amendment 604 to the Omnibus Bill (HR 1105) is on the list of amendments to be debated and voted on tonight and tomorrow. Please call your Senator to urge them to support E-Verify!
Since December of 2007, 4.4 million jobs have been lost while the federal government continues to bring in approximately 1.5 million foreign workers per year.
The jobless rate jumped to 8.1% according to numbers released by the Labor Department this morning. It’s the highest rate since 1983. Another 651,000 jobs were cut in the month of February. We Need Immigration Reform and We Need To Start With E-Verify!!! Please share this information with everyone you know and call today.
If we all made one phone call think of the impact we would have.
There are now 12.5 million unemployed American workers.

With Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) worksite enforcement raids now under attack from Department of Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano a/k/a “The Lesbionic Woman,” E-Verify is more important than ever.

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5 Responses

The loss of jobs to illegal aliens at the expense of loyal, hardworking Americans is bad enough. However, all the new handout bills by Hussein and his followers make things even worse by giving the tax money of hardworking Americans to deadbeat illegal aliens who are getting handouts for mortages, education (sic), medical care and handouts (rebates) of money paid in taxes by legal, hardworking Americans. Welcome to Socialism; from each according to his ability and to each according to his need (ever mushrooming and expanding need).

c f on March 9, 2009 at 5:16 pm

This is the biggest no-brainer in history and we have to debate this. So the government with all its trillions of dollars in vast resources won’t voluntarily run a social security number check to see if the name matches. The same government who can put a satellite into orbit and pinpoint the license plate on your car wont do a simple computer check with all the records on file? We are doomed. The excuses of private businesses hiring illegals using fake documents, working under the table can’t be used here. This is madness to the extreme. The must be coup for Illegal Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. She is fighting for the rights of illegal labor and the hell with the legal workforce.
J.NO is also trying to get rid the use of rule 287g.

californiascreaming on March 9, 2009 at 6:05 pm

The Democrats vision every illegal alien as a vote for their party. The Democrats will do NOTHING to stop the flow of illegal immigration into this country, in either good or bad economic times. Bush and the Republicans record on illegal immigration was not much better. But the E-verify system was one of the very few good things to come out of DHS. Without E-verify, neither ICE nor any other agency will have ANY ability to reduce the millions of illegal aliens working in the United States.

bonzerwolf on March 9, 2009 at 6:31 pm

E-Verify is a good idea, but I think an extra measure should be put into place:
If a company can’t show that they took adequate steps to ensure they were hiring legally documented workers, they should receive a heavy monetary penalty. It’s the same thinking behind a lawsuit: Force the company to do what’s right by making the alternative too expensive.
We could put money from those fines toward better border security.

johnny_5 on March 9, 2009 at 8:13 pm

Well, I would like to point out a few problems with the E-verify program that may give the more informed reader pause. It is actually a socialist’s ploy to distract you from the real problem: a magic act, a parlor trick, smoke and mirrors, mind bending…
First of all, e-verify is a federal program that is all-inclusive, which alone should make the hair on the back of every conservativeís neck stand on end. It will concentrate the power to say who works and who doesnít into the hands of a very few people who are certain to tighten the noose even tighter once they understand how much sway they have over the entire work force.
Secondly, with the enormous step towards socializm this country has already taken, the work force could then be regarded as a federal entity and be subject whatever restrictive guidelines and conformities Nancy Palosi can dream up in her Cruella DaVille brain. These could include restrictions and limitations on occupational options, restrictions on religious practices, forced employment, salary caps, class restrictions, trade reduction, administrative nightmares, data mining, far more work, and much less pay…
It is not just a bad idea, it is very similar to the program the Tribes of Israel were forced to work under when they were in Egypt.
If you wish to curb the flood of illegal workers in America and cut down on cross-border crime in Arizona, Texas, and California as an ancillary benefit, put up a fence along the border, hire gun carrying Americans to patrol it, and make construction of mosques in America fiscally inconceivable.
Problem solved….

Mewize on March 10, 2009 at 11:49 am

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