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“Can’t We All Just Get Along?” – The 20th Year Reunion of the Rodney King Riots

By Debbie Schlussel

Just over a year ago, it was the 20th anniversary of the beating of Rodney King, after he deliberately led police on a wild goose chase, resisted arrest, and didn’t respond to tazing.  As I said then, America is more racist than ever 20 years after the Rodney King incident.  Except that the racism is on the part of America’s Black community against America’s non-Black community.  And that continues . . . despite affirmative action, minority set-asides, and much other special treatment based on the serendipity of darker skin pigment.  Or, more accurately, the racism continues because of those programs and racist favoritism.  And because of media narratives that only tell you the anti-White part of the story.  We saw it with the media clamor against George Zimmerman and we’ll keep seeing it.

No, We Can’t Just All Get Along Until Reverse Racism Dies, Too

As you probably know, today is the 20th anniversary of the riots all over South Central Los Angeles because the police officers on trial for beating King were acquitted by a Simi Valley, California jury.  And the riots worked.  Because of them, liberal Republican President George H.W. Bush ordered the Justice Department to find a way to try the acquitted officers again.  So much for the illegality of “double jeopardy” in America.  Below, I’m reposting the column I wrote last year on the beating anniversary because it applies to this anniversary, too.

Racism of any kind is wrong and should be condemned. Just because there was racism against Blacks does not justify reverse racism against Whites on the part of Blacks. And I’m tired of hearing about how “my ancestors” enslaved yours. To paraphrase Woody Allen, my ancestors were busy being raped, tortured, and murdered by Cossacks and others in European pogroms while American slavery was happening. They weren’t anywhere near a plantation. Oh, and my more recent ancestors made the mistake of dying in civil rights marches and helping found the NAACP Legal Defense Fund and being civil rights lawyers . . . and, in return, they were rewarded with Louis “Synagogues of Satan/Judaism is a Gutter Religion” Farrakhan, Al “Zionist Interlopers” Sharpton, Jesse “Hymietown” Jackson, and Jeremiah “HAMAS” Wright. And Delmon Young, a multi-millionaire Detroit Tigers baseball player who commits hate crimes against Jewish tourists, just this past week.

And in the past month or so, we’ve seen a sort of “reunion” of the Rodney King riots as there have been several incidents of Black on White crime, with one perpetrator telling the White victim that he was beaten in response to the Trayvon Martin shooting.

Thanks, but no thanks, Rodney and Company, for the way you “just get along” with the rest of us.


March 3, 2011

“Can’t We All Just Get Along?”: 20 Years After Rodney King, Black Racism is Up

By Debbie Schlussel

Rodney King, a Black man and drunk driver with a long criminal record, was captured by Los Angeles police and beaten when he acted in a bizarre manner and initially resisted arrest. This was after the drunk King led police on a high speed chase, ignoring repeated calls to stop and surrender. King also struck one of the arresting officers. Later, he lunged at one of the officers and appeared to be immune to a taser used on him. Thereafter, the police officers struck and beat him with batons. Some of this was captured on amateur video.

The cops were tried and acquitted by a jury of their peers, spurring race riots in South Central Los Angeles, which were largely an excuse by Black and some Hispanic Los Angelenos to loot and destroy businesses all over the city and beat the crap out of White people, including innocent trucker Reginald Denny, whose only crime was “driving while White.” Rodney King told TV reporters, “Can’t we all just get along?” It was an empty statement.

Because the police officers were acquitted, an angry President George H.W. Bush–who did not sit through the trial and hear the case and the evidence–condemned the jurors and the verdict and ordered his Justice Department to do the usual liberal end-run around the prohibition against double jeopardy, trying the officers again under federal civil rights laws. The rioters not only acquired a ton of new loot and roughed up White people, but they were rewarded for it by President Bush and his Justice Department. Two of the officers were convicted in federal court and sentenced to 30 months in prison. All of the officers lost their jobs with the LAPD.

In contrast, Rodney King became an undeserving hero of Black America and the subject of rap songs by thugs like Tupac Shakur. He shook down Los Angeles in a civil lawsuit and won $3.8 million, predictably blowing most of it on stupid things like a failed hip-hop record label. In 1995, King was arrested for hitting his wife and then convicted in a hit-and-run, sentenced to jail-time. In 2003, he was arrested again for drunk driving, again ignoring police calls for him stop and pull over, and drove his car into a house. Since then, King has appeared on a host of TV reality shows for alcohol addiction. Thanks, Dr. Drew–what a great service to America you’ve performed! Yeah, you picked a great hero, Black America.

We know what’s happened in the 20 years since Rodney King resisted arrest–a host of problems with the police and alcohol addiction. What’s happened to the rest of America in terms of race relations?

Well, while racist affirmative action has continued, racism against White people has increased exponentially. A Black man was elected President, and, yet, in this allegedly “post-racial” era, race-based crimes and hate crimes by Blacks against Whites are up. Some Blacks are calling for a White tax (despite the fact we already have several–they’re called, “affirmative action, minority set-asides, and welfare”). A whole network of anti-White comedy specials and other racism continues to flourish on TV. It’s called BET. And that’s not to mention racist movies produced by Beyonce and Magic Johnson. Two Black racists are now co-hosts of ABC’s daytime hag-fest, “The View,” replacing one Black racist co-host, Star Jones, who had surgery for fat people. The racism is so bad that it’s escalated to the point where chief race-merchant Al Sharpton called it “racist” to prosecute Black criminals who forced a Black woman to perform oral sex on her son.

The other day, I was waiting in a long line at a store, “Value World,” while watching as a Black customer cut in front of all of us in line. She apologized to the one Black person behind her and yelled and laughed at the rest of us who were White. The Black cashier allowed her to do this. When I complained, the Black woman who cut in line, threatened to “whoop” me and used racist epithets. I see this kind of stuff every single day in the mostly Black neighborhood where I live. This is the real racism that is flourishing across America, today. It wasn’t inspired by driving drunk all over Los Angeles and resisting police, either. And it never inspires riots because Black-on-White racism is allowed and even applauded. In fact, racism against White people is prevalent in Black America (and, very often, among White liberals laden with guilt), but it’s the racism we’re not supposed to talk about. ‘Cuz that would be “racist.”

So, to Rodney King and all of those who preach “tolerance” and multi-culturalism, I say tell the “Can’t we all get along” crap to your mirror.

We know we can get along. The question is, can you?

Twenty years later, the racism that doesn’t comply with the usual narrative continues.

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Reading this article and it’s replies is horrifying. I’ve never read anything so hateful. God deliver us soon. I live in a mostly white, quaint little town in Wisconsin with 2 black families and 6 convicted sexual predators in our town. They are all white. But that would never lead me to speak in the manner you all are. There is evil everywhere and it comes in every race and color. I wonder if this was how Hitlers’ followers convinced themselves they were doing the right thing? You will all have to face The Almighty God one day. I’m pretty sure he won’t dismiss your hateful judgements on the fact that there are “bad blacks”. God have mercy on you all, especially you Debbie. This is not ok!

Lilly on March 23, 2013 at 12:34 am

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