June 18, 2009, - 9:49 am

Doing “the Work Americans Won’t Do” . . . After the Americans Were Fired; Who Cares About National Security & Airline Safety?

By Debbie Schlussel
At the very beginning, I was for NAFTA–the North American Free Trade Agreement.
But, soon after it was enacted, it became clear that there was nothing “Free Trade” about it . . . at least not for America. As I’ve pointed out on this site, NAFTA–as it is practiced and enforced by the Mexicans–is used to shut out American products and export Mexicans to America to steal American jobs. One example I cited is Mexico’s practice of only allowing in American cars from the year 1998. That’s “Free Trade”? I call it, “Phree Trade,” which is my abbreviation for Phony “Free” Trade.
Another practice is this latest outrage. If I were Al-Qaeda’s master planner, I’d instruct a number of my operatives to become mechanics in Mexico and use this program to come to the U.S. to sabotage planes so they crash. It’s clearly a national security problem.

There are more than 100,000 American aircraft mechanics who are out of work or who have left the business.
But aircraft repair is flourishing in the United States for mechanics from Mexico, who can enter the country through a loophole in the NAFTA trade agreement.



Thanks, Stupid Gringo Infidels

For Giving Us Your Airplane Mechanic Jobs

The loophole is called a TN visa, and it’s big enough to drive an airliner through.
News 8 has discovered more than 100 mechanics from Mexico have been recruited by San Antonio Aerospace (SAA) at a time the company is laying off higher wage American workers.
The workers are being brought in as “scientific technicians.”

Hey, maybe we should import “sanitational engineers” from Mexico, too.

Although that part of the NAFTA agreement was designed to allow professionals, such as doctors and lawyers from Canada and Mexico, work in the United States, the law also permits people who are “licensed” to enter the country.

Do we really have a shortage of lawyers in America? Do we really need a special exemption to bring more of them into America from other countries? (The same goes for doctors, of which we have far too many foreigners competing for American medical jobs. And that’s a national security and health concern.)

“If they’re licensed in Mexico, and if they’re a licensed mechanic, it’s possible that they could be considered a ‘professional,'” said Michelle Scopellite, a Dallas immigration attorney.
Documents obtained by News 8 from some of the Mexican mechanics who received TN visas do not indicate they were licensed anywhere. They show the workers may have gone to aircraft repair school in Mexico. The FAA does not recognize foreign aircraft repair licenses. To get into the United States, however, a mechanic must only convince an officer from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) that his paperwork means that he is a professional. . . .
The problem with many Mexican mechanics is not necessarily their skill level, but that they don’t speak or read English. They can’t read the repair manuals that are in English, or communicate with the supervisors who have to sign off on their work.
“I would work with these guys sometimes and I was assigned a couple of mechanics,” said one certified American mechanic who used to work for SAA. “I would help them out. But, when it came to critical issues such as operation of flight control and systems and radio correspondence, I would refuse.”
The former employee said the Mexican mechanics were working on structural repairs, as well as complex electronics inside aircraft belonging to Delta Airlines and UPS at SAA.

Wow, remember this, when your plane goes down because it was worked on by someone who can’t speak English.

For the last several months, SAA has been laying off American mechanics. At the same time, SAA president Moh Loong Loh told the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce last week that his company “faces a shortage of skilled workers,” according to the San Antonio Express News . . . .
Immigration attorney Scopellite said once an aircraft worker comes into the United states, his visa could be renewed for three year periods an unlimited amount of times. . . .
The government granted 88,000 TN visas last year, according to USCIS. It does not track how many went to aircraft mechanics. But, the number of TNs is expanding, and there is no limit to how many can be issued.

Watch the video.

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5 Responses

Americans can thank their ‘war president’ for making sure the borders are open for his amigos, selling them to Ameericans with lies like:
– They take jobs Americans do not take.
– Mexican family-values.
When POTUS/Commander-in-chief invites enemy, how can he get re-elected?
Yet, Americans re-elected this spoilt brat, raised by Mexican nannies, on Saudi petro-dllars.
Well, elections have consequences.

Alert on June 18, 2009 at 12:31 pm

From another aricle I saw, they will have 50 of these guys who can’t read, write or speak English working on the aircraft. Then when it needs to be signed off, the one white American guy with the proper license will sign it all off.
The repair companies only need one employee with the right credentials, license and permits to be able to do all the work on the aircraft for FAA approval.
So picture that one guy, driving by Home Depot to pick up that days “flight mechanics” on his way in to work.
I have not been on a plane in the last 5 years and don’t plan on ever getting on one again. Between TSA high school drop out “security”, over zealous flight attendants on power trips and bad maintenance who even has time to actually worry about terrorists.

ender on June 18, 2009 at 9:13 pm

It is outrageous that Americans are losing their jobs to be replaced by foreign workers.
I guess it will take planes falling out of the sky for quality to matter.

interestinconundrum on June 19, 2009 at 8:43 am

Yes, the company “faces a shortage of skilled workers”. Mmmm…I see. That happens when you FIRE them because they make “too much money” compared to cheap immigrant labor. This is disugsting. It is just like software companies saying and doing the very same thing using H1-B visas.
I was interested to hear about this TN visa. I had thought the major problem had only been with the H1-B visa.
BTW – with all the cheap immigrant labor, with all the social programs they use overall, coupled with low rates of taxation on them (from under- and non-reporting of income), where on earth will federal, state and local governments ever get the money they already bleed out of the rest of us?

TechnoDan on June 20, 2009 at 9:50 am

Jeez…Does SAA president Moh Loong Loh even speak english? Before I book another flight, I’m going to find out where they get their aircraft maintainance done.

joesixpack31 on June 21, 2009 at 1:31 am

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