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EXCLUSIVE: Customs & Border Protection Agents Pressured to Attend Islamic Brainwash Fest by Anti-Israel Museum; Muslim Supervisor @ Airport

By Debbie Schlussel has learned that Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agents at Metro Detroit Airport are outraged that they are being strongly “encouraged” to attend an event pushing Islam, Arabism, and special treatment of Arab Muslim airline passengers down their throats. They say that it’s implied that if they do not attend Monday’s session run by the pan-Muslim, openly anti-Israel Arab American National Museum in Dearbornistan, it will affect their work conditions and chances for promotions on the job. View the invitation to the event because YOU are paying for it. The event was dreamed up by the agents’ extremist Palestinian Muslim supervisor at the airport, who they say gives special treatment to suspicious Muslim passengers arriving at DTW (Detroit Metro Airport) from the Middle East. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents at the airport have told me this is an ongoing problem, especially because Royal Jordanian flights often contain passengers who are terror suspects seeking entry, and new daily flights from Dubai began recently. The CBP agents say the event is being called a “Family Heritage Month” event, but they say that there has never been a cultural awareness event for any other religion or ethnicity. Just this one for Arabs that is a cover for pimping Islam. The CBP inspectors do not want to attend this event, but they feel tremendous pressure to do so to protect their jobs.

islamiccrescent.jpgcbpterrorist has also learned that the persons who dreamed up the event and are pressuring employees to attend is CBP Supervisory Chief Fadia Odeh, a Palestinian Muslim, and a CBP officer named Hammad, also a Palestinian Muslim (who is believed to be a relative of “former” Islamic terrorist Imad Hamad, a Hezbollah supporter and suspected HAMAS fundraiser with whom CBP officials have regular meetings). Agents have repeatedly complained that Odeh has sped Muslim alien passengers arriving at DTW through without adequate inspections. Odeh, as the day shift watch commander in charge of passenger operations, is third from the top at Customs and Border Protection at Metro Detroit Airport and wields significant power. The CBP inspectors tell me that their Muslim and minority bosses, including Ms. Odeh, insist they give special treatment to Muslim passengers and be extra nice to them, especially now that it is Ramadan. Agents say the CBP Diversity and Inclusion Committee that planned the event hasn’t had other such events pimping any other ethnic group or religion.

While the seminar is being billed as an event about “Arabs,” Islam is a big part of the event’s agenda, as are “the do’s [sic] and don’ts” of how to treat Arabs. The Arab American National Museum (funded by your taxes), as I’ve written previously, heavily promotes Islam on the backs of Christian Arabs, and it’s chock full of temporary and permanent anti-Israel exhibits. The woman leading the event, Janice Freij, and her close relative, Maha Freij, are top executives at Muslim-dominated Arab welfare agency, ACCESS (Arab Community Center for Economic and Social Services), which was raided by the FBI for engaging in Medicaid fraud–flying pregnant Muslim aliens to America, giving them phony Social Security numbers, and helping them commit Medicaid fraud for birthright citizenship for their babies. (The museum is a project of ACCESS.) Transcripts of interviews with Customs and Border Protections agents who questioned these women at the airport showed that the aliens’ entire trips were planned by ACCESS and ACCESS lawyered them up when they were caught lying to CBP officials about why they were here. ACCESS also lobbies for and provides cover and services to Muslim illegal aliens who fly into Detroit Metro and try to stay here, contrary to the wishes of CBP inspectors. So, it’s interesting that CBP officials would now welcome officials from this organization to “teach” them about anything. It’s like the FBI feting and partying with the Unabomber. And that’s not to mention ACCESS’ financing of the anti-Israel divestment conference at the University of Michigan. Clearly CBP and its parent agency, the Department of Homeland Security, don’t have a problem with that anti-Israel, anti-Semitic hate. Here is the agenda of the event:

On August 20, 2012 Port 3807 will be hosting an event for Family Heritage Month. We have decided to focus on an ethnic group that is not officially recognized as of yet. We would like to cordially invite you to attend this event; all are welcome! The celebration will commence at 1500 hours in the port conference room. The guest speaker will be Janice Freij. Ms. Freij is the Curator of Education at the Arab American National Museum. This event promises to be informative and fun!!!

Here are some the topics that will be covered during the presentation.

• Overview of the Arab world (explain what makes an Arab country Arab and what the differences are between Arab world and Middle East)
• Immigration to the U.S. (when Arabs came over and why)
• Demographics (where in the U.S. Arabs live)
• Diversity of Arab Americans (came at different times for different reasons, physical characteristics vary, practice different religions, etc) [DS: This is where the anti-Israel stuff will come in, as it does in the museum. “The evil Jews stole our land and made us go to America!” That’s a running theme in the museum.]
• Cultural characteristics (importance of family, hospitality)
Cultural sensitivity (do’s [sic] and don’ts when dealing with Arabs)
• Islam (basic tenets of the faith, the hijab)

• Debkeh (brief dance demo)

We will be serving dessert and beverages please support the Diversity and Inclusion Committee by bringing a dessert to pass.

(Emphasis added.)

Writes one CBP agent:

U.S Customs and Border Protection Office of Field Operations is holding a Islamic celebration next week for “Family Heritage Month” at the CBP Conference room at the Detroit Metro Airport. This is another slap in the face by our Islamic management. The CBP chief who is in charge of the event is a Muslim and constantly uses her position to further Islamic causes. The problem is widespread and alarming. This conference is a straight violation of the separation of church and state and another example of Sharia brainwashing! I speak on behalf of Detroit Metro’s 200 officers that handle the processing of international passengers and cargo, and we do not want to attend this event.

There has never been a event here for Christians or Jews or Hindus or Sikhs or any other religion. It’s “highly encouraged” to attend these type of functions because it sends a message that you are tolerant and open to different cultures and that means EVERYTHING right now–not the security of our country. The officers that are part of CBP’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee–which organized this event–are hand selected by Chief Odeh, and two other Muslims are on the committee, including another Palestinian officer and a Yemeni officer. A lot of CBP officers are angered by this event because of the obvious: Islam is the ONLY religious presentation that the port would ever allow. They even frown on non-denominational prayers before thanksgiving dinners.

But it is not just this event that is the problem. It is a pervasive culture that promotes Islam above America’s national security and borders. We were also told that during Ramadan we must be extra nice to Muslim travelers but similar orders are never given regarding Christian or Jewish holidays! There is also a feeling among a lot of the officers that “special treatment’ is given to certain Muslim passengers than everyone else, and Muslim officers are using their positions to facilitate travel for family and friends against policy. There are some extreme concerns when it comes to some Muslim officers “connections” in the Muslim community in town because it includes many extremists that openly support Hezbollah and HAMAS and hate America. Special treatment is given by Muslim officers to Muslim passengers, whether these passengers are known by them and not known by them.

Yup, while you are questioned about what you brought back to America with you in your luggage, Mohammed and Fatima breeze right through, courtesy of Fadia Odeh, according to CBP agents who work for her. And, now, to impress that need, CBP is holding its only “diversity and inclusion” event about her culture.

I called Customs and Border Protection at Metro Detroit Airport regarding this event. They have yet to respond.

Remember, you are paying for this event. And yet there are no such events for any other nationalities or religions. Just Arabs. Just Islam.

America . . . Desperate But Not Serious.

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