September 30, 2012, - 6:41 pm

Homeland: A Show For Liberals Who Root for Islamic Terrorists, Blame America First; Obama Loves It

By Debbie Schlussel

Last week, the Showtime series, “Homeland,” cleaned up at the Emmy Awards. And, tonight, its second season debuts. A few weeks ago, I bought the DVD for the first season and binge-watched the entire thing. While the show is very well done and suspenseful, it’s a show written and produced by liberals who blame America for Islamic terrorism and who tend to root for–and definitely sympathize with–the Islamic terrorists. The people behind the show said as much, last week, in promoting the show’s second season. And it’s no coincidence that this is Barack Obama’s favorite show.


For those not familiar with “Homeland,” it’s based on a TV series by Israeli liberals in which a suspected terrorist is among Israeli soldiers returning home from a stint as prisoners of war in Syria. One or more of them has been turned, according to intelligence. And so it goes with Homeland. CIA agent Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) gets a tip from an informant in Iraq who is about to be put to death because she cannot save him. The tip is that an American soldier in captivity there has been turned into a terrorist. She forgets about this, until months later, Marine Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damien Lewis) is found after being held hostage for eight years. Mathison believes he’s the terrorist, but no one believes her. And she’s secretly hiding that she is bipolar and on medication surreptitiously given to her by her sister, who is a doctor. (Oh, and she’s a desperate, lonely woman who cannot keep her pants on, especially with the people she most shouldn’t sleep with, such as people she suspects are Islamic terrorists.) We learn by the third episode that her suspicion was correct and that Brody has converted to Islam and is secretly praying in his garage, so his family won’t find out.

Given this storyline, you’d think I would like this, right? Well, while the story is entertaining and enjoyable, the back story is not. That’s because thread running through the first season of Homeland is that the sole reason Brody turned to Islam and terrorism against America is that the Vice President–who is running the CIA and the drones operations–is an evil creep who deliberately blew up over 80 “innocent” Islamic kids at a school, including the son of a terrorist, whom Brody was teaching English (and seems to love more than his own son back in America). Yup, it’s the usual “it’s all America’s fault they hate us” crap. They also deliberately made sure that audiences were primed to root for the Marine-turned-secret-terrorist to blow up the Vice President and many other top American officials with a suicide vest and made them angry when he wimped out after the wires accidentally disconnected. (I must mention that CIA agent Mathison’s handler is the real-life anti-Israel, self-hating Jew Mandy Patinkin, who openly supports boycotting Israel and then makes money on the side singing Jewish songs to old Jews who don’t know better, at Jewish community centers across North America. That’s another reason I don’t want to like this show, though his real-life views on Israel accurately mirror the real-life anti-Israel vehemence at the CIA.)

If a good deal of this sounds familiar, that’s because Howard Gordon, the far leftist who co-executive produced “24” is at the helm of “Homeland.” He’s the one who put the pronouncements against torture and other liberal memes into “24,” especially toward the end of the show’s run. And Gordon and star Lewis (who plays Brody) want to make sure you know that. In fact, they want us to know that Brody’s vest would have exploded, but instead, they wanted to explore the “love story” and show us how a CIA agent can still love a man she knows is an Islamic terrorist. And, despite the fact that Brody is a terrorist who tried to detonate a vest and blow up the Vice President of the United States, USA Today asks, “he’s Muslim, but is he a terrorist?” and instructs us that he’s merely “a quiet villain,” which means what . . . kinder, softer Bin Laden soldier?

It gets even more barf-inducing. Israeli executive producer Gideon Raff:

I was very intrigued by the relationship between Carrie and Brody, and I didn’t want that to go away yet. . . . Knowing that he’s a terrorist and still being able to love the character is something that’s weird and bizarre and very interesting to explore as an audience.

Huh? Stupid women and the terrorists who bleep them?

Executive producer Howard Gordon wants us to know that the terrorist is not such a bad guy. He doesn’t “really” want to do it, and he’s not evil.” ‘Cuz, hey, trying to blow up the Veep is not “black and white or good or evil.”

He’s not an acolyte; he does it begrudgingly. It’s not as simple as black and white or good and evil.

See, terrorists aren’t that bad. Hmmm, somewhere near Fort Hood, a defense lawyer is thinking, “Quick! Get Howard Gordon a place on the Nidal Malik Hasan jury.”

And Damien Lewis, the terrorist himself, wants you to know that Muslims are good guys.

My initial instinct was to resist it. I said, ‘If we were just having a U.S. Marine go find Allah and then become a violent jihadist I think it’s irresponsible. Really? All Muslims want to blow us up? And there are enough dumb people out there who believe that already.

Yeah, ‘cuz a member of the American military who’s a Muslim would NEVER EVER do that, right? Quick, book this moron on the Hasan jury, too.

Gee, and you wonder why this is the favorite show of the highest-ranking Islamo-pandering terrorist-lover in America:

Even President Obama has called Homeland his favorite show, describing to Lewis at a White House dinner last spring how he’s watched episodes on Saturday afternoons while the first lady and their daughter played tennis.

“I have a tremendous sense of gratitude,” Patinkin said the morning after the Emmy sweep. “For the show to be so embraced, it’s like raising a child and seeing the world love your loved one.”

By the way, Claire Danes wants to make sure we know that Americans are just paranoid wackos about Islam.

We feel vulnerable for the first time, and that creates an incredible anxiety and sometimes even paranoia.

We see Muslims all over the world attacking our embassies and murdering our officials. They blow up buildings with planes and murder 3,000 Americans. And they shoot up military bases. But we’re making a big deal out of nothing. We’re paranoid! Right?

Gee, Claire Danes and the cast of Homeland, thanks for the tip.

If you want to see a much better Showtime series on Islamic terrorists infiltrating America, rent Sleeper Cell: Season One and Sleeper Cell – American Terror: Season Two (And see my posts on that series, here and here.)

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74 Responses

Let it be known: This blog, and most of these comments, are so laden (pun fully intended) with falsehoods, myths, hyperbole and flat-out bullsh*t that I’m almost tempted to dismiss and ignore it.

Terrorism is a TACTIC, not an IDEOLOGY. Hello?!? You cannot declare war upon a tactic — well, of course, you CAN. And you will FAIL. Just as the United States has FAILED. And let’s look at the reality of 20th century American History (not the white-washed version we were spoon-fed in the public school system). At the end of World War II, Japan was ready to surrender. The generals all knew it. Truman knew it. And what did we do? WHAT DID WE DO??? We dropped a bomb on Hiroshima, decimated that city and slaughtered how many innocent civilians? And then, just to seal our legacy as the World’s First Terrorists, the U.S. did it again to Nagasaki — mercilessly and without cause. It is a dark, dark stain upon our history — one that 99% of us will neither examine nor acknowledge, because THE TRUTH hurts, doesn’t it?!? What goes around comes back around … We ALL cried on September 11th, 2001, as over 3000 civilians lost their lives. Who cried for Hiroshima? Who cried for Nagasaki? So if you want to perpetuate BLIND patriotism and continue to insist that the USA is the “Greatest Country on Earth”, go ahead. Those who do so are hypocritical, at best. And you wonder why people around the world HATE Americans?!? How about the “Do As I Say, Not As I Do” narcissistic self-righteous bullsh*t that our esteemed leaders have perpetuated for decades/centuries??? Oh, Hitler was wrong, wrong, wrong — while we placed those of Japanese descent into “Internment” (concentration) Camps, and then Hiroshima, and then Nagasaki — and while MY NATIVE AMERICAN ANCESTORS were annihilated here, on this land. The Land of the Free? The Home of the Brave?!? If we were truly brave, we’d take an honest, albeit painful, inventory of the TRUE history of this nation. Upon doing so, Americans’ blinders would be removed, and FINALLY, we could humbly admit that the United States has no moral or ethical high ground upon which to stand. Anyone who doesn’t see that is a moron.

P.S. Do any of you KNOW Mandy Patinkin personally as a human being?!? No? Then to perpetuate the mediated perception of him as somehow true to his essence as a human being only reflects poorly upon ALL of YOU. So unless you KNOW Mandy, as I do, then STFU — or keep looking stupid. Your call…

TRUTH_HURTS_HM13 on January 25, 2013 at 5:47 pm


JohnnyAngel Advocacy on February 8, 2013 at 9:45 am

You are a twit and just as dumb as those so called liberals who love muslims. Do you have any idea what the right and left paradigm is? Do you have any idea both democracts and Republicans are controlled by the same corporate / military industrial complex? Do you have any idea the CIA created and controls Al Qaeda? Anyone who believes muslims with box cutters were responsible for 911 like you do in 2013 needs clinical help. People like you just cannot see the bigger picture, you can’t see the big players. Illuminati, bilderberg,CFR,trilateral commission, bohemian grove?? You are so far from the truth and the reality of the geo political world that the US controls it isn’t funny. Do some damn research, some real research from anti establishment sources that will give you the real truth and then post a blog, a real one with real truth and not this pro establishment trash!!

Roach on March 3, 2013 at 7:09 pm

I should have read your bio before posting, I could have saved my precious time. You are nothing more than a new world order, establishment, pro zionist, pro AIPAC, pro ADL, dumb downed, Fox watching,completely bought and paid for shill conservative puppet who believes 911 was exactly as the ghoulish lying bastard shadow government says it is. And anyone who takes this sight seriously and believes this garbage this puppet spouts for her zionist masters who are the real people who hate America and the constitution and brainwash the America zombies through the media that they own and control to fight their wars and die for them. That person is in serious need of clinical help. Racist anti muslim trash. Don’t know why you are asking for donations, your zionist puppet masters should be filling your pockets to the top with gold and shekels just like the American polticians who sell themselves to the zionist. Except Ron Paul, my hero who wouldn’t be bought off or bow to them at the wailing wall like all the rest, last of the true American polticians. This Shiksa sold her soul, nothing to see here folks!

Roach on March 3, 2013 at 7:37 pm

Yes, Debbie, sorry but you’re way off-base. Homeland is a propaganda piece meant to convince us that ‘terrorism’ is real, and that ‘Muslims’ are behind it. When in fact there have been no terrorist attacks by Muslims in the U.S. The media has only pretended there were. The Jews have shit all over Islam by scapegoating them this way, and not all Jews are in favor of this policy. Homeland is just another attempt to convince us that terrorism is ‘an actual thing’. Of course it’s some bullshit Iranians behind it, or some guy named Abu Nazir. Osama Bin Laden was nobody. Mohammed Atta was a CIA asset. It’s far more complicated. The fact is Homeland sucks because it lies.

Jerry Quaalude on October 10, 2013 at 9:14 pm

People writing on here are insane. Blaming Jews for everything instead of recognizing these Muslim fundamentalists behead innocents and strap bombs to young girls and mentally retarded people. They kill their wives for showing skin other than their forehead and eyes. They murder homosexuals, Christians, Jews and any other people who speak out against Islam. It’s simple. While Americans are capable of evil, it’s usually a last resort to get people who are far worse. While nothing is black and white, in this case, it’s damn close. People who think Jews or America attacked us on 9/11 should jump off a bridge or read some history. There’s too much moral equivalency on Homeland. People in the Middle East are living in the the BC time period. In fact, I wish the United States was more ruthless with these people. If other decent Muslims want to stop us from coming over there cleaning up their trash, they should start doing it themselves. But unfortunately, they give in to fear and victimization, just like this country’s young idiots, who are typing on here. So many dumb responses and philosophical bullshit with these anti-American, Jew hating schmucks.

Jack Burton on December 15, 2013 at 5:41 am

Totally agree, Homeland always acts like the only reason terrorists attack us is because we did something to them. That is a lie, if we never did anything in any other country they would still attack us. Dumb, liberal show.

Kathy on December 18, 2015 at 6:22 pm

Great Article, and right on. I did not know the Saul character in real life is an anti Israel guy, typical. 24 was much more realistic than this fake show, and I did not see quite as much liberalism in it, but I am going to try the shows you recommend.

Bridget on December 18, 2015 at 6:55 pm

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