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Detroit Bankruptcy Won’t Save City: Decades of Bankrupt Black Racist Leadership, Morals Undid Detroit, Won’t Be Fixed

By Debbie Schlussel

Since I am a fourth-generation Detroiter and live just four miles outside the city limits, many readers have asked for my reaction to yesterday’s bankruptcy filing by the City of Detroit. Longtime readers know that I’ve felt for most of my life that Detroit was already bankrupt–financially, morally, and otherwise. This just makes it official. Detroit’s mostly Black, mostly racist, mostly corrupt “leadership”–or lack thereof–led the city to this point, but it’s not politically correct to say this hard, unvarnished truth.


Detroit: Where the Weak Are Killed & Eaten

I was born in the City of Detroit, but I am the first in four generations of Detroiters who has never lived within the city limits (other than perhaps a couple months or so–if that–after I was born when my late father was doing his medical residency). I am the third generation of Detroiters who avoided the city like the plague and among three generations who were and remain afraid to go there because it’s a crime-ridden dump of a ghost town. The largest city in America ever to file bankruptcy should have filed long ago. This was a long time coming and very necessary to put Detroit on a path back to possible revitalization, though the odds are slim even with a successful emergence from bankruptcy.

A column I wrote on this site about Detroit’s race riots in the ’60s is now in a major textbook. And it’s not racist to point out that Detroit collapsed under the weight of decades of Black racist clowns running the city . . . into the ground. Charles Pugh, an openly gay fan of (anti-gay) Louis Farrakhan, was until recently the City Council President of Detroit. He apparently molested a teen he was mentoring and ran away from Detroit under cover of night. He was spotted in Seattle in hiding and was fired by Kevin Orr, the Emergency Financial Manager who is the only man in the last four decades with decency and common sense and the man who made the tough decision to file for bankruptcy. And he dragged Detroit kicking and screaming to that point. He’s from out of town and was appointed by the governor against the wishes of the majority of the mostly Black residents of Detroit.

While Detroit was sinking and burning, Pugh and a parade of other lunatics elected to “run” the city were focusing on different “priorities.” They accepted bribes and were deposed (see Monica Conyers, recently a resident of “Camp Cupcake” prison). They tried to name the Detroit half of the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel after Monica Conyers’ hubby, Marxist Congressman John Conyers, a fitting tribute because like the rest of Detroit and Conyers’ ideas, the tunnel is underwater. They enacted an “African Town” enterprise zone that would favor Blacks and Black-owned businesses because everyone knows that racism is the way to rebuild a city. They refused to allow the State of Michigan to take over Belle Isle and other Detroit parks and rescue them because they saw that as “Whitey” trying to take “our jewels”–jewels built by the White residents of ancient Detroit and driven to dumping grounds for dead bodies of murder victims, infested by drug dealers, criminals, and havens for late night gay sex and prostitution.

While Detroit was sinking and “achieved” its current estimated out-of-wedlock birth rate of near 90%, racist Detroit City Councilwoman JoAnn Watson–who begged for an Obama bailout of the City–was busy whining over and nixing a contract to pay a Black boxing instructor $10 per hour to teach Black Detroit boys how to box at a community center. Hey, he wasn’t “black enough” in her eyes because he didn’t live in the city. G-d forbid young Black boys who have no father figure or decent male role model in their lives should get one at $10 per hour.

Detroit is an infected swamp. It’s infected with crime, kids with no dads (and a bankruptcy will never fix that or erase that debt), people with no values, and a high tax rate on the few suburbanites left who still work there. The problem is that after emerging from bankruptcy, while Detroit will have a clean slate in its finances, it will continue to elect the same panoply of nut jobs, race merchants, criminals, and loons. That will happen over and over again. More Kwame Kilpatricks and Charles Pughs and JoAnn Watsons will return to “run” the city. That’s who Detroit votes for. And it’s an indictment of Black Detroit. Anybody who wants to create an atmosphere for jobs and businesses is viewed as an ally of “the suburbs” and an Uncle Tom (even though many of Detroit’s suburbs are now largely Black) and a racist swoops in to win the election.

The two Black men recently put in place to lead the city–men who are outstanding people and real mensches–were anomalies. Lame duck Mayor Dave Bing, who is basically a Republican in Democrat clothing, couldn’t do much. He’s not “street” enough and couldn’t make a move to fix things because of intractable city unions and an obstructionist City Council. Orr, as I noted, was not elected. He was put in place–appointed–by a White governor, Rick Snyder, who is viewed as the enemy. And, in turn, Orr, is viewed as an Uncle Tom, too. He is not in power because the City of Detroit wants him. But because it was forced on the city of Obamanation and abomination.

Bankruptcy is a good thing for the City. But Detroit will never come back until and unless it has an atmosphere of low taxes, weak (or no) unions, and a leadership whose agenda consists of something other than “Get The Crackaz!” As I noted, bankruptcy and the emergence therefrom will not erase generations and generations of young boys born to single mothers. It will not erase the hip-hop culture that holds the city and much of Black America (and, now, a growing portion of White America) hostage. It will not erase the bankruptcy of values and morals that dominates the city. Drugs and crime will continue in the city no matter how many more police are put on the street because of bankruptcy reorganization. The tax rate on those working and producing in Detroit will not go down via bankruptcy. It’s a legislative act of a City Council that will never change.

The real bankruptcy in Detroit began when White flight happened in the ’60s and ’70s–when my family and others ran away from the city as fast we they could because my grandparents and parents saw the handwriting on the wall, because they saw the riots in which people’s lives and livelihoods–particularly the lives and livelihoods of the civilized White people living in the city–were threatened. And until White people (other than hipsters living in fantasyland) feel safe enough to return to the city and live there–as they have in places like Cleveland, Washington, DC, etc.–Detroit will never recover, bankruptcy or not. We didn’t leave Detroit to get away from Black people (we moved into what was transforming into a largely Black neighborhood and suburb, where I still live today). We moved to get away from the destructive values that then began to grip much of urban (and largely Black) culture and now dominate it.

I have and have had many Black Detroiters as clients. I respect that many of them are very religious and G-d-fearing. But there’s a disconnect. I’ll have a client who tells me he or she goes to Church every Sunday and believes “the Lord” will take care of him or her. But this same person will tell me he or she has three or more kids with three or more different sex partners, none of whom they ever married. Did G-d and the preacher tell you to sleep around and raise kids who don’t have a father in their lives, don’t know how to act like a man, or–for girls–be treated by one? Did G-d tell you to teach your kids that it’s okay to live on welfare and listen to hip-hop glorifying drugs, murder, and otherwise despicable and anti-social behavior? That is the bankruptcy no one will ever fix because it starts at home. And the broken “homes” in Detroit–many of them–consist of womb donors who teach their kids that nutrition is Mountain Dew or red pop and education is learning how to get public entitlements and vote for Obama and other demagogues and corruptocrats like Kwame Kilpatrick (who would be re-elected today as Detroit Mayor if he were not in prison), no matter what they do.

You can trace this social decline in the City of Detroit in the history of just one house in the city, as I noted on this site a few years ago. A once-grand house in a once-fancy neighborhood in the city went from being owned by a U.S. Senator and prominent Ford execs in the early 1900s to a decrepit $7,000 house in foreclosure and involved in mortgage fraud by a Detroit cop in the early 2000s.

Contrary to popular belief, the death of Detroit is not about the death of the auto industry. It is about the racism of Black America. And the decline of Black morals and civilization in America’s once-most-glorious industrial city. It’s about a culture that is failing. And, make no mistake, White America now resembles this breakdown in Black America (on every level) more and more each day.

Those things will probably never recover. And Kevin Orr and Detroit’s bankruptcy can’t fix them.

Until Detroit’s largely Black population regains its moral and social footing–its values–there will be no rebirth for the City of Detroit.

“You Not My Daddy! Shrek! . . . Do It Baby!”: Detroit Bankruptcy Won’t Fix This Kinda Detroit “Leadership” . . .

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Hi Debbie, I agree with many of the truths that you have set forth. It takes fortitude to speak lucidly about what you observe. This is especially true in an age of political correctness.

You said “Contrary to popular belief, the death of Detroit is not about the death of the auto industry. It is about the racism of Black America. And the decline of Black morals and civilization in America’s once-most-glorious industrial city. It’s about a culture that is failing.” This is not actually correct. What you are seeing is actually the continuance of established behavioral engineering in the context of flight of industrial and business capital.

To understand why this condition persist, perhaps you might want to spend some time reading this paper written by Willie Lynch in 1712. It is a dissertation on the reconfiguration of the “Black” family. It was a design planned to last 300 years. It explains very well why the conditions within the black family exist as they do. http://www.iupui.edu/~blacksu/PDF%20Documents/Documents/WillieLynchLetter.pdf

I agree there is a self-feeding structural problem in the average and possibly the majority of Black families. In the U.S., this aligns very closely with the targeted intended results of the practical application of Willie Lynch’s principles. This even applies to acute stratification and polarization of Black Social classes in America. It explains why “black capital” fled from the city along with that of the Anglo-Saxon / Tutonic. It explains why we do not see collaborative black funded enterprise seen in other nationalities. Truth be told, even the word Negro or Black is a denigrating, debasing, descriptive term and not a unifying one of heritage or legacy such as French, German, Russian.

To repair this issue it will take a great degree of fortitude from all ethnicities to gaze into the acidulous mirror of our past and the courage to implement what must be done. This will be painful and require great emotional an even trans-generational sacrifice to correct. To emerge from this self-perpetuating vortex, a degree of social intervention is going to be required for yet some time. This is not just an educational requirement but it needs to extend to a level of perceptive social engineering. If it is not done then the totality of cost to the greater society will be much greater than even what is currently being extracted. To many the descriptive word “Black” can be all encompassing … I don’t think that you meant it to be so. Yet to many what applies to one should be judiciously applied to all. It would be unfortunate, if your desire to speak truth had a negative impact on those Blacks in society that are well within upper norms for social behavior regardless of skin color.

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