January 14, 2014, - 2:04 pm

OUTRAGE: Obama Seeks to Bring 30,000 Syrian Muslim “Refugees” to US, Waive Counterterrorism Laws

By Debbie Schlussel

Remember when Barack Obama told a French TV Channel that the U.S. is a “Muslim nation”? Well, he’s working hard to improve the demography to make it so. The Obama Administration is seeking to bring 30,000 “vulnerable” Syrian refugees to the United States by the end of 2014 and will waive counterterrorism laws and allow those Syrians who aided and abetted Islamic terrorists, including Al-Qaeda, into the country. And these “vulnerable” Hezbollah- and Al-Qaeda-supporting Syrians will be permanently resettled here, as in green card, citizenship, billions in entitlements, and the whole tisa [Arabic for “nine”] yards.




The New “Americans” . . . Courtesy of President Obama

This is a punch in the gut to America, especially to the families of the victims of the 9/11 Al-Qaeda Islamic terrorist attacks and our soldiers who were maimed or murdered in Iraq and Afghanistan. Just sickening! And they have the NERVE to call these Syrians “vulnerable”? HUH? Um, aren’t we Americans the vulnerable ones, since we will have to deal with these intolerant savages imposing themselves and their ways on us and our country? Just askin’.

A U.S. official stated publicly for the first time this week that some of the 30,000 especially vulnerable Syrians the United Nations hopes to resettle by the end of 2014 will be referred to the U.S. for resettlement. . . .

About 20 countries, mostly in Europe, have agreed to take 18,000 Syrians, according to United Nations High Commission for Refugees, or UNHCR, the agency charged with referrals.

So, let me get this straight: TWENTY countries in Eurabia are taking in 18,000 of these savages, and the U.S. must take in THIRTY-FRICKING-THOUSAND???!!! And while this story claims U.S. officials are agreeing to take in “some” of the 30,000, the stories I’ve heard from immigration people in the federal government is that we are taking in at least 30,000.

The U.S. has not set a specific target for how many refugees it will resettle. But at a Senate hearing Tuesday, State Department Assistant Secretary Anne Richard said, “We expect to accept referrals for several thousand Syrian refugees in 2014.”

Um, there is a reason this idiotette Richard isn’t saying how many and just gives the nebulous “several thousand” number. In fact, it’s tens of thousands.

Post-9/11 immigration laws designed to keep out terrorists have had the unintended consequence of ensnaring some innocent people. For example, some of the provisions treat providing food or services to rebels—even those supported by the U.S.—as “material support” to terrorism.

Sen. Dick Durbin (D., Ill.), a key proponent of refugee resettlement, said the “overly broad” provisions would prevent a Syrian who gave a cigarette or a sandwich to a Free Syrian Army soldier from coming to the U.S. as a refugee.

Molly Groom, acting deputy secretary for the Office of Immigration and Border Security at the Department of Homeland Security, acknowledged that “broad definitions” of terrorist activity under U.S. law were “often a hurdle to resettling otherwise eligible refugees who pose no security threat.” She said agencies were consulting to develop exemptions for the Syrians.

In recent years, DHS and the State and Justice Departments have exercised their authority to offer exemptions to some applicants

WTF?! If you give food and services to Islamic terrorists you are indeed providing material support to terrorists. To waive these laws is absurd. But we don’t keep records of or know who gave a cigarette or sandwich to Al-Qaeda. These waivers will go to those who did far more. Why don’t we just open the gates and say, “Hey, Al-Qaeda, come on in!” If you provided wires and explosives, “Welcome to America, Habibi!”

They will sponsor and bring their relatives and friends here and on and on and on. It’s a total disaster with never-ending ripples. And, by the way, this is IN ADDITION to the thousands of Syrian Muslims here on student visas to whom Obama already gave Protected Status, including the ability to stay here indefinitely (basically for life) and to work.

Say good-bye, America. This isn’t the great country we used to know. And it never will be again. And with moves like these and massive amnesty, it will change drastically for the worse.

The end of America is coming sooner than you think.


BTW, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that President Bush and his administration were just as guilty of this crap. He claimed the war in Iraq was victorious and successful, and, yet, he brought more than 100,000 Iraqi refugees–most of them Muslim, some of them terrorists, honor killers, and child molesters–to America. Under Bush and Obama, Muslim immigration to America doubled in the ten years after 9/11. And that’s why America’s Muslim population and the number of mosques on U.S. soil doubled.

What a great strategy: blow 3,000 Americans up, and you are rewarded with non-stop golden tickets to invade the place irreparably.

And don’t hold your breath for Republicans to do anything to stem the tide. They haven’t. And they won’t.

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